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+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
+ <herd>proxy-maintainers</herd>
+ <longdescription>Collectd gathers statistics about the system it is running on and stores this information. Those statistics can then be used to find current performance bottlenecks (i.e. performance analysis) and predict future system load (i.e. capacity planning). Or if you just want pretty graphs of your private server and are fed up with some homegrown solution you're at the right place.</longdescription>
+ <maintainer>
+ <email></email>
+ <name>Johan Bergström</name>
+ <description>Proxied Maintainer</description>
+ </maintainer>
+ <use>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_aggregation'>Build the aggregation plugin (aggregate multiplte values into a single value)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_apache'>Build the apache input plugin (transferred bytes, handled requests, detailed scoreboard statistics)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_apcups'>Build the apcups input plugin (UPS charge, load, input/output/battery voltage, etc.)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_ascent'>Build the ascent input plugin (statistics about a free server for World of Warcraft)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_battery'>Build the battery input plugin (charge, current and voltage of ACPI and PMU based laptop batteries)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_bind'>Build the bind input plugin (name server and resolver statistics)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_cgroups'>Build the cgroups CPU accounting collection plugin</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_conntrack'>Build the conntrack input plugin (number of nf_conntrack entries)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_contextswitch'>Build the contextswitch input plugin (number of context switches done by the operating system)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_cpu'>Build the cpu input plugin (time spent in the system, user, nice, idle, and related states)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_cpufreq'>Build the cpufreq input plugin (CPU frequency, for laptops with speedstep or similar)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_csv'>Build the csv output plugin (write to comma separated values (CSV) files)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_curl'>Build the curl input plugin (parse statistics from websites using regular expressions)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_curl_json'>Build the curl_json input plugin (get json data via curl and parse it)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_curl_xml'>Build the curl_xml input plugin (get xml data via curl and parse it)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_dbi'>Build the dbi input plugin (execute SQL statements on databases and interpret the reply)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_df'>Build the df input plugin (mountpoint usage)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_disk'>Build the disk input plugin (sectors read/written, number of read/write actions, average completion time of IO-operations)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_dns'>Build the dns input plugin (collects statistics of your DNS traffic on port udp/53)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_email'>Build the email input plugin (opens a UNIX domain socket and starts accepting connections on that socket)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_entropy'>Build the entropy input plugin (available entropy on a system)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_ethstat'>Build the ethstat input plugin (performance statistics of Linux ethernet cards)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_exec'>Build the exec input/output plugin (executes scripts / applications and reads values back)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_filecount'>Build the filecount input plugin (countd the number of files in a directory and all its subdirectories)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_fscache'>Build the fscache input plugin (information about the caching infrastructure for network file-systems etc)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_gmond'>Build the gmond input plugin (receive data from gmond, the client daemon of the Ganglia project)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_hddtemp'>Build the hddtemp input plugin (temperature of hard disks)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_interface'>Build the interface input plugin (information about traffic, packets and errors of interfaces)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_ipmi'>Build the ipmi input plugin (read hardware sensors from servers using the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI))</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_iptables'>Build the iptables input plugin (statistics from a ip_tables based packet filter)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_irq'>Build the irq input plugin (number of times each interrupt has been handled by the os)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_java'>Build the java input plugin (embeds a JVM into collectd for writing plugins)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_libvirt'>Build the libvirt input plugin (statistics about virtualized guests on a system)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_load'>Build the load input plugin (system load)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_logfile'>Build the logfile output plugin (writes log messages to a text file)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_lvm'>Build the LVM input plugin</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_madwifi'>Build the madwifi input plugin (information about Atheros wireless LAN chipsets)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_match_empty_counter'>Build the match_empty_counter filter plugin</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_match_hashed'>Build the match_hashed filter plugin</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_match_regex'>Build the match_regex filter plugin</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_match_timediff'>Build the match_timediff filter plugin</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_match_value'>Build the match_value filter plugin</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_mbmon'>Build the mbmon input plugin (information from mainboard sensors)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_md'>Build the md input plugin (disk states in Linux md devices)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_memcachec'>Build the memcachec input plugin (connects to a memcached server)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_memcached'>Build the memcached input plugin (connects to a memcached daemon)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_memory'>Build the memory input plugin (physical memory utilization)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_multimeter'>Build the multimeter input plugin (reads a voltage or current from a multimeter connected to a serial bus)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_mysql'>Build the mysql input plugin (connects to an MySQL-database and issues a SHOW STATUS command)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_netlink'>Build the netlink input plugin (opens a netlink socket to the Linux kernel for getting statistics)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_network'>Build the network input/output plugin (communicates with other instances of collectd)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_nfs'>Build the nfs input plugin (usage of the Network File System)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_nginx'>Build the nginx input plugin (number of requests handled by the nginx daemon)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_notify_desktop'>Build the notify_desktop output plugin (uses libnotify to display notifications to the user)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_notify_email'>Build the notify_email output plugin (uses libESMTP to send notifications to a configured email address)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_ntpd'>Build the ntpd input plugin (queries an NTP server)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_numa'>Build the numa input plugin (statistics of the Linux Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) subsystem)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_nut'>Build the nut input plugin (collects UPS statistics using the Network UPS Tools)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_oracle'>Build the oracle input plugin (SQL-queries one or more Oracle database systems)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_olsrd'>Build the olsrd input plugin (reads information about the Optimized Link State Routing daemon)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_onewire'>Build the onewire input plugin (collects temperature information from sensors)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_openvpn'>Build the openvpn input plugin (reads the status file printed by OpenVPN)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_perl'>Build the perl language binding plugin (embeds a Perl interpreter into collectd for writing plugins)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_ping'>Build the ping input plugin (measures network latency)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_postgresql'>Build the postgresql input plugin (connects to and executes SQL statements on a PostgreSQL database)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_powerdns'>Build the powerdns input plugin (connects to a local PowerDNS instance)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_processes'>Build the processes input plugin (statistics about processes)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_protocols'>Build the protocols input plugin (network protocols)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_python'>Build the python language binding plugin (embeds a Python interpreter into collectd for writing plugins)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_rrdcached'>Build the rrdcached input/output plugin (connects to rrdcached and submits updates for RRD files)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_rrdtool'>Build the rrdtool output plugin (writes values to RRD-files)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_routeros'>Build the routeros input plugin (collect information on devices running RouterOS)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_sensors'>Build the sensors input plugin (uses lm-sensors to read hardware sensors)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_serial'>Build the serial input plugin (collects the traffic on serial interfaces)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_snmp'>Build the snmp input plugin (read values from network devices using SNMP)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_statsd'>Build the statsd input plugin (accepts statsd-type metrics from a UDP socket)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_swap'>Build the swap input plugin (amount of memory currently written to swap)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_syslog'>Build the syslog output plugin (receives messages from collectd and dispatches them to syslog)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_table'>Build the table input plugin (parses table-like structured plain text)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_tail'>Build the tail input plugin (follows logfiles as e.g. tail -f)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_target_notification'>Build the target_notification filter plugin</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_target_replace'>Build the target_replace filter plugin</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_target_scale'>Build the target_scale filter plugin</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_target_set'>Build the target_set filter plugin</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_tcpconns'>Build the tcpconns input plugin (number of TCP connections to or from a specified port)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_teamspeak2'>Build the teamspeak2 input plugin (collects traffic statistics from a teamspeak2 instance)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_ted'>Build the ted input plugin (connects to The Energy Detective and reads the current power over connected power lines)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_thermal'>Build the thermal input plugin (ACPI thermal zone information)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_threshold'>Build the threshold plugin (checks values against configured thresholds and creates notifications if values are out of bounds)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_tokyotyrant'>Build the tokyotyrant input plugin (number of records and file size from a running Tokyo Tyrant server)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_uptime'>Build the uptime input plugin (system uptime)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_unixsock'>Build the unixsock output plugin (opens a UNIX domain socket and accepts connections)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_users'>Build the users input plugin (number of users currently logged in)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_uuid'>Build the uuid plugin (tries hard to determine the UUID of the system it is running on)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_varnish'>Build the varnish input plugin</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_vmem'>Build the vmem input plugin (information about the virtual memory subsystem)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_vserver'>Build the vserver input plugin (virtual servers running on a system)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_wireless'>Build the wireless input plugin (signal quality, signal power and signal-to-noise ratio for wireless LAN cards)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_write_graphite'>Build the write_graphite output plugin (sends the values collected by collectd to Carbon, the storage layer of the Graphite time-series database)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_write_http'>Build the write_http output plugin (sends the values collected by collectd to a web-server)</flag>
+ <flag name='collectd_plugins_write_mongodb'>Build the write_mongodb output plugin (sends the values collected by collectd to a MongoDB)</flag>
+ <flag name='contrib'>Install user-contributed files in the doc directory</flag>
+ </use>