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+ThinkTanks is a tank combat game designed to be a blast for the new and
+experienced gamer alike with lighthearted, fast paced pandemonium. Either
+battling against brain-hungry bots in solo play or going head-to-head against
+others online, ThinkTanks has something for everyone.
+You find yourself in a ThinkTank... just one of many brain slaves imprisoned by
+Alien Mind Control-- only you have managed to escape their brain rays. But the
+moment you are free, you are besieged on all sides by insane bot-tanks. You must
+destroy or be destroyed and keep on your toes at all times. Luckily you can
+collect powerups that give you wacky weapons to help you stay alive. As you
+progress through each level, the bot tanks get smarter, stronger and crazier as
+Alien Mind Control reprograms the bot tanks to match your wits. Your goal is to
+beat the bosses, then rescue your brain-brethren and continue the fight on other
+Upon entering, you are immediately engaged by heavy artillery. This is
+no-holds-barred warfare and to the victor go the points. You can be catapulted or
+thrust in any direction by rolling over the boost and jump pads to escape attack
+or rush the enemy. The lush, green hills are scattered with bots on the warpath,
+bots choking in their own smoke, floating orbs with special powers and
+ammunition, boulders, trees, AND the dreaded pit of doom. The goal here is to
+keep your brain intact, and triumph over bots of every shape, size, speed and
+You are cast into a veritable feeding frenzy of tanks. You need to simultaneously
+track the position of your tank relative to the scrum ball using your radarscope,
+while navigating your tank along the bumpy terrain. If you are quick enough to
+pick up the ball yourself, you must make a mad dash to the goal, evading the
+thirsty pack of mad bots heavy on your trail. You win by capturing the most scrum
+balls in the allotted time.
+Both On-line BattleMode and Scrum games have team-play variants and online chat
+that allow players to play together cooperatively.