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+Copyright \copyright 1985 by Van Jacobson, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
+This program may be freely used and copied but {\bf may not be sold}
+without the author's {\bf written permission}. This notice must remain
+in any copy or derivative.
+This program is an adaptation of "vfontedpr" v4.2 (12/11/84) from
+the 4.2bsd Unix distribution. Vfontedpr was written by Dave
+Presotto (based on an earlier program of the same name written by
+Bill Joy).
+I would welcome comments, enhancements, bug fixes, etc. Please
+mail them to:
+ (from arpanet, milnet, csnet, etc.)
+ ..!ucbvax!lbl-csam!van (from Usenet/UUCP)