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+Legends: Freeware Software License 31st Jan 2007 -
+Legends: The Game's software license and distribution license
+This software is provided free of charge.
+"You" are the reader/business/corporation, the "software" is Legends (a
+computer game for Linux and Windows OS), a "project" is anything e.g.
+software, games, multimedia, show, movie etc.
+You are allowed to distribute unaltered copies, you are not allowed to
+distribute altered versions of our software. You should copy it for your
+friends, give it away on CDs, share it on P2P networks.
+You are allowed to include our software in Linux distributions, such as
+Debian, Gentoo etc if there is no current version for this software,
+please ask us first though incase it causes conflicts.
+You are allowed to create and distribute "mods" for our software. You
+are allowed to install shortcut icons and scripts along-side our
+software as long as the original software is still easily accessible and
+usable. ie you can make a "Total Conversion mod installer package" (into
+a mod folder if you like) as long as players can still play a regular
+game of Legends. ie, you are not allowed to completely re-badge the
+software to look like something else.
+You are allowed to make and distribute scripts, texture packs, map
+packs, Interface skins, HUDs, voice packs etc as ".unf".
+You are not allowed to write hacks or attempt to bypass game elements in
+order to give yourself an unfair advantage. e.g. Autoaim, HappyFlag,
+run-time hacks, server crashing, god mode etc. Do not post hacks in
+public, inform the developers privately of any exploits - posting hacks
+in public is hostile.
+You are not allowed to sell our software. Minimal distribution costs are
+okay, magazine cover discs are okay too.
+If You contribute your original work to our software project, we are
+free to use it as we want (in-game, website, trailer, modify it, forget
+to give credit for it etc). Also, You are free to use Your own
+contribution as you want in other projects. This means you can not use
+ANYTHING in our software in other projects unless YOU made it yourself
+or you have permission from the original author (not the current
+developers or current owners of the software) of the exact pieces you
+want to use. You will most likely need to give us a lot of credit too.