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+ MakeIndex Distribution Notice
+ 11/11/1989
+ Copyright (C) 1989 by Chen & Harrison International Systems, Inc.
+ Copyright (C) 1988 by Olivetti Research Center
+ Copyright (C) 1987 by Regents of the University of California
+ Author:
+ Pehong Chen (
+ Chen & Harrison International Systems, Inc.
+ Palo Alto, California
+Permission is hereby granted to make and distribute original copies of
+this program provided that the copyright notice and this permission
+notice are preserved and provided that the recipient is not asked to
+waive or limit his right to redistribute copies as allowed by this
+permission notice and provided that anyone who receives an executable
+form of this program is granted access to a machine-readable form of
+the source code for this program at a cost not greater than reasonable
+reproduction, shipping, and handling costs. Executable forms of this
+program distributed without the source code must be accompanied by a
+conspicuous copy of this permission notice and a statement that tells
+the recipient how to obtain the source code.
+Permission is granted to distribute modified versions of all or part
+of this program under the conditions above with the additional
+requirement that the entire modified work must be covered by a
+permission notice identical to this permission notice. Anything
+distributed with and usable only in conjunction with something derived
+from this program, whose useful purpose is to extend or adapt or add
+capabilities to this program, is to be considered a modified version
+of this program under the requirement above. Ports of this program to
+other systems not supported in the distribution are also considered
+modified versions. All modified versions should be reported back to
+the author.
+This program is distributed with no warranty of any sort. No
+contributor accepts responsibility for the consequences of using this
+program or for whether it serves any particular purpose.