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+(c) Copyright 1999 by Sir-tech Canada Ltd. All right reserved.
+Jagged Alliance is a registered trademark of 1259191 Ontario Inc.
+By accepting the terms of this agreement, you are granted the right by
+Titan Computer, Limited to use one copy of the enclosed software program. You
+may not rent or lease it, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer or modify
+the software in any way.
+The enclosed software program, libraries, graphics, and all written material
+are the sole property of Sirtech Canada Limited and its suppliers, and are
+protected under the copyright laws of the Canada and all International
+This software product is sold AS IS, and Titan Computer, Sirtech,
+Tribsoft Inc., its suppliers, dealers or distributors make no warranty with
+respect to the performance, quality, merchantability or fitness for any purpose
+of the software.
+Any change, deviation or exemption from the conditions expressed in this
+license agreement must be authorized in writing by Titan Computer or
+Sirtech Canada, Limited.