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+copyr.lis 2012 February 23
+Text equivalent to the following appears at the end of every SOFA
+routine. (There are small formatting differences between the Fortran
+and C versions.)
+* Copyright (C) 2012
+* Standards Of Fundamental Astronomy Board
+* of the International Astronomical Union.
+* =====================
+* SOFA Software License
+* =====================
+* 1. The Software is owned by the IAU SOFA Board ("SOFA").
+* 2. Permission is granted to anyone to use the SOFA software for any
+* purpose, including commercial applications, free of charge and
+* without payment of royalties, subject to the conditions and
+* restrictions listed below.
+* 3. You (the user) may copy and distribute SOFA source code to others,
+* and use and adapt its code and algorithms in your own software,
+* on a world-wide, royalty-free basis. That portion of your
+* distribution that does not consist of intact and unchanged copies
+* of SOFA source code files is a "derived work" that must comply
+* with the following requirements:
+* a) Your work shall be marked or carry a statement that it
+* (i) uses routines and computations derived by you from
+* software provided by SOFA under license to you; and
+* (ii) does not itself constitute software provided by and/or
+* endorsed by SOFA.
+* b) The source code of your derived work must contain descriptions
+* of how the derived work is based upon, contains and/or differs
+* from the original SOFA software.
+* c) The name(s) of all routine(s) in your derived work shall not
+* include the prefix "iau" or "sofa" or trivial modifications
+* thereof such as changes of case.
+* d) The origin of the SOFA components of your derived work must
+* not be misrepresented; you must not claim that you wrote the
+* original software, nor file a patent application for SOFA
+* software or algorithms embedded in the SOFA software.
+* e) These requirements must be reproduced intact in any source
+* distribution and shall apply to anyone to whom you have
+* granted a further right to modify the source code of your
+* derived work.
+* Note that, as originally distributed, the SOFA software is
+* intended to be a definitive implementation of the IAU standards,
+* and consequently third-party modifications are discouraged. All
+* variations, no matter how minor, must be explicitly marked as
+* such, as explained above.
+* 4. You shall not cause the SOFA software to be brought into
+* disrepute, either by misuse, or use for inappropriate tasks, or
+* by inappropriate modification.
+* 5. The SOFA software is provided "as is" and SOFA makes no warranty
+* as to its use or performance. SOFA does not and cannot warrant
+* the performance or results which the user may obtain by using the
+* SOFA software. SOFA makes no warranties, express or implied, as
+* to non-infringement of third party rights, merchantability, or
+* fitness for any particular purpose. In no event will SOFA be
+* liable to the user for any consequential, incidental, or special
+* damages, including any lost profits or lost savings, even if a
+* SOFA representative has been advised of such damages, or for any
+* claim by any third party.
+* 6. The provision of any version of the SOFA software under the terms
+* and conditions specified herein does not imply that future
+* versions will also be made available under the same terms and
+* conditions.
+* In any published work or commercial product which uses the SOFA
+* software directly, acknowledgement (see is
+* appreciated.
+* Correspondence concerning SOFA software should be addressed as
+* follows:
+* By email:
+* By post: IAU SOFA Center
+* HM Nautical Almanac Office
+* UK Hydrographic Office
+* Admiralty Way, Taunton
+* Somerset, TA1 2DN
+* United Kingdom