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+ I have compiled VGBA for several different flavors of Unix and made the binaries available
+for free at the VGBA homepage. The current VGBA-Unix has several important requirements
+* Current VGBA core code will only run on low-endian systems. This excludes SPARC,
+ 680x0, and some other architectures from the list of possible ports. I'm hoping to add
+ high-endian support in the future.
+* As GBA video hardware is capable of displaying 32768 colors, and GBA programs use
+ this capability extensively, I am only providing VGBA-Unix binary compiled for the 16bit
+ color. If your Xserver is unable to support this resolution, VGBA-Unix will not run on it.
+* Since version 1.2, VGBA-Unix uses threaded sound driver. This means that your Unix
+ must support POSIX Threads, or VGBA-Unix will not run. On the systems with optional threads
+ support, please, add this support prior to running VGBA-Unix.