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+ XCIN 版權宣告
+XCIN 是一個自由軟體,包含主程式與外來程式碼兩部分。主程式部分主要由 XCIN
+小組所撰寫與維護,您可以在 GNU General Public License (請見 COPYING 一文)
+的規範下散佈、修改、使用 XCIN 主程式原始碼。至於外來程式碼部分,其原始作者
+並非 XCIN 小組,這些程式碼是直接引用自其他的自由軟體套件,經過修改後以適合
+XCIN 使用。它們各自有自己的版權宣告,且其版權宣告內容亦同意與 XCIN 主程式
+1. IMdkit: (
+ a. src/lib/IMdkit/ 及其底下所有檔案。
+ b. src/xim_IC.c: 直接修改自 IMdkit 的範例程式。
+ c. src/include/IC.h: 直接修改自 IMdkit 的範例程式。
+2. siod: (,
+ src/lib/siod/ 及其底下所有檔案。
+而除了上述的外來程式碼以外者,均屬 XCIN 主程式碼。
+另外, src/include/module.h 與 src/include/xcintool.h 定義了 XCIN 的輸入法
+模組與相關工具函式的溝通介面與資料結構,它們除了可以在 GNU General Public
+License 的規範下散佈、修改、使用以外,如果您願意為 XCIN 撰寫新的輸入法模組,
+我們希望 XCIN 的散佈,能使它成為有用的程式,但沒有任何保證,如果您不幸因為
+使用 XCIN 造成任何形式的損失,我們不負任何法律責任。相關的條文細節,請您參
+考 GNU General Public License, COPYING 一文的內容。
+ Copyright (C) 1999 XCIN Team, Taiwan
+XCIN is a free software. It contains the "main program" and the "external
+source" parts. The "main program" part is mainly maintained by the XCIN
+Team. You can redistribute, modify, and use the source code of XCIN "main
+program" part under the guideline of GNU General Public License (see the
+document COPYING for details). For the "external source" part, it is not
+originally written by the XCIN Team. These source codes are adopted directly
+from other free (Freedom) software packages and are modified such that they
+are suitable for XCIN usage. They have their own license and copyright, and
+their license announcements also permit to be redistributed and used with
+the XCIN "main program". Hence if you want to redistribute, modify, or use
+these "external source" respectively, please download their original versions
+and follow their original license announcement and guideline. These "external
+source" includes
+1. IMdkit: (
+ a. src/lib/IMdkit/ and all the files and directories below.
+ b. src/xim_IC.c: which is modified from the IMdkit example program.
+ c. src/include/IC.h: which is modified from the IMdkit example program.
+2. siod: (,
+ src/lib/siod/ and all the files and directories below.
+Besides the "external source" mentioned above, all the others are belong
+the XCIN "main program".
+Besides, the two header files src/include/module.h and src/include/xcintool.h
+define the interface and data structers of IM (Input Method) module of XCIN
+and some other related tool functions. They can be redistributed, modified,
+and used under the terms of GNU General Public License, and in addition if
+you want to write new IM modules for XCIN, you can freely adopt the contents
+of the two files in any form, and the adoption will not affect the original
+license terms of your program. Please see the license notes in the head of
+them for details.
+XCIN is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
+WARRANTY. If unfortranatly you get any loss by using XCIN, we will not
+take any responsability in law. For detailed guideline, please check the
+GNU General Public License, the document "COPYING".