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+I.A. Terms of use
+ You may use ADOM freely provided you acknowledge the following terms
+ and abide by them:
+ 1. ADOM must only be distributed in the packages created by
+ Thomas Biskup, the maintainer of the game. The packages
+ must remain complete and all components must not be altered
+ in any way.
+ 2. You may not charge more than $3 for the distribution of
+ ADOM (values as of November, 2001).
+ 3. You do not challenge ADOM's copyright in any way.
+ 4. If you distribute ADOM with a magazine, a CD-ROM distribution
+ or a similar medium, you abide by the terms defined in section
+ I.B.
+ 5. You follow all other licensing terms (as given by entering
+ 'adom -b' and 'adom -g').
+ 6. You acknowledge that the author of ADOM is in no way
+ responsible for damage done to your system due to ADOM usage.
+ 7. If you play ADOM for a prolonged amount of time and enjoy
+ it, you agree to abide by the terms of section I.C.
+ Failure to honor these terms will be a severe violation of the license
+ and could result in legal measures being taken if you are deemed
+ important enough to deserve it.
+I.B. Distributing ADOM in magazines, on disks, etc.
+ You can freely distribute ADOM with magazines, in game compilations,
+ etc. provided you abide by the following terms:
+ 1. You honor all terms listed in section I.A.
+ 2. You agree to notify the author of ADOM, Thomas Biskup, either
+ by email at or by sending a written letter
+ to the following address:
+ Thomas Biskup
+ Timmerbrinksweg 37
+ 45896 Gelsenkirchen
+ Germany
+ 3. You send two complimentary copies of your product (one for
+ actual examination and one for being stored in my safe) to the
+ address given under #2 (or, if it is an electronic publication,
+ to the email address given above).
+ Failure to do so will be a severe violation of this licensing agreement
+ and will incur legal measures.