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+This agreement is *only* for the free fonts that can be downloaded *directly*
+from my site.
+ * This font is free for personal and commercial use
+ * The font file/software may be modified to suit design of system
+ requirements, but strictly for your own (personal or commercial) use. You
+ may not sell or distribute it
+ * Embedding (in PDF's, Flash files and programs) is allowed
+ * You may use this font for Font-Face embedding, but only if you put a link
+ to on your page and/or put this notice /* A font by Jos
+ Buivenga (exljbris) -> */ in your CSS file as near as
+ possible to the piece of code that declares the Font-Face embedding of
+ this font.
+ * This font may not be distributed or sold -not online nor on any media-
+ without my permission
+ * This font is and remains (even when modified) the intellectual property
+ of Jos Buivenga
+ * exljbris Font Foundry is not liable for any damage resulting from the use
+ of this font