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+End User License Agreement
+This software is provided AS IS, WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. You assume
+all risk for any damage or loss this software may cause. This software is not
+responsible for any damage or loss this software may cause including, but not
+limited to, damage to existing software, user's hardware, or any other real
+or perceived damage or loss. If there is any dispute whatsoever regarding the
+terms of this agreement or the use of this software, any such dispute will be
+decided by arbitration. Arbitration shall be the exclusive method of
+resolving any controversy, dispute or claim arising out of or relating to
+this agreement. Any arbitration conducted hereunder shall take place in
+Baltimore, Maryland.
+This agreement only grants you the right to download and use this software
+for your own personal use. You may not distribute, modify, lend, share or
+sell this software.
+Please visit for more information.
+Jardinains 2!, copyright 2006, Magic Chopstick Games.