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+License for programs at DaveSource Marginal Hacks:
+ These programs aren't packaged in any sort of user-friendly format.
+ While most of it does something that I consider useful, plenty of it is old and written poorly and
+lacking documentation.
+ Lots of the programs here do not fit my definition of TRW.
+ If you're looking to write a script like one of these, yea.
+ If you don't program, tough noogies for you.
+ Make your browser nice and wide to look at the index, or suffer an unreadable table.
+ I recognize that this license is not OpenSource, this is quite deliberate
+ These programs come with absolutely no warranty.
+ The 'Rating' and 'Works (Y/N)' columns in the software index are no indication of the quality or
+ability of the programs.
+ Use at your own risk!
+License for use:
+ The programs may be used and distributed (with this license) for free.
+ The programs may be modified as long as they retain the original license and author, copyright
+ If you modify any of these programs, please e-mail patches to the the author.
+ (If you think the patch isn't of general use, you can just email me about it first to check)
+ None of the programs can be sold or included in a product that is sold without prior written permisson
+from the author.
+ All these programs are copyright David Ljung Madison
+ I've made this software freely available for the following reasons:
+ 1. I like to think that I write useful software, so I want other people to use it.
+ 2. I felt like helping out a bit. This is not a common thing for me, so enjoy it.
+ 3. I use free software, and wanted to give something back.
+ 4. But if you want to help, you can send money