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+Noweb is copyright 1989-2000 by Norman Ramsey. All rights reserved.
+Noweb is protected by copyright. It is not public-domain
+software or shareware, and it is not protected by a ``copyleft''
+agreement like the one used by the Free Software Foundation.
+Noweb is available free for any use in any field of endeavor. You may
+redistribute noweb in whole or in part provided you acknowledge its
+source and include this COPYRIGHT file. You may modify noweb and
+create derived works, provided you retain this copyright notice, but
+the result may not be called noweb without my written consent.
+You may sell noweb if you wish. For example, you may sell a CD-ROM
+including noweb.
+You may sell a derived work, provided that all source code for your
+derived work is available, at no additional charge, to anyone who buys
+your derived work in any form. You must give permisson for said
+source code to be used and modified under the terms of this license.
+You must state clearly that your work uses or is based on noweb and
+that noweb is available free of change. You must also request that
+bug reports on your work be reported to you.