Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* net-im/qtox: remove old v1.5.0Zetok Zalbavar2017-01-272-70/+0
* net-im/qtox: bump to v1.7.0Zetok Zalbavar2017-01-042-0/+71
* net-im/qtox: make live ebuild depend on net-libs/tox:0/0.1Zetok Zalbavar2016-12-191-1/+1
* net-im/qtox: depend on slotted net-libs/toxZetok Zalbavar2016-12-103-3/+3
* net-im/qtox: update dependencies and links in live ebuildZetok Zalbavar2016-12-011-3/+4
* net-im/qtox: bump version to v1.6.0 and remove outdated versionsZetok Zalbavar2016-11-173-87/+6
* net-im/qtox: WhitespacePatrick Lauer2016-09-081-1/+1
* net-im/qtox: version bump to v1.5.0.Patrice Clement2016-09-082-0/+70
* net-im/qtox: reorder maintainers in metadataMarek Szuba2016-08-101-5/+4
* net-im/qtox: properly detect whether GCC is used for compilingZetok Zalbavar2016-07-143-3/+3
* net-im/qtox: update to EAPI 6Zetok Zalbavar2016-06-223-18/+3
* Multiple metadata.xml: reorder to make sure assignee goes firstMichał Górny2016-06-191-4/+4
* net-im/qtox: move virtual/pkgconfig to DEPENDZetok Zalbavar2016-04-252-2/+2
* net-im/qtox: add ebuild for v1.4.0 releaseZetok Zalbavar2016-04-252-0/+76
* net-im/qtox: update -9999 ebuild to use newest upstream changesZetok Zalbavar2016-04-111-11/+1
* net-im/qtox: installs .png icons wrt bug #578210Zetok Zalbavar2016-03-262-0/+11
* net-im/qtox: add ebuilds to repoZetok Zalbavar2016-03-164-0/+174