Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* net-irc/hexchat: amd64 stable wrt bug #606496Agostino Sarubbo2017-01-191-2/+2
* net-irc/hexchat: metadata.xml: edit the upstream email addressAgostino Sarubbo2017-01-191-1/+1
* net-irc/hexchat: remove unused patchMichael Mair-Keimberger (asterix)2017-01-091-207/+0
* net-irc/hexchat: Removed old.Lars Wendler2016-12-131-146/+0
* net-irc/hexchat: Fix libreSSL and missing dep.Nicholas Vinson2016-12-132-0/+177
* net-irc/hexchat: Update live ebuildDavid Seifert2016-12-111-3/+1
* net-irc/hexchat: version bump 2.12.4Anthony Ryan2016-12-113-5/+3
* global: Drop dead implementations from PYTHON_COMPATMichał Górny2016-11-011-1/+1
* net-irc/hexchat: Bump to version 2.12.3Lars Wendler2016-10-242-0/+148
* net-irc/hexchat: Remove outdated ebuildsNicholas Vinson2016-10-162-313/+0
* net-irc/hexchat: fix & Werror errorsNicholas Vinson2016-10-163-1/+179
* net-irc/hexchat: Minor correction to the previous commit.Lars Wendler2016-10-141-1/+1
* net-irc/hexchat: Added another proxied maintainer.Lars Wendler2016-10-141-0/+5
* net-irc/hexchat: version bump 2.12.2Anthony Ryan2016-10-143-95/+187
* net-irc/hexchat: Added new maintainers.Lars Wendler2016-10-071-1/+14
* net-irc/hexchat: dropping proxied maintainer and proxy-maintMatthias Maier2016-10-051-9/+1
* net-irc/hexchat: Cleanup due to #408423Pacho Ramos2016-05-221-4/+3
* Set appropriate maintainer types in metadata.xml (GLEP 67)Michał Górny2016-01-241-2/+2
* Unify quoting in metadata.xml files for machine processingMichał Górny2016-01-241-12/+12
* net-irc/hexchat: add libressl supportJulian Ospald2015-09-302-2/+179
* net-irc/hexchat: update metadata.xmlJulian Ospald2015-09-301-1/+0
* Revert DOCTYPE SYSTEM https changes in metadata.xmlMike Gilbert2015-08-241-1/+1
* Use https by defaultJustin Lecher2015-08-241-1/+1
* proj/gentoo: Initial commitRobin H. Johnson2015-08-085-0/+603