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* remove perl6 ebuilds from overlay since it got pushed to ::gentooMatthew Brewer2016-06-0519-1386/+0
* update perl6 stuffs (moarvm this time)Matthew Brewer2016-06-013-15/+19
* update warning messages for perl6 ebuildsMatthew Brewer2016-05-286-13/+27
* push my new perl6 ebuilds to the overlayMatthew Brewer2016-05-2817-267/+812
* remove keywords from perl ebuilds since the stuff is about to get pushedMatthew Brewer2016-05-275-5/+5
* updated new versions of 2016.04; using multibuild with nqpMatthew Brewer2016-05-262-18/+152
* rework java support within nqp and rakudo (thanks chewi!)Matthew Brewer2016-05-264-6/+18
* new experimental perl6 ebuildsMatthew Brewer2016-05-252-27/+143
* backport changes from moarvm,nqp,rakudo 2016.05 to 04Matthew Brewer2016-05-252-0/+182
* remove old perl6 ebuildsMatthew Brewer2016-05-2524-1298/+0
* dev-lang/rakudo: 2016.04 (experimental\!)Matthew Brewer2016-05-1810-71/+258
* dev-lang/nqp:2016.04 (experimental\!)Matthew Brewer2016-05-189-54/+334
* dev-lang/nqp: 2016.04 (experimental\!)Matthew Brewer2016-05-188-61/+356
* add rakudo et.al.Matthew Brewer2016-04-2815-0/+915