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* Use 3 tabs to split the different viewsMax Magorsch2020-06-245-21/+79
* Fix the computation of replies to a messageMax Magorsch2020-06-241-10/+41
* Remove verbose logging messagesMax Magorsch2020-06-241-7/+0
* Fix getAllMessagesCount to use message_id_fieldMax Magorsch2020-06-241-1/+1
* Fix the references of a messageMax Magorsch2020-06-241-4/+32
* Fix the InReplyTo referenceMax Magorsch2020-06-242-20/+6
* Only show threads for popular messagesMax Magorsch2020-06-231-0/+1
* Specify the used templates more explicitlyMax Magorsch2020-06-235-8/+8
* Format Messaage count when browsing listsMax Magorsch2020-06-233-23/+9
* Hide messages where the date is nullMax Magorsch2020-06-232-1/+3
* Speed up the computation of the index pageMax Magorsch2020-06-231-6/+1
* Increase the verbosity of cache updatesMax Magorsch2020-06-231-1/+17
* Speed up computation of /{{listname}}/Max Magorsch2020-06-231-6/+1
* Speed up loading the threads for a listMax Magorsch2020-06-231-6/+1
* Speed up loading the messages for a listMax Magorsch2020-06-231-13/+1
* Clean up the codeMax Magorsch2020-06-236-69/+0
* Cache pages to improve the performanceMax Magorsch2020-06-226-22/+85
* Rework the data model to improve the performanceMax Magorsch2020-06-229-81/+90
* Speed up the /lists pageMax Magorsch2020-06-191-15/+37
* Run go fmtMax Magorsch2020-06-192-5/+5
* Initial versionMax Magorsch2020-06-1914-0/+910