Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Try to fix Build.HEADmasterAlec Warner6 days1-1/+1
* Stop testing ruby-2.2.X.Alec Warner6 days1-1/+0
* Test rails 5.Alec Warner6 days2-0/+55
* Only CI master branch for now.Alec Warner6 days1-0/+4
* Add redis to test suite.Alec Warner6 days1-0/+1
* Upgrade rails to avoid security bugs.v6.0.21Alec Warner7 days2-32/+32
* Bump Gemfile.lock.v6.0.20Alec Warner7 days1-0/+2
* Try to cherry-pick robin's fix.v6.0.19Alec Warner7 days1-0/+3
* Update gems.v6.0.18v6.0.17Alec Warner7 days1-9/+9
* Add arm64 column to "Available versions"/KEYWORDs table dataMichael Everitt2018-05-084-1/+4
* Bump again to test mirroring.Alec Warner2018-05-021-1/+1
* Bump to push to github.Alec Warner2018-05-021-1/+1
* Add rails 2.5Alec Warner2018-05-022-4/+1
* Add indexes before running tests.Alec Warner2018-04-281-0/+1
* Install ES in testing.Alec Warner2018-04-281-0/+5
* Enable bundler caching.Alec Warner2018-04-281-0/+1
* Copy dist to main file in before_script.Alec Warner2018-04-281-0/+3
* Only Test ruby 2.2Alec Warner2018-04-283-10/+9
* Update Gems.Alec Warner2018-04-281-25/+25
* Revamp ruby versions.Alec Warner2018-04-281-2/+1
* Add Travis integration.Alec Warner2018-04-281-0/+5
* Add space to trigger mirror, third pass.Alec Warner2018-04-281-1/+1
* Commit to trigger mirror.Alec Warner2018-04-281-1/+0
* Space change to try to trigger a gitolite mirror.Alec Warner2018-04-281-1/+1
* Move web console to :development only.Alec Warner2018-04-221-1/+1
* Annotate the bug list with a Bugs: prefix.v6.0.16Alec Warner2018-04-161-1/+1
* Fix bug annotations.Alec Warner2018-04-162-1/+13
* Try joining with <br>v6.0.15Alec Warner2018-04-101-1/+1
* safe_join is not an array function.v6.0.14Alec Warner2018-04-081-1/+1
* s/join/safe_join/.v6.0.13Alec Warner2018-04-081-1/+1
* Join the annotated lines into a string.v6.0.12Alec Warner2018-04-081-1/+1
* Don't repeat the first line.Alec Warner2018-04-071-1/+1
* Move commit out of <strong>v6.0.11Alec Warner2018-04-071-1/+3
* Annotate each line in the changelog.v6.0.10Alec Warner2018-04-071-1/+1
* Annotate and show the entire commit message.v6.0.9Alec Warner2018-04-061-1/+1
* Also update view.v6.0.8Alec Warner2018-02-261-1/+1
* Revert "Uniqify versions in the UI for the moment."v6.0.7Alec Warner2018-02-261-4/+1
* Fix broken deletion of versions in import code.v6.0.6Alec Warner2018-02-261-1/+1
* Use new unique_versions view in package show UI.v6.0.5Alec Warner2018-02-251-1/+1
* Uniqify versions in the UI for the moment.v6.0.4Alec Warner2018-02-251-1/+4
* Mark bin/first-run as executable.Alec Warner2018-02-251-0/+0
* Add a script to ease first-run setup.Alec Warner2018-02-251-0/+8
* kkuleomi/store: bump field limit.v6.0.3Robin H. Johnson2018-02-211-1/+1
* Push the size param into the aggregation part.v6.0.2Alec Warner2018-02-181-3/+6
* Also fix ES name, default to localhost.Alec Warner2018-02-181-1/+1
* Fix ES port.v6.0.1Alec Warner2018-02-181-1/+1
* Merge branch 'es-6-compat' into master.v6.0.0Alec Warner2018-02-1815-179/+275
| * packages_search: raise result limit for USE-flag searches-6-compatRobin H. Johnson2018-02-181-0/+1
| * Fix Changes index again.Alec Warner2018-02-172-2/+2
| * Fix index typo.Alec Warner2018-02-171-1/+1