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+Summary of Gentoo Council meeting 2023-09-10
+1. Roll call
+2. Status of dissolving the Foundation/moving under an umbrella org
+3. Open bugs with Council participation
+4. Open floor
+Roll call
+Present: ajak, dilfridge, mgorny, sam, soap, ulm
+Absent: mattst88
+Status of dissolving the Foundation/moving under an umbrella org
+dilfridge notes that thanks to ulm's work, the Gentoo Foundation
+trustee set is now fully selected and disambiguated, that being:
+dilfridge, prometheanfire, robbat2, soap, ulm
+ulm will sift through trustees@ mail archives for history of contact
+with umbrellas. It was informally decided to work towards deciding on
+a suitable umbrella and reaching out to them by the next meeting. ulm
+expressed a preference for this happening only after the next trustees
+meeting, but a date for that meeting is yet to be fixed.
+dilfridge notes that the principal factor in finding an umbrella is
+the status of 501c3 vs 501c6.
+Open bugs with Council involvement
+No bugs!
+Open floor
+turret expresses a preference for a 501c3 umbrella, and pietinger
+questions the process of merging a 501c3 corporation into a 501c6
+corporation, but it is noted that the Foundation is neither status.
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