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+(02/15/2009 01:00:42 PM) ***NeddySeagoon calls the meeting to order
+(02/15/2009 01:00:52 PM) NeddySeagoon: roll call
+(02/15/2009 01:00:54 PM) #gentoo-trustees: mode (+v Betelgeuse ) by ChanServ
+(02/15/2009 01:01:06 PM) ***fmccor is here
+(02/15/2009 01:01:13 PM) ***quantumsummers|Corsair is here
+(02/15/2009 01:01:56 PM) NeddySeagoon: We need tsunam with dmwaters being ill
+(02/15/2009 01:01:56 PM) fmccor: tsunam, ping
+(02/15/2009 01:01:58 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: tsunam: ping?
+(02/15/2009 01:02:03 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: :)
+(02/15/2009 01:02:19 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: fmccor, call him maybe?
+(02/15/2009 01:02:33 PM) NeddySeagoon: yes please
+(02/15/2009 01:02:48 PM) fmccor: Trying now
+(02/15/2009 01:03:00 PM) NeddySeagoon: Did the USA have a daylight saving time change this weekend ?
+(02/15/2009 01:03:08 PM) fmccor: No
+(02/15/2009 01:04:06 PM) fmccor: Left a voice message.
+(02/15/2009 01:04:39 PM) weirdedout: hi folks
+(02/15/2009 01:04:49 PM) fmccor: Hello.
+(02/15/2009 01:05:00 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, thanks. We'll wait until 19:10 UTC to see if we can get a quorum
+(02/15/2009 01:05:02 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: hi there weirdedout
+(02/15/2009 01:05:12 PM) fmccor: weirdedout, we're waiting for a quorum.
+(02/15/2009 01:05:20 PM) NeddySeagoon: hi weirdedout ... this must be early for you
+(02/15/2009 01:05:35 PM) weirdedout: no probs, yes it is 6am.
+(02/15/2009 01:05:48 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: since we are waiting, will the trustees in the room take a look here:
+(02/15/2009 01:05:48 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: & comment please
+(02/15/2009 01:07:22 PM) weirdedout: brb, just getting a coffee.
+(02/15/2009 01:07:23 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, it could be more chatty but there's no point. It says what needs to be said
+(02/15/2009 01:07:42 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: ok, would you like me to add some narative?
+(02/15/2009 01:07:46 PM) fmccor: Fair enough
+(02/15/2009 01:08:01 PM) ***quantumsummers|Corsair is no lawyer
+(02/15/2009 01:08:10 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, I thing a standard letter is best, from our point of view
+(02/15/2009 01:08:19 PM) rane: could use some narrative on where our logo is register and by whom
+(02/15/2009 01:08:23 PM) NeddySeagoon: than means you don't have to change it every time
+(02/15/2009 01:08:42 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: rane: good point. I will add some links to what I am talking about w.r.t. logo
+(02/15/2009 01:08:48 PM) NeddySeagoon: rane, yeah, ok - that would still allow it to be standard
+(02/15/2009 01:09:09 PM) rane: something like "Gentoo logo and name is a trademark registered blablabla by blabla in NM blabla and protected by US law and ninjas"
+(02/15/2009 01:09:19 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I wrote a little app that I am using to track the known offenders, so this will be a template email
+(02/15/2009 01:09:27 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: lol, ninjas
+(02/15/2009 01:09:29 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: nice
+(02/15/2009 01:09:30 PM) fmccor: It's registered in the US
+(02/15/2009 01:09:49 PM) rane: i think German part of our project has it registered in Europe as well
+(02/15/2009 01:09:50 PM) NeddySeagoon: The e.V. have it registered in Europe
+(02/15/2009 01:09:54 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: yes
+(02/15/2009 01:09:58 PM) rane: but i don't know if they've trasferred it
+(02/15/2009 01:10:05 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: not yet anyway
+(02/15/2009 01:10:05 PM) fmccor: No
+(02/15/2009 01:10:06 PM) NeddySeagoon: rane, nope
+(02/15/2009 01:10:17 PM) rane: well, we can mention them anyway
+(02/15/2009 01:10:22 PM) rane: gentoo is mostly Europe and US anyway
+(02/15/2009 01:10:31 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: the list I have is US based groups to the best of my knowledge
+(02/15/2009 01:10:33 PM) NeddySeagoon: ... and cuba
+(02/15/2009 01:10:49 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: gentoo is in the Caribbean now too!!
+(02/15/2009 01:10:54 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: lol
+(02/15/2009 01:11:02 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: that is awesome
+(02/15/2009 01:11:03 PM) rane: now we know who sends us all those cigars!
+(02/15/2009 01:11:18 PM) ***quantumsummers|Corsair like a good cigar every now & again
+(02/15/2009 01:11:33 PM) rane: i love cuba libre now and then
+(02/15/2009 01:11:33 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: so, with some minor changes you think that is an ok letter?
+(02/15/2009 01:11:34 PM) NeddySeagoon: Google Nova Linux ... its Gentoo based
+(02/15/2009 01:11:50 PM) rane: quantumsummers, it's very good, yeah
+(02/15/2009 01:11:53 PM) NeddySeagoon: ping tsunam
+(02/15/2009 01:12:34 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: want to postpone the meeting another 45 mins to wait on Josh?
+(02/15/2009 01:13:40 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: fmccor, NeddySeagoon: can you tell me what Mr. Chew is available to do for us in terms of legal stuff?
+(02/15/2009 01:13:41 PM) NeddySeagoon: looks like we are not going to get a quorum this month. Should we reschedule or skip a month? I prefer the former
+(02/15/2009 01:14:11 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: reschedule or delay an hour or so
+(02/15/2009 01:14:15 PM) rane: maybe let's start with a 45 mins postpone
+(02/15/2009 01:14:19 PM) fmccor: Let's reschedule until next week.
+(02/15/2009 01:14:55 PM) fmccor: Unless Joshua shows up in 45 minutes or so like rane said.
+(02/15/2009 01:14:56 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, I'll make that suggestion on trustees@
+(02/15/2009 01:14:57 PM) ***quantumsummers|Corsair submits a bug to buy tsunam a new alarm clock
+(02/15/2009 01:15:35 PM) NeddySeagoon: Meeting abandoned due to lack of a quorum
+(02/15/2009 01:15:39 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I'll be here all day
+(02/15/2009 01:15:45 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, Apparently he's out, since his phone rolls over to VM.
+(02/15/2009 01:16:08 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: or he got so tossed last night d-dialing he ran it out of bats
+(02/15/2009 01:16:19 PM) NeddySeagoon: I've *been* here all day. 1ts 9:16 for me just now
+(02/15/2009 01:16:21 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: heheheh
+(02/15/2009 01:16:27 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: j/k josh
+(02/15/2009 01:16:32 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: WAKE UP
+(02/15/2009 01:16:34 PM) fmccor: I won't, but I will be here for 45 minutes more
+(02/15/2009 01:16:49 PM) ***quantumsummers|Corsair is working on strategic plan
+(02/15/2009 01:16:53 PM) NeddySeagoon: 19:16 ..
+(02/15/2009 01:17:04 PM) rane: can trustees name other people to participate in the meeting when they can't make it?
+(02/15/2009 01:17:08 PM) rane: (like council)
+(02/15/2009 01:17:21 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: hmm, we have done a proxy before
+(02/15/2009 01:17:33 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: via the phone though
+(02/15/2009 01:17:52 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, talk to dberkholz about that. There should be one strategic plan for all of GEntoo
+(02/15/2009 01:18:07 PM) weirdedout: I'm back. I can only stay for an hour, gotta go to work after that.
+(02/15/2009 01:18:08 PM) rane: but proxies part is deleted in bylaws
+(02/15/2009 01:18:15 PM) NeddySeagoon: rane, Nope. We are a legal business entity.
+(02/15/2009 01:18:38 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, What do you have in mind (legal stuff)?
+(02/15/2009 01:18:50 PM) NeddySeagoon: weirdedout, We haven't got a quorum, so we can't hold the meeting
+(02/15/2009 01:18:50 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: foundation stuff
+(02/15/2009 01:19:04 PM) fmccor: Like?
+(02/15/2009 01:19:45 PM) weirdedout: oh well, best laid plans...
+(02/15/2009 01:19:47 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: fmccor logistics & legal
+(02/15/2009 01:19:55 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: aprtnerships
+(02/15/2009 01:20:04 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, We have 4 lawyers including him; 5 counting me.
+(02/15/2009 01:20:14 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: grants & other funding
+(02/15/2009 01:20:26 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: marketing
+(02/15/2009 01:20:33 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: revenue
+(02/15/2009 01:20:35 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: etc
+(02/15/2009 01:20:41 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: its a tad lengthy
+(02/15/2009 01:20:56 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: however, I will have a draft available later today I think
+(02/15/2009 01:21:25 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, put it in your election manifesto
+(02/15/2009 01:21:34 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: yup, that a piece of it
+(02/15/2009 01:22:11 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: there are a ton of opportunities available _now_ to groups like ours
+(02/15/2009 01:22:12 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, Best is to have specific questions, and start with me. Some things I can actually answer, and others I can tell you if you need legal opinion and who should give it.
+(02/15/2009 01:22:24 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, whats our status if the US government takes exception to the Cuban version of Gentoo ?
+(02/15/2009 01:22:29 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: fmccor yes thanks
+(02/15/2009 01:22:48 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I do not think that will be an issue NeddySeagoon
+(02/15/2009 01:23:01 PM) fmccor: NeddySeagoon, None. They're just pulling things from the internet.
+(02/15/2009 01:23:19 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, I don't either, more an issue for ${UPSTREAM}
+(02/15/2009 01:23:22 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: if anything it makes us look really good if a paranoid dictatorship is using us b/c we are more sercurable, etc
+(02/15/2009 01:23:37 PM) fmccor: US Government would have to take it up with Cuba.
+(02/15/2009 01:23:45 PM) rane: what if they start donating us?
+(02/15/2009 01:23:48 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: cuban relations will get better with this pres
+(02/15/2009 01:23:54 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, so that would be held to be public domain stuff ?
+(02/15/2009 01:24:15 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: rane: now that would require a lawyer to answer
+(02/15/2009 01:24:29 PM) fmccor: Once we post it for download, we can't control who gets it.
+(02/15/2009 01:24:32 PM) rane: what if some Cubans suddenly express desire to join our developer pool
+(02/15/2009 01:24:42 PM) rane: can we "hire" them?
+(02/15/2009 01:24:45 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: that should be allowed
+(02/15/2009 01:24:46 PM) fmccor: I'm sure Cuba uses lots of US software.
+(02/15/2009 01:25:01 PM) fmccor: rane, Yes.
+(02/15/2009 01:25:41 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, true ... but Sun and others with click through licences include some waffle about US export control
+(02/15/2009 01:26:00 PM) ***quantumsummers|Corsair will brb
+(02/15/2009 01:27:08 PM) fmccor: No matter what, they can pull it from a site outside the US. Most mirrors are not in the US.
+(02/15/2009 01:29:02 PM) fmccor: At worst, it's a form of piracy from the US point of view. We have no control over who downloads our software from a Canadian mirror.
+(02/15/2009 01:30:21 PM) fmccor: rane, Donations would be a problem, probably.
+(02/15/2009 01:30:37 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, not to the e.V.
+(02/15/2009 01:30:50 PM) fmccor: No, thatwould be fine.
+(02/15/2009 01:31:14 PM) fmccor: That's a reason for keeping e.V. separate, too.
+(02/15/2009 01:31:20 PM) NeddySeagoon: yep
+(02/15/2009 01:31:46 PM) NeddySeagoon: I'm quite keen to keep a European entity
+(02/15/2009 01:33:02 PM) fmccor: I agree. All we have to do is coordinate of the TM issues so that each of us can tell anyone asking for permission whom to talk to.
+(02/15/2009 01:33:27 PM) NeddySeagoon: yep
+(02/15/2009 01:34:02 PM) NeddySeagoon: Someone in the eurozone is needed to run a bank account too
+(02/15/2009 01:34:58 PM) fmccor: If someone did, we could use that as our bank.
+(02/15/2009 01:35:29 PM) fmccor: We don't need a US bank, I don't think.
+(02/15/2009 01:37:31 PM) fmccor: Essentially, we would need access to the account, but you ( NeddySeagoon ) can do that, I think.
+(02/15/2009 01:37:35 PM) NeddySeagoon: Thats an interesting thought
+(02/15/2009 01:38:00 PM) NeddySeagoon: Not in Euros. Only GBP
+(02/15/2009 01:39:18 PM) fmccor: Banks really don't care what currency you use. They might charge a fee for currency conversion, but that's just another way for them to make money.
+(02/15/2009 01:39:27 PM) NeddySeagoon: Setting up a overseas (mainland europe) account for a US legal entity that does not have a US account, from the UK might be a challenge
+(02/15/2009 01:40:29 PM) NeddySeagoon: The UK does not belong to the Euro
+(02/15/2009 01:40:39 PM) fmccor: It's just a matter of finding someone who knows how to set it up.
+(02/15/2009 01:41:05 PM) fmccor: US corporations certainly can bank off-shore (some do).
+(02/15/2009 01:41:34 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I think we need to have both entities properly setup as non-profits with their own bank accounts, that is not to say we cannot share funds between them
+(02/15/2009 01:41:47 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers++
+(02/15/2009 01:42:03 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: this is a part of my strategic plan
+(02/15/2009 01:42:21 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I will open it to comments of course
+(02/15/2009 01:42:32 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: & compromise
+(02/15/2009 01:42:37 PM) fmccor: For that matter, we could register the Foundation in Europe. (I think Ubuntu is registered in the Caribbean someplace).
+(02/15/2009 01:43:09 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I think we should move the foundation to DC
+(02/15/2009 01:43:20 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, Have you asked your accountant how to prod the IRS into action?
+(02/15/2009 01:43:22 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: make many things easier
+(02/15/2009 01:43:27 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, No you don't.
+(02/15/2009 01:44:07 PM) fmccor: I'm not sure you can register a corporation in DC, but if so, you wouldn't want to.
+(02/15/2009 01:44:37 PM) fmccor: NM is about the most corporation-friendly place you will find.
+(02/15/2009 01:45:06 PM) fmccor: (cheap and pretty much unregulated)
+(02/15/2009 01:45:44 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: fmccor yes, the basic things we need to do are: 1. Have CPA do as complete an audit as possible, 2. file for a 6 month extension for this years taxes, 3. get setup as 501c3 with IRS (fairly immediate response with that is guaranteed).
+(02/15/2009 01:46:08 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I would be happy to fly to NM to meet with Mr. Chew to take care of the banking situation
+(02/15/2009 01:47:06 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: if we do the above, we will be in really good shape by the end of 3rd Q 09
+(02/15/2009 01:48:22 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: with 501c3 we will see our donations go way up, since the donation will be tax deductible
+(02/15/2009 01:48:45 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: GNI has stated that they would assist with funding the move to 501c3
+(02/15/2009 01:48:59 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: costs about $1000
+(02/15/2009 01:49:04 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: which is not bad
+(02/15/2009 01:49:18 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: considering we have some $, we can afford it
+(02/15/2009 01:50:00 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, Right now, we are just waiting for a change of address for our EIN.
+(02/15/2009 01:50:02 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I have spoken to several companies that would donate (or donate more) if we had 501c3 statys
+(02/15/2009 01:50:35 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: fmccor right, we will get that going. The CPA I have is willing to assist there
+(02/15/2009 01:50:35 PM) fmccor: We need to do that before we can do anything at all with banks according to tsunam
+(02/15/2009 01:50:45 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: hmm, of that I am unsure
+(02/15/2009 01:51:53 PM) armin76: bye tsunam *g*
+(02/15/2009 01:52:10 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, Unless there is some problem IRS is not telling me about, I think it's just a matter of knowing whom to call to get them to do the 10 minutes it takes them.
+(02/15/2009 01:53:12 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: we will know more as soon as Josh gets me all the available financials. That coupled with the archive of emails that I have, we should be able to survive an audit
+(02/15/2009 01:53:12 PM) #gentoo-trustees: mode (+v mpagano ) by ChanServ
+(02/15/2009 01:53:33 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: there may be a problem since we have not files federal taxes in some years
+(02/15/2009 01:53:34 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, We're talking about two different things.
+(02/15/2009 01:53:55 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I know what you are talking about
+(02/15/2009 01:54:09 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: the IRS is backlogged
+(02/15/2009 01:54:26 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: we may need to go higher up the chain to get a faster response
+(02/15/2009 01:54:42 PM) fmccor: Right, that's what I'm talking about.
+(02/15/2009 01:55:21 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: Senator McCaskill's office is about 50 yards from mine, I can talk to her people, but I don't know anyone in NM
+(02/15/2009 01:56:07 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: is Mr. Chew generally availble?
+(02/15/2009 01:56:15 PM) fmccor: You don't need to know anyone in NM --- you need someone who will push the IRS.
+(02/15/2009 01:56:26 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: what is his role as our registered agent?
+(02/15/2009 01:56:30 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: can I talk to him?
+(02/15/2009 01:56:31 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, Yes, at $200/hour
+(02/15/2009 01:56:50 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: ok so he is a lawyer
+(02/15/2009 01:57:40 PM) fmccor: Yes, you can check his web site for information on what he does. I don't have it handy, but can track it down later.
+(02/15/2009 01:57:47 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: well like I said, I can travel to NM, at my own expense, to take care of these things if it becomes necessary.
+(02/15/2009 01:58:25 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I like Albuquerque
+(02/15/2009 01:58:37 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: used to live in Durango, CO
+(02/15/2009 01:58:39 PM) NeddySeagoon: hehe
+(02/15/2009 01:58:39 PM) fmccor: Let's just get that piece of paper from the IRS first, then put together a strategy.
+(02/15/2009 01:58:49 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: ok :)
+(02/15/2009 01:59:06 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, world domination you mean :)
+(02/15/2009 01:59:24 PM) fmccor: We can't do anything further without a bank account. We have money in limbo because we can't do anything with it.
+(02/15/2009 01:59:35 PM) fmccor: NeddySeagoon, If that's what it takes. :)
+(02/15/2009 01:59:39 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: :D
+(02/15/2009 02:00:25 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, An audit would be a problem, because g2boojum is holding on to quite a lot of our funds until we can put them someplace.
+(02/15/2009 02:00:53 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: Yes, I know. However it may be unavoidable
+(02/15/2009 02:01:35 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: fmccor you know those checks (cheques) are only good for 1 year, some even less. :|
+(02/15/2009 02:01:40 PM) fmccor: Now, I suggested talking to a member of congress earlier this week, so if you can ask Sen. McCaskill for help, that would be great.
+(02/15/2009 02:01:50 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I can & will
+(02/15/2009 02:02:00 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: she's a very nice lasy
+(02/15/2009 02:02:06 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: *lady
+(02/15/2009 02:02:38 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, I would be most upset to forfeit $20,000 just because we can't figure out how to open a bank account. :(
+(02/15/2009 02:02:40 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, she didn't get to be Sen. by being nice
+(02/15/2009 02:03:07 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, cheques can be reissued if they have expired
+(02/15/2009 02:03:53 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, maybe grant has deposited the cheque in his own name somewhere ?
+(02/15/2009 02:04:30 PM) fmccor: The money exists --- it's held by some internet bank.
+(02/15/2009 02:04:41 PM) fmccor: NeddySeagoon, I hope so.
+(02/15/2009 02:05:02 PM) fmccor: Then it's just a wire transfer.
+(02/15/2009 02:05:27 PM) NeddySeagoon: yeah
+(02/15/2009 02:05:54 PM) NeddySeagoon: My point then was that expiry of the cheque is not an issue
+(02/15/2009 02:06:13 PM) fmccor: comprookie2000, If you want a real old-timer, Grant would be a good choice.
+(02/15/2009 02:06:44 PM) comprookie2000: OK added to the list :)
+(02/15/2009 02:06:57 PM) fmccor: NeddySeagoon, Right, I was exaggerating for effect. The bank account issue is becoming really urgent.
+(02/15/2009 02:07:35 PM) fmccor: And no one seems to know how to get the IRS moving --- I certainly don't.
+(02/15/2009 02:08:03 PM) tanderson: fmccor: pass another stimulus bill to hire more IRS staff
+(02/15/2009 02:08:26 PM) fmccor: (Well, I do --- I could just quit filing taxes. But since I get refunds, that would be counterproductive.)
+(02/15/2009 02:08:31 PM) fmccor: tanderson, NO!!!
+(02/15/2009 02:08:34 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, yeah, we have to do federal taxes early April and nobody is exempt any more
+(02/15/2009 02:09:28 PM) fmccor: tanderson, No one in the country wants the IRS to have more people. I'd rather shut it down. :)
+(02/15/2009 02:10:10 PM) tanderson: flat tax ftw
+(02/15/2009 02:12:12 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: NeddySeagoon, fmccor: we will need to file for an extension, its a simple form
+(02/15/2009 02:12:45 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: that will buy is the time we need to get everything in order
+(02/15/2009 02:12:59 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, I'd rather not ... I suspect that will get us under the spotlight for past years.
+(02/15/2009 02:13:32 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: we should be at least prepared for an audit, as our lack of filing in the past will make us a target already
+(02/15/2009 02:14:37 PM) NeddySeagoon: yep
+(02/15/2009 02:15:05 PM) NeddySeagoon: We are from the IRS ... we are here to help ... heh
+(02/15/2009 02:16:40 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, Right now we are in bad shape for that, because many of our assets are being held privately and we can't get at them.
+(02/15/2009 02:17:06 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I know, I know. Its a little unsettling
+(02/15/2009 02:17:53 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: though I have faith that it will work out in the end ( where the end is the foundation having a bank account in short order!!)
+(02/15/2009 02:18:11 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: antarus: you cannot retire
+(02/15/2009 02:19:00 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: hmm, tsunam's blog is down
+(02/15/2009 02:19:12 PM) ***quantumsummers|Corsair hopes everything is ok
+(02/15/2009 02:19:30 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, I've told him that too
+(02/15/2009 02:21:22 PM) ***quantumsummers|Corsair will be back in 20 mins
+(02/15/2009 02:22:54 PM) rane: if infra people process antarus we will have to look for another officials
+(02/15/2009 02:23:04 PM) fmccor: tsunam was around Friday.
+(02/15/2009 02:23:05 PM) rane: since without d.g.o access, he can't really verify anything
+(02/15/2009 02:23:37 PM) fmccor: rane, Fortunately, that at least is not a Foundation problem. :)
+(02/15/2009 02:23:57 PM) rane: it's my problem :-)
+(02/15/2009 02:24:40 PM) NeddySeagoon: rane, keep him until the end of March
+(02/15/2009 02:24:51 PM) rane: not in my hands
+(02/15/2009 02:24:53 PM) fmccor: Right now we have two candidates for two positions, so if that holds up, this election is easy. :)
+(02/15/2009 02:25:05 PM) NeddySeagoon: but with only two acceptances, there is no need for an election
+(02/15/2009 02:25:26 PM) rane: quantumsummers says we need to proceed with voting anyway
+(02/15/2009 02:26:32 PM) fmccor: rane, really? Not many people vote in uncontested elections. I'd hate for that to count in the bylaws rule.
+(02/15/2009 02:26:54 PM) rane: that's why i asked in the first place
+(02/15/2009 02:27:20 PM) rane: original question was: what do we do if we have only two candidates by the end of February?
+(02/15/2009 02:28:09 PM) fmccor: I'd say declare them winners. I'd vote for them, and we don't have a non-of-the-above option, so they'd win.
+(02/15/2009 02:28:28 PM) fmccor: ^non-^none-
+(02/15/2009 02:29:39 PM) NeddySeagoon: Its elected unopposed
+(02/15/2009 02:30:00 PM) rane: that would be the easy way
+(02/15/2009 02:30:13 PM) armin76: rane: btw, plz do pingu's bug? :)
+(02/15/2009 02:31:34 PM) rane: armin76, doing it right now
+(02/15/2009 02:33:07 PM) rane: and done
+(02/15/2009 02:35:29 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, just post the log from 1900 UTC to the meeting abandoned. Make sure you capture dmwaters apologies \ No newline at end of file