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+(05/17/2009 02:00:38 PM) fmccor: OK. Let's start. tsunam is on vacation and
+Toy is out collecting speeding tickets, so I guess we have robbat2
+quantumsummers and me.
+(05/17/2009 02:00:46 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, here?
+(05/17/2009 02:01:25 PM) fmccor: Maybe we have quantumsummers ?
+(05/17/2009 02:02:28 PM) fmccor: (Can't start until he checks back in.)
+(05/17/2009 02:02:32 PM) MinnieBannister: I'm here sort of
+(05/17/2009 02:02:45 PM) fmccor: MinnieBannister, meeting is now yours.
+(05/17/2009 02:03:22 PM) MinnieBannister: my main display has packed up and I
+only have ssh to my logger
+(05/17/2009 02:03:32 PM) MinnieBannister: fmccor: please run the meeting
+(05/17/2009 02:03:46 PM) fmccor: OK, do you count as here?
+(05/17/2009 02:04:05 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers was here an hour ago but seems
+to have disappeared.
+(05/17/2009 02:04:29 PM) MinnieBannister: yes. I don't have any GUI, so I can't
+see the agenda but I can take part in discussion
+(05/17/2009 02:05:08 PM) fmccor: First item is updated treasurer report, which
+tsunam supplied last week.
+(05/17/2009 02:05:15 PM) MinnieBannister: GNOME won't start on the netbook :(
+(05/17/2009 02:05:33 PM) fmccor: Hm.
+(05/17/2009 02:06:09 PM) MinnieBannister: fmccor: I've read it. Hes made the
+corretions the meeting asked. I move that it be adopted
+(05/17/2009 02:06:31 PM) fmccor: second
+(05/17/2009 02:06:36 PM) fmccor: robbat2, ?
+(05/17/2009 02:06:40 PM) robbat2: i'm around
+(05/17/2009 02:06:47 PM) robbat2: no objections to it
+(05/17/2009 02:06:55 PM) fmccor: As to the motion, any comments?
+(05/17/2009 02:07:01 PM) robbat2: none
+(05/17/2009 02:07:05 PM) fmccor: Vote:
+(05/17/2009 02:07:08 PM) ***fmccor yes
+(05/17/2009 02:07:10 PM) robbat2: yes
+(05/17/2009 02:07:15 PM) MinnieBannister: yes
+(05/17/2009 02:07:33 PM) fmccor: OK, it's accepted as submitted.
+(05/17/2009 02:07:57 PM) MinnieBannister: it needs to get into the foundation
+(05/17/2009 02:08:45 PM) fmccor: Yes, I'd expect tsunam or quantumsummers to put
+it there.
+(05/17/2009 02:08:51 PM) MinnieBannister: yep
+(05/17/2009 02:09:05 PM) fmccor: I don't know where he's off to.
+(05/17/2009 02:10:09 PM) MinnieBannister: next item ?
+(05/17/2009 02:10:21 PM) fmccor: While we're on money, tsunam also asks
+cafepress funds be sent to him or direct deposit. I suggest we authorize him
+to set that up.
+(05/17/2009 02:10:24 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: hey hey, sorry I'm late
+(05/17/2009 02:10:43 PM) fmccor: We've already given you one action item. :)
+(05/17/2009 02:11:19 PM) fmccor: Unless there are objections, I move to
+authorize tsunam to set that up with cafepress.
+(05/17/2009 02:11:23 PM) MinnieBannister: fmccor: I prefer direct deposit as it
+removes a single point of failure
+(05/17/2009 02:11:48 PM) fmccor: I do too, it's just a matter of what cafepress
+will do I think.
+(05/17/2009 02:11:54 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: direct would be optimal
+(05/17/2009 02:12:04 PM) robbat2: direct deposit if possible, otherwise switch
+it to him
+(05/17/2009 02:12:29 PM) fmccor: robbat2, I agree. Could you put that in form
+of a motion, please?
+(05/17/2009 02:13:03 PM) fmccor: Anyone?
+(05/17/2009 02:13:07 PM) robbat2: Motion: cafepress fund transfers to be change
+to direct deposit into the Gentoo Foundation bank account if possible, and if
+not possible, to be sent to the current treasurer
+(05/17/2009 02:13:13 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: second
+(05/17/2009 02:13:21 PM) MinnieBannister: vote ... yes
+(05/17/2009 02:13:22 PM) fmccor: Vote?
+(05/17/2009 02:13:24 PM) robbat2: yes
+(05/17/2009 02:13:27 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: yes
+(05/17/2009 02:13:27 PM) ***fmccor yes
+(05/17/2009 02:13:31 PM) fmccor: carried.
+(05/17/2009 02:13:58 PM) fmccor: Next item. CPA --- quantumsummers
+(05/17/2009 02:14:03 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: regarding previous action item,
+I take it those need to be in guidexml
+(05/17/2009 02:14:48 PM) fmccor: The treasurer's report? I suppose.
+fmccor fmccor|away
+(05/17/2009 02:15:23 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: fmccor as well as the sec
+report, or are those fine in plain html?
+(05/17/2009 02:15:35 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, You also have the knowledge
+base item, so please do both at once.
+(05/17/2009 02:15:48 PM) robbat2: ideally guidexml to merge with the rest of the
+website, but they can be in plain html if there's no other choice
+(05/17/2009 02:16:08 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: CPA, we are in good shape
+there. 501c3 app is moving along, should have draft for approval by June
+(05/17/2009 02:16:10 PM) robbat2: there's some toplevel script stuff that sucks
+out titles from guidexml
+(05/17/2009 02:16:24 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: robbat2: I can guide 'em
+(05/17/2009 02:16:34 PM) MinnieBannister: quantumsummers: leave them assss they
+are - thats how they are/will be approved
+(05/17/2009 02:17:18 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: MinnieBannister: as you wish.
+(05/17/2009 02:17:50 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: any questions for the CPA or
+regarding 1023 form?
+(05/17/2009 02:18:03 PM) fmccor: Not I.
+(05/17/2009 02:18:11 PM) robbat2: none from me
+(05/17/2009 02:18:14 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I'll run it by the CPA before
+submission, of course
+(05/17/2009 02:18:18 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: ok
+(05/17/2009 02:18:44 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, Is Knowledge Management still
+targeted for June?
+(05/17/2009 02:18:50 PM) MinnieBannister: quantumsummers: where is the form ?
+(05/17/2009 02:19:34 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: MinnieBannister:
+fmccor fmccor|away
+(05/17/2009 02:20:01 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: fmccor: on target for June
+deployment of KMS
+(05/17/2009 02:20:12 PM) MinnieBannister: quantumsummers: Ah, I thought you were
+refering to a completed form
+(05/17/2009 02:20:35 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: MinnieBannister: I'm not
+finished with it, only about 40%
+(05/17/2009 02:20:40 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: its rather long
+(05/17/2009 02:20:57 PM) fmccor: Fun.
+(05/17/2009 02:21:09 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I think I can have it cleared
+by CPA & presented to the board for June
+(05/17/2009 02:21:22 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: approval & submission
+(05/17/2009 02:21:28 PM) MinnieBannister: quantumsummers: take your time and get
+it right
+(05/17/2009 02:21:50 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: MinnieBannister: thanks, yes.
+(05/17/2009 02:22:21 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I can pass the important stuff
+around to you all if you want to assist in drafting sections
+(05/17/2009 02:22:23 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: :)
+(05/17/2009 02:22:34 PM) fmccor: Not really.
+(05/17/2009 02:22:35 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: don't all jump up at once
+(05/17/2009 02:22:38 PM) mode (+o NeddySeagoon ) by ChanServ
+(05/17/2009 02:22:40 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: :D
+(05/17/2009 02:22:58 PM) MinnieBannister: quantumsummers: As an outsider, I'm
+(05/17/2009 02:23:07 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: its cool, you will have to at
+least read it before we vote on it
+(05/17/2009 02:23:29 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: MinnieBannister: I can give
+pretty fair directions on what is required
+(05/17/2009 02:23:39 PM) NeddySeagoon: I have my main box going, so I'll swap
+nicks here ...
+(05/17/2009 02:23:42 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: beyond what the web site says
+(05/17/2009 02:23:55 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, I need to understand it
+to vote on it
+(05/17/2009 02:24:00 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: NeddySeagoon: nice work
+(05/17/2009 02:24:09 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: NeddySeagoon: yes, completely
+(05/17/2009 02:24:24 PM) fmccor: NeddySeagoon, you want the meeting now?
+(05/17/2009 02:24:39 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: ok, so if its at all possible I
+will shoot to have some stuff for everyone to look at 2 weeks
+(05/17/2009 02:24:39 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, no thanks ... just carry on
+(05/17/2009 02:25:17 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, that will be good for me
+and probably robbat2 as we are not US citizens
+(05/17/2009 02:25:46 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: NeddySeagoon: sounds good to
+me, I think I can budget enough time to make that happen :)\
+(05/17/2009 02:26:16 PM) fmccor: OK, next item is treasurer's report for FY
+ending June 2008. I haven't a clue on that and suggest we defer it for tsunam
+unless someone knows.
+(05/17/2009 02:27:06 PM) fmccor: Anyone?
+(05/17/2009 02:27:14 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I thought that was what he
+presented at the AGM
+(05/17/2009 02:27:18 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, I suggest we scrap it, as its
+almost June 2009 and roll it into one report
+(05/17/2009 02:27:38 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: oh, whoops 2008__8__
+(05/17/2009 02:27:38 PM) fmccor: That's fine with me.
+(05/17/2009 02:27:40 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, our FY ends om 30 June.
+(05/17/2009 02:27:51 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, I don't know, really.
+(05/17/2009 02:28:22 PM) robbat2: the submitted one from before was up to March
+(05/17/2009 02:28:33 PM) NeddySeagoon: The original idea was to be able to
+present accounts in July but with the banking issues, it didn't happen
+(05/17/2009 02:28:35 PM) robbat2: he hasn't submitted the june info at all afaik
+(05/17/2009 02:28:59 PM) fmccor: robbat2, What do you suggest?
+(05/17/2009 02:29:04 PM) NeddySeagoon: robbat2, was that march 31 08 or 09 ?
+(05/17/2009 02:29:04 PM) robbat2: postpone
+(05/17/2009 02:29:11 PM) robbat2: i'm not sure
+(05/17/2009 02:29:15 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I'm planning to work with Josh
+to get the data aggregated
+(05/17/2009 02:29:16 PM) NeddySeagoon: I can go with postpone
+(05/17/2009 02:29:28 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: postpone is fine with me
+(05/17/2009 02:29:45 PM) fmccor: Done --- we'll keep it on the agenda.
+(05/17/2009 02:30:09 PM) fmccor: (Don't think we need a motion to carry
+something over.)
+(05/17/2009 02:30:19 PM) NeddySeagoon: nope
+(05/17/2009 02:30:38 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, Any more on knowledge
+(05/17/2009 02:30:43 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: since the next thing is
+mine,... I have now written & tested some code for tracking all the IP
+infringers, and hook into gpgme to send the freakin emails to them. This way we
+can easily track what has been done & their responses, etc. I will begin
+sending these out on Monday, please be aware that you will have several emails
+in your box due to this
+(05/17/2009 02:31:01 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: this code will be integrated
+into the KMS
+(05/17/2009 02:31:27 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: same system I used to send out
+the emails to all members
+(05/17/2009 02:31:38 PM) fmccor: Sorry, I missed you when I moved on to
+treasurer. :)
+(05/17/2009 02:31:38 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: which will also be available
+(05/17/2009 02:32:16 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, thanks.
+(05/17/2009 02:32:23 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: its ok, I need to take some
+responsibility for not getting the IP stuff done, this will take care of it
+(05/17/2009 02:32:43 PM) fmccor: Yes, good thing.
+(05/17/2009 02:32:58 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: robbat2: is it possible to
+connect to a db on our infra via ssh tunnel?
+(05/17/2009 02:33:20 PM) robbat2: which box?
+(05/17/2009 02:33:29 PM) robbat2: the one I was going to give you for running
+the KMS?
+(05/17/2009 02:33:35 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: doesn't matter, I meant in
+(05/17/2009 02:33:43 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: or that yes
+(05/17/2009 02:33:47 PM) robbat2: if the db is on our machines yes
+(05/17/2009 02:33:52 PM) robbat2: if it's on the OSL db servers, no
+(05/17/2009 02:34:25 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: basically, this email script
+needs to have remote db access to hook into local gpg
+(05/17/2009 02:34:47 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: or run the mail locally somehow
+& have whoever sending sign it
+(05/17/2009 02:35:01 PM) robbat2: we'll work out something
+(05/17/2009 02:35:08 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: ok, cool
+(05/17/2009 02:35:30 PM) fmccor: Next --- carry-over?
+(05/17/2009 02:35:36 PM) NeddySeagoon: yep
+(05/17/2009 02:35:43 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: if needed I can always run this
+off my infra until we can arrange a permanent solution
+(05/17/2009 02:37:06 PM) fmccor: First is trustees&Foundation article for GMN.
+We are now full strength, bug GMN is gone. I think we should put together the
+article now and consider how to publish it.
+(05/17/2009 02:37:32 PM) robbat2: put the article together, the news blog will
+take it
+(05/17/2009 02:37:32 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I have been talking to
+nightmorph about some guest articles on his gentoo news blog
+(05/17/2009 02:37:43 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: robbat2: is that done?
+(05/17/2009 02:37:56 PM) robbat2: just not live to my knowledge
+(05/17/2009 02:38:13 PM) NeddySeagoon: robbat2, heres what we have so far
+(05/17/2009 02:38:19 PM) fmccor: OK. I'll have to update whatever I sent to
+NeddySeagoon last year, although the picture is the same.
+(05/17/2009 02:38:44 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: ok, awesome. I volunteer to
+write some :)
+(05/17/2009 02:38:52 PM) NeddySeagoon: robbat2, quantumsummers you need to do
+bits too
+(05/17/2009 02:39:04 PM) fmccor: Idea was that everyone would contribute.
+(05/17/2009 02:39:11 PM) NeddySeagoon: I'm happy to put it together
+(05/17/2009 02:39:26 PM) fmccor: What's a realistic target date?
+(05/17/2009 02:39:26 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: great! I'll send you some text
+(05/17/2009 02:39:38 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, and a picture.
+(05/17/2009 02:39:38 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, and a photo ?
+(05/17/2009 02:39:44 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: sure
+(05/17/2009 02:39:49 PM) robbat2: sure
+(05/17/2009 02:39:59 PM) ***robbat2 gets the feeling he may be the youngest
+(05/17/2009 02:40:05 PM) NeddySeagoon: by the next meeting ?
+(05/17/2009 02:40:22 PM) fmccor: Works for me.
+(05/17/2009 02:40:22 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: NeddySeagoon: I can do that
+(05/17/2009 02:40:35 PM) NeddySeagoon: ok - thats the target
+(05/17/2009 02:40:52 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: tgall - Secetarty - add mugshot
+(05/17/2009 02:40:56 PM) fmccor: That'll be about June 14.
+(05/17/2009 02:40:57 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: that is a good one
+(05/17/2009 02:41:40 PM) NeddySeagoon: yep ... nobody wrote back about my
+meetings calendar ...
+(05/17/2009 02:42:00 PM) fmccor: So we'll have everything to NeddySeagoon by
+(05/17/2009 02:42:23 PM) fmccor: Does tsunam need to be reminded or do you have
+something from him?
+(05/17/2009 02:42:34 PM) NeddySeagoon: he needs to be reminded
+(05/17/2009 02:42:53 PM) fmccor: OK, that'll be in the minutes I guess.
+(05/17/2009 02:43:15 PM) robbat2: NeddySeagoon, want to bring that calendar up
+here quickly, so we can proclaim the dates now?
+(05/17/2009 02:43:35 PM) NeddySeagoon: robbat2, I was going to do it under AoB
+(05/17/2009 02:43:41 PM) fmccor: OK.
+(05/17/2009 02:43:42 PM) robbat2: ok
+(05/17/2009 02:43:54 PM) robbat2: what's next?
+(05/17/2009 02:44:18 PM) fmccor: Next is mine --- work with Gentoo e.V. ....
+Still awaiting action from Gentoo e.V.
+(05/17/2009 02:44:22 PM) fmccor: No report.
+(05/17/2009 02:45:07 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: seems like that is the case for
+all the rest of the items in #3
+(05/17/2009 02:45:10 PM) NeddySeagoon: its really in their hands ...
+(05/17/2009 02:45:23 PM) fmccor: No --- I have updates.
+(05/17/2009 02:45:31 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: aha
+(05/17/2009 02:45:41 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: n IPR/trademark ?
+(05/17/2009 02:46:30 PM) fmccor: Our domestic trademark attorney is changing who
+is assigned to us. So I should have more when I find out who that is.
+(05/17/2009 02:46:54 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, heh ... news on the news
+(05/17/2009 02:47:17 PM) fmccor: It might be reasonable to move all of the
+trademark work to our Boston firm, depending on what the San Diego people do.
+(05/17/2009 02:47:58 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, we can only wait and see
+(05/17/2009 02:48:10 PM) fmccor: I infer the San Diego firm is in a bit of a
+turmoil, but am not sure.
+(05/17/2009 02:49:31 PM) fmccor: Anyway, the item is still pending and I am now
+waiting to hear from San Diego.
+(05/17/2009 02:49:38 PM) NeddySeagoon: next item ?
+(05/17/2009 02:49:43 PM) fmccor: Open bugs.
+(05/17/2009 02:50:12 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: whoohoo :)
+(05/17/2009 02:50:24 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: #217511
+(05/17/2009 02:50:29 PM) robbat2: bug 217511
+(05/17/2009 02:50:31 PM) Willikins: robbat2: "The
+Gentoo Store is Out of Date"; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; NEW;
+(05/17/2009 02:50:52 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I think that one can be closed
+since comprookie is helping out
+(05/17/2009 02:50:59 PM) NeddySeagoon: comprookie2000, was going to work with
+musikc to keep it up to date
+(05/17/2009 02:51:07 PM) fmccor: 217511 Gentoo store is out of date.
+(05/17/2009 02:51:15 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: we should perhaps consider a
+tracker bug for the store to monitor progress
+(05/17/2009 02:51:24 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, did that actually start ?
+(05/17/2009 02:51:47 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: NeddySeagoon: I thought so, I
+wonder if we should make him staff & a login to the store
+(05/17/2009 02:52:04 PM) comprookie2000: We are getting suggestions from the
+forum post
+(05/17/2009 02:52:04 PM) NeddySeagoon: comprookie2000, ping
+(05/17/2009 02:52:12 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: hi David
+(05/17/2009 02:52:17 PM) comprookie2000: hi
+(05/17/2009 02:52:19 PM) NeddySeagoon: can we close the bug ?
+(05/17/2009 02:52:31 PM) comprookie2000: yes
+(05/17/2009 02:52:40 PM) NeddySeagoon: comprookie2000, are you working with
+musikc on this
+(05/17/2009 02:53:02 PM) comprookie2000: yes, she is very busy, but I do catch
+her in irc
+(05/17/2009 02:53:05 PM) fmccor: It's closed.
+(05/17/2009 02:53:09 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, appoint a storekeeper you
+mean ?
+(05/17/2009 02:53:15 PM) NeddySeagoon: ok
+(05/17/2009 02:53:27 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: NeddySeagoon: yes
+(05/17/2009 02:53:38 PM) comprookie2000: I think she would be OK with that
+(05/17/2009 02:53:56 PM) NeddySeagoon: I'm not against that if it would help
+(05/17/2009 02:54:17 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, So, you would like to add
+comprookie2000 to your staff (or to tsunam's)?
+fmccor fmccor|away
+(05/17/2009 02:54:42 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: fmccor both of us can work with
+(05/17/2009 02:54:42 PM) fmccor: It's fine with me if comprookie2000 is
+(05/17/2009 02:54:48 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, I would like tsunam to have some
+say in it
+(05/17/2009 02:54:57 PM) comprookie2000: Fine with me
+(05/17/2009 02:55:11 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: comprookie2000: if you were to
+take over the store, would you mind reporting to Josh & I. I think we'll just
+need a csv from cafepress more or less
+(05/17/2009 02:55:21 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: with the sales that is
+(05/17/2009 02:55:39 PM) comprookie2000: sure
+(05/17/2009 02:55:40 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I can coordinate things if
+(05/17/2009 02:55:53 PM) fmccor: OK, we'll take this up next meeting. Until
+then, I suggest quantumsummers and comprookie2000 and tsunam (when he gets
+back) flesh out the position.
+(05/17/2009 02:55:58 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: robbat2: you want to get into
+the store at all, anyone else?
+(05/17/2009 02:55:58 PM) NeddySeagoon: lets work out the details outside the
+meeting ... we are agreed in principle
+(05/17/2009 02:56:06 PM) robbat2: nope, i don't need in
+(05/17/2009 02:56:12 PM) fmccor: Not me.
+(05/17/2009 02:56:18 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: NeddySeagoon: ?
+(05/17/2009 02:56:34 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: want to play with the store?
+(05/17/2009 02:56:36 PM) NeddySeagoon: I'll go with whatever you guys work out
+(05/17/2009 02:57:02 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: ok, sounds good. comprookie2000
+you will receive an email from me & we can talk about it
+(05/17/2009 02:57:07 PM) NeddySeagoon: no, I'll stay out of the store. Did the
+2006.0 CDs get dropped from the UK page ?
+(05/17/2009 02:57:14 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, Can you and the others have
+something to recommend at the next meeting and have a motion prepared?
+fmccor fmccor|away
+(05/17/2009 02:57:49 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: fmccor yes
+(05/17/2009 02:57:57 PM) comprookie2000: We will need access to the graphics
+used on the items
+(05/17/2009 02:58:13 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: np
+(05/17/2009 02:58:36 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I might have some new ones
+too :)
+(05/17/2009 02:58:45 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, the 2006.0 AMD64 CD is
+still on the UK store
+(05/17/2009 02:58:46 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: subject to approval of course
+(05/17/2009 02:58:52 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: NeddySeagoon: noted
+(05/17/2009 02:59:42 PM) fmccor: Bug #234705 --- anyone know the status, or is
+this done?
+(05/17/2009 02:59:44 PM) Willikins: fmccor:
+ "Document of being an active developer"; Gentoo
+Linux, Unspecified; NEW; dberkholz@g.o:araujo@g.o
+(05/17/2009 03:00:32 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: leave it as a tracker so we can
+keep track of the files
+(05/17/2009 03:00:42 PM) NeddySeagoon: it should be closed with a note saying
+I'll sign European applications and quantumsummers will sign USA ones on behalf
+of the foundation
+(05/17/2009 03:00:50 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: sounds fine with me
+(05/17/2009 03:01:03 PM) robbat2: I can do candian ones if needed too
+(05/17/2009 03:01:13 PM) robbat2: but USA/Canada mail is cheap
+(05/17/2009 03:01:14 PM) NeddySeagoon: I only put it on the agenda so it can be
+(05/17/2009 03:01:26 PM) fmccor: Thanks.
+(05/17/2009 03:02:06 PM) fmccor: NeddySeagoon, please add the note and close
+it. :)
+(05/17/2009 03:02:16 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, ok
+(05/17/2009 03:02:31 PM) fmccor: Bug #241650
+(05/17/2009 03:02:34 PM) Willikins: fmccor:
+ "truecrypt has a dangerous license."; Gentoo
+Linux, Applications; REOP; dberkholz@g.o:crypto@g.o
+(05/17/2009 03:03:15 PM) fmccor: This is actually not our bug, but I commented
+on it as to how I think the crypro team should handle it.
+(05/17/2009 03:03:35 PM) ***quantumsummers|Corsair has to step afk, back in 3
+(05/17/2009 03:04:32 PM) robbat2: to summarize, crypto team should just use
+RESTRICT="mirror fetch bindist"
+(05/17/2009 03:05:06 PM) robbat2: along with an ewarn
+(05/17/2009 03:05:20 PM) fmccor: I think that's about what I suggested, too, and
+it's up to them to do it.
+(05/17/2009 03:05:33 PM) fmccor: Feel free to add your thoughts to the bug too.
+(05/17/2009 03:05:46 PM) robbat2: i'm a crypto herd member, but i don't touch
+truecrypt ;-)
+(05/17/2009 03:05:55 PM) robbat2: ok, i'll summarize it into the bug
+(05/17/2009 03:05:58 PM) robbat2: and tell the team to go ahead
+(05/17/2009 03:06:26 PM) fmccor: Just about no one does, and that's part of the
+problem. It's actually a nice program.
+(05/17/2009 03:07:29 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor - closed the dev cert bug
+(05/17/2009 03:07:36 PM) ***quantumsummers|Corsair is back, apologies
+(05/17/2009 03:07:39 PM) fmccor: Thank you
+(05/17/2009 03:07:45 PM) fmccor: Just in time.
+(05/17/2009 03:08:26 PM) fmccor: Bug # 245227
+(05/17/2009 03:08:40 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: Bug 245227
+(05/17/2009 03:08:43 PM) Willikins: quantumsummers:
+ "Funding request: replacement hard drive for"; Gentoo Linux, Unspecified; RESO, FIXE;
+(05/17/2009 03:08:46 PM) robbat2: ok, I left a comment on the truecrypt bug for
+the crypto team, if none of them touch it by the end of the next week, i'll bug
+it for them
+(05/17/2009 03:08:59 PM) fmccor: robbat2, thank you.
+(05/17/2009 03:09:04 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: thanks robbat2
+(05/17/2009 03:09:04 PM) Arfrever: I'm from crypto project and I can add this
+(05/17/2009 03:09:04 PM) robbat2: #245227 budget limit for infra repairs
+(05/17/2009 03:09:10 PM) robbat2: Arfrever, go for it
+(05/17/2009 03:09:20 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: hey Arfrever, thanks :)
+(05/17/2009 03:09:21 PM) NeddySeagoon: Arfrever, well done
+(05/17/2009 03:10:02 PM) robbat2: for #245227, tsunam (i think) had suggested
+that we authorize infrastructure to a base level of funding for purchases
+relating to hardware repair
+(05/17/2009 03:10:04 PM) fmccor: This bug is closed --- can we remove it from
+the agenda?
+(05/17/2009 03:10:11 PM) NeddySeagoon: yes
+(05/17/2009 03:10:17 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: yes
+(05/17/2009 03:10:24 PM) robbat2: it wasn't the bug directly, just that tsunam
+wanted to streamline the process
+(05/17/2009 03:10:33 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, all the closed bugs can be
+(05/17/2009 03:10:49 PM) fmccor: NeddySeagoon, you control the agenda. :)
+(05/17/2009 03:11:16 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: robbat2: yes. what do you think
+is an appropriate amount? I would guess that <$1000 USD should do it
+(05/17/2009 03:11:29 PM) NeddySeagoon: robbat2, yeah, we want infra to just fix
+stuff up to a 'reasonable value' but we need a number
+(05/17/2009 03:11:44 PM) robbat2: $1000/year is fine by me.
+(05/17/2009 03:12:05 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: we should not encourage
+needless spending though ... I meant up to $1K per month available without a
+(05/17/2009 03:12:13 PM) NeddySeagoon: I move that we set a repairs budget for
+infra of $1000/year
+(05/17/2009 03:12:21 PM) fmccor: Second
+(05/17/2009 03:12:29 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: second
+(05/17/2009 03:12:33 PM) NeddySeagoon: Vote ?
+(05/17/2009 03:12:34 PM) robbat2: yes
+(05/17/2009 03:12:35 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: yes
+(05/17/2009 03:12:38 PM) NeddySeagoon: yes
+(05/17/2009 03:12:38 PM) fmccor: Yes
+(05/17/2009 03:12:43 PM) NeddySeagoon: carried
+(05/17/2009 03:13:18 PM) fmccor: Bug #253491 --- more on the store, this bug is
+also marked closed.
+(05/17/2009 03:13:20 PM) Willikins: fmccor:
+ "Gentoo Store - Add Case stickers, badges.";
+Gentoo Infrastructure, Other; RESO, FIXE;
+(05/17/2009 03:13:28 PM) NeddySeagoon: I suggest it runs the same as our FY ...
+1 July to 31 June
+(05/17/2009 03:13:45 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: NeddySeagoon: noted
+(05/17/2009 03:14:11 PM) NeddySeagoon: comprookie2000, did that stuff on 253491
+get added or was a decision made not to ?
+(05/17/2009 03:15:02 PM) NeddySeagoon: I can't see the USA cafepress store from
+the UK
+(05/17/2009 03:15:26 PM) comprookie2000: The stickers for case badges that could
+be created at cafepress will not do
+(05/17/2009 03:15:46 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: ok, we should close that bug
+(05/17/2009 03:15:59 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: point people to techiant for
+(05/17/2009 03:16:05 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: if approved
+(05/17/2009 03:16:11 PM) NeddySeagoon: comprookie2000, Can you talk to
+Techiant ... hes on the agenda later
+(05/17/2009 03:16:12 PM) Techiant: I am available if anyone has any questions
+(05/17/2009 03:16:22 PM) comprookie2000: great
+(05/17/2009 03:16:27 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, ok
+(05/17/2009 03:17:32 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: comprookie2000, Techiant, we'll
+need to discuss further over email
+(05/17/2009 03:17:47 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: though we will talk about the
+issue in a few mins
+(05/17/2009 03:18:17 PM) mode (+v Dr_Who ) by ChanServ
+(05/17/2009 03:18:57 PM) NeddySeagoon: next item ?
+(05/17/2009 03:19:09 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: bug 254249
+(05/17/2009 03:19:12 PM) Willikins: "Tracking a
+conversation & doc regarding website redesign"; Gentoo Linux, Unspecified; NEW;
+(05/17/2009 03:19:25 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: ready for this?
+(05/17/2009 03:19:35 PM) fmccor: Go
+(05/17/2009 03:19:51 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: as part of the KMS sys I have
+created a design that could be used for the main site
+(05/17/2009 03:20:15 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: its slighty based on the
+previous design
+(05/17/2009 03:20:43 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I would like to leave that bug
+open for now, & I will post a screenshot next week or so
+(05/17/2009 03:20:54 PM) NeddySeagoon: ok
+(05/17/2009 03:21:03 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: no one has posted there in some
+time, hopefully this will spark some comments
+(05/17/2009 03:21:14 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: & I hope it doesn't suck ;) )
+(05/17/2009 03:21:24 PM) fmccor: OK.
+(05/17/2009 03:21:35 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: anyway, coming along
+(05/17/2009 03:21:43 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: that's it for now
+(05/17/2009 03:21:59 PM) fmccor: Bug #254588
+(05/17/2009 03:22:01 PM) Willikins: "Possible
+confusion over use of the Gentoo Penguin (Quicktime Penguin) Logo";
+Documentation, Other documents; NEW; fmccor@g.o:trustees@g.o
+(05/17/2009 03:22:16 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: can be closed
+(05/17/2009 03:22:28 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: using the linux penguin now
+(05/17/2009 03:22:33 PM) NeddySeagoon: ok
+(05/17/2009 03:22:44 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I am not sure I have seen it on
+the site though
+(05/17/2009 03:22:47 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: anyone?
+(05/17/2009 03:23:18 PM) robbat2: quantumsummers, the existing one is in the
+(05/17/2009 03:23:22 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: hmm, old one is still on the
+main page
+(05/17/2009 03:23:37 PM) fmccor: Haven't noticed. I just closed the bug --- do
+you want it repoened?
+(05/17/2009 03:23:41 PM) robbat2: anybody got a link to the apple one that we
+might infringe on?
+(05/17/2009 03:23:54 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair:
+(05/17/2009 03:24:01 PM) robbat2: i mean to the apple one
+(05/17/2009 03:24:02 PM) robbat2: not ours
+(05/17/2009 03:24:09 PM) robbat2: unless we're just using it directly from them?
+(05/17/2009 03:24:32 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: ah, there was a link somewhere.
+I'll try to find it
+(05/17/2009 03:25:09 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, please repoen the bug if "can
+be closed" was premature. :)
+(05/17/2009 03:25:36 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, Or I can if you like.
+(05/17/2009 03:25:40 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: ok. not sure why that wasn't
+put on the web
+(05/17/2009 03:26:08 PM) NeddySeagoon: keep the bug until the web site is fixed
+(05/17/2009 03:27:08 PM) NeddySeagoon: next ?
+(05/17/2009 03:27:09 PM) robbat2: we're slowing down here, and there's still
+lots of items to finish
+(05/17/2009 03:27:18 PM) robbat2: bug 255274
+(05/17/2009 03:27:21 PM) Willikins: robbat2:
+ "Funding request: SATA HDD for SuperH
+development board"; Gentoo Linux, Unspecified; RESO, FIXE;
+(05/17/2009 03:27:27 PM) robbat2: tsunam just needs to give armin76 the money
+(05/17/2009 03:27:46 PM) robbat2: was approved already, just previously held up
+by paypal
+(05/17/2009 03:27:55 PM) NeddySeagoon: robbat2, I think thats done ... I saw the
+paypal email, so it can be closed
+(05/17/2009 03:28:10 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: yes
+(05/17/2009 03:28:24 PM) robbat2: ok, spotted it in my mail too, closing
+(05/17/2009 03:28:28 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: bug 256441
+(05/17/2009 03:28:30 PM) Willikins: quantumsummers:
+ "
+mailing list for official Foundation correspondence."; Gentoo Infrastructure,
+Mailing Lists; RESO, FIXE; fmccor@g.o:infra-bugs@g.o
+(05/17/2009 03:29:04 PM) robbat2: "Did we update the senders/moderators"
+(05/17/2009 03:29:07 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I think this is mostly in shape
+too, though I am uncertain about the moderators
+(05/17/2009 03:29:07 PM) robbat2: says the agenda
+(05/17/2009 03:29:20 PM) robbat2: one sec, i'll report on them
+(05/17/2009 03:29:21 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: the senders are the board
+(05/17/2009 03:29:26 PM) NeddySeagoon: I cheated. Did we update the
+senders/moderators after the trustee election ?
+(05/17/2009 03:29:37 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: the mods should be the same as
+the board
+(05/17/2009 03:30:07 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: maybe want to include tanderson
+since he is gonna help out right :D
+(05/17/2009 03:30:11 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, yeah =
+(05/17/2009 03:30:28 PM) robbat2: ok, it's updated now
+(05/17/2009 03:30:35 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: thanks robbat2
+(05/17/2009 03:30:37 PM) robbat2: all 5 trustees are senders+moderators
+(05/17/2009 03:30:39 PM) NeddySeagoon: robbat2, thanks
+(05/17/2009 03:30:50 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: bug 261785
+(05/17/2009 03:30:53 PM) Willikins: "transfer from Sejo to the Gentoo Foundation, Inc."; Gentoo Infrastructure,
+Other; ASSI; quantumsummers@g.o:infra-bugs@g.o
+(05/17/2009 03:30:53 PM) NeddySeagoon: close the bug
+(05/17/2009 03:30:57 PM) robbat2: changes: dmwaters removed from both, and
+quantumsummers added to moderators
+(05/17/2009 03:31:08 PM) NeddySeagoon: robbat2, thanks
+(05/17/2009 03:31:09 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: perfect
+(05/17/2009 03:31:12 PM) tanderson: quantumsummers: can't I just send to it and
+have it approved? I don't need power for what I do I don't think
+(05/17/2009 03:31:34 PM) robbat2: i'll update the domain bug, it was mine
+(05/17/2009 03:31:37 PM) NeddySeagoon: I think "transfer from Sejo to
+the Gentoo Foundation, Inc." happened
+(05/17/2009 03:31:42 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: yes it did
+(05/17/2009 03:31:51 PM) robbat2: i processed it, it's done, was on my credit
+(05/17/2009 03:31:53 PM) fmccor: tanderson, not unless you are on the sender
+list. This came up during the election.
+(05/17/2009 03:32:05 PM) robbat2: is fully integrated to our ultraDNS system
+(05/17/2009 03:32:16 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: robbat2: have you been
+reimbursed for the expense?
+(05/17/2009 03:32:21 PM) NeddySeagoon: robbat2, did you get reimbursed ?
+(05/17/2009 03:32:42 PM) robbat2: i didn't bother to submit it before, i will if
+you want me to
+(05/17/2009 03:32:55 PM) tanderson: fmccor: ok
+(05/17/2009 03:33:06 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: up to you, prob a good idea.
+you have the receipt I imagine
+(05/17/2009 03:33:12 PM) NeddySeagoon: robbat2, your call - Its a Foundation
+expense but donations are always welcome
+(05/17/2009 03:33:24 PM) fmccor: tanderson, Me, I don't care. Fight with the
+others. :)
+(05/17/2009 03:33:47 PM) tanderson: fmccor: I don't care either, quantumsummers
+can argue
+(05/17/2009 03:34:12 PM) ***quantumsummers|Corsair removed occam's razor from
+handy belt pouch
+(05/17/2009 03:34:25 PM) fmccor: tanderson, what the election officials was send
+mail to trustees@ who would send it on and approve their own mail.
+(05/17/2009 03:34:39 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: tanderson: you can just send it
+to the trustees alias
+(05/17/2009 03:34:46 PM) tanderson: Then I can live with that as well
+(05/17/2009 03:34:47 PM) NeddySeagoon: bug 262356
+(05/17/2009 03:34:49 PM) Willikins: NeddySeagoon:
+ "Gentoo not allowed to receive money via Paypal
+anymore"; Gentoo Linux, Unspecified; VERI, FIXE; neysx@g.o:trustees@g.o
+(05/17/2009 03:34:55 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: close this bug
+(05/17/2009 03:34:58 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: done
+(05/17/2009 03:35:01 PM) NeddySeagoon: Thats fixed - so the bug can get closed
+(05/17/2009 03:35:03 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: fiX0rd
+(05/17/2009 03:35:15 PM) NeddySeagoon: bug 264682
+(05/17/2009 03:35:17 PM) Willikins: NeddySeagoon:
+ " wish to be our vendors in
+Kazakhstan"; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; NEW; fmccor@g.o:trustees@g.o
+(05/17/2009 03:35:23 PM) fmccor: That's mine.
+(05/17/2009 03:35:43 PM) fmccor: I'll comment on the bug in a bit, but here's
+the status as to date.
+(05/17/2009 03:36:09 PM) fmccor: Lawyers gave a conditional OK, depending on
+whether the web site looked real or not.
+(05/17/2009 03:36:36 PM) fmccor: klieber's wife knows Russian and so far as she
+can tell, they're legitimate.
+(05/17/2009 03:37:03 PM) NeddySeagoon: what about protecting our mark in
+(05/17/2009 03:37:46 PM) fmccor: They did not comment on that. I told them the
+site looked real but have not heard back.
+(05/17/2009 03:38:19 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, ok, held over until we know how
+our trademark will be protected
+(05/17/2009 03:38:48 PM) NeddySeagoon: 5. New Licence Applications
+(05/17/2009 03:38:57 PM) fmccor: I'll nudge the lawyer involved a bit. I can't
+push too hard since we are not actually paying them.
+(05/17/2009 03:38:58 PM) NeddySeagoon: Licencing For Techiant LLC
+(05/17/2009 03:39:07 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, ok
+(05/17/2009 03:39:34 PM) NeddySeagoon: I vote we go with the offer from
+Techiant LLC as per the email
+(05/17/2009 03:40:07 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: Techiant: can we get a printed
++ signed copy of your proposal for our records?
+(05/17/2009 03:40:23 PM) Techiant: Sure, if you could email me the address.
+(05/17/2009 03:40:29 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I second NeddySeagoon'S motion
+(05/17/2009 03:40:43 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, why not a digitally
+signed email ?
+fmccor fmccor|away
+(05/17/2009 03:40:54 PM) Techiant: can do
+(05/17/2009 03:41:11 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: fmccor is that sufficient, a
+dig signed mail?
+(05/17/2009 03:41:13 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, robbat2 ? ^^
+(05/17/2009 03:41:26 PM) Techiant: how about scanned pdf?
+(05/17/2009 03:41:32 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: its fine with me
+(05/17/2009 03:41:36 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, people lose stuff on
+(05/17/2009 03:41:42 PM) robbat2: scan the pdf and gpg sign it :-)
+(05/17/2009 03:41:49 PM) robbat2: err, scan to pdf
+(05/17/2009 03:41:50 PM) NeddySeagoon: heh
+(05/17/2009 03:41:51 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: NeddySeagoon: I would digitize
+it, of course
+(05/17/2009 03:42:02 PM) Techiant: :)
+(05/17/2009 03:42:04 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, it's fine with me.
+(05/17/2009 03:42:08 PM) Techiant: I'll give you a good copy
+(05/17/2009 03:42:16 PM) robbat2: signing it both ways covers us in all cases
+(05/17/2009 03:42:25 PM) NeddySeagoon: we have two votes in favour ...
+(05/17/2009 03:42:29 PM) fmccor: yes
+(05/17/2009 03:42:31 PM) robbat2: aye from me
+(05/17/2009 03:42:37 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: yes
+(05/17/2009 03:42:38 PM) NeddySeagoon: carried
+(05/17/2009 03:42:40 PM) Techiant: Thanks you
+(05/17/2009 03:43:00 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: Techiant: thank you, will you
+send us an email when you are ready to sell them?
+(05/17/2009 03:43:06 PM) comprookie2000: Techiant, Aluminum and domed?
+(05/17/2009 03:43:13 PM) NeddySeagoon: Techiant, you are in business with your
+badges. Other items need other approvals. Good luck
+(05/17/2009 03:43:21 PM) ***quantumsummers|Corsair wants a few :)
+(05/17/2009 03:43:39 PM) Techiant: Domed, flat vinyl (notebook style0, mirror
+gold/silver brushed gold/silver. No aluminum
+(05/17/2009 03:43:42 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: still looking for a vendor to
+make the belt buckles though
+(05/17/2009 03:43:49 PM) NeddySeagoon: Use Logo in the Gentoo Package Manager
+(05/17/2009 03:44:11 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: NeddySeagoon: so you have a
+link to something describing what that is all about?
+(05/17/2009 03:44:45 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: this is a document, correct?
+(05/17/2009 03:44:50 PM) fmccor: Yes.
+(05/17/2009 03:44:57 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, its in your trustees@
+email. USe of the G logo in a create commons document
+(05/17/2009 03:45:04 PM) Techiant: are we good with flat notebook stickers, or
+what would be a procedure for approving new designs/products?
+(05/17/2009 03:45:27 PM) NeddySeagoon: Techiant, were they in your email ?
+(05/17/2009 03:45:58 PM) NeddySeagoon: and your link
+(05/17/2009 03:46:34 PM) Techiant: There were a few objections in the previous
+chat re; other products, I think
+(05/17/2009 03:47:29 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: Techiant: the laptop sticker is
+like the vista sticker on new PCs right, 1 inch x 3/4/ inch or so?
+(05/17/2009 03:47:31 PM) NeddySeagoon: Techiant, If they were in your link in
+your original email, they are covered. You may not add new products without a
+new application
+(05/17/2009 03:47:55 PM) Techiant: I proposed other products we can make in
+email as "can be pre-approved with Gentoo Foundation" but not sure what the
+procedure will be
+(05/17/2009 03:48:08 PM) Techiant: quantumsummers: yes
+(05/17/2009 03:49:06 PM) Techiant: NeddySeagoon: I see, badges onlythis time. I
+will submit new application when we finalized which products we are going to do
+(05/17/2009 03:50:01 PM) robbat2: err, i'd take the vista-sticker-like to be
+case badges as well, just flat ones
+(05/17/2009 03:50:09 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: same here
+(05/17/2009 03:50:12 PM) comprookie2000: laptop sleeves have been asked for
+(05/17/2009 03:50:12 PM) NeddySeagoon: robbat2, me too
+(05/17/2009 03:50:28 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: comprookie2000: I like that
+(05/17/2009 03:51:10 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: Techiant: so you are good with
+the case badges, both the domed & flat ones
+(05/17/2009 03:51:11 PM) NeddySeagoon: We need to see designs ... blanket
+approval for anything is too close to public domain for my liking
+(05/17/2009 03:51:18 PM) Techiant: so can we agree that case badges include:
+domed or undomed, PC or laptop logo stickers?
+(05/17/2009 03:51:37 PM) NeddySeagoon: Techiant, I'm happy with that
+(05/17/2009 03:52:09 PM) Techiant: great. I will submit other stuff (usb jump
+drive, laptop skins next time
+(05/17/2009 03:52:10 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: Techiant: if you are unsure at
+any point just send us an email & we will respond promptly
+(05/17/2009 03:52:23 PM) Techiant: will do. thanks guys
+(05/17/2009 03:52:51 PM) Techiant: and I will await for emal re: gentoo store
+linking. Will also email signed PDF
+(05/17/2009 03:53:41 PM) NeddySeagoon: Techiant, the link on is
+something we need to discuss for all licenced vendors
+(05/17/2009 03:54:12 PM) NeddySeagoon: The email about our logo in the PMS was
+message ID <20090416074036.25ed88dc@terra.solaris>
+(05/17/2009 03:54:30 PM) NeddySeagoon: on 2009.04.16 06:40
+(05/17/2009 03:55:17 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I found it, thanks
+(05/17/2009 03:55:19 PM) robbat2: Gentoo logo on PMS CC doc - aye from me with
+the trademark text as proposed in the mail
+(05/17/2009 03:55:33 PM) fmccor: Fine with me.
+(05/17/2009 03:55:42 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: me too, yes
+(05/17/2009 03:56:40 PM) NeddySeagoon: I'm ok with it as long as derived works
+must have the logo removed
+(05/17/2009 03:58:10 PM) fmccor: Right. Motion?
+(05/17/2009 03:58:27 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: motion to allow logo in PMS
+(05/17/2009 03:58:33 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: with the following wording
+(05/17/2009 03:58:34 PM) NeddySeagoon: seconeded
+(05/17/2009 03:58:41 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: wait a sec..
+(05/17/2009 03:58:45 PM) NeddySeagoon: :)
+(05/17/2009 03:59:57 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: "Gentoo and the Gentoo logo are
+a trademark of the Gentoo Foundation (/link/) and are used in this document
+with permission. All derived works must remove the logo or request permission
+from Gentoo Foundation, Inc."
+(05/17/2009 04:00:22 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: something like that sound ok?
+(05/17/2009 04:00:27 PM) fmccor: Yes.
+(05/17/2009 04:00:35 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: well that's the motion then :)
+(05/17/2009 04:00:45 PM) NeddySeagoon: Can we say that in a CC document ?
+(05/17/2009 04:01:06 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: the text content is CC, not the
+(05/17/2009 04:01:14 PM) NeddySeagoon: ok
+(05/17/2009 04:01:20 PM) NeddySeagoon: Seconded
+(05/17/2009 04:01:26 PM) fmccor: Yes.
+(05/17/2009 04:01:31 PM) NeddySeagoon: yes
+(05/17/2009 04:01:42 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, robbat2 ?
+(05/17/2009 04:01:46 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: yes
+(05/17/2009 04:01:54 PM) robbat2: aye
+(05/17/2009 04:01:59 PM) NeddySeagoon: carried
+(05/17/2009 04:02:26 PM) NeddySeagoon: 6. The Year Ahead ... lets hold that
+over to next meeing
+(05/17/2009 04:02:32 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: ok
+(05/17/2009 04:02:36 PM) fmccor: Please.
+(05/17/2009 04:02:39 PM) NeddySeagoon: 7 Meeting Calander
+(05/17/2009 04:02:40 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: :)
+(05/17/2009 04:03:38 PM) NeddySeagoon: I proposed the first Sunday after the
+first council meeting of the month, so DoNM is 14 June. Is everyone OK with
+the other dates ?
+(05/17/2009 04:04:04 PM) fmccor: Should be. That's too far ahead to know. :)
+(05/17/2009 04:04:05 PM) NeddySeagoon: The first council meeting being on the
+second Thursday
+(05/17/2009 04:04:36 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: 12 july, 16 aug, 13 sept
+(05/17/2009 04:04:45 PM) NeddySeagoon: I propose the dates are adopted - we can
+change them as needed
+(05/17/2009 04:04:50 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: second
+(05/17/2009 04:04:58 PM) fmccor: 16 Aug --- my birthday. :)
+(05/17/2009 04:05:04 PM) fmccor: Yes.
+(05/17/2009 04:05:05 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: heeeeeyyyy
+(05/17/2009 04:05:33 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: ok, so we're set on the
+meetings then
+(05/17/2009 04:05:47 PM) robbat2: aye
+(05/17/2009 04:06:33 PM) NeddySeagoon: yep. I gave dates up to April 11, when
+we should have three newly elected trustees.
+(05/17/2009 04:06:57 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: :)
+(05/17/2009 04:07:20 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, you want to move that a week ?
+(05/17/2009 04:07:27 PM) fmccor: No.
+(05/17/2009 04:07:48 PM) fmccor: I think we met on your birthday?
+(05/17/2009 04:07:55 PM) NeddySeagoon: thanks. I move that the meeting calendar
+as posted is adopted
+(05/17/2009 04:08:04 PM) fmccor: second
+(05/17/2009 04:08:04 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, yep, we did
+(05/17/2009 04:08:20 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I'm good with the meeting sched
+(05/17/2009 04:08:20 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, robbat2 ?
+(05/17/2009 04:08:23 PM) fmccor: And vote yes.
+(05/17/2009 04:08:27 PM) NeddySeagoon: yes
+(05/17/2009 04:08:29 PM) robbat2: I voted yes already
+(05/17/2009 04:08:43 PM) NeddySeagoon: ok, carried
+(05/17/2009 04:08:48 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: no new membership applications
+this month
+(05/17/2009 04:08:57 PM) NeddySeagoon: correct
+(05/17/2009 04:09:13 PM) NeddySeagoon: Date of Next Meeting - 14th June 2009 -
+we have just agreed
+(05/17/2009 04:09:13 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: :(
+(05/17/2009 04:09:29 PM) NeddySeagoon: 10 Any other business
+(05/17/2009 04:09:34 PM) NeddySeagoon: robbat2, ?
+(05/17/2009 04:10:01 PM) robbat2: nil from me at this point, i can't do it with
+(05/17/2009 04:10:13 PM) fmccor: ?
+(05/17/2009 04:10:14 PM) NeddySeagoon: quantumsummers, ?
+(05/17/2009 04:10:22 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: I'm good, thanks
+(05/17/2009 04:10:27 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, ?
+(05/17/2009 04:10:32 PM) fmccor: Very brief.
+(05/17/2009 04:10:43 PM) ***quantumsummers|Corsair will not ask what robbat2
+can't do with tsunam :D
+(05/17/2009 04:11:15 PM) fmccor: As per my email, I intend to send out bylaws as
+pdf to our agent (to satisfy a legal requirement) unless someone else has
+already done so.
+(05/17/2009 04:11:31 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: go for it sir
+(05/17/2009 04:11:32 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, thats fine by me
+fmccor fmccor|away
+(05/17/2009 04:11:56 PM) robbat2: +1 from me
+(05/17/2009 04:11:56 PM) fmccor: We should probably send him an updated trustee
+list as wel, in case he needs it for something.
+(05/17/2009 04:12:07 PM) fmccor: ^well^
+(05/17/2009 04:12:13 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: fmccor does this satisfy the
+state of NM re our nfp status for 2--9?
+(05/17/2009 04:12:27 PM) NeddySeagoon: fmccor, its on one of the incorporation
+forms ... do we have to change that ?
+(05/17/2009 04:12:47 PM) fmccor: No.
+(05/17/2009 04:13:06 PM) NeddySeagoon: good, because that would cost
+(05/17/2009 04:13:27 PM) fmccor: quantumsummers, There is a requirement that our
+agent have our bylaws on hand in case anyone walks in and wants to see them.
+(05/17/2009 04:13:43 PM) NeddySeagoon: I only have one item. tsunam sent his
+apologies ... did that get noted before I joined ?
+(05/17/2009 04:13:52 PM) fmccor: Yes.
+(05/17/2009 04:14:01 PM) NeddySeagoon: I'm done
+(05/17/2009 04:14:12 PM) NeddySeagoon: Open Floor
+(05/17/2009 04:15:00 PM) quantumsummers|Corsair: anyone have business?
+(05/17/2009 04:15:19 PM) NeddySeagoon: Meeting Closed \ No newline at end of file