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+Dec 20 14:00:27 <robbat2> NeddySeagoon: ping
+Dec 20 14:00:56 <robbat2> antarus: ping
+Dec 20 14:01:09 <robbat2> and dabbott, swift and myself are already here
+Dec 20 14:01:23 <SwifT> indeed
+Dec 20 14:03:47 * antarus arrives
+Dec 20 14:04:04 <antarus> thanks for the text ;)
+Dec 20 14:05:18 <NeddySeagoon> I've blown it .(
+Dec 20 14:05:42 <robbat2> yay, an almost complete board!
+Dec 20 14:06:22 <NeddySeagoon> We were doing the xmas decs and I've been sent for a chinese carry out
+Dec 20 14:06:44 <robbat2> NeddySeagoon: ah, so you have to depart
+Dec 20 14:07:00 <robbat2> i can take care of most business, but I need your vote on something
+Dec 20 14:07:05 <robbat2> before you go
+Dec 20 14:07:17 <NeddySeagoon> I remembered when the car clock said 17:00
+Dec 20 14:07:38 <robbat2> via email, Neddy and I discussed offering dabbott the board seat from matthew's withdrawl
+Dec 20 14:08:08 <NeddySeagoon> OK. I'M on my phone in Tescos car park
+Dec 20 14:08:40 <robbat2> dabbott: would you accept? if so, we'll hold a quick vote on it
+Dec 20 14:08:41 <NeddySeagoon> Correct
+Dec 20 14:08:53 <dabbott> Sure :)
+Dec 20 14:09:27 <robbat2> motion: dabbott replaces quantumsummers for the remainder of his board term
+Dec 20 14:09:32 <NeddySeagoon> I count towards the quorum even if I depart early
+Dec 20 14:09:38 <robbat2> vote
+Dec 20 14:09:41 <robbat2> aye
+Dec 20 14:09:42 <NeddySeagoon> Seconded
+Dec 20 14:09:47 <NeddySeagoon> Aye
+Dec 20 14:09:50 <SwifT> aye
+Dec 20 14:10:05 <robbat2> antarus?
+Dec 20 14:10:28 <antarus> aye
+Dec 20 14:10:31 <antarus> (was just reading bylaws)
+Dec 20 14:10:36 <robbat2> motion passes
+Dec 20 14:10:38 <dabbott> thanks
+Dec 20 14:10:50 <NeddySeagoon> WB dabbott
+Dec 20 14:11:02 <robbat2> ok, so on the agenda
+Dec 20 14:11:11 <robbat2> i will do logging
+Dec 20 14:11:21 <robbat2> and posting motions etc
+Dec 20 14:11:31 <dabbott> thanks robbat2
+Dec 20 14:11:35 <robbat2> old business:
+Dec 20 14:11:42 <robbat2> 1. New Treasurer and account details
+Dec 20 14:11:46 <NeddySeagoon> I need to cross a busy road. I'll be back while dinner cooks
+Dec 20 14:12:10 <robbat2> quantumsummers sent me the online details for accounts
+Dec 20 14:12:25 <robbat2> however, one set of credentials does not work (even for him); i'm pending getting his SSN to recover access
+Dec 20 14:12:50 <robbat2> i have no news about getting the physical chequebook and other hardcopy documents
+Dec 20 14:13:27 <robbat2> the account without credentials is the one with the largest set of missing data (since 2013)
+Dec 20 14:13:46 <robbat2> he told me what that account's balance was, as of nov 30th
+Dec 20 14:14:31 <robbat2> assuming that is correct, we are only looking at what happened to $300-$500
+Dec 20 14:15:04 <robbat2> the git repo contains generated reports and all of the data
+Dec 20 14:15:18 <NeddySeagoon> Dinner is cooking
+Dec 20 14:15:41 <NeddySeagoon> I'm still here
+Dec 20 14:15:51 <robbat2> we have $6k+ available in paypal, and another ~$96k in our bank accounts
+Dec 20 14:16:20 <robbat2> i can't touch anything in the bank accounts yet, but we're good
+Dec 20 14:16:34 <robbat2> that concludes all details of the treasurer handover to date
+Dec 20 14:16:46 <NeddySeagoon> Thanks Robin
+Dec 20 14:16:50 <robbat2> after I have the missing account access and statements, i can work on our tax filing
+Dec 20 14:16:58 <robbat2> thank you to antarus for getting me missing gsoc invoices
+Dec 20 14:17:29 <NeddySeagoon> Do we have CPA contact details?
+Dec 20 14:17:33 <robbat2> we do not
+Dec 20 14:17:47 <robbat2> if I do not get them, i'm just going to find us a new CPA for tax filing
+Dec 20 14:18:08 <dabbott> I don't think he ever had anyone, never say a bill
+Dec 20 14:18:17 <dabbott> saw
+Dec 20 14:18:22 <NeddySeagoon> Sure. I was more thinking of our 503
+Dec 20 14:18:22 <robbat2> no, he explicited said he did have a CPA before
+Dec 20 14:18:37 <robbat2> it was the same person he used for his company
+Dec 20 14:18:56 <robbat2> and we have paid for tax prep
+Dec 20 14:18:57 <NeddySeagoon> Matt was using his CPA
+Dec 20 14:19:35 <NeddySeagoon> Its worth an ask
+Dec 20 14:19:57 <robbat2> i did ask for the details of his CPA previously
+Dec 20 14:20:06 <robbat2> that question, along with others, was never answered
+Dec 20 14:20:22 <NeddySeagoon> Thats all you can do
+Dec 20 14:20:58 <antarus> I daresay it is not all we can do
+Dec 20 14:21:22 <NeddySeagoon> We can write again
+Dec 20 14:21:25 <robbat2> antarus: what else, besides asking again and finding a new CPA, do you propose?
+Dec 20 14:22:30 <NeddySeagoon> I need to go I'll read backlog
+Dec 20 14:22:35 <NeddySeagoon> Gone
+Dec 20 14:22:52 <robbat2> antarus: if you don't have anything specific for it now, i'm going to move us on to the activity tracker
+Dec 20 14:23:01 <antarus> yeah move on
+Dec 20 14:23:24 <robbat2> due on the tracker:
+Dec 20 14:23:48 <robbat2> - IRS return, we filed an for an automatic extension good until Feburary, we could file another
+Dec 20 14:24:03 <robbat2> i will make that decision early next month
+Dec 20 14:24:27 <robbat2> - NM annual report: it was filed I believe, however we need to re-file to drop matthew
+Dec 20 14:25:02 <robbat2> - (overdue) treasurer report; i hope to put out an interrim report over xmas
+Dec 20 14:25:30 <dabbott> I did the NM filing, I can update the information
+Dec 20 14:25:44 <robbat2> dabbott, thanks, let's chat after the meeting
+Dec 20 14:25:51 <dabbott> ok
+Dec 20 14:25:52 <robbat2> (re addresses)
+Dec 20 14:26:03 <robbat2> that closes general old business
+Dec 20 14:26:08 <robbat2> antarus, do you have any old business?
+Dec 20 14:27:14 <robbat2> my old business was already covered in the New Treasurer section
+Dec 20 14:27:22 <robbat2> other than the SFC donation, which I'll return to
+Dec 20 14:27:47 <robbat2> antarus, you have 1 minute, then i'll move on
+Dec 20 14:28:21 <antarus> no
+Dec 20 14:28:34 <robbat2> ok, swift
+Dec 20 14:28:49 <SwifT> well, see mail: are we ok with updating our trademark or is it more sensible to wait further alignment with gentoo e.v. ?
+Dec 20 14:29:33 <robbat2> i like NeddySeagoon's proposal that we are open about the split
+Dec 20 14:29:56 <robbat2> and say that we're waiting for the e.V.
+Dec 20 14:30:20 <robbat2> at the same time, we should state our intention, and set a reasonable deadline
+Dec 20 14:30:52 <robbat2> swift did say he was already waiting more than a year
+Dec 20 14:31:09 <SwifT> yes this has been on our agenda for quite some time
+Dec 20 14:31:22 <robbat2> so, how about march as the deadline?
+Dec 20 14:31:33 <robbat2> unless that would cause anybody problems with tax-year-end timing
+Dec 20 14:32:05 <SwifT> i'll suggest it to them, thats another quarter to get things settled
+Dec 20 14:32:40 <robbat2> thanks
+Dec 20 14:32:55 <robbat2> any other old business from you? (we'll handle trademarks in that section)
+Dec 20 14:33:00 <SwifT> no
+Dec 20 14:33:27 <robbat2> ok, NeddySeagoon is away, so we'll skip his old business for now
+Dec 20 14:33:41 <robbat2> trustee bugs
+Dec 20 14:33:56 <robbat2> dabbott: the search link broke again :-9
+Dec 20 14:35:11 <dabbott> ok
+Dec 20 14:35:34 <robbat2> bug #543768: join the Network Time Foundation
+Dec 20 14:35:37 <willikins> robbat2: "Joining the NTF foundation"; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; CONF; dabbott:trustees
+Dec 20 14:35:53 <robbat2> they wanted us to sign an NDA
+Dec 20 14:36:08 <robbat2> everybody seemed to be against the NDA
+Dec 20 14:36:21 <dabbott> yes
+Dec 20 14:36:26 <SwifT> indeed
+Dec 20 14:36:35 <antarus> pretty much I see little or no value in being in the NTF
+Dec 20 14:36:59 <robbat2> they approached us, for improved publicity for themselves
+Dec 20 14:37:03 <robbat2> debian is a member
+Dec 20 14:37:30 <robbat2> along with suse, netbsd, freebsd
+Dec 20 14:38:09 <robbat2> i think we propose that we are willing to join, but that any security details they intended to hide behind NDAs
+Dec 20 14:38:12 <robbat2> we are not interested in
+Dec 20 14:38:28 <robbat2> if they refuse that, we wrap up discussion
+Dec 20 14:39:14 <robbat2> the security team already said they are not interested in early notice of NTP vulns from NWTime (they get notice elsewhere)
+Dec 20 14:40:24 <robbat2> if they really want us just for publicity, that should suffice
+Dec 20 14:40:28 <SwifT> i agree with that approach
+Dec 20 14:41:11 <robbat2> ok, myself or dabbott can talk to them
+Dec 20 14:41:52 <robbat2> bug 488142, 547348: gsoc reimbursements; this is pending as part of my treasurer data-hunt
+Dec 20 14:42:07 <robbat2> bug 568896: SFC
+Dec 20 14:42:09 <willikins> "Funding Request: Matching Funds Donation to Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC)"; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; CONF; robbat2:trustees
+Dec 20 14:42:33 <robbat2> as I note in the bug, it was already approved in email by NeddySeagoon and swift
+Dec 20 14:42:48 <robbat2> i was looking for one more vote
+Dec 20 14:43:12 <dabbott> fine by me I will update the bug
+Dec 20 14:43:12 <antarus> I can put my stamp on it if I can find my bugzilla password
+Dec 20 14:43:24 <robbat2> thank you
+Dec 20 14:43:42 <robbat2> that's all specific bugs we need to discuss
+Dec 20 14:43:49 <robbat2> i have one meta-note about bugs
+Dec 20 14:44:01 <robbat2> i'd like us to start using the whiteboard to note who a bug is pending on
+Dec 20 14:44:22 <robbat2> i'll detail it more in email
+Dec 20 14:44:37 <robbat2> i started using 'finance-audit' as a whiteboard tag in my financial data hunt
+Dec 20 14:45:51 <robbat2> new business:
+Dec 20 14:46:01 <robbat2> meetings calander
+Dec 20 14:46:17 <robbat2> we discussed it two meetings ago, be sure to check if you have any new conflicts
+Dec 20 14:46:24 <robbat2> - trademarks
+Dec 20 14:46:43 <robbat2> Genfleetoo was already approved
+Dec 20 14:47:22 <robbat2> e.V. ownership we already discussed
+Dec 20 14:47:43 <robbat2> "gentoo foundation" UK company, neddy said was going to write the company
+Dec 20 14:48:56 <robbat2> "NeuroGentoo"
+Dec 20 14:49:27 <robbat2> the email thread on that latest request devolved to the e.V. discussion
+Dec 20 14:49:35 <robbat2> their last proposed logo was:
+Dec 20 14:51:23 <antarus> are we looking for a decision there or..?
+Dec 20 14:51:54 <robbat2> it devolved into a debate if we could grant it or not
+Dec 20 14:52:10 <SwifT> personally I do not like a non-gentoo project with "Gentoo" in its name
+Dec 20 14:52:40 <robbat2> SwifT: and what about the logo?
+Dec 20 14:52:51 <robbat2> if he calls it something like "Neuro Overlay for Gentoo"
+Dec 20 14:53:09 <SwifT> the logo I don't mind
+Dec 20 14:53:46 <antarus> robbat2: I think that would be service identification then, IMHO
+Dec 20 14:53:47 <SwifT> "Neuro Overlay for Gentoo" is better as I see that more as nominative use
+Dec 20 14:54:13 <robbat2> dabbott: do we have a listing of listing trademark usage approvals?
+Dec 20 14:54:34 <dabbott> no
+Dec 20 14:55:57 <SwifT> hmm I might want to relook into my disapproval for the name in the project
+Dec 20 14:56:04 <antarus> haha
+Dec 20 14:56:08 <antarus> I was just about to agree with you
+Dec 20 14:56:21 <SwifT> the new trademark seems to allow it under "products and services serving the community"
+Dec 20 14:57:32 <SwifT> so question is if an overlay is software (if yes, then not allowed) or informative (if yes, then allowed)
+Dec 20 14:58:06 <antarus> Also curious if neuro4gentoo would be allowed
+Dec 20 14:58:54 <SwifT> i'll stay with my original opinion.. i do not agree with "gentoo" being in the name, unless it clearly is nominative use (such as "for Gentoo" or "4Gentoo")
+Dec 20 14:59:47 <antarus> I am with swift here, as much as I would like to grant neurogentoo, it feels like its not defending the mark
+Dec 20 15:00:02 <antarus> and we start down the slope of other people wanting similar uses
+Dec 20 15:00:17 <robbat2> i'm looking at other overlay names
+Dec 20 15:00:22 <robbat2> because I feel if we do deny him
+Dec 20 15:00:30 <robbat2> there are a lot of others we should also complain at
+Dec 20 15:00:35 <antarus> there is precedent being set the other way, sure
+Dec 20 15:01:15 <antarus> I think we should work on a policy that encompasses all of those ?
+Dec 20 15:01:21 <dabbott>
+Dec 20 15:02:59 <robbat2> yes, I can see that, as well as some other prior art examples of mixing gentoo into the name
+Dec 20 15:03:03 <robbat2> as community sites
+Dec 20 15:03:31 <SwifT> gentoostudio seems to be more informative, not?
+Dec 20 15:04:01 <SwifT> my main objection is against sfotware projects using the name
+Dec 20 15:04:19 <dabbott> yes, more of a guide and overlay
+Dec 20 15:04:20 <robbat2> is an overlay a software project?
+Dec 20 15:04:57 <dabbott> custom ebuilds?
+Dec 20 15:04:57 <SwifT> that's the main question here - but we own the trademark document so we can clarify how to deal with overlays...
+Dec 20 15:05:26 <SwifT> i mean if we agree with overlays using the name we can adapt the document to clarif that
+Dec 20 15:05:42 <robbat2> ok, we clarify it to say that ebuilds, and overlays are explicitly permitted
+Dec 20 15:05:56 <robbat2> other software with gentoo as part of the name is disallowed
+Dec 20 15:06:11 <antarus> I am fine with that
+Dec 20 15:06:18 <dabbott> sounds good
+Dec 20 15:06:21 <robbat2> (ebuilds logically being that they are meant for gentoo even without being in an overlay)
+Dec 20 15:06:50 <robbat2> overlays should probably still include our required statements
+Dec 20 15:06:59 <SwifT> ok, i'll update the doc and mail it around
+Dec 20 15:07:13 <robbat2> saying they're unofficial and that gentoo is trademarked to gento foundation
+Dec 20 15:07:36 <robbat2> ok, pending that mail, we're tentaively approving NeuroGentoo
+Dec 20 15:07:52 <robbat2> so deferred for the moment
+Dec 20 15:08:21 <robbat2> funding / sponsorship / advertising: we dealt with SFC already, no other items
+Dec 20 15:08:29 <robbat2> Membership Applications:
+Dec 20 15:08:41 <robbat2> the following developers have applied for foundation membership:
+Dec 20 15:08:41 <robbat2> Jauhien Piatlicki (jauhien)
+Dec 20 15:08:45 <robbat2> Daniel Campbell (zlg)
+Dec 20 15:08:48 <robbat2> Yury German (blueknight)
+Dec 20 15:08:52 <dabbott> yes
+Dec 20 15:08:53 <SwifT> aye for all three
+Dec 20 15:08:54 <antarus> aye
+Dec 20 15:08:57 <robbat2> aye
+Dec 20 15:08:59 <antarus> (For all)
+Dec 20 15:09:04 <robbat2> (for all yes)
+Dec 20 15:09:24 <dabbott> I will update the member list and sent them an email
+Dec 20 15:09:27 <robbat2> motion: approve jauhien, zlg, blueknight passes
+Dec 20 15:09:32 <NeddySeagoon> gentoostudio is a gentoo stage4 with lots of pro audio stuff
+Dec 20 15:09:56 <robbat2> there are other stage4
+Dec 20 15:10:02 <robbat2> stage4's out there as well
+Dec 20 15:10:25 <robbat2> neurogentoo might end up the same way, bootable media that you can use
+Dec 20 15:10:54 <NeddySeagoon> but not the distored G logo
+Dec 20 15:11:41 <robbat2> NeddySeagoon: NeuroGentoo posted a new logo, with a "brain activiation map" and the text "Neuro" on top of the G logo
+Dec 20 15:12:11 <NeddySeagoon> I've not seen that
+Dec 20 15:12:25 <robbat2> since you're on a phone, GentooStudio's logo has a bass clef on top of the G logo
+Dec 20 15:12:34 <NeddySeagoon> I'm home
+Dec 20 15:12:34 <robbat2> NeddySeagoon:
+Dec 20 15:13:22 <NeddySeagoon> Hmm its still a distortion of our G logo. Thats circular.
+Dec 20 15:13:41 <robbat2> true
+Dec 20 15:13:49 <robbat2> tell him to fix the shape back?
+Dec 20 15:14:06 <NeddySeagoon> That would work for me.
+Dec 20 15:14:28 <NeddySeagoon> I don't like similar. Its too subjective
+Dec 20 15:15:02 <NeddySeagoon> Lawyers would have a field day saying its different.
+Dec 20 15:15:08 <robbat2> SwifT: when you amend the trademark doc, can you add some text like this: "We will not approve any variations of the Gentoo G logo that change the aspect ratio or otherwise distort the shape"
+Dec 20 15:15:18 <robbat2> NeddySeagoon: do you have any other old business?
+Dec 20 15:15:19 <SwifT> ok
+Dec 20 15:15:47 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2: I still need to write to the UK Gentoo Foundation
+Dec 20 15:15:55 <robbat2> NeddySeagoon: yes, we mentioned that ;-)
+Dec 20 15:16:15 <robbat2> you covered it in your email
+Dec 20 15:16:23 <NeddySeagoon> OK
+Dec 20 15:16:31 <robbat2> so nothing else then?
+Dec 20 15:16:35 <robbat2> Date of Next Meeting - 17 Jan 2016 19:00 UTC
+Dec 20 15:16:42 <NeddySeagoon> Nothing else.
+Dec 20 15:16:56 <NeddySeagoon> WFM
+Dec 20 15:16:57 <dabbott> fine here
+Dec 20 15:17:01 <SwifT> ok
+Dec 20 15:17:29 <robbat2> should be ok with me, but I have might to leave after an hour
+Dec 20 15:17:42 <antarus> I might be busy that day
+Dec 20 15:17:43 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2: I'll chair :)
+Dec 20 15:17:59 <robbat2> antarus: put it on your google calendar now anyway
+Dec 20 15:18:02 <antarus> (I know I have a thing at 23:00 UTC, and I may have plans earlier
+Dec 20 15:18:23 <antarus> oh you won't send me a courtesy text? :)
+Dec 20 15:18:31 <robbat2> lol, i will too
+Dec 20 15:18:39 <robbat2> anybody else want a reminder text?
+Dec 20 15:18:59 <NeddySeagoon> I should remember.
+Dec 20 15:19:15 <SwifT> I should remember as well
+Dec 20 15:19:33 <dabbott> I do update / topic
+Dec 20 15:19:45 <SwifT> but my cellphone is in ldap for those who need to call me anyway ;)
+Dec 20 15:19:49 <robbat2> i'll post logs soon
+Dec 20 15:20:22 <robbat2> open floor...
+Dec 20 15:20:50 <robbat2> (3 minutes gap for anybody to speak)
+Dec 20 15:20:56 <robbat2> otherwise we're done
+Dec 20 15:20:58 <NeddySeagoon> Thank you for chairing robbat2 and my apologies to the team for messing up
+Dec 20 15:21:34 <robbat2> dabbott: what details do you need from me to update the NM filing?
+Dec 20 15:22:06 <robbat2> antarus, SwifT: we can add you to the filing as well if you want
+Dec 20 15:22:27 <dabbott> your address
+Dec 20 15:22:39 <robbat2> oh, there is waht I wanted to mention
+Dec 20 15:22:50 <robbat2> i want to contact wayne chew
+Dec 20 15:22:51 <dabbott> I removed Matt
+Dec 20 15:23:02 <robbat2> and ask if he was forwarding anything to us
+Dec 20 15:23:06 <SwifT> robbat2: no need, thats just more paperwork :P
+Dec 20 15:23:07 <robbat2> and update where he's sending it
+Dec 20 15:23:13 <NeddySeagoon> Go ahead
+Dec 20 15:23:59 <robbat2> "Principal Place Of Business Outside Of NM"
+Dec 20 15:24:01 <robbat2> on the filing
+Dec 20 15:24:07 <robbat2> my PO box is outside the US
+Dec 20 15:24:15 <robbat2> does anybody care about that?
+Dec 20 15:24:17 <NeddySeagoon> We don't need to have one
+Dec 20 15:24:38 <robbat2> ok, i'll just make sure wayne chew forwards me stuff if he gets it
+Dec 20 15:24:47 <NeddySeagoon> It was convient for Matt
+Dec 20 15:24:57 <robbat2> (bank/tax stuff)
+Dec 20 15:25:51 <dabbott> You should be able to access the bank information with a copy of the NM official corporation documents, I think I can get one
+Dec 20 15:26:22 <antarus> you can add me if you want
+Dec 20 15:26:27 <antarus> but I move constantly
+Dec 20 15:26:37 <antarus> (e.g. I will move again in June)
+Dec 20 15:26:39 <robbat2> dabbott: the bank wants the SSN of the last treasurer as proof to recover the details
+Dec 20 15:26:47 <NeddySeagoon> antarus: ducking and diving :)
+Dec 20 15:26:54 <robbat2> antarus: do you keep a PO box for consistent mail?
+Dec 20 15:26:57 <antarus> no
+Dec 20 15:27:18 <antarus> I get like 3 things that are important, they are all from the government, and the gov is good at finding me ;)
+Dec 20 15:27:29 <NeddySeagoon> hehe
+Dec 20 15:27:36 <antarus> the only consistent mailing address I use is google
+Dec 20 15:28:00 <dabbott> robbat2: send me your address I am logged into the site, I can change it now
+Dec 20 15:28:04 <antarus> antarus (Alec Warner) 1600 amphitheatre parkway, mountain view CA, 94040
+Dec 20 15:28:29 <antarus> its less likely I will get fired or quit, vs moving house, he
+Dec 20 15:28:29 <NeddySeagoon> until June
+Dec 20 15:28:56 <robbat2> NeddySeagoon: that's the official mailing address for google ;-)
+Dec 20 15:29:04 <SwifT> if you don't need me anymore, i'm off to make late dinner
+Dec 20 15:29:07 <robbat2> cya
+Dec 20 15:29:22 <dabbott> bye SwifT thanks
+Dec 20 15:29:33 <robbat2> dabbott: i emailed trustees with my updated address details
+Dec 20 15:29:38 <NeddySeagoon> goodnight SwifT
+Dec 20 15:29:38 <robbat2> both home & POBox
+Dec 20 15:32:45 <NeddySeagoon> are we done ?
+Dec 20 15:32:49 <robbat2> yes
+Dec 20 15:33:20 <NeddySeagoon> Thanks you
+Dec 20 15:34:53 <robbat2> sorry, i didn't dismiss the meeting
+Dec 20 15:34:56 <robbat2> i forgot to