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+Mar 15 15:00:13 <NeddySeagoon> Roll call
+Mar 15 15:00:19 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, ?
+Mar 15 15:01:28 <NeddySeagoon> We have three - lets start. antarus is on DST so he probably wont be here for an hour, or he turned up an hour ago ...
+Mar 15 15:01:37 <alsoSwifT> hehe
+Mar 15 15:01:56 <alsoSwifT> a few more weeks and it's our turn :-
+Mar 15 15:02:02 <NeddySeagoon> It looks like my logger is here twice, so I may have logs
+Mar 15 15:02:19 <alsoSwifT> ah, Famous* is yours?
+Mar 15 15:02:39 <NeddySeagoon> alsoSwifT, yes, another goon show character
+Mar 15 15:03:08 <NeddySeagoon> IRS Return 990 - was done in good time - seet the alias
+Mar 15 15:03:40 <antarus> rolll calll
+Mar 15 15:03:49 <alsoSwifT> here he is
+Mar 15 15:03:51 <NeddySeagoon> Activity Tracker - It could do with an update but there is nothing outstanding
+Mar 15 15:03:51 <antarus> I am here
+Mar 15 15:04:25 <NeddySeagoon> hey antarus, I thought you fell into the DST trap. Welcome
+Mar 15 15:04:41 <antarus> one can only miss so many meetings ;)
+Mar 15 15:05:21 <NeddySeagoon> dabbott, can you give the Activity Tracker a spring clean please ? Everything is up to date but it doesn't read that way
+Mar 15 15:05:46 <dabbott> sure will do
+Mar 15 15:05:57 <NeddySeagoon> Betelgeuse, you have the floor ... Gentoo Copyright Policy
+Mar 15 15:06:03 <NeddySeagoon> dabbott, thanks
+Mar 15 15:06:30 <Betelgeuse> NeddySeagoon: no news
+Mar 15 15:06:33 <antarus> I texted quantumsummers, fwiw ;)
+Mar 15 15:06:37 <Betelgeuse> NeddySeagoon: next item
+Mar 15 15:06:57 <Betelgeuse> Though I might use this to ask quickly about the anon developer request
+Mar 15 15:07:05 <Betelgeuse> Because it concerns copyrights
+Mar 15 15:07:13 <Betelgeuse> Anyone disagree with my response on the email?
+Mar 15 15:07:35 <Betelgeuse> On the topic that as long as Foundation knows devs name, we have no need to communicate externally
+Mar 15 15:07:36 <NeddySeagoon> Betelgeuse, its not an issue. Anon devs cannot be Foundation Officers is all
+Mar 15 15:07:49 <alsoSwifT> the one about only disclosing name to a few people? no, don't disagree on that
+Mar 15 15:07:57 <antarus> no disagreement
+Mar 15 15:08:08 <NeddySeagoon> Betelgeuse, correct. In case we get a writ to disclose it
+Mar 15 15:08:08 <Betelgeuse> Is the Foundation membership list public info?
+Mar 15 15:08:32 <NeddySeagoon> Betelgeuse, yes - thats required by law
+Mar 15 15:08:44 <Betelgeuse> ok. I will inform this info on my reply that I am typing
+Mar 15 15:09:04 <antarus> so he can be an anonymous developer, but not an anonymous foundation member?
+Mar 15 15:09:19 <Betelgeuse> that seems to be the case
+Mar 15 15:09:21 <NeddySeagoon> The law says we have to have names and postal addresses too but we use email, so we follow the intent but not the letter
+Mar 15 15:09:24 <alsoSwifT> iirc is our list of 2014...
+Mar 15 15:09:33 <Betelgeuse> NeddySeagoon: that's different though
+Mar 15 15:09:38 <dabbott> Betelgeuse: its on the bottom of the agenda
+Mar 15 15:09:46 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, he can be a member but not an office holder.
+Mar 15 15:10:09 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, How would he sign cheques for example
+Mar 15 15:10:12 <Betelgeuse> NeddySeagoon: Foundation keeping track of that info does not mean they need to tell anyone asking
+Mar 15 15:10:13 <antarus> NeddySeagoon: so for membership, we would list his psuedonym and hold his real name in confidence?
+Mar 15 15:10:27 <antarus> that is my question, we just said membership in the foundation was public
+Mar 15 15:10:55 <alsoSwifT> or (s)he can decline becoming a gentoo foundation member?
+Mar 15 15:10:57 <NeddySeagoon> Betelgeuse, correct - we would need a properly served writ ... court papers
+Mar 15 15:11:09 <Betelgeuse> alsoSwifT: that's a separate application any way
+Mar 15 15:11:23 <alsoSwifT> ok
+Mar 15 15:11:28 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, it is but we use Nicks there
+Mar 15 15:11:36 <Betelgeuse> I fill just formulate that for now the Foundation keeps a public membership list but if he wants to join we can consider arrangements
+Mar 15 15:11:40 <antarus> ok, sgtm
+Mar 15 15:12:07 <antarus> letse keep this ball rollin' ;)
+Mar 15 15:12:16 <NeddySeagoon> antarus thats it.
+Mar 15 15:12:34 <NeddySeagoon> My turn
+Mar 15 15:14:23 <NeddySeagoon> wrapping gentoo website and adding ads its even out of date info. Its unlikely they have our permission to use our logo, even if the content is Creative Commons. We need to (nicely) ask them to stop infringing our trademark
+Mar 15 15:14:35 <antarus> I'm curious if we can get help
+Mar 15 15:14:43 <antarus> they are doing it for everyone, not just us?
+Mar 15 15:14:59 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, I've not checked
+Mar 15 15:15:14 <antarus> I mean, they are mirroring redhat docs with ads, etc..
+Mar 15 15:15:17 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, is that an offer to check it out?
+Mar 15 15:15:49 <antarus> oh man, never should have spoken up
+Mar 15 15:15:53 <antarus> I will take it, yes.
+Mar 15 15:15:55 <alsoSwifT> ;)
+Mar 15 15:15:59 <dabbott> heh
+Mar 15 15:16:19 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, thats how volunteers work. Thank you
+Mar 15 15:17:33 <NeddySeagoon> Gentoo OVH Release 2 is the cause of lots of grief. Can we stop OVH calling it Gentoo? It was still baselayout 1 last time I looked
+Mar 15 15:17:56 <NeddySeagoon> Its so old, it can't be upgraded
+Mar 15 15:18:17 <NeddySeagoon> at least, not by the people OVH sell it too
+Mar 15 15:18:18 <antarus> Can is a storng term...
+Mar 15 15:18:25 <antarus> have we talked to them?
+Mar 15 15:19:08 <antarus> I think the best way forward would be to label it as somethnig useful, like "Gentoo 2009" or similar labelling
+Mar 15 15:19:18 <NeddySeagoon> Not yet ... I'm just in the process of dropping a server there. It did cross my mind to offer to do them a real up to date Gentoo
+Mar 15 15:19:20 <alsoSwifT> I agree
+Mar 15 15:19:21 <antarus> making it clear to their customerse that they probably do not want it.
+Mar 15 15:19:33 <antarus> I think getting them a newest version is best course of action
+Mar 15 15:19:36 <Betelgeuse> +1
+Mar 15 15:19:40 <antarus> labelling their existing version is second best
+Mar 15 15:19:48 <antarus> suing them...meh...I don't think we have any grounds
+Mar 15 15:20:08 <antarus> I think "Gentoo Release 2" was never a real product
+Mar 15 15:20:12 <antarus> (that we offered)
+Mar 15 15:20:25 <alsoSwifT> first ask and see what can be done
+Mar 15 15:20:30 <antarus> so perhaps they either have to use the actual name of what we released, or we have a trademark case
+Mar 15 15:20:38 <NeddySeagoon> I wan't thinking of suing ... I like the sound of a name change though
+Mar 15 15:20:55 <antarus> alsoSwifT: sure
+Mar 15 15:20:59 <dabbott> NeddySeagoon: is that an offer to contact them on a new release
+Mar 15 15:21:02 <antarus> and by sure, I mean I am not volunteering to do this ;)
+Mar 15 15:21:15 <alsoSwifT> antarus learns fast :)
+Mar 15 15:21:18 <NeddySeagoon> They have OVH in their name too. There is no grounds for confusion
+Mar 15 15:21:45 <antarus> meh
+Mar 15 15:21:59 <NeddySeagoon> dabbott, yes. I looked at their Gentoo for all of 30 min before I wiped it
+Mar 15 15:22:04 <antarus> if pepsi starting selling "Pepsi Coke" I think there would still be a problem ;)
+Mar 15 15:22:37 <NeddySeagoon> .. and the 2 is their version, not ours
+Mar 15 15:22:54 <antarus> so who is on the hook for contacting OVH?
+Mar 15 15:23:25 <NeddySeagoon> It soulds like me, as I will have a server there until 20 March
+Mar 15 15:23:33 <antarus> ok, thanks neddy
+Mar 15 15:23:45 <antarus> any other business from you?
+Mar 15 15:23:45 <dabbott> NeddySeagoon: thanks :)
+Mar 15 15:23:55 <NeddySeagoon> I'll share a draft on the alias
+Mar 15 15:24:34 <NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers ... up to your oxters in nappies?
+Mar 15 15:24:50 <antarus> he isn't here, and he didn't reply to my text
+Mar 15 15:24:59 <antarus> when did we last hear from him?
+Mar 15 15:25:22 <Betelgeuse> it's been quite a while since I last remember seeing him in a meeting
+Mar 15 15:25:28 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, Its Mothers day in the UK too. Does the USA keep that?
+Mar 15 15:25:38 <antarus> NeddySeagoon: thats in May in US
+Mar 15 15:25:45 <NeddySeagoon> Betelgeuse, last year
+Mar 15 15:25:48 <antarus> I saw Matt in person
+Mar 15 15:25:52 <antarus> in..the fall sometime
+Mar 15 15:26:22 <NeddySeagoon> alsoSwifT, Gentoo Trademark License Agreement
+Mar 15 15:26:23 <antarus> he was thinking of moving house to the bay area; we had dinner, unsure what happened after that
+Mar 15 15:26:45 <antarus> I will attempt to get a hold of matt for the next meeting; I'm a bit concerned
+Mar 15 15:26:50 <alsoSwifT> gentoo ev is currently discussing their further steps in the general state (of gentoo ev)
+Mar 15 15:27:07 <dabbott> the last meeting he was at was in Aug
+Mar 15 15:27:11 <alsoSwifT> part of that is also the copyright stuff
+Mar 15 15:27:23 <NeddySeagoon> alsoSwifT, Is there something we can help the e.V. with?
+Mar 15 15:27:41 <alsoSwifT> one of the people that is offering help is a lawyer, so they can look into changes of teh copyright assignment they use
+Mar 15 15:27:55 <NeddySeagoon> alsoSwifT, sounds good
+Mar 15 15:27:55 <alsoSwifT> and then see if we can consolidate them
+Mar 15 15:28:03 <NeddySeagoon> yep
+Mar 15 15:28:06 <alsoSwifT> but they do ask for some time to get things straightened out
+Mar 15 15:28:26 <alsoSwifT> i personally don't see a problem with waiting to see how things go further
+Mar 15 15:28:30 <antarus> thanks dabbott
+Mar 15 15:28:30 <alsoSwifT> (no pressure on our side)
+Mar 15 15:28:31 <NeddySeagoon> In the interests of harmony, thats probably a good idea
+Mar 15 15:29:02 <Betelgeuse> ok fo rme too
+Mar 15 15:29:02 <NeddySeagoon> Bugs
+Mar 15 15:29:03 <alsoSwifT> i think so too. Not wait indefinitely, but as long as things are progressing ;)
+Mar 15 15:29:12 <antarus> dabbott: (last email I have from him is 12/4/2014)
+Mar 15 15:29:15 <NeddySeagoon> alsoSwifT, agreed
+Mar 15 15:29:20 <NeddySeagoon> Bugs
+Mar 15 15:29:44 <NeddySeagoon> Bug 536668: Grammar bug leads to wrong interpretation of social contract
+Mar 15 15:29:46 <willikins> NeddySeagoon: "Grammar bug leads to wrong interpretation of social contract"; Websites, Other; CONF; dberkholz:trustees
+Mar 15 15:30:56 <NeddySeagoon> I've commented on the bug ... any other comments?
+Mar 15 15:31:23 <antarus> I'm happy to amend the contract per item 0
+Mar 15 15:31:35 <Betelgeuse> I would not involve trustees in the first instance
+Mar 15 15:31:37 <alsoSwifT> isn't it more than we would like to keep stuff closed to a group of people when the information can harm people or projects?
+Mar 15 15:31:38 <antarus> I'm not really willing to have the trustees review all bugs, that seems a bit heavy
+Mar 15 15:32:04 <antarus> In the end I feel like the social contract is a set of guidelines; I don't want to restrict what we can / will do
+Mar 15 15:32:15 <antarus> but merely say that our actions are guided by these goals
+Mar 15 15:32:17 <antarus> if that makes sense
+Mar 15 15:32:28 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, I don't like the "request not to publicize before a certain deadline." bit
+Mar 15 15:32:40 <antarus> its intended for security embargo
+Mar 15 15:32:57 <Betelgeuse> I think we should spin that through the gentoo-project mailing list for bikeshedding any way
+Mar 15 15:32:59 <antarus> but if yuo don't like it we can leave it off; I agree it isn't necessary
+Mar 15 15:33:06 <Betelgeuse> And decide in the next meeting
+Mar 15 15:33:13 <antarus> I don't thinnk the social contract should list how we necessarily handle all bugs
+Mar 15 15:33:19 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, Agreed. So no change required then, we agree an interpretatiton then use it going forward
+Mar 15 15:33:21 <antarus> thats not the contracts purpose
+Mar 15 15:34:07 <antarus> hrm, I should probably find my bugzilla password ;)
+Mar 15 15:34:19 <alsoSwifT> we can discuss it on -nfp or -project indeed and see if we can put it on the agenda of a meeting when a consensus is reached (or a set of possible alterations of the contract to vote on)
+Mar 15 15:34:35 <NeddySeagoon> antarus OK. As long as we can keep bugs with developer contact details closed indefinately
+Mar 15 15:34:54 <alsoSwifT> yes, personal information should remain private as not to harm anyone
+Mar 15 15:35:12 <alsoSwifT> "dox'ing" is not what we do :p
+Mar 15 15:35:39 <NeddySeagoon> We are agreed to bikesheding new wording on -project then ?
+Mar 15 15:36:10 <antarus> yes
+Mar 15 15:36:36 <NeddySeagoon> WFM - feel free to kick off the debate
+Mar 15 15:36:55 <alsoSwifT> shall I do the honors?
+Mar 15 15:37:07 <alsoSwifT> (yes, that's mee volunteering to kick off the debate ;-)
+Mar 15 15:37:07 <Betelgeuse> feel free
+Mar 15 15:37:15 <alsoSwifT> ok, will do
+Mar 15 15:37:22 <NeddySeagoon> alsoSwifT, a volunteer is worth 10 pressed men ... please do
+Mar 15 15:37:22 <dabbott> thanks alsoSwifT
+Mar 15 15:37:46 <NeddySeagoon> New Business
+Mar 15 15:38:12 <NeddySeagoon> Gentoo joining NTP Consortium what does the team think ?
+Mar 15 15:38:39 <NeddySeagoon> This came up before the trustees election and got dropped
+Mar 15 15:39:09 <Betelgeuse> From what I remember the terms where fine. We can always quit if we don't like it down the road.
+Mar 15 15:39:39 <alsoSwifT> I'm neutral on the matter; I don't see much benefit but I can be wrong
+Mar 15 15:40:10 <NeddySeagoon> Betelgeuse, Thats my reccolection too. I'm not overy sure what we each get out of it, beyond a link exchange
+Mar 15 15:41:04 <alsoSwifT> as long as it's not with that heavy membership due that they have on their site (iirc, the terms we had was not with that due)
+Mar 15 15:41:13 <antarus> alsoSwifT: we have better terms
+Mar 15 15:41:30 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, I recall you suggesting on a ml that nobody should use ntp
+Mar 15 15:41:44 <antarus> that is orthogonal to the NTF though
+Mar 15 15:41:59 <antarus> ntp is basically a buggy piece of crap, but I think part of the idea behind the ntf is to fix it
+Mar 15 15:42:12 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, OK
+Mar 15 15:42:25 <antarus> time management in general is like a wizard art
+Mar 15 15:42:31 <NeddySeagoon> Is there a motion to consider?
+Mar 15 15:42:36 <Betelgeuse> I need to get away. I support the new member. I assume my departure won't remove quorum?
+Mar 15 15:42:50 <antarus> anyway, teh terms as discussed in email are favorable; I'm neutral as well, we may as well join until the membership terms become unfavorable
+Mar 15 15:42:57 <alsoSwifT> agreed
+Mar 15 15:43:04 <NeddySeagoon> Betelgeuse, Nope. A quorum is only counted at the start
+Mar 15 15:43:10 <alsoSwifT> Betelgeuse: your support for the new member is noted, and no, quorum is not violated ;)
+Mar 15 15:43:26 <antarus> motion to consider joining the NTF
+Mar 15 15:43:31 <Betelgeuse> agree
+Mar 15 15:43:36 <Betelgeuse> yey
+Mar 15 15:43:37 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, thats the one
+Mar 15 15:43:37 <Betelgeuse> yay
+Mar 15 15:43:40 <alsoSwifT> aye
+Mar 15 15:43:44 <antarus> aye
+Mar 15 15:43:44 <NeddySeagoon> yes
+Mar 15 15:43:51 <NeddySeagoon> carried
+Mar 15 15:44:06 <Betelgeuse> Thanks. Bye.
+Mar 15 15:44:09 <antarus> bye!
+Mar 15 15:44:19 <alsoSwifT> bye
+Mar 15 15:44:26 <dabbott> Betelgeuse: later :)
+Mar 15 15:44:40 <NeddySeagoon> dabbott, please write to the NTF and detemine the next steps
+Mar 15 15:44:46 <NeddySeagoon> bye
+Mar 15 15:44:54 <dabbott> ok
+Mar 15 15:45:19 <NeddySeagoon> down to Membership Applications
+Mar 15 15:45:40 <NeddySeagoon> Andrew Savchenko (bircoph) dev
+Mar 15 15:45:49 <NeddySeagoon> I vote yes
+Mar 15 15:45:52 <antarus> aye
+Mar 15 15:45:53 <alsoSwifT> I'm in favor (so "aye")
+Mar 15 15:45:59 <NeddySeagoon> Betelgeuse, voted yes
+Mar 15 15:46:08 <NeddySeagoon> carried
+Mar 15 15:46:20 <NeddySeagoon> Cleanup
+Mar 15 15:46:36 <NeddySeagoon> Date of Next Meeting - 19 April 2015 19:00 UTC
+Mar 15 15:46:43 <NeddySeagoon> Works for me.
+Mar 15 15:46:48 <alsoSwifT> wfm
+Mar 15 15:46:56 <antarus> I may be missing that month, but don't bother to plan around
+Mar 15 15:46:58 <antarus> travel is crazy
+Mar 15 15:47:29 <NeddySeagoon> Betelgeuse is gone ... so its OK
+Mar 15 15:47:34 <NeddySeagoon> Any other business
+Mar 15 15:47:39 <alsoSwifT> none from me
+Mar 15 15:47:48 <NeddySeagoon> none from me
+Mar 15 15:47:54 <antarus> williamh requested we consider terminating foundation membership of igli
+Mar 15 15:49:13 <antarus> crickets eh
+Mar 15 15:49:15 <alsoSwifT> i don't think we have a valid reason to do so - I can't access my mails right now, but as long as he does not harm to the foundation or the project?
+Mar 15 15:49:19 <NeddySeagoon> We don't have a process for that sort of thing - if we are going to look into terminating memberships we need to be sure its done using a fair and consistent process
+Mar 15 15:49:31 <antarus> I actually disagree
+Mar 15 15:49:40 <antarus> there are no requirements to be fair, or consistent
+Mar 15 15:49:46 <antarus> ;p
+Mar 15 15:50:12 <antarus> The bylaws state: "" Membership may be terminated by a majority vote of the board of trustees
+Mar 15 15:50:15 <antarus> in the event that any member acts contrary to the purpose(s) of the
+Mar 15 15:50:17 <NeddySeagoon> Thats like saying that there are no requirements to be honest eithr
+Mar 15 15:50:17 <antarus> Gentoo Foundation."
+Mar 15 15:50:42 <antarus> NeddySeagoon: bwahahah ;)
+Mar 15 15:51:20 <antarus> I think this is just the American in me bleeding through
+Mar 15 15:51:26 <NeddySeagoon> I don't think that there are any grounds for this action
+Mar 15 15:51:37 <alsoSwifT> if we would want to terminate someone (in this case, igli) then we need to assess if his/her actions are against the purpose(s) of the Gentoo Foundation (i.e. intellectual property handling of Gentoo assets, financial handling, ...)
+Mar 15 15:52:05 <antarus> williamh cannot be here, so It is up to me to represent his argument
+Mar 15 15:52:53 <NeddySeagoon> Has anyone asked igli to be here?
+Mar 15 15:53:07 <dabbott> alsoSwifT: makes a valid point, williams complaint is more personal
+Mar 15 15:53:57 <NeddySeagoon> I can see us wanting to bang heads together but no more.
+Mar 15 15:54:17 <antarus> If you read a bunch of stuff on
+Mar 15 15:55:03 <antarus> basically it talks about the community, and how it needs to be cooperative, and so forth
+Mar 15 15:55:45 <alsoSwifT> it also talks about foundation's purpose; the closest I get to cases like this is adherence to the social contract
+Mar 15 15:55:55 <antarus> pretty much, right
+Mar 15 15:56:01 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, I don't see igli being uncooperative. Nobody likes or gets on with everyone. Thats the real world
+Mar 15 15:56:14 <antarus> I'm going to use a horrible argument now
+Mar 15 15:56:34 <antarus> Imagine if we had a foundation member who was openly racist against a particular group
+Mar 15 15:56:55 <antarus> and someone in that group was harmed, and petittioned to have the membership of the racist person terminated
+Mar 15 15:57:16 <antarus> Would you feel that was in our pervue, givin the bylaws?
+Mar 15 15:57:26 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, for someone my age, its no ahorrible argument and its very common in my age group
+Mar 15 15:57:38 <antarus> This is basically the argument I believe william is trying to make
+Mar 15 15:58:25 <antarus> NeddySeagoon: well in America, this argument is very polarizing, so I didn't particularly want to use it, but i think it gets the point across.
+Mar 15 15:59:12 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, in such a case I would vote No. Its nothing more than a reflection of the real world and the Foundation is a microcosom of the real world
+Mar 15 15:59:13 <alsoSwifT> it's not a horrible argument; personally I don't think we have grounds to terminate this membership. if we want to do this, we would need to update our bylaws first as to amend that it is not solely to gentoo foundation's purpose, but also gentoo's spirit and/or code-of-conduct or whatever
+Mar 15 15:59:15 <antarus> If you want to argue that this is not in our pervue, because these sorts of activities do not go against the purposes of the foundation; I can at least see that argument ;)
+Mar 15 15:59:34 <alsoSwifT> if someone murdered someone else, would that be a valid cause?
+Mar 15 15:59:34 <antarus> (the purposes of the foundation being quite narrowly defined.)
+Mar 15 16:00:07 <alsoSwifT> is it (absolutely) wrong behavior? sure (both of them of course, just polarizing here further)
+Mar 15 16:00:08 <antarus> that would depend, is the victim a foundation member or officer? :)
+Mar 15 16:00:18 <alsoSwifT> heh
+Mar 15 16:00:49 <antarus> I will chat with william, and he may ask us to amend the bylaws
+Mar 15 16:00:51 <antarus> just fyi ;)
+Mar 15 16:01:24 <antarus> no more business from me
+Mar 15 16:02:36 <antarus> meeting log, who is posting?
+Mar 15 16:02:40 <antarus> I didn't log, so it isn't me
+Mar 15 16:02:50 <dabbott> I will update the agenda,motions,meeting logs and send the email to the NTF
+Mar 15 16:02:52 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, I'm old and cynical. I remember 'bussing' in the USA. It was all quite normal then. I see this as personal issue between a foundation member and non member. I don't see any benefit to the foundation
+Mar 15 16:03:08 <alsoSwifT> dabbott: thanks
+Mar 15 16:03:17 <NeddySeagoon> dabbott, thanks
+Mar 15 16:03:20 <antarus> NeddySeagoon: fwiw I don't necessarily disagree with you; but I'm also not a minority
+Mar 15 16:03:37 <NeddySeagoon> Open Floor
+Mar 15 16:03:52 <antarus> dabbott: thanks as always
+Mar 15 16:04:06 <dabbott> np your welcome
+Mar 15 16:04:11 <NeddySeagoon> antarus, I am but you don't need to know why
+Mar 15 16:04:57 <alsoSwifT> if there are no other businesses, I'll shut down my laptop and continue driving on the highway :p
+Mar 15 16:05:03 <antarus> yes, I need to go house hunting
+Mar 15 16:05:12 <antarus> so if business is concluded; lets dash
+Mar 15 16:05:13 <alsoSwifT> (currently parked - no worries)
+Mar 15 16:05:25 * NeddySeagoon bangs the gavel to close the meeting
+Mar 15 16:05:30 <alsoSwifT> thanks all
+Mar 15 16:05:37 <NeddySeagoon> Thanks all