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+Dec 18 14:00:25 <prometheanfire> meeting start
+Dec 18 14:00:33 <SwifT> tasty
+Dec 18 14:00:34 <prometheanfire> #topic rollcall
+Dec 18 14:00:41 <robbat2> present
+Dec 18 14:00:48 <dabbott> here
+Dec 18 14:00:51 <SwifT> present as well
+Dec 18 14:00:52 <prometheanfire> antarus: ?
+Dec 18 14:00:56 <robbat2> (just done shovelling my path & sidewalk)
+Dec 18 14:01:13 <prometheanfire> today it fell below freezing :D
+Dec 18 14:01:35 <prometheanfire> will give 1 more min for antarus to show
+Dec 18 14:01:38 <robbat2> vancouver has been unseasonable cold for ~3 weeks now
+Dec 18 14:03:31 <prometheanfire> ok, next
+Dec 18 14:03:37 <prometheanfire> who's logging the meeting?
+Dec 18 14:03:42 <dabbott> me
+Dec 18 14:04:00 <dabbott> 30 Celsius here :P
+Dec 18 14:04:14 <prometheanfire> dabbott: quite warm
+Dec 18 14:04:23 <prometheanfire> #topic old business
+Dec 18 14:04:28 <prometheanfire> nothing in the activity tracker to do
+Dec 18 14:04:38 <prometheanfire> so, robbat2, irs updates?
+Dec 18 14:04:59 <robbat2> for those that weren't following, we got a response on the previous mail
+Dec 18 14:05:06 <robbat2> that they wouldn't tell a third party...
+Dec 18 14:05:14 <robbat2> and they sent an actual answer to wayne chew
+Dec 18 14:05:33 <robbat2> that strongly implies we've filed very little
+Dec 18 14:05:50 <robbat2> prometheanfire & I are activating the mail scanning
+Dec 18 14:05:59 <robbat2> so we can file a change of IRS contact
+Dec 18 14:06:05 <robbat2> away from wayne chew
+Dec 18 14:06:26 <robbat2> i intend to the IRS change of address as the mail scanning, addressed to the secretary of the foundation
+Dec 18 14:06:51 <dabbott> Great, can we do it or does Mr. Chew need to do it
+Dec 18 14:07:00 <robbat2> we will need mr chew's signature
+Dec 18 14:07:06 <robbat2> as well as dabbott's
+Dec 18 14:07:09 <robbat2> on a real form
+Dec 18 14:07:48 <robbat2> minor stumbling block is that the GIMP hack I was using to fill PDF forms has broken
+Dec 18 14:08:17 <robbat2> seperately, i intend to blind-file our last two 990's
+Dec 18 14:08:35 <dabbott> sounds good
+Dec 18 14:08:37 <robbat2> blind in this case because i'm going to assume no prior 990 or form 1024 were ever file
+Dec 18 14:08:48 <prometheanfire> sgtm
+Dec 18 14:08:57 <robbat2> there's a chance that they were, in which case they'll be rejected as one of the fields will be wrong
+Dec 18 14:09:15 <prometheanfire> diferential testing of the irs?
+Dec 18 14:09:24 <robbat2> yes
+Dec 18 14:09:30 <dabbott> robbat2: Bob said to give him a call if you need any help / advice
+Dec 18 14:09:41 <dabbott> I saw him sat
+Dec 18 14:09:49 <robbat2> dabbott: yes, i do have an extended question, so I'll give him a call
+Dec 18 14:09:59 <robbat2> re correct order for signing/filing of the change of address
+Dec 18 14:10:23 <robbat2> that's all on the IRS front
+Dec 18 14:10:40 <prometheanfire> k, anything else for treasurer report?
+Dec 18 14:10:57 <robbat2> if I can get dwfreed to help me write an anonymizer for ledgers
+Dec 18 14:11:01 <robbat2> i'm going to publish those
+Dec 18 14:11:02 <robbat2> for the report
+Dec 18 14:11:13 <dwfreed> why me?
+Dec 18 14:11:24 <dwfreed> I think you tab failed?
+Dec 18 14:11:40 <robbat2> was it you or veremitz that was volunteering to do text munging code?
+Dec 18 14:11:57 <dwfreed> must have been veremitz
+Dec 18 14:12:08 <robbat2> prometheanfire: move on to the next item now
+Dec 18 14:12:16 <prometheanfire> kk
+Dec 18 14:12:27 <prometheanfire> my topics next
+Dec 18 14:12:40 <prometheanfire> D&O insurance Bug 592198
+Dec 18 14:12:43 <willikins> "D&O insurance"; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; CONF; prometheanfire:trustees
+Dec 18 14:13:08 <prometheanfire> I recieved a response and sent them a response back, asking for a quote, nothing yet, but it's the holidays...
+Dec 18 14:13:22 <prometheanfire> I'll send them another reminder soon
+Dec 18 14:13:35 <prometheanfire> next
+Dec 18 14:13:40 <prometheanfire> Robbat2's email (moving comrel, infra and pr under foundation)
+Dec 18 14:14:28 <prometheanfire> on that front I presented council with this very rough draft
+Dec 18 14:14:45 <prometheanfire> it was well recieved, I've asked for comments from them and will do the same here
+Dec 18 14:15:14 <prometheanfire> the summary of it is that we'd be combining the council and foundation into one body
+Dec 18 14:15:26 <prometheanfire> moving slowly on this on purpose
+Dec 18 14:15:53 <NeddySeagoon> any adverse feedback yet?
+Dec 18 14:15:56 <prometheanfire> so, I'd request the other trustees to read that
+Dec 18 14:16:07 <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: not really, just lack of details, which is on purpose at this stage
+Dec 18 14:16:28 <robbat2> does this proposed board sit on top of both trustees & council; or replace them?
+Dec 18 14:16:41 <prometheanfire> replace
+Dec 18 14:17:32 <robbat2> in what form/medium do you want comments to be made?
+Dec 18 14:17:38 <robbat2> i think that right now is not the time/place
+Dec 18 14:17:45 <robbat2> (for comments)
+Dec 18 14:17:45 <prometheanfire> the existing funcions of both bodies would be taken over by working groups (project structure most likely)
+Dec 18 14:18:08 <prometheanfire> via that doc's comment function and/or email/irc would work for me
+Dec 18 14:18:42 <robbat2> ok, i'll put it in email probably
+Dec 18 14:18:43 <robbat2> not today
+Dec 18 14:18:48 <prometheanfire> k
+Dec 18 14:18:58 <prometheanfire> next subject
+Dec 18 14:19:02 <prometheanfire> Working with Gentoo-ev
+Dec 18 14:19:34 <prometheanfire> Gentoo-ev is intrested in working more closely with us
+Dec 18 14:19:57 <prometheanfire> doesn't look like they are too active, seems like they are just used for various confrence expenses
+Dec 18 14:20:15 <prometheanfire> that's all for now, I hope to meet with them at fosdem
+Dec 18 14:20:27 <robbat2> what is the state of their budget/finances?
+Dec 18 14:20:35 <prometheanfire> unknown
+Dec 18 14:20:51 <robbat2> when you speak to them, i'm interested in how they're tracking it as well as the state of it
+Dec 18 14:20:54 <robbat2> as treasurer
+Dec 18 14:20:56 <prometheanfire> sure
+Dec 18 14:21:00 <dabbott> When Gentoo the foundation was formed d robbins formed it in the US for his convenience, what about moving to canada etc, any talk of that? problems?
+Dec 18 14:21:02 <dilfridge> ehm, just about the proposal of the board, an important point from the council meeting was to take it to the lists for discussion
+Dec 18 14:21:24 <dilfridge> (see also the log summary, )
+Dec 18 14:21:33 <prometheanfire> dilfridge: yes
+Dec 18 14:21:53 <robbat2> dabbott: you really don't want canadian non-profits; much less flexible than US
+Dec 18 14:22:08 <prometheanfire> dilfridge: that's after both council and trustees comment so I can present a more 'full' proposal
+Dec 18 14:22:22 <prometheanfire> robbat2: talking about spi?
+Dec 18 14:22:36 <prometheanfire> that's my next subject
+Dec 18 14:22:42 <prometheanfire> Is SPI worth another look?
+Dec 18 14:22:42 <robbat2> no, dabbott's question about cananda
+Dec 18 14:22:45 <prometheanfire> as another option
+Dec 18 14:23:48 <prometheanfire> I don't know much of the history of not going with them, but the council requested another check on the SPI option
+Dec 18 14:24:19 <robbat2> SFC & SPI are weren't willing to take us on due to the lack of clean finanacials originally
+Dec 18 14:24:31 <robbat2> when I spoke to bkuhn about SFC last year
+Dec 18 14:24:50 <robbat2> he said clean financials might make it an option now, but they're at their manpower capacity as it stands
+Dec 18 14:25:05 <robbat2> they simply don't have manpower to take on another non-profit member right now
+Dec 18 14:25:30 <prometheanfire> robbat2: thanks for the update
+Dec 18 14:25:35 <dilfridge> and SPI?
+Dec 18 14:26:14 <robbat2> bkuhn he was happy to have somebody else (outside SFC) looking at their non-profit account stuff; and we DID approve a donation to them last year
+Dec 18 14:26:24 <robbat2> but we couldn't action it due to banking issue
+Dec 18 14:26:43 <dabbott> Once held by SPI, funds may only be transferred to another 501(c)3 US non-profit.
+Dec 18 14:26:56 <robbat2> i have not looked at SPI since it was originally discussed a few years ago
+Dec 18 14:27:25 <prometheanfire> dabbott: ya, that seems more concerning, possibly
+Dec 18 14:27:32 <robbat2> the general structure is you want funds held in the 501(c)(6) or otherwise have the 501c3 contract a c6 for services
+Dec 18 14:27:36 <dilfridge> given that Debian, Arch, LibreOffice work with them...
+Dec 18 14:28:49 <robbat2> iirc, ASF & FreeBSD both have the c3/c6 contracting structure
+Dec 18 14:28:54 <robbat2> i don't know about SPI offhand
+Dec 18 14:29:08 <robbat2> i'd have to look at their finances to be sure
+Dec 18 14:29:15 <prometheanfire> robbat2: can you take that on? (exploring SPI)?
+Dec 18 14:29:44 <robbat2> yes
+Dec 18 14:29:51 <robbat2> at least some preliminary discussions
+Dec 18 14:29:57 <robbat2> i will not take on the entire project
+Dec 18 14:30:01 <dwfreed> dabbott: if you choose to leave SPI later, but have no 501c3 to transfer funds to, they'll hang onto them for you until you've spent them all
+Dec 18 14:30:43 <prometheanfire> #action robbat2 to investigate the possibility of SPI managing gentoo
+Dec 18 14:30:59 <prometheanfire> next?
+Dec 18 14:31:39 <prometheanfire> moving under the foundation namespace
+Dec 18 14:31:49 <prometheanfire>
+Dec 18 14:31:52 <dabbott> Sounds good
+Dec 18 14:32:12 <prometheanfire> seconded
+Dec 18 14:32:20 <SwifT> ok for me
+Dec 18 14:32:21 <prometheanfire> so, voting
+Dec 18 14:32:30 <prometheanfire> ack
+Dec 18 14:32:40 <dabbott> We use to have motions to accept new entries
+Dec 18 14:33:09 <prometheanfire> dabbott: new pages?
+Dec 18 14:33:23 <robbat2> aye
+Dec 18 14:33:27 <dabbott> part of the process was a bug to be added to the consultant page
+Dec 18 14:33:44 <dwfreed> I think the disclaimer would obviate that requirement
+Dec 18 14:33:44 <dabbott> so we had some control
+Dec 18 14:34:04 <prometheanfire> ah, we can continue with that, once it's under the foundation namespace they'd still need to contact us for changes
+Dec 18 14:34:48 <dwfreed> "The companies and individual consultants are _not_ officially endorsed by the Gentoo Foundation."
+Dec 18 14:35:04 <dabbott> yes move / create the page
+Dec 18 14:35:27 <prometheanfire> dabbott: ya, I'll be making that bold :P
+Dec 18 14:35:47 <prometheanfire> ok, going to move it
+Dec 18 14:35:57 <robbat2> can we consider making people file a bug / notify us to ensure they're still active (no notify -> remove a year later)
+Dec 18 14:36:52 <prometheanfire> ya, that's my main concern, growing stale
+Dec 18 14:37:13 <dabbott> We can add a check to the activity tracker
+Dec 18 14:37:23 <dabbott> to remind up to check
+Dec 18 14:37:34 <prometheanfire> that may be best
+Dec 18 14:37:59 <prometheanfire> robbat2: SwifT sound good?
+Dec 18 14:38:26 <robbat2> +1
+Dec 18 14:38:30 <SwifT> prometheanfire: ok for me
+Dec 18 14:38:54 <prometheanfire> k
+Dec 18 14:39:01 <prometheanfire> will add both to my todo
+Dec 18 14:39:16 <dabbott> prometheanfire: thanks
+Dec 18 14:39:19 <prometheanfire> next
+Dec 18 14:39:26 <prometheanfire> what's happening with the logs
+Dec 18 14:39:33 <prometheanfire> this was brought up at the council meeting
+Dec 18 14:39:34 <dabbott>
+Dec 18 14:40:27 <dabbott> logs and motions no summaries
+Dec 18 14:40:27 <prometheanfire> I think they are looking for adjenda to be sent out ahead of time to -nfp
+Dec 18 14:40:37 <prometheanfire> and for log summaries to be sent to -nfp
+Dec 18 14:41:03 <robbat2> re motions: I think our tracking of motions has lost some of the motions passed via email or bug
+Dec 18 14:41:08 <prometheanfire> I can handle sending out the agenda a week ahead of time (it'd still be subject to changes)
+Dec 18 14:41:20 <prometheanfire> robbat2: ?
+Dec 18 14:41:37 <robbat2> the motions textfiles have done a good job of those from meetings
+Dec 18 14:41:54 <robbat2> but i did find some budget expenditures approved via email/bug that haven't been in the motions txt
+Dec 18 14:42:03 <robbat2> i don't have them on-hand right now
+Dec 18 14:42:15 <prometheanfire> having a bot to run the meeting is useful to generate the summaries/motions files
+Dec 18 14:42:48 <robbat2> i proposed a meetings bot some years ago, but there was no traction on it
+Dec 18 14:42:58 <robbat2> i would welcome it
+Dec 18 14:43:05 <robbat2> as part of the plan to replace willikins
+Dec 18 14:43:15 <prometheanfire> I think it just needs someone to do it, I don't have much exp with bots
+Dec 18 14:43:36 <prometheanfire> iirc meetbot is used by openstack and I've used that fairly well
+Dec 18 14:43:58 <prometheanfire> for instance
+Dec 18 14:44:15 <dwfreed> if you can write a script, you can write a bot; the IRC protocol is incredibly simple; I can give anybody a crash course in roughly a half hour
+Dec 18 14:44:37 <prometheanfire> dwfreed: I'm aware, I just have enough projects for now :P
+Dec 18 14:44:50 <prometheanfire> dwfreed: sounds like your volunteering though?
+Dec 18 14:45:06 <robbat2> action item: dwfreed to prepare a deployment of meetbot ;-)
+Dec 18 14:45:21 <dabbott> seconded
+Dec 18 14:45:22 <robbat2> infra will host it, if he preps config pieces
+Dec 18 14:45:24 <dwfreed> I would, actually, but I have no ability to focus right now
+Dec 18 14:45:31 <prometheanfire> robbat2: ya, we could spin up a VM
+Dec 18 14:45:46 <dwfreed> that's why you see me on IRC all the time, because that's about the only thing I can manage
+Dec 18 14:45:46 <prometheanfire> aye
+Dec 18 14:45:54 <dabbott> Debian uses MeetBot
+Dec 18 14:46:03 <robbat2> meetbot looks like it does action items trivially, and motions should be easy from that
+Dec 18 14:46:21 <prometheanfire>
+Dec 18 14:46:24 <robbat2> yep
+Dec 18 14:47:15 <dabbott> thats supybot not rbot looks like
+Dec 18 14:47:23 <robbat2> i'm happy to get rid of rbot
+Dec 18 14:47:26 <dwfreed> yes
+Dec 18 14:48:04 <dwfreed> btw, you don't want plain supybot either, but one of its forks, limnoria; it should be a drop in replacement as far as most things are concerned
+Dec 18 14:48:04 <prometheanfire> moving on?
+Dec 18 14:48:21 <dabbott> sounds like a plan
+Dec 18 14:48:36 <prometheanfire> SwifT: privacy policy?
+Dec 18 14:48:51 <prometheanfire> SwifT: also, Approved Artwork Project
+Dec 18 14:49:05 <SwifT> prometheanfire: I should'be just pinged robbat2 and a3li to get on with it (re privacy policy)
+Dec 18 14:49:17 <SwifT> prometheanfire: it was approved a while ago
+Dec 18 14:49:21 <robbat2> (voting/motions is already implemented in the openstack fork of meetbot)
+Dec 18 14:49:39 <prometheanfire> robbat2: yep :D
+Dec 18 14:49:41 <SwifT> prometheanfire: re artwork project, sadly, didn't focus on that the last few months. The coming holidays will help me get it up though
+Dec 18 14:50:09 <SwifT> other than that, nothing from me
+Dec 18 14:50:28 <prometheanfire> k, bugs
+Dec 18 14:50:40 <prometheanfire>
+Dec 18 14:50:45 <prometheanfire> quite the link
+Dec 18 14:51:30 <prometheanfire> I think this one was closable last meeting
+Dec 18 14:52:14 <prometheanfire> robbat2: can you confirm and possibly close that?
+Dec 18 14:52:24 <prometheanfire> or is it there for tracking money things?
+Dec 18 14:52:29 <robbat2> it's open for money-tracking
+Dec 18 14:52:37 <prometheanfire> k
+Dec 18 14:52:43 <robbat2> TODO or '?' in the whiteboard
+Dec 18 14:53:00 <prometheanfire> robbat2: ah, right
+Dec 18 14:53:03 <robbat2> will be closed out with the 990 being sent
+Dec 18 14:53:31 <robbat2> bug 601330 is the only one that stands out as needed
+Dec 18 14:53:33 <willikins> robbat2: "Tom Samstag Sticker Proposal"; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; CONF; dabbott:trustees
+Dec 18 14:53:59 <dabbott> its later in the agenda also
+Dec 18 14:54:04 <robbat2> dwfreed: did you file a funding proposal bug for the DVDs?
+Dec 18 14:54:12 <prometheanfire> robbat2: ya, that was just sent this morning I think
+Dec 18 14:54:13 <dwfreed> didn't get to it, sorry
+Dec 18 14:54:55 <dwfreed> worst case I'll spend the money myself and ask for reimbursement later if it comes to that
+Dec 18 14:55:11 <dwfreed> but I'll try to get to it this week
+Dec 18 14:55:31 <prometheanfire> dwfreed: k
+Dec 18 14:56:04 <prometheanfire> so,
+Dec 18 14:56:20 <prometheanfire> should we decinde that today? wait for designs? or something else?
+Dec 18 14:56:44 <robbat2> i'm going to have to vanish shortly; I vote aye on all new members
+Dec 18 14:56:54 <prometheanfire> robbat2: thanks
+Dec 18 14:57:06 <robbat2> for 601330, if the artwork passes the approval project, I vote aye as well
+Dec 18 14:57:15 <dabbott> same here
+Dec 18 14:57:28 <SwifT> yup, same here as well
+Dec 18 14:57:28 <prometheanfire> ya, same
+Dec 18 14:57:40 <dabbott> alicef: you on the approval team?
+Dec 18 14:57:41 <prometheanfire> so, next step there is to ask for artwork?
+Dec 18 14:57:43 <SwifT> (guess I'll put some pressure on myself for the artwork project :P)
+Dec 18 14:58:26 <prometheanfire> SwifT: mind updating ?
+Dec 18 14:58:29 <SwifT> yes, ask for the designs he wants to use. Without an approval artwork project, it's still up to us to do it, but once we have the project up and running it might go aster
+Dec 18 14:58:41 <SwifT> prometheanfire: will do
+Dec 18 14:58:44 <prometheanfire> SwifT: thanks
+Dec 18 14:58:52 <dabbott> SwifT: thanks
+Dec 18 14:59:20 <robbat2> the only other bit before I go; the logo license change, I vote aye on changing it from samplingplus to (CC-BY v4 or CC-BY-SA v4) [the exact one wasn't settled by ulm, but it's a licensing nuance question, not a trustees final]
+Dec 18 14:59:37 <dabbott> Alex L is good at this but he quit the foundation :(
+Dec 18 14:59:37 <prometheanfire> right
+Dec 18 14:59:41 <prometheanfire> was just going to bring that up
+Dec 18 14:59:58 <ulm> should be CC-BY-SA-4.0 IMHO
+Dec 18 15:00:05 <prometheanfire> Eveyone up for voting on the licence change?
+Dec 18 15:00:08 <robbat2> gone now [will be back in a couple of hours probably]
+Dec 18 15:00:11 <prometheanfire> robbat2: seconded
+Dec 18 15:00:38 <SwifT> I'm ok with the license change (assuming we have ownership to change the license)
+Dec 18 15:01:09 <prometheanfire> Changing the G logo licence from samplingplus to CC-BY-SA v4
+Dec 18 15:01:15 <dabbott> aye
+Dec 18 15:01:20 <prometheanfire> aye
+Dec 18 15:01:20 <SwifT> aye
+Dec 18 15:01:26 <prometheanfire> robbat2's aye
+Dec 18 15:01:32 <prometheanfire> so we are all for it
+Dec 18 15:01:36 <dabbott> yes
+Dec 18 15:01:40 <ulm> that includes the red "gentoo" logo too, IIUC?
+Dec 18 15:01:55 <prometheanfire> SwifT: does this fall to you? given artwork kinda?
+Dec 18 15:02:28 <ulm> this one:
+Dec 18 15:02:49 <SwifT> prometheanfire: if you mean, update the wiki resources to reflect the new license... I can do that
+Dec 18 15:03:16 <prometheanfire> ulm: not sure it does, iirc that was done by drobbins a long long time ago
+Dec 18 15:03:26 <prometheanfire> SwifT: thanks again
+Dec 18 15:04:01 <ulm> prometheanfire: it's owned by the Foundation, says the web page
+Dec 18 15:04:01 <prometheanfire> SwifT: ulm: so atm, assume no on changing
+Dec 18 15:04:10 <prometheanfire> oh, so it does
+Dec 18 15:04:36 <prometheanfire> in that case we change it?
+Dec 18 15:04:50 <prometheanfire> ulm: bring it up next time if needed
+Dec 18 15:05:00 <dabbott> yes lets do them both, another motion
+Dec 18 15:05:03 <ulm> makes no sense to leave that one at sampling-plus if all the others are cc-by-sa
+Dec 18 15:05:13 <prometheanfire> dabbott: seconded
+Dec 18 15:05:19 <prometheanfire> aye
+Dec 18 15:05:24 <dabbott> yes
+Dec 18 15:05:25 <SwifT> aye
+Dec 18 15:05:31 <prometheanfire> motion carried
+Dec 18 15:05:45 <prometheanfire> ulm: done :P
+Dec 18 15:05:47 <dabbott> thanks ulm
+Dec 18 15:05:50 <prometheanfire> Membership Applications
+Dec 18 15:05:51 <ulm> thanks :)
+Dec 18 15:06:04 <prometheanfire> Alice Ferrazzi (alicef)
+Dec 18 15:06:13 <prometheanfire> (gentoo devs atm)
+Dec 18 15:06:15 <prometheanfire> Alice Ferrazzi (alicef)
+Dec 18 15:06:16 <prometheanfire> aye
+Dec 18 15:06:26 <SwifT> aye
+Dec 18 15:06:27 dabbott dabbott|irssi dilfridge dleverto1_ dleverton dwfreed
+Dec 18 15:06:33 <dabbott> I vote yes to them al including dwfreed :)
+Dec 18 15:06:41 <SwifT> same here
+Dec 18 15:06:41 <dabbott> *all
+Dec 18 15:06:47 <prometheanfire> I vote yes for them all including dwfreed
+Dec 18 15:06:53 <dwfreed> ^ probably a faster approach :)
+Dec 18 15:07:22 <prometheanfire> SwifT: ?
+Dec 18 15:07:33 <SwifT> aye on all people
+Dec 18 15:07:33 <dabbott> congrats dwfreed , now get to work :)
+Dec 18 15:07:42 <prometheanfire> next topic
+Dec 18 15:07:43 <dwfreed> hah
+Dec 18 15:07:44 <prometheanfire> Date of Next Meeting - Jan 15 2017 19:00 UTC
+Dec 18 15:07:51 <prometheanfire> sgtm
+Dec 18 15:07:54 <dabbott> fine here
+Dec 18 15:08:00 <SwifT> fine here as well
+Dec 18 15:08:06 <prometheanfire> k
+Dec 18 15:08:25 <prometheanfire> dabbott: can you post the log (and minutes if you can make them)
+Dec 18 15:08:35 <NeddySeagoon> dwfreed please register your nick
+Dec 18 15:08:42 <dwfreed> it is registered
+Dec 18 15:08:50 <dwfreed> I am not a developer
+Dec 18 15:09:02 <dabbott> prometheanfire: will do
+Dec 18 15:09:17 * ChanServ gives voice to dwfreed
+Dec 18 15:09:18 <prometheanfire> and motions, need to have at least one for the licence change
+Dec 18 15:09:23 <prometheanfire> think that was the only one
+Dec 18 15:09:27 <dabbott> ok
+Dec 18 15:09:39 * ChanServ gives voice to alicef
+Dec 18 15:09:44 <prometheanfire> along with foundation members
+Dec 18 15:09:50 <prometheanfire> dabbott: you updating motions too?
+Dec 18 15:10:04 <prometheanfire> and email sending..
+Dec 18 15:10:11 * ChanServ gives voice to tamiko
+Dec 18 15:10:39 <prometheanfire> other than that, open floor now for the next 5 minutes (at least)
+Dec 18 15:10:40 <dabbott> yes I will send the email to new members and update the members list
+Dec 18 15:10:52 <prometheanfire> dabbott: and ?
+Dec 18 15:11:00 <dabbott> yes
+Dec 18 15:11:02 <prometheanfire> thanks
+Dec 18 15:11:06 * ChanServ gives voice to mrueg
+Dec 18 15:11:08 <dwfreed> an item for the approved artwork project: a DVD label for the livedvds :)
+Dec 18 15:11:19 <prometheanfire> dwfreed: we need a bug :P
+Dec 18 15:11:33 * ChanServ gives voice to jlec
+Dec 18 15:11:33 <NeddySeagoon> dwfreed: I fat fingered your +V here. Sorry about that
+Dec 18 15:11:38 <dwfreed> heh
+Dec 18 15:11:41 <prometheanfire> dwfreed: atm I think this'll need to be a reimbursment thing
+Dec 18 15:12:08 <dwfreed> prometheanfire: yeah, not worried about that; it's less than 150, and I have much more than that
+Dec 18 15:12:11 <prometheanfire> that's now it's normally done anyway
+Dec 18 15:12:23 <dwfreed> prometheanfire: but I also need something to put on the DVDs
+Dec 18 15:12:42 <prometheanfire> dwfreed: I'd ask K_F for that, I think he's done DVDs before
+Dec 18 15:13:10 <K_F> prometheanfire: dilfridge did them for fosdem last year
+Dec 18 15:13:25 <prometheanfire> dwfreed: there you go, ask dilfridge :P
+Dec 18 15:13:35 <NeddySeagoon> dwfreed: Ask in #gentoo-ten thats the home chan of the DVD
+Dec 18 15:13:50 <dwfreed> yeah, I lurk there :)
+Dec 18 15:14:08 <prometheanfire> anything else?
+Dec 18 15:14:51 <dabbott> Funding request
+Dec 18 15:15:25 <dwfreed> yeah, robbat2 already sent me that :)
+Dec 18 15:16:27 <prometheanfire> ok, one more minute
+Dec 18 15:16:39 * NeddySeagoon raises a hand.
+Dec 18 15:16:45 <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: go ahead
+Dec 18 15:17:48 <NeddySeagoon> I've just added our 5 new members to the ACL. We need the non voters from the last two elections to set the -V here and update the member list.
+Dec 18 15:18:24 <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: we need a new person to start doing this?
+Dec 18 15:19:09 <dabbott> antarus: has been working on a script to find the members to drop
+Dec 18 15:19:41 <dwfreed> how services works, at the moment, NeddySeagoon is the only one who can do the removal of +V
+Dec 18 15:19:53 <NeddySeagoon> no hurry
+Dec 18 15:20:40 <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: if you can doc what needs to be done that'd help (along with giving perms)
+Dec 18 15:20:55 <prometheanfire> anything else?
+Dec 18 15:21:14 <NeddySeagoon> prometheanfire: ok
+Dec 18 15:21:19 <dwfreed> +OVf is what's needed, at minimum
+Dec 18 15:21:53 <NeddySeagoon> dwfreed: I can give that to the other trustees
+Dec 18 15:22:02 <prometheanfire> thanks
+Dec 18 15:22:13 <dwfreed> yes :)
+Dec 18 15:22:14 <prometheanfire> if no one has anything else I'm going to close this meeting
+Dec 18 15:23:52 <prometheanfire> #closemeeting