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March meeting log
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+Mar 27 14:53:46 * NeddySeagoon polishes the virtual gavel with Annie Sloan light wax
+Mar 27 14:54:21 <robbat2> hmm, i think the power supply on my speakers is dying; the blue LED is totally fading and there's almost no sound coming out
+Mar 27 14:55:42 <SwifT> your LEDs have sound?
+Mar 27 14:55:58 <robbat2> from the speaker, not the LED
+Mar 27 14:57:20 <robbat2> wonder if there is somewhere I can buy a new 12VAC supply today
+Mar 27 14:57:58 <robbat2> or i should finally replace the units with something nicer
+Mar 27 14:58:20 <robbat2> ~15 year old creative speakers that I was re-gifted
+Mar 27 14:59:10 <dabbott> robbat2: I have the bose desktop
+Mar 27 14:59:20 <dabbott> you can find them on sale
+Mar 27 14:59:55 <robbat2> these are the first generation creative gigaworks T20
+Mar 27 15:01:02 <robbat2> anyway, meeting time
+Mar 27 15:01:12 <SwifT> yup
+Mar 27 15:01:49 * NeddySeagoon bangs the gavel to open the March meeting of the Gentoo Foundation trustees.
+Mar 27 15:01:58 <NeddySeagoon> Oops ... late
+Mar 27 15:02:22 <NeddySeagoon> Roll Call SwifT robbat2 dabbott
+Mar 27 15:02:26 <robbat2> present
+Mar 27 15:02:27 <dabbott> present
+Mar 27 15:02:30 <SwifT> present
+Mar 27 15:02:34 <SwifT> present
+Mar 27 15:02:45 <NeddySeagoon> We have a quorum ... lets start
+Mar 27 15:02:50 <robbat2> doe he count twice for quorum?
+Mar 27 15:02:58 <NeddySeagoon> Who is logging the meeting - dabbot, its always you
+Mar 27 15:03:00 <dabbott> I am logging
+Mar 27 15:03:28 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2: We have 4 ... we only need 3
+Mar 27 15:03:43 <robbat2> yes I know, just joking ;-)
+Mar 27 15:04:01 <NeddySeagoon> Activity Tracker ...
+Mar 27 15:04:41 <robbat2> we need to finish the renewal of the logo trademark
+Mar 27 15:04:45 <NeddySeagoon> IRS Return 990 Nov-2014 due Nov-2015 is that right ?
+Mar 27 15:04:55 <robbat2> it's overdue, and I need to talk about it in old business
+Mar 27 15:05:13 <dabbott> All I see is the Gentoo logo trademark
+Mar 27 15:05:15 <NeddySeagoon> Everything else looks OK
+Mar 27 15:05:46 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2 Your bit Treasurer handover status
+Mar 27 15:06:22 <robbat2> so what i've been trying to do the last month, without much success, is finding a US tax accountant here in vancouver to handle our status
+Mar 27 15:06:37 <robbat2> there's plenty that do personal returns, or large corporations
+Mar 27 15:06:51 <robbat2> but the closest I got was a firm that wanted a min of $5k to do it
+Mar 27 15:07:02 <NeddySeagoon> Matt never passed on the CPA details?
+Mar 27 15:07:18 <robbat2> also ran into a problem that it needs to be filed by somebody with an SSN (which I logically don't have)
+Mar 27 15:07:21 <robbat2> no, he never did
+Mar 27 15:07:33 <robbat2> hence doing that part from scratch :-(
+Mar 27 15:07:45 <NeddySeagoon> taht menas dabbott on Alex then
+Mar 27 15:07:56 <NeddySeagoon> that means ..
+Mar 27 15:08:01 <robbat2> dabbott: you mentioned you helped some org local to you with paypal problems, do you have a CPA contact as well?
+Mar 27 15:08:34 <dabbott> I moved from there :(
+Mar 27 15:08:50 <dabbott> I don't know anyone local
+Mar 27 15:08:50 <robbat2> and I don't suppose that last CPA was very tech-savvy?
+Mar 27 15:09:25 <dabbott> yea just a general tax person, it was simple
+Mar 27 15:09:26 <NeddySeagoon> Should we ask Wayn Chew?
+Mar 27 15:09:52 <NeddySeagoon> for a reccomendation, I mean
+Mar 27 15:10:21 <robbat2> we could, but I'm open to all other avenues of finding a CPA as well
+Mar 27 15:10:35 <dabbott> how about our community
+Mar 27 15:10:54 <robbat2> a related hurdle is that some firms here wanted books in quickbook format only
+Mar 27 15:11:35 <robbat2> post to -dev or -project looking for a CPA?
+Mar 27 15:11:58 <dabbott> It can't hurt
+Mar 27 15:12:03 <NeddySeagoon> how much time do we have?
+Mar 27 15:12:40 <robbat2> our past extensions must have run out by now; either we need a US person to file another extension immediately, or submit our taxes
+Mar 27 15:13:05 <dabbott> Can we file an extention ourselves
+Mar 27 15:13:12 * NeddySeagoon looks at dabbott ... to file for anoter extension
+Mar 27 15:13:18 <dabbott> I can do it if I know how
+Mar 27 15:13:26 <robbat2> i'm uncertain on when it would have run out, because matthew didn't pass on CPA details
+Mar 27 15:14:13 <robbat2> dabbott: look up form 8868
+Mar 27 15:14:29 <NeddySeagoon> Is there any point in calling Matt or do we need to wark on the basis that he will be of no further assistance?
+Mar 27 15:15:09 <robbat2> i think he will not be of further assistance in the time available
+Mar 27 15:15:44 <NeddySeagoon> Is it worth a phone call ?
+Mar 27 15:15:46 <dabbott> robbat2: I see the form can you fill out the info you know and I can put it together and send it in
+Mar 27 15:16:08 <robbat2> NeddySeagoon: i've spoken to him multiple times to ask, and not gotten anything regarding the CPA
+Mar 27 15:16:19 <dabbott> Most CPA's will be super busy till after April
+Mar 27 15:17:04 <dabbott> At leat if we file something and maybe get lucky with a CPA that used Gentoo
+Mar 27 15:17:14 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2: Thats a 'no' then :(
+Mar 27 15:17:41 <NeddySeagoon> dabbott: That would be really good
+Mar 27 15:17:42 <robbat2> ok; action items from this: post a notice TODAY on -dev, -project, -nfp lists about wanting a CPA
+Mar 27 15:17:53 <robbat2> 2. work with dabbott this afternoon to fill that form
+Mar 27 15:18:12 <NeddySeagoon> Sounds good.
+Mar 27 15:18:41 <robbat2> when we have a CPA, I also want to know how to request all of our old tax filings, since no prior treasurer seems to have kept those records
+Mar 27 15:19:20 <robbat2> so last bit of old business I have is a non-status report on paypal
+Mar 27 15:19:45 <robbat2> when I last spoke to them on the phone, they said the verification could take a month, and that passed this last week
+Mar 27 15:19:54 <robbat2> it's still marked as in progress from their side
+Mar 27 15:20:06 <NeddySeagoon> can we use the account in that period?
+Mar 27 15:20:50 <robbat2> yes; we just don't want to trust it with large amounts; which is holding up two things: SFC donation & ARM64 purchase
+Mar 27 15:21:33 <robbat2> i'm not going to stir the pot with paypal compliance department for the moment
+Mar 27 15:21:46 <NeddySeagoon> Sounds fair
+Mar 27 15:22:11 <dabbott> And the checks won't work, no signature on file
+Mar 27 15:22:35 <NeddySeagoon> There is a lot of other stuff on. I suppose we don't have a current account we can use either ?
+Mar 27 15:22:59 <robbat2> same signature issue
+Mar 27 15:23:08 <robbat2> our money is safe, we just can't spend it
+Mar 27 15:23:51 <NeddySeagoon> There must be a way to get the bank to accept a new signature without the help of an existing signatury?
+Mar 27 15:24:33 <robbat2> we have the draft of a letter to send them, we should probably move forward on it
+Mar 27 15:24:36 <dabbott> We should be able to use the NM filing for that
+Mar 27 15:24:54 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2: Agreed
+Mar 27 15:25:19 <robbat2> i'll finish the draft when I talk to dabbott this afternoon, and circulate for signing by trustees
+Mar 27 15:25:31 <robbat2> can everybody put a signature on something without having to print it and scan it back?
+Mar 27 15:25:31 <NeddySeagoon> That works
+Mar 27 15:25:31 <dabbott> sounds good
+Mar 27 15:26:22 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2: You mean a real signature on paper? I don't know how
+Mar 27 15:26:46 <robbat2> as long as you have a high-res scan of just your signature, I can show you how to do it with gimp & pdftk
+Mar 27 15:26:52 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2: we would need to ciruulane the paper.
+Mar 27 15:27:32 <NeddySeagoon> I thind I hawe a transparent scan of my sig.
+Mar 27 15:27:48 <robbat2> anyway, we can do the digital version and hard copy as a followup to it
+Mar 27 15:28:01 <NeddySeagoon> Ok
+Mar 27 15:28:14 <robbat2> that's all from treasurer old business now
+Mar 27 15:28:45 <NeddySeagoon> swift Trademark stuff.
+Mar 27 15:29:07 <SwifT> I finally got around to making the slight adjustments as requested on our december meeting
+Mar 27 15:29:08 <NeddySeagoon> Work has been 12 or 14 hour days I've not read it yet
+Mar 27 15:29:35 <SwifT> no worries
+Mar 27 15:29:49 <dabbott> Looks fine by me, thanks
+Mar 27 15:29:50 <SwifT> there are no "major" changes, more better explanations of certain situations
+Mar 27 15:29:51 <NeddySeagoon> I did see the email though
+Mar 27 15:29:54 <SwifT> for instance, overlays and so
+Mar 27 15:30:06 <SwifT> well, the mail sums it up so you don't need to reread ;-)
+Mar 27 15:30:13 <NeddySeagoon> :)
+Mar 27 15:30:33 <NeddySeagoon> Bugs Open Trustee Bugs
+Mar 27 15:30:34 <SwifT> I'd like to put it on -nfp again (it's been a year) together with the remark that it will go live on a certain date (I am aiming for May 1st)
+Mar 27 15:30:52 <dabbott> SwifT: sounds good
+Mar 27 15:31:05 <SwifT> I'll see with our infra team on how to change it (current one -> keep somewhere archived, new one, etc.)
+Mar 27 15:31:24 <SwifT> 'cause the current one (and many links to it) are on the static website which I don't have access to
+Mar 27 15:31:35 <robbat2> i recommend
+Mar 27 15:31:42 <robbat2> for old website stuff
+Mar 27 15:31:51 <SwifT> that's also a possibility
+Mar 27 15:32:00 <robbat2> beyond that I can show you how to put content in the new website
+Mar 27 15:32:11 <NeddySeagoon> SwifT: I'm good with that.
+Mar 27 15:32:23 <SwifT> I do have one question about the renewed trademark/guidelines though - should we put a paragraph in about time? like that we review and renew yearly?
+Mar 27 15:32:37 <SwifT> or are these guidelines everlasting for those who see it?
+Mar 27 15:33:33 <NeddySeagoon> SwifT: The guidelines are not rectactive ... we tend to review them from "time to time" rather that on a regular basisi
+Mar 27 15:33:49 <robbat2> i think he means do our grants of usage expire
+Mar 27 15:33:56 <NeddySeagoon> Mostly when a case comes up that they don't address :)
+Mar 27 15:34:08 <SwifT> yes - currently I don't think they expire
+Mar 27 15:34:20 <NeddySeagoon> They do not expire
+Mar 27 15:34:50 <SwifT> we could add in a clause about licenses expiring or at least that we expect users to regularly review the license to see if it still applies?
+Mar 27 15:34:59 <NeddySeagoon> Do we need to review bugs?
+Mar 27 15:35:04 <SwifT> or do you rather not go that route? it's not like it changed a lot
+Mar 27 15:35:21 <SwifT> (and given how long we're doing about it to change it... ;-)
+Mar 27 15:35:36 <NeddySeagoon> lets leave it ...
+Mar 27 15:35:40 <SwifT> ok
+Mar 27 15:35:47 <SwifT> sorry for holding the agenda back - please do continue
+Mar 27 15:35:56 <NeddySeagoon> bugs ...
+Mar 27 15:36:45 <NeddySeagoon> Before spanky buys that arm64 box, make sure he understands we don't know when we can pay him back
+Mar 27 15:38:33 <robbat2> yes, there have been some developments in the arm64 server world since then, so i think the exact item might change too
+Mar 27 15:39:05 <NeddySeagoon> The 64 bit Raspberry Pi :)
+Mar 27 15:39:49 <robbat2>
+Mar 27 15:40:07 <NeddySeagoon> Any more on bugs? Others look like they are blocked on banking
+Mar 27 15:41:03 <NeddySeagoon> New Business ...
+Mar 27 15:41:49 <NeddySeagoon> "Genfleetoo" (by email to the trustees) .... last I recall, he wants to use a logo that includes our G logo but squashed
+Mar 27 15:42:49 <SwifT> we discussed that iirc, we don't want the logo's aspect ratio to be modified
+Mar 27 15:42:51 <robbat2> i think he had a version after that just put another image layer on top w/ his brainmap stuff
+Mar 27 15:43:29 <NeddySeagoon> Thats a no no on similarity grounds. I'm good with usisg our logo with an overlay though
+Mar 27 15:44:02 <NeddySeagoon> OK, lets look into it before the next meeting
+Mar 27 15:44:08 <robbat2> how is that not an overlay? (in the visual sense)
+Mar 27 15:44:45 <NeddySeagoon> I'm OK with the overlay ... not the squashed G logo behind it
+Mar 27 15:45:09 * rich0_ is now known as rich0
+Mar 27 15:45:43 <NeddySeagoon> Membership Applications ... Aaron Bauman <>
+Mar 27 15:45:52 <NeddySeagoon> Thats a yes frow me
+Mar 27 15:45:56 <SwifT> aye
+Mar 27 15:45:59 <robbat2> aye
+Mar 27 15:46:00 <dabbott> yes
+Mar 27 15:46:01 <NeddySeagoon> from ... even
+Mar 27 15:46:28 <dabbott> I will email him and add him to the member list
+Mar 27 15:46:36 <NeddySeagoon> Date of Next Meeting - 17 April 2016 19:00 UTC ... Three weeks time ...
+Mar 27 15:46:43 <NeddySeagoon> dabbott: Thatnk you
+Mar 27 15:46:48 <dabbott> fine here
+Mar 27 15:47:01 <NeddySeagoon> Works for me too
+Mar 27 15:47:19 <SwifT> ok
+Mar 27 15:47:29 <robbat2> might have toddler issues that meeting, but every other weekend in april is busy
+Mar 27 15:47:49 <robbat2> (getting toddler into swim lessons that end 18:30 UTC)
+Mar 27 15:47:50 <NeddySeagoon> Toddlers are always issues :)
+Mar 27 15:48:11 <robbat2> and the following week is her 2nd birthday
+Mar 27 15:48:16 <NeddySeagoon> They swim natually too
+Mar 27 15:48:46 <SwifT> I just have something small for the meeting if it's still time
+Mar 27 15:48:51 <SwifT> we got an encrypted e-mail (not yoy NeddySeagoon I think you don't have a GPG key) about tomboy64's personal name (he doesn't want to share it with the project). I've confirmed on his recruitment bug that we received the information.
+Mar 27 15:49:09 <NeddySeagoon> SwifT: I read it :)
+Mar 27 15:49:14 <SwifT> ok
+Mar 27 15:49:16 <dabbott> I checked it also :)
+Mar 27 15:49:40 <robbat2> so I have one comment regarding it; and that's people now know it might not be his real name
+Mar 27 15:50:04 <robbat2> can we handle such issues more carefully; leave the note on the bug, but don't mention it here
+Mar 27 15:50:21 <SwifT> oh... yes, didn't think of that
+Mar 27 15:50:28 <NeddySeagoon> There has been some chatter on the forums that the Charter and/or the Social Contract were mangled in the wikification process. I'll look into it
+Mar 27 15:51:41 <NeddySeagoon> I can compare the Wiki and Guide XML versions
+Mar 27 15:52:26 <NeddySeagoon> Responsibilities ... dabbott you offered. Thank you
+Mar 27 15:52:44 <NeddySeagoon> Open Floor ...
+Mar 27 15:53:42 * NeddySeagoon bangs the gavel to close the meeting
+Mar 27 15:53:50 <NeddySeagoon> Thank you team