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+Jan 15 14:00:20 <prometheanfire> meeting start
+Jan 15 14:00:25 <SwifT> i'm here
+Jan 15 14:00:31 <dabbott> here
+Jan 15 14:00:38 <prometheanfire> robbat2: ping
+Jan 15 14:00:48 <prometheanfire> antarus: is on vacation so isn't here
+Jan 15 14:01:23 <prometheanfire> robbat2: may not be here either due to new developments, not sure
+Jan 15 14:01:40 <prometheanfire> alicef: you here?
+Jan 15 14:03:51 <prometheanfire> well, gonna move on, might be a shorter meeting
+Jan 15 14:04:18 <prometheanfire> activity tracker has nothing for this meeting
+Jan 15 14:04:25 <dabbott> ok
+Jan 15 14:04:59 <prometheanfire> irs status report / treasurer report will have to be put on hold
+Jan 15 14:05:14 <prometheanfire> I don't think there was any progress on the irs side though
+Jan 15 14:05:34 <prometheanfire> and The only expense I know of is the dvds for fosdem and scale
+Jan 15 14:06:03 <prometheanfire> as far as the mailing address, we need to fill out the forms again, and get them notarized, again
+Jan 15 14:06:11 <prometheanfire> I'll try to work with robbat2 on that
+Jan 15 14:06:17 <dabbott> ok
+Jan 15 14:06:34 <prometheanfire> anyone know if the privacy policy was published?
+Jan 15 14:06:55 * antarus is here
+Jan 15 14:07:30 <antarus> camping was cut short due to discomfort ;p
+Jan 15 14:07:42 <dabbott> smart move :)
+Jan 15 14:07:51 <SwifT> prometheanfire: no, bug #351045 is stillopen
+Jan 15 14:07:53 <willikins> SwifT: "www site needs a privacy policy"; Websites, [OLD] Social Contract; CONF; robbat2:infra-bugs
+Jan 15 14:08:01 <prometheanfire> SwifT: ya, k
+Jan 15 14:08:12 <prometheanfire> so, last of robbat2's items
+Jan 15 14:08:16 <prometheanfire> Is SPI worth another look?
+Jan 15 14:08:38 <prometheanfire> iirc alicef was looking into it, but this meeting time probably isn't the best for her
+Jan 15 14:09:01 <dabbott> sure, need more info, do they still want us etc
+Jan 15 14:09:04 <prometheanfire> right now I'd consider it early stages, if we do want to look into SPI/etc we need to form some requirements
+Jan 15 14:09:13 <prometheanfire> dabbott: yep
+Jan 15 14:09:52 <antarus> I would prefer some deadlines
+Jan 15 14:10:04 <antarus> like sure, we should get some requirements; but when?
+Jan 15 14:10:37 <antarus> I'm happy to own writing them by the next meeting
+Jan 15 14:10:44 <prometheanfire> I'd like to have at least the requirements by next meeting
+Jan 15 14:11:07 <prometheanfire> antarus: that'd be appreciated, please pass them off to robbat2 and alicef as well
+Jan 15 14:11:15 <NeddySeagoon> Our requirements on them or theirs on us?
+Jan 15 14:11:26 <antarus> I suspect two documents will be output
+Jan 15 14:11:32 <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: probably ours on them first, since we are going to them
+Jan 15 14:11:54 <prometheanfire> they respond with their reqs
+Jan 15 14:12:08 <NeddySeagoon> prometheanfire: ok.
+Jan 15 14:12:16 <prometheanfire> then after back and forth we go with it, or not
+Jan 15 14:12:26 <antarus> their reqs are dependent on them, and its unclear if I can get to respond by the next meeting
+Jan 15 14:12:30 <dabbott> I just want to make sure infra has control over the funds and not just a group of developers
+Jan 15 14:12:38 <antarus> huh?
+Jan 15 14:12:51 <antarus> or
+Jan 15 14:13:03 <prometheanfire> dabbott: you don't want the most awesome and expensive servers? :P
+Jan 15 14:13:04 <antarus> happy to discuss during discussion period, I want to complete the rest of the agenda
+Jan 15 14:13:14 <prometheanfire> bad characterization, but funny :P
+Jan 15 14:13:25 <prometheanfire> anyway, next
+Jan 15 14:13:30 <prometheanfire> D&O insurance Bug 592198
+Jan 15 14:13:33 <willikins> "D&O insurance"; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; CONF; prometheanfire:trustees
+Jan 15 14:13:55 <prometheanfire> I've responded to them again, and they are looking for underwriters now (I think that's the term)
+Jan 15 14:14:06 <prometheanfire> so we are moving, slowly, but moving none the less
+Jan 15 14:14:32 <prometheanfire> next
+Jan 15 14:14:34 <prometheanfire> Working with Gentoo-ev
+Jan 15 14:15:07 <prometheanfire> they've asked for a meeting via webrtc just to familiarize ourselves with eachother
+Jan 15 14:15:18 <prometheanfire> I'm hoping for that to happen this week
+Jan 15 14:15:41 <prometheanfire> I'm hoping even more to talk to them at fosdem, but nothing's been said on their end there
+Jan 15 14:15:52 <prometheanfire> I should have more info next week (hopefully)
+Jan 15 14:16:00 <prometheanfire> next
+Jan 15 14:16:03 <prometheanfire> Combining Trustees and Council into 'The Board'
+Jan 15 14:16:16 <prometheanfire> so, the bikeshedding continues
+Jan 15 14:16:29 <prometheanfire> it's spawned two other threads
+Jan 15 14:16:45 <prometheanfire> move under the spi
+Jan 15 14:16:58 <prometheanfire> be governed by the council
+Jan 15 14:17:16 <prometheanfire> I don't think the second one is actually possible from a legal point of view, but ianal
+Jan 15 14:17:26 <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: you talked about that in your email right?
+Jan 15 14:17:32 <NeddySeagoon> yep
+Jan 15 14:17:57 <prometheanfire> mind talking about it here (even if just a summary)?
+Jan 15 14:18:33 <NeddySeagoon> I don't see how its possible unless only council are voting members of the foundation. Then why would anyone else join?
+Jan 15 14:19:00 <antarus> I disagree
+Jan 15 14:19:16 <antarus> but I mean nominally it all depends on the laws of NM
+Jan 15 14:19:29 <alicef> im here
+Jan 15 14:19:33 <antarus> if its legal for us to write bylaws such that, members elect council and council appoints trustees
+Jan 15 14:19:41 <antarus> then I don't see why it is not possible
+Jan 15 14:19:45 <prometheanfire> that alone is a good point, the members of the foundation would loose voting power if the trustees were appointed by the council
+Jan 15 14:19:49 <NeddySeagoon> I don't see how a body outside the foundation can appoint trustees. Its fairly fundamental taht members get to vote for them.
+Jan 15 14:20:09 <prometheanfire> antarus: I don't think they'd be happy with non-devs voting for council :P
+Jan 15 14:20:22 <NeddySeagoon> antarus: That would make council a part of the foundation
+Jan 15 14:20:22 <antarus> they == NM?
+Jan 15 14:20:30 <prometheanfire> council
+Jan 15 14:20:52 <antarus> well I have not read all of Andreas's email yet
+Jan 15 14:21:10 <antarus> if we give our assets to the SPI
+Jan 15 14:21:22 <antarus> I feel like we do not solve the problem of "distro" | "Foundation"
+Jan 15 14:21:44 <antarus> its just now instead of the foundation being a psuedo-friend to the community (the gentoo foundation), the Foundation is SPI
+Jan 15 14:21:45 <NeddySeagoon> The other detail, is its really officers, not trustees. Thats been a bit blurred with the the same people in officer anh trustee roles
+Jan 15 14:22:00 <antarus> its not clear if this is a real problem or not
+Jan 15 14:22:08 <antarus> it feels like this is a possible problem
+Jan 15 14:22:12 <antarus> and so it may not be worth solving
+Jan 15 14:22:13 <NeddySeagoon> antarus: Correct. Nothing changes. We get rid of some of the admin
+Jan 15 14:22:20 <prometheanfire> antarus: well, there'd still be the trustees, to make day to day decisions
+Jan 15 14:23:16 <antarus> so
+Jan 15 14:23:25 <antarus> point of procedure, when is bikeshedding over?
+Jan 15 14:23:38 <antarus> or, what are next steps, and when do you intend to take them?
+Jan 15 14:24:01 <antarus> (for discussion on combination)
+Jan 15 14:24:40 <NeddySeagoon> antarus: I would hope a lot of the detail would be resolved at FOSDEM. Face to face is so much better
+Jan 15 14:24:42 <prometheanfire> I intend to make at least one more general revision, I'll send that to trustees first so hopefully they/we can comment and make it into something that provokes less bikeshedding
+Jan 15 14:25:50 <alicef> yws with SPI we still need to have some project dealing with decisions, SPI will deal with the "financial"/organization part leaving more time for the distribution people dealing with other problems
+Jan 15 14:25:52 <prometheanfire> after that revision I'd like to then write out the actual plan (revisions are what we want the end state to look like). once that is done it can be proposed 'officially'
+Jan 15 14:26:39 <dabbott> alicef: what is the process like to request funds, is there a budget?
+Jan 15 14:27:11 <prometheanfire> dabbott: these are the details that we need to work out by next meeting
+Jan 15 14:27:11 <dabbott> Do they take a 10% ? for there work
+Jan 15 14:27:19 <prometheanfire> their
+Jan 15 14:27:20 <alicef> Paying Project Expenses
+Jan 15 14:28:22 <prometheanfire> so, next subject?
+Jan 15 14:28:41 <antarus> I think these are all great questions
+Jan 15 14:28:49 <alicef> All transaction costs (such as the 4.5% for credit cards, and wire transfer fees) are deducted from the contribution. 5% of the remainder is deducted for SPI overhead, primarily accounting, photocopying and postage. The remaining money is held in trust for the project.
+Jan 15 14:28:51 <antarus> but we should collect them as a FAQ for SPI and put them in a doc
+Jan 15 14:28:54 <antarus> and not talk about them in detail here
+Jan 15 14:29:14 <dabbott> sounds good
+Jan 15 14:29:18 <prometheanfire> yep
+Jan 15 14:29:37 <alicef> ok for me
+Jan 15 14:29:57 <prometheanfire> so, next
+Jan 15 14:30:10 <prometheanfire> SwifT: artwork
+Jan 15 14:30:17 <antarus> (I will own that as well)
+Jan 15 14:30:18 <SwifT> i've drafted a suggestion to handle the artwork approval. Basically, we would handle and follow-up all requests through bugzilla, and have a majority of members of the artwork project + one trustee vote on it. If the majority agrees on it, then it is approved. If there was no voting or quorum by a certain period, then it is put on the agenda for the trustees to decide.
+Jan 15 14:30:36 <prometheanfire> antarus: k
+Jan 15 14:30:52 <SwifT> for the people involved in the artwork project,I think this is ok (it's not an active project right now)
+Jan 15 14:31:09 <SwifT> I want to send it out to -project as well (and/or -nfp)
+Jan 15 14:31:10 <alicef> as i said in the mail is ok for me
+Jan 15 14:31:31 <dabbott> SwifT: thanks sounds fine
+Jan 15 14:31:43 <SwifT> the trustees might want to read up on it by the next meeting
+Jan 15 14:31:54 <SwifT> it's at but also linked through the wiki
+Jan 15 14:31:59 <SwifT> (through the agenda)
+Jan 15 14:32:26 <prometheanfire> just read it, it's short
+Jan 15 14:32:44 <SwifT> it's not rocket science either
+Jan 15 14:32:45 <SwifT> ;)
+Jan 15 14:32:49 <prometheanfire> yep
+Jan 15 14:32:53 <prometheanfire> it looks good to me
+Jan 15 14:33:05 <prometheanfire> antarus: dabbott you fine voting on it?
+Jan 15 14:33:26 <dabbott> sure
+Jan 15 14:33:59 <prometheanfire> SwifT: looks like we don't get to push this off til next meeting :P
+Jan 15 14:34:57 <antarus> yes
+Jan 15 14:35:07 <prometheanfire> vote to accept the ArtworkApproval proposal created by SwifT to streamline artwork approval
+Jan 15 14:35:12 <antarus> aye
+Jan 15 14:35:14 <SwifT> aye
+Jan 15 14:35:15 <dabbott> aye
+Jan 15 14:35:16 <prometheanfire> aye
+Jan 15 14:35:23 <prometheanfire> robbat2 isn't here
+Jan 15 14:35:45 <prometheanfire> ArtworkApproval proposal approved
+Jan 15 14:35:58 <SwifT> thanks, i'll get things moving further then
+Jan 15 14:36:00 <prometheanfire> SwifT: please go forth :D
+Jan 15 14:36:21 <prometheanfire> next, open bugs
+Jan 15 14:36:46 <prometheanfire>
+Jan 15 14:36:51 <prometheanfire> nice long url for you
+Jan 15 14:37:28 <prometheanfire> bug 43477
+Jan 15 14:37:30 <willikins> prometheanfire: "Request: "Gentoo consultants" page"; Websites, Other; IN_P; greg:docs-team
+Jan 15 14:37:54 <dabbott> maybe waiting on alex
+Jan 15 14:38:16 <prometheanfire> nothing for us to do there, as maffblaster needs to ask a3li about it
+Jan 15 14:38:22 <prometheanfire> bug 601330
+Jan 15 14:38:28 <willikins> prometheanfire: "Tom Samstag Sticker Proposal"; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; CONF; dabbott:trustees
+Jan 15 14:38:37 <prometheanfire> I think we need to vote on this one :P
+Jan 15 14:38:48 <antarus> er
+Jan 15 14:38:53 <antarus> back to the consultants thing
+Jan 15 14:38:56 <antarus> why is that under us?
+Jan 15 14:39:54 <prometheanfire>
+Jan 15 14:40:29 <prometheanfire> we talked about the move to our namespace last month
+Jan 15 14:41:45 <antarus> ok
+Jan 15 14:41:46 <prometheanfire> I think it's under us because it allows some measure of control as to who is on that list
+Jan 15 14:41:49 <antarus> stickers then
+Jan 15 14:41:55 <prometheanfire> yep, stickers :P
+Jan 15 14:42:06 <antarus> (my primary concern was a process to keep it updated, and there is one at the top)
+Jan 15 14:42:34 <dabbott> this was approved and he has his stickers, i think we can close
+Jan 15 14:42:34 <antarus> the sample stickers lgtm
+Jan 15 14:42:48 <antarus> I vote aye to close, or re-approve, or whatever ;p
+Jan 15 14:42:58 <prometheanfire> antarus: I added curation of that list of consultants to the activity tracker
+Jan 15 14:43:16 <antarus> ack
+Jan 15 14:43:45 <prometheanfire> ok, vote to close/confirm stickers proposal
+Jan 15 14:43:56 <prometheanfire> aye
+Jan 15 14:44:04 <SwifT> aye
+Jan 15 14:44:05 <dabbott> do we need to vote?
+Jan 15 14:44:13 <dabbott> aye
+Jan 15 14:44:27 <prometheanfire> just for completeness
+Jan 15 14:44:36 <prometheanfire> antarus: ?
+Jan 15 14:45:05 <tecknicaltom> so approval granted to sell the stickers through the Sticker Mule Marketplace as detailed in the original email?
+Jan 15 14:45:13 <antarus> aye
+Jan 15 14:45:25 <prometheanfire> ok, vote approved
+Jan 15 14:45:29 <prometheanfire> I'll close that out
+Jan 15 14:45:49 <dabbott> tecknicaltom: yes
+Jan 15 14:46:18 <prometheanfire> bug 601330 has more info
+Jan 15 14:46:23 <willikins> prometheanfire: "Tom Samstag Sticker Proposal"; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; RESO, FIXE; dabbott:trustees
+Jan 15 14:47:00 <prometheanfire> alicef went to bed, so we can skip bug 598010 (waiting on her)
+Jan 15 14:47:03 <willikins> prometheanfire: "Reimbursement for Gentoo banner and Gentoo booth table cover."; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; CONF; alicef:trustees
+Jan 15 14:47:10 <alicef> ah still here
+Jan 15 14:47:21 <prometheanfire> alicef: please update that bug for next meeting :P
+Jan 15 14:47:23 <alicef> i will buy this week i think
+Jan 15 14:47:28 <alicef> not yet bought
+Jan 15 14:47:33 <prometheanfire> k
+Jan 15 14:47:47 <alicef> i'm wating for finishing the table cover design
+Jan 15 14:47:58 <alicef> can i show ?
+Jan 15 14:48:10 <prometheanfire> bug 605336 is activly in progress, so nothing to do there (we voted in the bug)
+Jan 15 14:48:13 <willikins> prometheanfire: "Funding request for livedvd handout copies, FOSDEM 2017"; Gentoo Foundation, Reimbursements; CONF; dilfridge:trustees
+Jan 15 14:48:18 <prometheanfire> alicef: sure
+Jan 15 14:49:14 <alicef>
+Jan 15 14:49:48 <alicef> we decided to use Gentoo and website
+Jan 15 14:50:04 <NeddySeagoon> looks good
+Jan 15 14:50:06 <alicef> instead of the pull request with
+Jan 15 14:50:23 <alicef> so i'm waiting for such change
+Jan 15 14:51:03 <prometheanfire> ah, k, was going to ask, as iirc the cover may travel
+Jan 15 14:51:15 <prometheanfire> like larry being on there
+Jan 15 14:51:30 <prometheanfire> but, on to business
+Jan 15 14:51:41 <alicef> yes
+Jan 15 14:51:53 <prometheanfire> membership approvals
+Jan 15 14:51:54 <prometheanfire> Michał Górny <mgorny>
+Jan 15 14:51:59 <prometheanfire> vote please
+Jan 15 14:52:02 <prometheanfire> aye
+Jan 15 14:52:06 <antarus> aye
+Jan 15 14:52:06 <dabbott> aye to both
+Jan 15 14:52:31 <prometheanfire> SwifT: ?
+Jan 15 14:53:33 <SwifT> aye to both
+Jan 15 14:53:42 * ChanServ gives voice to mgorny
+Jan 15 14:53:44 <prometheanfire> mgorny: approved
+Jan 15 14:53:50 <prometheanfire> Ettore Di Giacinto <mudler>
+Jan 15 14:53:51 <antarus> aye to both also (as I said over email)
+Jan 15 14:53:53 <prometheanfire> please vote
+Jan 15 14:53:55 <antarus> aye
+Jan 15 14:53:56 <SwifT> aye
+Jan 15 14:53:58 <prometheanfire> aye
+Jan 15 14:54:05 <dabbott> aye
+Jan 15 14:54:09 <prometheanfire> ok
+Jan 15 14:54:16 * ChanServ gives voice to mudler
+Jan 15 14:54:20 <prometheanfire> mulder approved
+Jan 15 14:54:34 <NeddySeagoon> fixed the ACL list nere
+Jan 15 14:54:36 <mgorny> scully too? ;-D
+Jan 15 14:54:37 <NeddySeagoon> here*
+Jan 15 14:54:39 * mgorny hides
+Jan 15 14:54:42 <prometheanfire> I think that's it for the meeting (except open)
+Jan 15 14:54:53 <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: thanks
+Jan 15 14:55:01 <prometheanfire> oh, next meeting
+Jan 15 14:55:05 <prometheanfire> Date of Next Meeting - Feb 19 2017 19:00 UTC
+Jan 15 14:55:13 <dabbott> ok here
+Jan 15 14:55:28 <SwifT> ok here as well
+Jan 15 14:55:39 <prometheanfire> I might miss it, be traveling that day
+Jan 15 14:55:45 <prometheanfire> openstack - The first Project Teams Gathering (PTG) will be held in Atlanta, Feb 20-24, 2017.
+Jan 15 14:55:57 <dabbott> prometheanfire: we can move the meeting
+Jan 15 14:56:22 <prometheanfire> moving it a week later would be good for me
+Jan 15 14:56:37 <SwifT> 26th works for me as well
+Jan 15 14:56:53 <dabbott> ok thats good here also 26th?
+Jan 15 14:56:58 <prometheanfire> sgtm
+Jan 15 14:57:04 <antarus> sgtm
+Jan 15 14:57:05 <prometheanfire> antarus: 26th?
+Jan 15 14:57:07 <prometheanfire> cool
+Jan 15 14:57:10 <prometheanfire> I'll change it
+Jan 15 14:57:40 <prometheanfire> antarus: you posting logs/minutes/motions/emails?
+Jan 15 14:57:53 <dabbott> I got it
+Jan 15 14:57:59 <prometheanfire> cool
+Jan 15 14:58:05 <prometheanfire> open floor
+Jan 15 14:58:22 * antarus is not the secretary, I think
+Jan 15 14:58:24 <antarus> I was not logging ;p
+Jan 15 14:58:30 <dabbott> prometheanfire: you going to update the agenda and /topic or do you want me too?
+Jan 15 14:58:31 <prometheanfire> oops
+Jan 15 14:58:35 <antarus> dabbatt does an amazing job ;)
+Jan 15 14:58:41 <prometheanfire> dabbott: meant that for you
+Jan 15 14:58:46 <prometheanfire> dabbott: posting logs/minutes/motions/emails?
+Jan 15 14:58:49 <dabbott> good at grunt work only :P
+Jan 15 14:58:55 <prometheanfire> dabbott: I can update the /topic and agenda
+Jan 15 14:59:06 <dabbott> cool sound good
+Jan 15 14:59:38 * NeddySeagoon removes channel operator status from FamousEccles
+Jan 15 14:59:38 <prometheanfire> ok, open floor then
+Jan 15 14:59:45 * NeddySeagoon removes channel operator status from NeddySeagoon
+Jan 15 15:01:04 <mgorny> i've looked at foundation member list, and it seems to have a few retired devs
+Jan 15 15:01:23 <mgorny> i think it'd be reasonable to look if they still want to be in foundation, or should be removed per bylaws
+Jan 15 15:01:41 <prometheanfire> mgorny: that'd be a bylaw change I think
+Jan 15 15:02:25 <dabbott> mgorny: we do need to remove some people that have not voted in the last 2 elections
+Jan 15 15:02:55 <mgorny> > Full members who retire from the Gentoo project shall have there membership continued while they indicate that they remain interested in the affairs of the Foundation [...]
+Jan 15 15:03:12 <mgorny> so i'd say bylaws agree with removing them if they don't want to be part of foundation anymore
+Jan 15 15:03:51 <SwifT> the moment they themselves say that they don't want to be a member anymore we can of course remove them from the member list
+Jan 15 15:04:02 <SwifT> can't keep them a member against their own will... ;)
+Jan 15 15:04:19 <NeddySeagoon> mgorny: Lost interest is defined as not voting in 2 successive elections
+Jan 15 15:04:22 <prometheanfire> mgorny: retiring as a dev doesn't necessarilly mean they don't want to be part of the foundation, not voting does though :P
+Jan 15 15:04:58 <mgorny> NeddySeagoon: is that in bylaws?
+Jan 15 15:05:46 <NeddySeagoon> mgorny: The bylaws say as determined by the trustees from time to time. Thats how the trustees determined it to be
+Jan 15 15:06:23 <antarus> doens't mean we can't change it
+Jan 15 15:06:28 <NeddySeagoon> mgorny: That can be changed by a vote of the trustees
+Jan 15 15:06:47 <antarus> I had some data on this
+Jan 15 15:06:53 <antarus> on how many were retired
+Jan 15 15:07:09 <antarus> but I desperately need to eat
+Jan 15 15:07:21 <SwifT> guys, I will need to leave, daughter needs to be read her story :P
+Jan 15 15:07:44 * prometheanfire has changed the topic to: Current Bugs :: | Next Meeting :: Sunday 26 Febuary 2017 19:00 UTC - In your time: | Agenda ::
+Jan 15 15:07:56 <prometheanfire> SwifT: k, nn
+Jan 15 15:08:08 <dabbott> SwifT: thanks
+Jan 15 15:08:12 <prometheanfire> I propose we end the meeting then
+Jan 15 15:08:21 <prometheanfire> I haven't eaten yet either
+Jan 15 15:08:26 <rich0> mgorny: while of course I've been a proponent of getting rid of ex-devs and non-devs in general in the foundation member rolls, under the present set of policies I think it is sufficient to just let them drop off the rolls if they fail to vote twice.
+Jan 15 15:08:40 <mgorny> antarus: i'll pasta list in a sec
+Jan 15 15:08:49 <prometheanfire> so, ending meeting