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+[22:00:07] Meeting started by prometheanfire
+[22:00:26] Meeting chairs are: alicef, dabbott, klondike, prometheanfire, kensington,
+[22:00:34] <prometheanfire> .topic roll call
+[22:00:39] <klondike> Hi
+[22:00:40] Current subject: roll call, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:00:43] <prometheanfire> o/
+[22:00:49] <kensington> Hi
+[22:00:55] <dabbott> here
+[22:01:20] <prometheanfire> alicef: ping?
+[22:01:28] <prometheanfire> !proj trustees
+[22:01:29] <willikins> ( alicef, dabbott, jmbsvicetto, kensington, klondike, maffblaster, prometheanfire, robbat2
+[22:02:38] <prometheanfire> ok, we have quorum, so I'm moving on
+[22:02:56] <prometheanfire> .note dabbott is logging the meeting
+[22:03:03] <prometheanfire> .infa dabbott is logging the meeting
+[22:03:07] INFO: dabbott is logging the meeting
+[22:03:11] <prometheanfire> I'll get it right one of these times
+[22:03:47] <prometheanfire> dabbott: want to go over the election (since it's on the tracker)
+[22:03:57] Current subject: activity tracker, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:04:07] <dabbott> sure
+[22:04:41] <dabbott>
+[22:05:00] <dabbott> recording date is today
+[22:05:22] <prometheanfire> yep
+[22:05:47] <dabbott> are we going to remove any members bug 653904
+[22:05:49] <willikins> dabbott: "Foundation member removal candidates (based on 2016+2017 elections)"; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; CONF; mgorny:trustees
+[22:06:37] <prometheanfire> I think we need to
+[22:06:38] <dabbott> nomination email sample
+[22:07:05] <dabbott> dates
+[22:07:30] <mgorny> dabbott: please use Y-m-d dates (i.e. '-' instead of '/')
+[22:07:34] <prometheanfire> looks good (the email)
+[22:07:43] <prometheanfire> iso8601 iirc?
+[22:07:50] <mgorny> ya
+[22:08:06] <mgorny> slash makes it confusing with the american shuffled month thingy
+[22:08:28] <prometheanfire> mgorny: if it helps I write my checks using iso8601 :D
+[22:08:38] <dabbott> mgorny: so 2018-6-25
+[22:08:57] <dabbott> year - month - day ?
+[22:09:06] <prometheanfire> yes
+[22:09:24] <dabbott> ok
+[22:10:20] <prometheanfire> date -u +%Y-%M-%d
+[22:10:33] <prometheanfire> oops, lower m
+[22:10:39] <prometheanfire> dabbott: anything else?
+[22:11:03] <mgorny> dabbott: actually -06-
+[22:11:06] <prometheanfire> dabbott: we don't need a vote to remove people I don't think as it is procedural as per our bylaws
+[22:11:14] <dabbott> lets vote on the members to remove to make it offical and I will remove them
+[22:12:01] <dabbott> on the bug the last list of people with audiodef included or not
+[22:12:04] Current subject: voting on removing members listed in the following link, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:12:11] LINK: [653904 – Foundation member removal candidates (based on 2016+2017 elections)]
+[22:12:18] <prometheanfire> aye
+[22:12:31] <kensington> Yes
+[22:12:36] <dabbott> yes
+[22:12:49] <prometheanfire> klondike: alicef ?
+[22:12:55] <klondike> One sec
+[22:13:27] <klondike> I vote no
+[22:13:52] <prometheanfire> klondike: any reason?
+[22:13:56] <klondike> zlg was a member of the board before resigning obviosuly showing interest in foundation affairs
+[22:14:33] <klondike> I'm also unsure if likewhoa was contacted properly as he was active as late as 2017 (and did our liveDVDs for fosdem)
+[22:15:04] <prometheanfire> I don't think they are still devs, checking ldap
+[22:15:39] <robbat2> there was new tooling & yaml data I already put into the private repo
+[22:15:40] <mgorny> klondike: and after ragequitting he shown no interest in foundation affairs except for inciting more hostility towards me
+[22:15:45] <robbat2> that shows who the list of people were
+[22:15:51] <robbat2> and made it easier for next time
+[22:16:50] <robbat2> i can't hang out long, busy with kids
+[22:16:52] <prometheanfire> zlg is retired
+[22:17:43] ACTION: dabbott remove the members found in from the rolls as the vote was 3 to 1 for the removal
+[22:17:43] <dabbott> robbat2: is your list in comment 10 still correct?
+[22:17:57] <robbat2> my only updates were: 1. openssl-ec: patchset done, seems likt it was working; 2. i'll probably get the this year's fiscal data committed soon, just pending some more statements that dabbott could grab for me?
+[22:18:03] <NeddySeagoon> The meeting that set the two elections rule did not agree any other critera
+[22:19:01] <robbat2> yes c10 is my final correct list
+[22:19:04] <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: ya, that doesn't seem to be a hard and fast rule, but we can act on it under bylaw 4.4
+[22:19:18] <dabbott> robbat2: ok thanks
+[22:19:19] <prometheanfire> specifically, Criteria for loss of interest in the foundation shall be determined by the trustees, from time to time.
+[22:19:26] <prometheanfire> robbat2: we voted on c11
+[22:19:58] <NeddySeagoon> prometheanfire: sure
+[22:20:01] <robbat2> my only request to the trustees: finish the CPA RFP please and publish it
+[22:20:19] <prometheanfire> robbat2: ok, I don't think there's much left
+[22:20:22] <robbat2> you already have my prior-year draft financial statements on the wiki, just not ideally formatted
+[22:20:51] <prometheanfire> alicef is not here, so will skip her items for now
+[22:21:20] <prometheanfire> we went over dabbots stuff already (member list, dates, draft email)
+[22:21:38] Current subject: klondike's items, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:22:14] <prometheanfire> klondike: request for accounting / bookkeeping update on that RFP for publishing?
+[22:22:23] <klondike> I haven't had much time lately. Sorry.
+[22:22:47] <klondike> The RFP is in the same status as last month. I still need to apply the feedback I got on the last meeting.
+[22:23:02] <prometheanfire> klondike: do you think we can have that update by next meeting?
+[22:23:07] <klondike> And I know K_F is going to kill me for that.
+[22:23:12] <prometheanfire> klondike: :P
+[22:23:21] <klondike> Supposing I finish all my work and reports by then yes.
+[22:23:32] <prometheanfire> I'd like to vote on the rfp publishing / draft next meeting
+[22:23:43] <klondike> I'll be on Spain on holidays next month once I'm done with my last work batch.
+[22:24:03] <prometheanfire> ok
+[22:24:08] <prometheanfire> klondike: move on then?
+[22:24:12] ACTION: klondike to finish rfp and bring it back to trustees for aproval
+[22:24:18] <klondike> Yes
+[22:24:23] Current subject: prometheanfire's items, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:24:51] <klondike> I'll mail the RFP to trustees for another round of comments as soon as I get it done.
+[22:24:54] INFO: openssl ecc patches seem to be working, 1.1 works already but is masked iirc, 1.0.2 works with robbat2's patches as far as I can tell.
+[22:25:04] <prometheanfire> klondike: thanks
+[22:25:42] INFO: gdpr, not much progress here, infra is still itemizing stuff as per jmbsvicetto's comment a couple hours ago
+[22:25:59] <prometheanfire> will skip the infra update unless someone else has a question
+[22:26:14] Current subject: treasurer update, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:26:47] <prometheanfire> not sure if robbat2 is still around, but he asked dabbott to get some statements to get this years fiscal data committed
+[22:27:11] ACTION: dabbott to get some statements to robbat2 for this years fiscal data
+[22:27:27] <prometheanfire> also, klondike is working on the rfp final draft
+[22:27:37] <NeddySeagoon> Is anything further needed on the hosts timeline ?
+[22:27:48] <dabbott> robbat2: what statements do you need
+[22:28:00] <prometheanfire> dabbott: I'm guessing the recent ones
+[22:28:17] <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: not that I know of, I did see you two were talking earlier about it
+[22:28:29] <NeddySeagoon> ok
+[22:29:20] Current subject: open bugs, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:29:30] LINK: [Bug List: TrusteesOpenBugs]
+[22:29:49] LINK: [653640 – Add HelloTux (Embroidered Shirts) to page "Stores offering Gentoo products" new section "Worldwide"]
+[22:30:03] <prometheanfire> I think we can close that one as they are contacting gentoo-ev for their needs
+[22:30:05] <dabbott> prometheanfire: you skipped the community items
+[22:30:36] <prometheanfire> dabbott: ah, you are right, I'll get to it after bugs
+[22:31:17] <prometheanfire> anyone against me closing that bug?
+[22:32:01] <kensington> Go for it
+[22:32:04] <klondike> Close
+[22:32:07] <prometheanfire> closed
+[22:32:19] <robbat2> dabbott: you pulled the statements up 201803_Sparks.pdf, so it's april/may & soon June statement, that will cover the close of this FY in 8 days time
+[22:32:45] <dabbott> robbat2: ok
+[22:32:57] LINK: [653304 – Code of Conduct bans against general public restrict Free Speech]
+[22:33:13] <prometheanfire> I would state that there is no free speach on private lists
+[22:33:19] <prometheanfire> speech even
+[22:33:28] <robbat2> i'm really vanishing now, for the community item, I thought y'all should vote on having reopen_nominations. I can't vote on it, but I approve of it
+[22:33:37] <prometheanfire> robbat2: yarp
+[22:34:08] <prometheanfire> are people alright for me to put that in the bug and close it?
+[22:34:19] <dabbott> prometheanfire: yes
+[22:34:58] <klondike> prometheanfire:
+[22:35:03] <prometheanfire> klondike:
+[22:35:07] <kensington> It's assigned to comrel
+[22:35:19] <prometheanfire> oh, trustees were cc'd
+[22:35:25] <prometheanfire> I'll just reopen and uncc us
+[22:35:32] <klondike> Free speech entails your right to express your ideas and so, not your right to have us supporting you in their disemination.
+[22:36:00] <prometheanfire> klondike: indeed
+[22:36:35] <klondike> In other words, no matter whether the lists are public or private since the Gentoo Foundation is paying for the infrastructure hosting those lists it is our right to decide what we allow or not.
+[22:36:53] <prometheanfire> still waiting on info for
+[22:37:15] <prometheanfire> klondike: to a degree, (see trump's twitter stuff being a public forum in the US)
+[22:37:41] LINK: [657762 – Foundation: Bylaw amendment proposal, raise number of trustees]
+[22:37:46] <prometheanfire> raise the number of trustees
+[22:38:40] <kensington> We struggle with candidates as it is
+[22:38:46] <prometheanfire> we should vote on it
+[22:38:56] <dwfreed> prometheanfire: public forum only applies to public officials
+[22:39:01] <NeddySeagoon> it won't help get stuff done
+[22:39:04] <prometheanfire> I say nay, like kensington said
+[22:39:11] <prometheanfire> dwfreed: indeed
+[22:39:13] <dabbott> nay
+[22:39:14] <kensington> No
+[22:39:24] <prometheanfire> ok, majority had
+[22:40:11] <klondike> I vote no too
+[22:40:24] <prometheanfire> klondike: unanimous even (for those attending)
+[22:40:33] LINK: [531540 – dev-libs/openssl: revise inclusion of elliptic curves with bindist USE flag]
+[22:40:46] <klondike> An annotation too: I would vote yes if we had more candidates.
+[22:40:57] <prometheanfire> klondike: and clear roles, yes
+[22:41:15] <prometheanfire> I think we can uncc us as the new patches seem working to me
+[22:41:25] <dabbott> sounds good
+[22:41:49] <prometheanfire> ok, doing so (no need to vote I think, this was my item anyway)
+[22:42:27] <prometheanfire> that's it for bugs
+[22:42:33] <prometheanfire> unless someone else has one
+[22:42:44] <klondike> Maybe I should bring it now
+[22:42:57] <klondike> We have two requests for membership unless I lost track of time
+[22:43:26] <prometheanfire> klondike: we have one recorded as a todo (after the community items)
+[22:43:26] <klondike> Akinori Hattori (hattya) and Matt Turner (mattst88)
+[22:43:27] <dabbott> only one on the agenda
+[22:44:03] <prometheanfire> klondike: I think you responded to mattst88?
+[22:44:04] <dabbott> matt88 was already added to the member list
+[22:44:08] <prometheanfire> ah
+[22:44:48] <klondike> Okay, just wanted to make sure we hadn't missed them given this is the last recording meeting for new memberships
+[22:44:52] <prometheanfire> klondike: so, after the community items
+[22:45:01] <klondike> Yup
+[22:45:08] Current subject: Add reopen nominations option to ballot, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:45:22] <prometheanfire> I suggest we vote on the proceedure doc'd here
+[22:45:31] LINK: [None]
+[22:45:48] <prometheanfire> yes
+[22:45:55] <dabbott> yes
+[22:46:25] <kensington> Yes
+[22:46:37] <klondike> Yes
+[22:46:47] <prometheanfire> ok, that's a yes for all then
+[22:46:54] Current subject: contact SFLC/Eben Moglen for finance and legal advice , (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:46:56] <prometheanfire> dabbott: ?
+[22:47:40] <dabbott> I did not contact him, I think it would be better if someone who is going to be active does it as I am stepping down
+[22:48:29] <prometheanfire> should we leave this til after/at the AGM?
+[22:49:26] <dabbott> yes, last time we worked with them , they wanted a designated contact person
+[22:49:43] <prometheanfire> ok, makes sense
+[22:50:04] <dabbott> that person was the tresurer last time, needs to be an officer of the board
+[22:50:22] <prometheanfire> dabbott: ok
+[22:50:27] <prometheanfire> next then?
+[22:51:24] Current subject: new members, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:51:33] <prometheanfire> vote on Akinori Hattori ( please
+[22:51:34] <prometheanfire> yea
+[22:51:37] <klondike> yes
+[22:51:40] <dabbott> yes
+[22:52:16] <kensington> Yes
+[22:52:22] <prometheanfire> ok, passes
+[22:52:29] <prometheanfire> dabbott: I believe you send the notice?
+[22:52:40] <dabbott> yes and update the list
+[22:52:55] Current subject: copyright assignment, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:52:59] LINK: [Re: [gentoo-nfp] Trustee meeting Meetings&#x2F;2018&#x2F;05 agenda - gentoo-nfp - Gentoo Mailing List Archives]
+[22:54:09] <klondike> I'd say the answers are yes and we need to vote on the second.
+[22:55:14] <prometheanfire> I'm not sure what to do here, I would like to provide a general release to those parties (I believe the answer to A is yes), but I don't want to give up something we shouldn't (not able to think of anything, but am kinda protectionist)
+[22:55:24] <prometheanfire> let's vote on A first then
+[22:55:57] <prometheanfire> I think we are successors to the GTI
+[22:56:31] <NeddySeagoon> There is an assignment statemet to that effect
+[22:57:00] <klondike> prometheanfire: did you sign a contributor agreement?
+[22:57:00] <prometheanfire> exactly
+[22:57:12] <prometheanfire> klondike: for gentoo?
+[22:57:17] <klondike> Yes
+[22:57:21] <prometheanfire> no
+[22:57:32] <klondike> Neither did I
+[22:57:58] <klondike> It's not fair to keep the older developers under it.
+[22:57:58] <mgorny> nobody did since 2005 afair
+[22:58:01] <prometheanfire> there are some who did
+[22:58:24] <NeddySeagoon> I did not in may 2006
+[22:58:42] <prometheanfire> klondike: I'm not good with giving away something that I don't know
+[22:59:05] <prometheanfire> if I know what was covered in the release I'd be able to make a better decision
+[22:59:08] <dabbott> william hubbs may be the only one around that signed anything
+[22:59:23] <klondike> Swift?
+[22:59:32] <dabbott> ahh maybe
+[23:00:00] <mgorny> we have a list
+[23:00:32] <klondike> mgorny: where?
+[23:00:51] <mgorny> i think ulm has it somewhere
+[23:01:06] <mgorny> robbat2 may also have it
+[23:01:18] <prometheanfire> ya, it was posted
+[23:02:04] <mgorny> in any case, it's around ~40 people, not all of them actually became devs, long time ago
+[23:02:15] <prometheanfire> so, should we vote on A?
+[23:02:16] <mgorny> some of the assignment files are also broken/unreadable
+[23:02:40] <mgorny> so those assignments are pretty useless for any practical purpose
+[23:03:48] <prometheanfire> boo, was hoping for a list
+[23:04:23] <prometheanfire> klondike: kensington dabbott alicef, should we vote on A?
+[23:04:30] <klondike> let's go for it
+[23:04:35] <prometheanfire> ok
+[23:04:36] <prometheanfire> YES
+[23:04:43] <kensington> Abstain
+[23:04:53] <klondike> yes
+[23:05:29] <dabbott> Abstain I am not sure if the copyright is any good at all
+[23:05:44] <prometheanfire> so, no passage on A
+[23:05:47] <prometheanfire> so B is moot
+[23:06:16] <klondike> prometheanfire: shouldn't we have as many nos as yes?
+[23:06:33] <klondike> Also in the case of a tie doesn't usually the president vote break ties?
+[23:06:48] <dabbott> I think robbins intended to make the foundation the sucesser but I don't think it was done properly
+[23:07:07] <prometheanfire> have to check the bylaws, but I think in this case the abstains mean no
+[23:07:22] <dwfreed> klondike: without president's vote, yes already loses
+[23:07:34] <dwfreed> president only votes once, just like any other trustee
+[23:08:22] <prometheanfire> so, moving on?
+[23:08:51] <prometheanfire> moving on, the meeting is starting to go long
+[23:09:11] <prometheanfire> dabbott: kensington are you alright if I keep it on the agenda?
+[23:09:21] <kensington> Sure
+[23:09:42] <prometheanfire> ok
+[23:09:46] <dabbott> sure
+[23:09:50] Current subject: Date of Next Meeting - Saturday, July 21 2018 22:00 UTC, (set by prometheanfire)
+[23:09:53] <prometheanfire> sound good?
+[23:10:02] <dabbott> fine here
+[23:10:12] <kensington> Yep
+[23:10:59] Current subject: responsibilities, (set by prometheanfire)
+[23:11:11] <prometheanfire> dabbott: are you ok with updating the motions page since alicef isn't here?
+[23:11:16] <dabbott> 4 motions and 1 email
+[23:11:21] <dabbott> got it
+[23:11:22] <prometheanfire> thanks
+[23:11:35] <prometheanfire> dabbott: and logs/minutes :P
+[23:11:38] <klondike> may not be available on 21
+[23:11:44] <prometheanfire> I'll update the agenda/topic
+[23:11:45] <dabbott> yep on it :P
+[23:11:53] <prometheanfire> klondike: better one week forward or backward?
+[23:13:30] <klondike> Neither will make it better
+[23:13:41] <klondike> prometheanfire: July is complicated for me always.
+[23:13:47] <prometheanfire> ok
+[23:13:52] <klondike> So this is a preemptive warning
+[23:13:55] Current subject: open floor, (set by prometheanfire)
+[23:14:03] <prometheanfire> klondike: thanks for the heads up
+[23:14:17] <klondike> For the record also
+[23:14:39] <klondike> This is known by some but I won't accept nominations for the next period.
+[23:15:00] <prometheanfire> indeed
+[23:15:51] <prometheanfire> will end the meeting in one minute
+[23:16:48] Meeting ended by prometheanfire, total meeting length 4601 seconds