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+[22:03:12] Meeting started by prometheanfire
+[22:03:32] Meeting chairs are: prometheanfire, alicef, dabbott, kensington,
+[22:03:39] <prometheanfire> .topic roll call
+[22:03:46] Current subject: roll call, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:03:48] <alicef> o/
+[22:03:49] <prometheanfire> o/
+[22:03:53] <kensington> o/
+[22:03:53] <dabbott> here
+[22:04:01] <prometheanfire> robbat2 ing as well
+[22:04:11] <prometheanfire> jmbsvicetto: you too
+[22:04:42] <dabbott> I am logging
+[22:05:01] <prometheanfire> k
+[22:05:03] <alicef> thanks dabbott
+[22:06:20] Current subject: activity tracker, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:06:29] LINK: [Foundation:Activity Tracker - Gentoo Wiki]
+[22:06:50] <prometheanfire> only item is to email the consultant list, which I'll do by the next meeting
+[22:06:59] <dabbott> +1
+[22:07:25] <prometheanfire> irs and mail will wait
+[22:07:37] Current subject: alicef's items, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:07:48] <prometheanfire> alicef: want to go over your items?
+[22:08:02] LINK: [Foundation:Meetings/2017/12 - Gentoo Wiki]
+[22:09:14] <alicef> no news on my side
+[22:09:37] <prometheanfire> ok
+[22:09:43] Current subject: prometheanfire's items, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:09:53] LINK: [Foundation:Meetings/2017/12 - Gentoo Wiki]
+[22:10:11] INFO: was DMCA'd
+[22:10:37] INFO: openssl ecc is still in progress (robbat2 is leading the backport effort there iirc)
+[22:11:08] <prometheanfire> not sure about the conact for freenode, I think robbat2 or jmbsvicetto took care of it, but have not had confirmation
+[22:11:21] <prometheanfire> I'd like to end the bug if we can
+[22:11:28] LINK: [634406 – potentially(?) profiting off of Gentoo mascot's name.]
+[22:11:30] <dabbott> sounds good
+[22:11:45] <prometheanfire> k, I'll do that today
+[22:11:47] <alicef> ok here
+[22:11:58] <kensington> what's the deal with the freenode contact thing?
+[22:11:59] <dabbott> prometheanfire: thanks
+[22:12:27] <K_F> prometheanfire: kensington how does it relate to the case in point?
+[22:12:36] <prometheanfire> next are infra/treasurer updates
+[22:12:45] <K_F> either I'm very confused, or the update is incomplete
+[22:13:34] <Shentino> lucky, I have a decent keyboard on my end of VNC
+[22:13:45] <prometheanfire> kensington: freenode contacted me about being the primary group contact, I let others know about it, my impression is that since it wasn't someone used to handling our group they didn't know who to contact
+[22:13:49] <prometheanfire> K_F: ^
+[22:14:24] <prometheanfire> it's not an urgent mater, and robbat2 / jmbsvicetto are handling it (as they generally do)
+[22:14:32] <kensington> ok, thanks
+[22:14:32] <prometheanfire> from an infra perspective
+[22:15:06] <kensington> well, gc is unrelated to infra
+[22:15:28] <prometheanfire> they contact freenode to request cloaks for devs iirc
+[22:15:39] <prometheanfire> but that's between them and recruiting/comrel
+[22:15:48] <kensington> i know what groupcontacts do
+[22:16:28] <prometheanfire> moving on?
+[22:16:33] <alicef> yes
+[22:16:37] <dabbott> yes
+[22:16:49] Current subject: open bugs, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:17:04] LINK: [Bug List: TrusteesOpenBugs]
+[22:17:50] <prometheanfire>
+[22:18:06] <prometheanfire> we talked about this last time iirc
+[22:18:07] <prometheanfire> request for trademark/logo approval
+[22:18:31] <prometheanfire> iirc zlg was looking into it (we'll get to that situation)
+[22:20:43] <prometheanfire> I suppose I can take that up as well
+[22:20:44] <alicef> the image on the website is official gentoo ?
+[22:21:08] <prometheanfire> I'll try to have an update by next meeting
+[22:21:40] <alicef> ok thanks prometheanfire
+[22:21:55] <prometheanfire> ya, though it all seems nominitive
+[22:21:57] <dabbott> I don't see anything wrong with giving them our approval, at least they asked
+[22:22:15] <alicef> yes me too
+[22:22:24] <prometheanfire> nor I at a once over, but I'd like to look into it a bit more then vote next month if that's ok
+[22:22:34] <dabbott> I have the email here if you want me to respond, we can do a motion or put it off to next month
+[22:22:47] <prometheanfire> dabbott: sure
+[22:22:56] <prometheanfire> dabbott: you want to take it up then?
+[22:23:01] <dabbott> sure
+[22:23:29] <prometheanfire> k
+[22:24:27] INFO: Motion: approve use of Gentoo logo
+[22:24:51] <alicef> yes
+[22:24:53] <prometheanfire> yes
+[22:25:02] <dabbott> yes
+[22:25:05] <kensington> yes
+[22:25:40] <prometheanfire> motion approved
+[22:25:45] <prometheanfire> next
+[22:25:51] Current subject:, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:26:47] <prometheanfire> is it possible to just ask for an example? it doesn't need to be much (we don't have a minimum requirement).
+[22:27:24] <kensington> perhaps the people who approved it originally have that info?
+[22:28:59] <dabbott> It is in the log of the meeting
+[22:29:09] <prometheanfire> dabbott: where they were added?
+[22:29:40] <dabbott> I don't think there was much, NeddySeagoon iirc was supporting it, I abstained
+[22:30:19] <dabbott> let me find it, it should be in the motions which meeting it was
+[22:30:53] <prometheanfire> yarp
+[22:32:11] <dabbott>
+[22:33:49] <prometheanfire> guess that was before my time, I'd have it in irc logs, but I still think it's best if they just ask directly
+[22:35:31] <prometheanfire> How about I add a comment to the bug stating 'Please take this up with the other party. You can cc them to the bug so that they may view it.)
+[22:36:08] <alicef> which other party are you referring ?
+[22:36:31] <prometheanfire> alicef: currently the bug is private,
+[22:37:11] <dabbott>
+[22:37:53] <dabbott> <NeddySeagoon> Hes not a dev yet but hes been doing some good stuff.
+[22:38:32] <prometheanfire> right
+[22:38:33] <dabbott> <prometheanfire> I agree, he's been active in the community, asking pertinant questions (not bikeshedding too much :P )
+[22:38:48] <NeddySeagoon> He was active in proxy-maint and trying to get recruited.
+[22:39:24] <prometheanfire> I still think that if someone has concerns they can just ask them directly.
+[22:40:16] <dabbott> sounds good to me
+[22:40:27] <prometheanfire> ok, I'll post that then
+[22:40:32] <NeddySeagoon> For whatever reasons (I'm not a party to it) the recruitment did not complete.
+[22:40:38] <alicef> ? but the problem is about foundation membership
+[22:40:50] <dabbott> yes
+[22:40:51] <prometheanfire> sure
+[22:40:54] <alicef> so other party are us ?
+[22:41:12] <Shentino> twiddles thumbs
+[22:41:12] <prometheanfire> it's the person being questioned
+[22:41:16] <prometheanfire> Shentino: yep
+[22:41:36] <Shentino> As a witness, my mentor dumped me and I was unable to get a new one
+[22:42:03] <Shentino> which left recruiters closing my bug as RESOLVED WONTFIX
+[22:42:26] <prometheanfire> it should be cantfix if a recruiter can't be fount imo
+[22:42:33] <prometheanfire> but, moving on for now?
+[22:42:42] <Shentino> yeah, tabled, there's more urgen tbusiness
+[22:42:48] <prometheanfire> indeed
+[22:42:53] <alicef> yes moving on
+[22:43:15] <dilfridge> Applicants who are not Gentoo developers need to cite verifiable evidence of contributing to Gentoo or to the stated aims of the Gentoo Foundation
+[22:43:25] <dilfridge> ^ this means the applicant has the burden of proof
+[22:43:42] <prometheanfire> dilfridge: that's my impression
+[22:43:51] <alicef> yes also mine
+[22:43:54] Current subject:, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:44:51] <prometheanfire> I don't think we have time to take this up today, but I think it's something to be explored
+[22:45:26] <kensington> sure
+[22:45:49] <K_F> no time? it hasn't even been 45 minutes
+[22:46:39] <prometheanfire> K_F: we try to keep it to an hour and still have more to go over
+[22:46:47] <K_F> whatever...
+[22:47:06] <K_F> foundation matter as usual
+[22:47:08] <dabbott> K_F: comment on the bug if you are interested
+[22:47:27] <prometheanfire> anyway, I'd welcome other opinions on that bug so it can be fleshed out into a full proposal
+[22:48:10] <prometheanfire> K_F: I believe it was you who required a full proposal before something could be voted on in -council, same here
+[22:48:25] Current subject: date of next meeting, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:48:31] <prometheanfire> Date of Next Meeting - Saturday, January 20 2018 22:00 UTC
+[22:48:43] <prometheanfire> that's the current proposed time, good for everyone?
+[22:48:45] <dabbott> fine here
+[22:48:52] <alicef> fine here
+[22:48:55] <kensington> ditto
+[22:49:03] <prometheanfire> k, that's the time then
+[22:49:17] <prometheanfire> dabbott: posting logs and sending emails?
+[22:49:26] <prometheanfire> alicef: updaing the motions page?
+[22:49:31] <dabbott> yes
+[22:49:41] <prometheanfire> I'll update the topic and wiki
+[22:50:09] <alicef> updating it
+[22:50:21] <prometheanfire> now, before open floor we have to discuss zlg's resignation
+[22:50:29] <alicef> i will update it at the end of the session
+[22:50:36] <alicef> i'm writing it
+[22:52:25] <prometheanfire> atm it looks like we'll have to hold an election to replace him
+[22:52:44] <prometheanfire> personally I'd like him to come back at least as a trustee
+[22:53:04] <dabbott> +1
+[22:53:09] <K_F> prometheanfire: iirc Section 5.7 of bylaws covers vacancies
+[22:53:18] <K_F> Section 5.7. Vacancies
+[22:53:19] <K_F> Any vacancy occurring in the Board of Trustees, including any vacancy created by reason of an increase in the authorized number of Trustees, may be filled by the affirmative vote of a majority of the remaining Trustees though less than a quorum of the Board of Trustees or by a sole remaining director. A director elected to fill a vacancy shall hold office only until the next election of Trustees by
+[22:53:25] <NeddySeagoon> The trustees can fill a vacancy by appointing somene.
+[22:53:25] <K_F> the members.
+[22:53:46] <kensington> how about the next ranked person, if zlg is definitely out?
+[22:53:49] <prometheanfire> K_F: yep
+[22:54:01] <K_F> kensington: that is defined for council, but not for trustees
+[22:54:13] <K_F> trustees have a wider responsibility to find someone than next ranking
+[22:54:20] <NeddySeagoon> A US Citizen would be good
+[22:54:22] <prometheanfire> K_F: by election I was talking about seeking those who would want to be a trustee, then we vote
+[22:54:38] <kensington> K_F: it was a suggestion
+[22:54:50] <K_F> kensington: which is a fair one
+[22:55:10] <prometheanfire> I'd like to confirm zlg is out, if so, seek applicants, then we vote
+[22:55:11] <K_F> prometheanfire: indeed, if the current trustees believe it is necessary to fill the position
+[22:55:23] <prometheanfire> K_F: an odd number is nice for voting
+[22:55:25] <alicef> the resignation is official ?
+[22:55:28] <K_F> has he provided a resignation c.f c.f Section 5.6?
+[22:55:35] <K_F> if so, he is out
+[22:55:48] <NeddySeagoon> K_F: The quorum is still 3.
+[22:55:57] <K_F> NeddySeagoon: I'm not sure what that means
+[22:56:11] <prometheanfire> K_F: technically, no since it wasn't sent to the trustees
+[22:56:22] <K_F> prometheanfire: right, then he is legally still a trustee
+[22:56:30] <K_F> there is no discussion about it
+[22:56:33] <dabbott> NeddySeagoon: you willing to fill in if needed?
+[22:56:34] <alicef> +1 for the comeback
+[22:56:39] <NeddySeagoon> K_F: Its gets more difficult to form a quorom with a vacant seat
+[22:56:57] <K_F> NeddySeagoon: then fix it, trustees are supposed to care for the legal matters
+[22:57:02] <K_F> so god damn it, fix it
+[22:57:09] <K_F> don't act like 4 year olds
+[22:57:16] <prometheanfire> K_F: I've been trying to contact him
+[22:57:31] <K_F> prometheanfire: without an official resignation, he is still a trustee
+[22:57:38] <Shentino> can we please calm down? :
+[22:57:40] <Shentino> :(
+[22:57:41] <prometheanfire> K_F: yes, he is
+[22:57:43] <kensington> K_F: thank-you for you ever-helpful comments
+[22:57:43] <NeddySeagoon> dabbott: I'm not sure I can be counted on yet. I'll help out. The biggest hole will be treasurer. Thats an office
+[22:57:45] <K_F> bt indeed, things are moving too quickly to do anything more about it atm
+[22:57:58] <K_F> prometheanfire: so thanks for taking care of trying to get things formalized
+[22:58:08] <prometheanfire> yep
+[22:58:15] <K_F> I never expected anything for today's meeting
+[22:58:21] <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: ya, that's the part that hurts us most
+[22:58:26] <prometheanfire> K_F: ya, kinda short notice
+[22:58:42] <dabbott> I still want to hire an accountant for the books, you can depend on someone if they are paid
+[22:58:55] <prometheanfire> dabbott: we have an accountant that's been helping out
+[22:58:57] <K_F> prometheanfire: just make sure to get a formal resignation, whatevery you decide for filling the vacancy, just make sure it is in accordance with 5.7
+[22:59:15] <prometheanfire> K_F: in progress :D
+[22:59:22] <NeddySeagoon> The trustees do not need to wait for a resignation. They can vote to remove a bourd member
+[22:59:23] <dabbott> volunteers are too busy, or get upset to easily etc
+[22:59:33] <K_F> whether zlg is gone is irrelevant, it doesn't matter at all for treasury
+[22:59:49] <prometheanfire> dabbott: one that we've been paying
+[23:00:04] <dabbott> perfect hire her
+[23:00:12] <K_F> and indeed , officer for treasury doesn't require trustee position
+[23:00:40] <prometheanfire> K_F: true, never said it does
+[23:00:52] <K_F> NeddySeagoon: indeed, a vote by majority can remove a member
+[23:01:07] <K_F> just make sure to do things properly, and I don't care
+[23:01:19] <K_F> and as said before, nothing expected for this meeting
+[23:01:20] <prometheanfire> so, atm, my plan of action is to confirm the resignation, if not able to do so call for vote to remove
+[23:01:31] <NeddySeagoon> K_F: My point was, the board does not neet to wait for a formal resignation
+[23:01:33] <prometheanfire> if vote needs to be called find applicants and vote
+[23:01:41] <alicef> prometheanfire: yes is a good plan
+[23:01:42] <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: I'd like to try first
+[23:01:50] <dabbott> ok
+[23:01:57] <K_F> NeddySeagoon: I think it says more about the member that didn't even resign properly
+[23:02:06] <prometheanfire> we've only had a day to go over things
+[23:02:10] <K_F> thats not necessarily something that contribute great value to the foundation
+[23:02:11] <jmbsvicetto> I need to read the backlog yet. Given the pokes, is anything expected from me?
+[23:02:14] <NeddySeagoon> prometheanfire: Sure. Nothing will be formalised until the next meeting
+[23:02:37] <prometheanfire> jmbsvicetto: infra update and irc group contact for freenode (we'll get to your stuff after this if that's fine)
+[23:02:39] <jmbsvicetto> IOW, did anyonre request anything from me (relevant to the meeting)?
+[23:02:44] <alicef> the other point is that tresurer is a necessary position and is not the first time to go vacancy
+[23:02:44] <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: exactly
+[23:02:50] <jmbsvicetto> sure. Let me know when you need me
+[23:02:56] <veremitz> seriously K_F: The dude sent that email *today* there hasn't been even 24h gone by .. how about we let the fire die down and the ashes cool off?
+[23:03:07] <veremitz> dust settle//etc
+[23:03:16] <veremitz> if you don't like the guy .. say so.
+[23:03:22] <prometheanfire> wanted to find a channel mode that was ops only
+[23:03:22] <dabbott> alicef: that my thinking also
+[23:03:28] <K_F> veremitz: I fail to see how it changes things, if he had sent it to trustees@ and -nfp to begin with....
+[23:03:30] <veremitz> no beating around the bush. And my apologies meeting chairman, prometheanfire
+[23:03:38] <veremitz> prometheanfire: +m
+[23:03:41] <veremitz> oh. nope
+[23:03:50] <prometheanfire> so... that's the plan
+[23:03:56] <kensington> prometheanfire++
+[23:03:57] <prometheanfire> MOVING ON
+[23:03:59] <prometheanfire> :D
+[23:04:10] <prometheanfire> jmbsvicetto: infra update?
+[23:04:18] Current subject: infra update, (set by prometheanfire)
+[23:05:55] <prometheanfire> jmbsvicetto: if there's nothing that's fine too :P
+[23:05:56] <jmbsvicetto> prometheanfire: So, I've been AWOL for a few weeks, and am still catching up
+[23:06:15] <jmbsvicetto> But my impression is that there's nothing relevant for Trustees at this point
+[23:06:25] <dabbott> jmbsvicetto: glad your back :)
+[23:06:40] <prometheanfire> jmbsvicetto:
+[23:06:42] <prometheanfire> jmbsvicetto: k
+[23:07:19] <prometheanfire> jmbsvicetto: were you around for the freenode group contact thing?
+[23:07:52] <jmbsvicetto> I talked to christel and tomaw about it. I informed christel of the email
+[23:08:20] <alicef> wb
+[23:08:21] <prometheanfire> jmbsvicetto: is there action that still needs to be taken about it?
+[23:08:30] <jmbsvicetto> As I told Freenode and prometheanfire the other day, I was surprised to see them contact the Trustees as I don't recall them having contacted Trustees before.
+[23:08:46] <NeddySeagoon> jmbsvicetto: me neither
+[23:09:06] <jmbsvicetto> Unless the Trustees see any reason to get involved, I was going to try to settle the matter directly with Freenode
+[23:09:28] <prometheanfire> jmbsvicetto: that sounds good to me
+[23:09:31] <prometheanfire> moving on?
+[23:09:35] <alicef> yes
+[23:09:38] <dabbott> jmbsvicetto: thanks
+[23:09:44] <jmbsvicetto> In case they now want a more "Institutional" relationship, I'll ask Trustees for help
+[23:09:47] <alicef> jmbsvicetto: thanks
+[23:09:55] <prometheanfire> k
+[23:09:56] <jmbsvicetto> Thank you
+[23:10:45] Current subject: open floor, (set by prometheanfire)
+[23:10:58] <Shentino> regarding bug 620010, dabbott's quotation of neddy and prom is very familiar as the discussion had regarding my application to foundation membership. Is there anything I need to address, and if that was my dev bug I'm a little curious why it's been marked private
+[23:11:26] <Shentino> I tabled this because you guys were busy with agenda items
+[23:12:21] <Shentino> among other things something was mentioned about my recruitmen tnot completing
+[23:13:13] <prometheanfire> Shentino: yep, not sure how we were going to avoid notifying you of something that affects you directly
+[23:13:23] <prometheanfire> but ya, more questioning...
+[23:13:30] <Shentino> Atm I'm still in the dark about what's going on
+[23:14:12] <prometheanfire> it should become obvious when/if they CC you into the bug
+[23:14:25] <prometheanfire> I wouldn't worry about it til then
+[23:14:26] <Shentino> as for my "burden of proof" for proving worthiness of foundation membership that was cited earlier by dilfridge, my impressionw as that the meeting that approved my membership also established as a prerequisite that that burdne had already been met
+[23:14:38] <Shentino> *shrugs*
+[23:15:11] <prometheanfire> dabbott: want to close this bug ?
+[23:15:17] <NeddySeagoon> Shentino: I've found your application email and sent it to trustees@
+[23:15:41] <dabbott> prometheanfire: ok
+[23:15:44] <Shentino> Neddy: I thought they already had it from before my membership was approved :P
+[23:16:10] <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: can you attach it to the bug, don't know if you have rights?
+[23:16:21] <NeddySeagoon> Shentino: Its a new board. It will be archived
+[23:16:22] <prometheanfire> Shentino: it was, it was also a long time ago
+[23:16:31] <Shentino> ok
+[23:16:40] <alicef> maybe is better to add the requisite mail to the bug as attachement
+[23:16:42] <Shentino> atm mostly I'm intrigued and curious
+[23:16:44] <prometheanfire> I should have it in my email archives as well
+[23:16:45] <alicef> for next time
+[23:16:52] <NeddySeagoon> prometheanfire: Will be bug remain closed?
+[23:17:27] <alicef> so we don't have to dig into the pile of mail
+[23:17:42] <NeddySeagoon> alicef: Its in your inbox now
+[23:17:52] <Shentino> *shrugs* I won't worry too much then. it just looks weird for my dev bug to be made private
+[23:18:03] <alicef> NeddySeagoon: talking about next time same thing happen
+[23:18:14] <NeddySeagoon> alicef: ok
+[23:19:10] <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: it was reopened, but I've attached it
+[23:19:18] <prometheanfire> anything else before meeting's end?
+[23:19:45] <dabbott> Shentino: When you applied for membership you were working on becoming a dev, now that has stoped so your status as a contributor has changed, that is only my opinion
+[23:20:04] <alicef> what we mean by contribution? is it commited work ?
+[23:20:19] <veremitz> -facepalm-
+[23:20:27] <K_F> alicef: commited would include PR work etc
+[23:20:35] <Shentino> My contributions that weighed into my membership approval were noncommits. I think prom mentioend something about pertinent discussions without a lot of bikeshedding, testing, bug reports, as well as my patch in the linux kernel
+[23:20:36] <veremitz> is it quantitative or qualitative
+[23:20:45] <NeddySeagoon> alicef: if you mean git/cvs, I hope not
+[23:20:48] <prometheanfire> dabbott: contributor means many things, helping other users out in irc and proxy-maintaining ebuilds would still count
+[23:20:51] <alicef> K_F: yes so i'm asking
+[23:21:01] <K_F> in the case of Shentino there hasn't been any crontribution whatsoever, so no question
+[23:21:02] <prometheanfire> even just code review counts
+[23:21:09] <K_F> I have no idea why the foundation approved the membership to begin with
+[23:21:20] <prometheanfire> K_F: can you define contribution for me?
+[23:21:21] <alicef> K_F: there was anyway some not commited work
+[23:21:31] <veremitz> K_F: again, if you have personal vendettas, lets hear them ..
+[23:21:37] <Shentino> ask prom and neddy I guess, they were the ones involved in discussing my approval, plus I voted in the trustee election
+[23:22:07] <Shentino> which IIRC, was one of the key prerequisites to *maintaining* membership
+[23:22:15] <prometheanfire> it is
+[23:22:20] <Shentino> so I have met that
+[23:22:23] <K_F> veremitz: the requirement for membership as per the bylaws is on the person wanting to become a member and the trustees
+[23:22:36] <Shentino> ...had a bit of a clumsy time managing my gpg key, but I did get my vote in
+[23:22:52] <veremitz> K_F: both are satisfied, unless you know different??
+[23:23:09] <K_F> veremitz: that is a matter of fact determined by the trustees
+[23:23:20] <veremitz> whom are here present .. let them speak ..
+[23:23:41] <veremitz> any trustees against Shentino's membership?
+[23:23:48] <prometheanfire> theythe level of contribution required it determined at time of vote by trustees on a case by case basis
+[23:23:53] <veremitz> Mr Chairman, with respect ^
+[23:24:21] <alicef> +1 prometheanfire
+[23:24:29] <prometheanfire> in my opinion, helping other users out along with (at the time) being on the path to devship was enough for me
+[23:24:45] <alicef> also for me
+[23:24:46] <Shentino> Plus as neddy can testify I pom-pommed into existence the mentors project
+[23:24:52] <dabbott> Shentino: Why do you want to be a member of the foundation?
+[23:24:52] <prometheanfire> I'm not going to revoke the membership of someone just because recruiters have recruiting problems
+[23:25:18] <Shentino> I want to be a member of the foundation because I care about gentoo, both as a user, and becuase it's an awesome distro
+[23:25:30] <Shentino> I detailed my passion for gentoo in a recent post on the MLs which drobbins cited
+[23:26:06] <Shentino> as for the mentors project, I advocated for its creation because I saw it as a missing link between wannabe-devs and the recruiting process
+[23:26:17] <Shentino> I was not a dev at the time so I couldn't take official credit
+[23:26:24] <Shentino> but neddy witnessed my cheerleading process
+[23:26:31] <K_F> Shentino: please start contributing ... something
+[23:26:53] <Shentino> K_F: I'm trying. my health irl has been unkind to me and lately I've been dealing with domestic family drama
+[23:26:54] <K_F> I don't really care what it is, but something
+[23:26:58] <Shentino> and relateldy a threat to my survival
+[23:26:58] <prometheanfire> K_F: while that'd be nice, continued contributions are not a requirement iirc
+[23:27:04] <Shentino> I'm int he middle of a housing crisis atm
+[23:27:13] <K_F> prometheanfire: it realy is
+[23:27:16] <K_F> really*
+[23:27:18] <prometheanfire> K_F: link?
+[23:27:19] <Shentino> so, much to my regret, contributing to gentoo has not been a priority
+[23:27:40] <K_F> prometheanfire: "Full members are admitted by petitioning the trustees for membership, providing verifiable evidence of their contribution to Gentoo. "
+[23:27:51] <prometheanfire> sure, that's a one time thing it sounds like
+[23:27:56] <K_F> prometheanfire: section 4.3 of bylaws
+[23:28:42] <K_F> prometheanfire: it does require evicence of contribution to Gentoo to consider membership, of which I've seen none
+[23:28:46] <Shentino> ...I am a little curious why there's an unofficial motion of sorts to have my foundation membership revoked. As far as I have yet to be contacted by either comrel or the trustees regarding my foundation membership being considered for revocation
+[23:28:57] <prometheanfire> Contributions will be verified. The decision of the trustees is final.
+[23:29:08] <alicef> K_F: "at the admission"
+[23:29:10] <Shentino> K_F: as far as I know, contribution is required to *become* a foundation member, not to *stay* one
+[23:29:20] <prometheanfire> we've verified them, and our decision is final
+[23:29:43] <Shentino> as it is I've been try8ing to contribute even after, though I've had...not much success. In large part due to my health and rl family issues that I just cited
+[23:29:44] <K_F> I'm not saying anything about that, it was brought up in another context
+[23:29:50] <veremitz> K_F: MW dictionary: Definition of admit - a : to allow entry (as to a place, fellowship, or privilege) "an open window had admitted rain" "admitted to the club"
+[23:29:59] <Shentino> TLDR: my parents that I'm stuck living with are on the verge of domestic violence.
+[23:30:08] <K_F> I would never have brought it up on an isolated basis, but someone else brought it up specifically for this meeting
+[23:30:10] <prometheanfire> I can second knowlege about Shentino's rl issues
+[23:30:28] <K_F> but overall it does question the professionalism of the trustees
+[23:30:41] <veremitz> K_F: file a bug ;)
+[23:30:45] <K_F> veremitz: will do
+[23:31:09] <NeddySeagoon> Shentino: Everyone has time out from gentoo. Its a hobby, RL always comes first
+[23:31:13] <alicef> Shentino membership is not in discussion is already been approved
+[23:31:35] <prometheanfire> K_F: if you wish to add requirements for staying a member please file a bug, we'll discuss the possible ammendment then
+[23:31:44] <veremitz> K_F: if you manage to succeed in destroying the Foundation .. remember, this is Gentoo .. you get to keep the pieces ..
+[23:31:47] <floppym> I think the bylaws previously contained some language about ejecting members if they failed to participate in 2 consecutive trustees elections.
+[23:31:54] <floppym> But I can't find it now.
+[23:31:57] <Shentino> floppym: I remember that part actually
+[23:31:58] <veremitz> floppym: correct.
+[23:32:04] <Shentino> but I haven't failed to vote yet
+[23:32:13] <veremitz> Shentino: correct.
+[23:32:46] <NeddySeagoon> floppym: Its still there and its always been as decided by the trustees from tme to time.
+[23:32:50] <Shentino> in fact before I cast my vote I actually gave the candidates a few questions about their long term vision for gentoo etc. I made a point of not making my vote a simple rubber stamp
+[23:32:51] <veremitz> I'm sure K_F will obligue
+[23:33:21] <prometheanfire> do we have anything else or can I close the meeting
+[23:33:33] <floppym> NeddySeagoon: I'm unable to find it on the Bylaws wiki page.
+[23:33:40] <Shentino> eyeballs that bug with curiosity
+[23:34:01] <Shentino> floppym: if my say so as a witness counts, I can testify that the "fail to vote twice = boot" was part of the bylaws at the time I read it
+[23:34:48] Meeting ended by prometheanfire, total meeting length 5495 seconds