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20180121 Bug #642824 insulting behavior Approved
-20180121 the consultants must bu unique Approved
+20180121 The consultants must be unique Approved
20180217 williamh membership Approved
20180217 drobbins membership Deferred
-20180318 drobbins membership Approved
-20180421 -nfp mail list Approved
+20180318 drobbins membership Approved
+20180421 -nfp mail list Approved
1. Affirm that access to the nfp list is a privilege not a right, even to Foundation members.
2. Formally give comrel rights to moderate the list, pursuant to the CoC. Moderate in this case means enact warnings/bans with reason given.
2.1. The reason given needs to be given to the trustees and those having the moderation enacte against them.
2.2. Those having actions enacted against them are able to appeal to the trustees.
+20180623 Remove non-voting members Approved
+Bug 653904
+20180623 Increase number of trustees Failed
+20180623 hattya membership Approved
+20180623 Copyright Assignment Failed