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+21:58 < willikins> antarus, you have notes! [Dec- 8 12:21] <veremitz> Grobian is active on email and lists, fyi.
+21:58 <@robbat2> present
+21:59 * antarus can't seem to find his bot from last time
+21:59 <@antarus> cursed bash history
+22:03 <@robbat2> prometheanfire, b-man, alicef: meeting ping
+22:06 <@robbat2> antarus: i really hope we don't wind up without quorum again
+22:07 <@antarus> worried? :)
+22:07 <@robbat2> just a bunch of stuff i'd like us to get passed
+22:07 <@antarus> the funding, or other stuff?
+22:07 <@prometheanfire> pong
+22:07 <@robbat2> RFP esp
+22:07 <@robbat2> ok, we have quorum
+22:07 <@antarus> oh did we think the RFP needed a vote?
+22:07 <@prometheanfire> I don't think it requires it
+22:08 <@prometheanfire> acceptance of the final result might
+22:08 <@antarus> anyway, quorum achieved
+22:08 <@antarus> who is logging?
+22:09 <@robbat2> i'll offer my logs
+22:09 <@antarus> great
+22:09 <@antarus> Old business: mailing address update
+22:09 <@antarus> haven't made any progress, but the filing is done, so progress is possible
+22:10 <@antarus> expect more prodding from me for infos, I think many of the remaining items require robin and I to transact on various credentials
+22:10 <@robbat2> did you see my comments re ARIN/RIPE entries that had our old details?
+22:10 <@prometheanfire> we are mainly waiting on finance stuff to be able to update the address in more places
+22:10 <@antarus> I haven ot looked at the ARIN RIPE bug in a month I suspect
+22:11 <@robbat2> we have the new address on one bank account, so that should cover having bank statements as proof
+22:11 <@antarus> All I can really say is that progress on the easy ones has been made ;)
+22:12 <@prometheanfire> ya
+22:12 <@antarus> ok so that should unblock paypal if i fetch them from the mailing service?
+22:12 <@antarus> any idea where the paypal creds are?
+22:12 <@robbat2> paypal creds are in the repo
+22:12 <@robbat2> securely
+22:12 <@prometheanfire> should be in git
+22:12 <@antarus> ok I'll hunt after the meeting ;)
+22:12 <@robbat2> the paypal one: i think it might be linked to the old bank account rather than the newer one
+22:12 <@robbat2> should need checking
+22:13 <@robbat2> and updating to relink
+22:13 <@antarus> anything else needed on address updates?
+22:13 <@robbat2> IRS was blocked by address
+22:13 <@robbat2> but we have the bank statement there now
+22:13 <@robbat2> so that should be unblocked for any RFP stuff
+22:13 <@antarus> I am loathe to touch the IRS stuff until we hire a firm
+22:15 <@antarus> closing it otherwise
+22:15 <@antarus> There are no outstanding votes on the agenda
+22:15 <@antarus> There are no community items on the agenda
+22:15 <@robbat2> there's a funding vote in bugs
+22:15 <@prometheanfire> there was one request that Shentino sent in
+22:15 <@antarus> his resignation you mean?
+22:15 <@robbat2> bug 671312
+22:15 < willikins> "Replacement Serial Console server for use at OSUOSL, on prod & dev systems"; Gentoo Foundation, Infra Support; CONF; robbat2:trustees
+22:16 <@prometheanfire> antarus: more than that
+22:17 <@antarus> prometheanfire: ok lets vote on 2 things, then circle back
+22:17 <@prometheanfire> sent 18-11-14
+22:17 <@prometheanfire> k
+22:17 <@antarus> serial console thing
+22:17 <@antarus> vote on
+22:18 <@prometheanfire> vote in the bug?
+22:18 <@robbat2> i set a cap of $5k for the purchase; everybody i've asked for recommendations on product points to OpenGear
+22:18 <@antarus> on the bug is fine
+22:19 <@antarus> Just as an aside I'm approving for CM4116 ;)
+22:19 <@robbat2> as almost every other vendor has licensing/ongoing costs
+22:19 <@prometheanfire> I'd personally like to vote once we actually know the selection
+22:20 <@robbat2> antarus: CM4116 is EOL soon
+22:20 <@robbat2> that's why CM7116 instead
+22:20 <@antarus> oh er, I meant 7
+22:20 <@antarus> sorry that one ;)
+22:20 <@antarus> is there some reason why we would buy the more expensive one?
+22:20 <@prometheanfire> I'd prefer something more future proof (longer life), but without pricing it's hard
+22:21 <@robbat2> yeah, i was hoping that they'd get back to me for pricing on the latest OM series
+22:21 <@robbat2> so we can maximize life
+22:21 <@robbat2> the IM7216 benefits over CM7116 are small
+22:21 <@prometheanfire> if it's alright I'll wait and vote on the bug once we have pricing for the OM series
+22:22 <@prometheanfire> do either have 4G?
+22:22 <@prometheanfire> does 4G reach into the DC for that mater
+22:22 * antarus doesn't care about 4g
+22:22 <@robbat2> i wasn't going to bother w/ 4G
+22:22 <@antarus> if the OSL is boned we are screw anyway
+22:22 <@robbat2> and I don't want the ongoing cost there
+22:22 <@robbat2> capex, not opex
+22:23 <@antarus> robbat2: are you happy waiting for pricing on the latest model?
+22:23 <@prometheanfire> k
+22:23 <@antarus> (voting on the bug for this is probably pretty straightforward in any case)
+22:23 <@robbat2> prometheanfire: is there a price point above which you care?
+22:24 <@prometheanfire> depends on lifetime of the product, if (C|I)M7216 goes EOL in 4 years how long will OM last
+22:24 <@prometheanfire> then it's just math
+22:24 <@antarus> there is a price point where i care
+22:24 <@prometheanfire> there's also the question of how long we wait before just ordering one of them (if we have need)
+22:24 <@antarus> I find the value pretty 'meh' as an infra member
+22:25 <@antarus> I'm trying to remember the last time I used the console server with success.
+22:25 <@antarus> like in theory its great, in practice its been misconfigured and I've been forced to use IPMI / iLo
+22:25 <@prometheanfire> iirc it's mainly for backup coms, ipmi/ilo/drac are generally more useful, yes
+22:25 <@robbat2> it's more for the altarch dev boxes than the main servers
+22:25 <@robbat2> where they don't have ipmi etc
+22:26 <@prometheanfire> that was the follow up question :D
+22:26 <@prometheanfire> how urgent is this?
+22:26 <@robbat2> it impacted work on guppy
+22:26 <@prometheanfire> ongoing?
+22:26 <@antarus> I doubt i'd want to spend more than 3k without more informatoin on usage
+22:27 <@robbat2> reluctance to work on kernel w/o easy to acccess serial console to recover
+22:27 <@prometheanfire> ok
+22:27 <@robbat2> there's a second funding request I hadn't gotten around to filing yet, because it's further out; and that's figuring out switchgear replacement
+22:27 <@robbat2> i mention it here
+22:28 <@robbat2> because there's an IM model w/ a gigabit switch integrated
+22:28 <@robbat2> IM7216-2-24E-DAC/DC
+22:29 <@robbat2> starts around $3300USD
+22:29 <@antarus> sorry I'd like to move on; robbat2 you are ok deferring while we await updated pricing on the new model?
+22:29 <@robbat2> yes continue
+22:29 <@antarus> ok
+22:29 <@robbat2> i'll give them a deadline of 1 week?
+22:29 <@robbat2> since I did email ~3 weeks ago
+22:30 <@antarus> you can drive at whatever speed you wish
+22:30 <@prometheanfire> wfm
+22:30 <@antarus>
+22:30 <@antarus> is the other hting I'd like to close
+22:30 <@antarus> My feeling is we don't care and patrick can commit with his chinese name provided he can fit it into LDAP or whereever
+22:31 <@robbat2> +1, Gecos transliteration required; no concerns from me
+22:31 <@antarus> whether we should change the LDAP schema is a separate issue (which we may need to drive organizationall)
+22:31 <@antarus> yeah gecos is ascii or latin-7 or whatever old standard
+22:31 <@prometheanfire> ya, it's more of a question of ldap compat
+22:31 <@antarus> I'm going to comment on the bug and remove trustees then?
+22:31 <@prometheanfire> I'm fine with that
+22:31 <@prometheanfire> ya
+22:31 <@antarus> great
+22:31 <@antarus> prometheanfire: shentino's item
+22:32 <@prometheanfire> antarus: you have the email?
+22:32 <@antarus> can oyu be more specific?
+22:32 <@robbat2> message-id for reference?
+22:32 <@prometheanfire> Message-ID: <>
+22:33 <@robbat2> i don't see that one in my trustees inbox in a quick glance
+22:34 <@prometheanfire> ugh, it was sent to just me
+22:34 <@antarus> yeah I don't have it either
+22:34 <@prometheanfire> I'll forward it out and we can discuss next time
+22:34 <@antarus> ok
+22:34 <@antarus> any infra updates besides the funding stuff robin mentioned?
+22:35 <@prometheanfire> iirc he had another funding thing, some hdds?
+22:35 <@antarus> for guppy?
+22:35 <@robbat2> bug 671420
+22:35 < willikins> robbat2: "guppy (ia64 machine) needs hardware swap: broken PSU and broken HDD"; Gentoo Infrastructure, Dev box issues; CONF; slyfox:infra-bugs
+22:35 <@robbat2> low-budget, looks like there's no SSDs that are useful anyway
+22:35 <@robbat2> due to age of system
+22:35 <@prometheanfire> yep
+22:36 <@robbat2> but i'm going to buy more than one replacement drive
+22:36 <@prometheanfire> I'm fine with it and approve it
+22:36 <@robbat2> because they are super-cheap and it looks like more failures might happen soon
+22:36 <@antarus> approved
+22:36 <@robbat2> $30/drive estimated
+22:38 <@robbat2> next item
+22:38 <@prometheanfire> robbat2: you approve and can order now?
+22:38 <@robbat2> yep
+22:38 <@prometheanfire> cool
+22:39 <@antarus> great
+22:39 <@antarus> Any updates from treasurer?
+22:40 <@robbat2> no specific items; money is healthy
+22:40 <@antarus> Great
+22:41 <@robbat2> if prometheanfire wants to scrape the latest statements from the capone account I can't login to
+22:41 <@robbat2> that would be great to add
+22:41 <@robbat2> i was planning on having mid-year statement published
+22:41 <@antarus> I don't believe we have new vendors, funding requests we covered, sponsorship..we have 1 open request but the fellow has not responded
+22:41 <@antarus> no advertising requests that i am aware of
+22:41 <@antarus> membership applications?
+22:42 <@prometheanfire> sure, I can check
+22:42 <@prometheanfire> antarus: none I know of
+22:42 < veremitz> ENONEWDEVS afaik :P
+22:42 <@antarus> OK
+22:42 <@antarus> open floor?
+22:43 <@prometheanfire> sure
+22:43 < veremitz> minor query .. I know a couple of people have been trying to gain access to the s390 box for updating the stages .. but it seems there is some mystery to who has access, and who can grant access?
+22:44 < veremitz> or how access is even granted.
+22:44 <@robbat2> formally, vapier is the one
+22:44 <@robbat2> as it was his responsibility for that host
+22:44 <@robbat2> but he's been awol
+22:44 < veremitz> I believe zlogene has been asked, slyfox and mattst88 were asking ..
+22:44 <@robbat2> i'm wondering a takeover of vapier's user management scripts
+22:44 < veremitz> releng is getting tired of the failure emails :D
+22:44 <@antarus> I will try to contact mike on Monday
+22:44 <@antarus> he is travelling right now, iirc
+22:45 < veremitz> antarus: thanks :)
+22:45 <@antarus> the RFP is done
+22:45 < veremitz> robbat2: could be a good move
+22:45 <@antarus> I only have 2 firms to send it to
+22:45 <@antarus> but will send next week
+22:45 <@antarus> if we include individuals, I have 3 recipients ;)
+22:45 <@robbat2> antarus: besides sending direct to firms, I believe it should be posted to the lists and openly
+22:45 < veremitz> I think the draft has been circulated, so that makes sense
+22:45 < veremitz> </2cents>
+22:45 <@prometheanfire> robbat2++
+22:46 <@antarus> which?
+22:46 <@antarus> (lists)
+22:46 <@prometheanfire> nfp, foundations
+22:46 <@robbat2> project as well for good measure
+22:47 <@antarus> I can post to nfp and project
+22:47 <@antarus> I'll ask for guidance as to whether the foundation lists would appreciate our rfp or not
+22:47 <@antarus> they are pretty responsive on irc
+22:47 <@prometheanfire> k
+22:47 <@antarus> any other business?
+22:48 <@prometheanfire> nope
+22:49 < veremitz> nowt more here.
+22:50 <@robbat2> i emailed opengear again, incl cc to sales@ asking for quotes on the OM line
+22:50 <@antarus> great
+22:50 * antarus gavels
+22:50 <@antarus> meeting over