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+[07:00:08] <trustee-meetbot> Meeting started! use .action, .agreed, .info, .chairs, .subject and .comments to control the meeting. to end the meeting, type .endmeeting
+[07:00:11] <trustee-meetbot> Users without speaking permission can use .comment #gentoo-trustees followed by their comment in a PM with me to vocalize themselves.
+[07:01:09] <prometheanfire> .chairs prometheanfire klondike alicef kensington
+[07:01:10] <trustee-meetbot> Meeting chairs are: prometheanfire, klondike, alicef, kensington,
+[07:01:19] <prometheanfire> .subject rollcall
+[07:01:19] <trustee-meetbot> Current subject: rollcall
+[07:01:20] <alicef> o/
+[07:01:21] <prometheanfire> o/
+[07:01:25] <kensington> hi
+[07:01:41] <prometheanfire> robbat2 and dabbott are afk (but let us know)
+[07:01:47] <alicef> yes
+[07:01:47] <prometheanfire> so I'm logging
+[07:01:52] <alicef> i'm also
+[07:02:26] <prometheanfire> nothing for the activity tracker
+[07:02:35] <prometheanfire> or address change or irs
+[07:02:35] <alicef> o/
+[07:03:03] <prometheanfire> I will say that we should send out a request for a bookkeeper and/or tax guy
+[07:03:14] <prometheanfire> finding one that works with open source stuff will be a pain
+[07:03:23] <prometheanfire> .subject alicef's items
+[07:03:24] <alicef> yes and we need it soon i suppose :/
+[07:03:24] <trustee-meetbot> Current subject: alicef's items
+[07:03:27] <kensington> yes
+[07:03:36] <kensington> I'm very concerned that we're back to not making any progress again
+[07:03:46] <alicef> same here
+[07:03:49] <prometheanfire> kensington: me too, we were doing well for a while
+[07:04:39] <alicef> but looks like robbat put the basis for a good way of bookkeeping
+[07:04:48] <kensington> do we have detail on exactly what needs doing, or do we need robbat2 for that?
+[07:05:15] <prometheanfire> I think we need him
+[07:05:15] <alicef> so at least we have all in in git
+[07:05:30] <prometheanfire> but we should have it written down and sent via email so we know what specifically is needed
+[07:05:48] <alicef> would be nice to have some documentation of the procedure
+[07:06:08] <kensington> that would be good, at the very least it would allow others to try and chip away at it, even if it's only a little bit here and there
+[07:06:30] <prometheanfire> ok, so we'll ask for that when he gets back
+[07:06:32] <alicef> maybe having a trustee internal wiki would be nice
+[07:06:56] <prometheanfire> could almost just use the infrawiki since a couple of us are on it already
+[07:07:06] -*- antarus shudders
+[07:07:17] <alicef> but the new bookkeper could not be a infra
+[07:07:23] <prometheanfire> antarus: you don't like the joke?
+[07:07:32] <alicef> which joke ?
+[07:07:38] <alicef> there was a joke :O
+[07:07:55] <K_F> fwiw, my propsal would be to write up proper RFP for someone to take on
+[07:08:15] <prometheanfire> K_F: yes, that's basically what I'd want
+[07:08:17] <kensington> K_F: that would be nice too
+[07:08:22] <antarus> I'm also not convinced that robbat2 actually knows what is left
+[07:08:38] <antarus> like we know the outcomes we want, but not the work required to do it
+[07:09:11] -*- antarus too would like an RFP
+[07:09:11] <kensington> without having this documented somewhere it's not going to be possible to get there
+[07:09:22] <alicef> FRP o/
+[07:09:23] <antarus> we sent a request earlier, it wasn't very detailed
+[07:09:26] <alicef> RFP
+[07:09:37] <antarus> it might be good to have clear words about what was missing / what you want
+[07:09:37] <prometheanfire> moving on then?
+[07:09:43] <alicef> ok
+[07:09:46] -*- antarus nods, onward
+[07:09:57] <prometheanfire> alicef: your items from the wiki
+[07:10:02] <prometheanfire>
+[07:10:40] <prometheanfire> Add Foundation:Consultants reference to
+[07:10:59] <alicef> not yet
+[07:11:12] <prometheanfire> (non-corporate) donors / "friends" page
+[07:11:36] <alicef> same for the donor page, working on it
+[07:11:50] <prometheanfire> ok, as long as progress is being made
+[07:12:06] <alicef> still not sure what is the best for get paypal data
+[07:12:22] <prometheanfire> ?
+[07:12:23] <antarus> (sent a mail to trustees about earlier detailed accounting of what was required from sept)
+[07:12:44] <alicef> thanks antarus
+[07:12:57] <prometheanfire> yep, thanks
+[07:13:21] <alicef> prometheanfire: we need to get the name of people that donate, actually icould be possible to do it automatically
+[07:13:30] <prometheanfire> how about FLA/CLA/licence stuff?
+[07:13:32] <prometheanfire> alicef: ah
+[07:14:15] <alicef> that is stopped for now, i think we are waiting approval of the first glsa draft
+[07:15:32] <alicef> and is in discussion on the council meeting, but is difficult for me to get presence there
+[07:15:35] <prometheanfire> glsa?
+[07:16:10] <alicef> i'm usually sleeping from 3am to 4am
+[07:16:43] <prometheanfire> ok, moving on then I guess
+[07:16:53] <alicef> a glep sorry
+[07:17:00] <alicef> glsa/glep
+[07:17:23] <prometheanfire> ah, k, thanks
+[07:17:42] <alicef> sure
+[07:17:57] <prometheanfire> .subject prometheanfire's items
+[07:17:57] <trustee-meetbot> Current subject: prometheanfire's items
+[07:18:04] <prometheanfire> just the openssl ecc stuff
+[07:18:22] <prometheanfire> which I think gentoo is finally moving to stablized 1.1, which is the prefered solution
+[07:18:46] <alicef> \o/
+[07:18:55] <prometheanfire> .subject infra update
+[07:18:56] <trustee-meetbot> Current subject: infra update
+[07:18:58] <prometheanfire> jmbsvicetto: ping
+[07:21:01] <jmbsvicetto> prometheanfire: pong
+[07:21:13] <prometheanfire> jmbsvicetto: infra update?
+[07:21:46] <jmbsvicetto> prometheanfire: All the parts bought for jacamar have now arrived to OSUOSL. We're waiting for OSL to add them soon
+[07:21:59] <jmbsvicetto> I don't think there are any other updates for now
+[07:22:10] <prometheanfire> ok
+[07:22:16] <jmbsvicetto> s/arrived to/arrived at/
+[07:22:17] <trustee-meetbot> jmbsvicetto meant to say: prometheanfire: All the parts bought for jacamar have now arrived at OSUOSL. We're waiting for OSL to add them soon
+[07:22:28] <prometheanfire> .subject open bugs
+[07:22:28] <trustee-meetbot> Current subject: open bugs
+[07:22:47] <prometheanfire> .link
+[07:22:51] <trustee-meetbot> LINK:
+[07:23:34] <prometheanfire> .link
+[07:23:37] <trustee-meetbot> LINK:
+[07:23:39] <prometheanfire> .link
+[07:23:42] <trustee-meetbot> LINK:
+[07:23:51] <prometheanfire> both of those are the FLA / copyright
+[07:24:37] <prometheanfire> would be good to go over, we don't have to do so now
+[07:24:57] <prometheanfire> klondike: you were going to go over old bugs? or separate the funding stuff into it's own queue?
+[07:26:22] <klondike> prometheanfire: Içm still on it
+[07:26:40] <prometheanfire> k
+[07:26:41] <klondike> And remotely as I am getting the list would be hard
+[07:26:53] <klondike> Too much work and stuff happening on my life the last motnhs :(
+[07:27:06] <prometheanfire> next item np
+[07:27:31] <prometheanfire> applications
+[07:27:33] <prometheanfire> Daniel Robbins (drobbins)
+[07:28:22] <prometheanfire> he's contributed to gentoo (the portage codebase) and is on his way to devship last I checked, works well on the mailing list (if a little verbose)
+[07:28:26] <prometheanfire> that's my impression
+[07:29:10] <prometheanfire> anyone else have anything to say before we vote (or wish to delay it)?
+[07:29:14] <alicef> he did the test ?
+[07:29:28] <prometheanfire> alicef: which test?
+[07:30:09] <alicef> probably just my missunderstanding
+[07:30:40] <alicef> but there was not some talk about implementing some kind of test for the membership
+[07:31:10] <prometheanfire> there is, but there's been no movement on that yet
+[07:31:45] <alicef> I thougt we delayed the vote last week for implementing the test
+[07:31:57] <alicef> last meeting
+[07:32:20] <prometheanfire> we did, but I don't think anyone was assigned to that
+[07:32:33] <prometheanfire> iirc we asked that a test be submitted to us to vote on to impliment
+[07:33:37] <alicef> someone interested on working on it or we can go on ?
+[07:34:00] <prometheanfire> not at the moment (enotime)
+[07:34:26] <alicef> nods, let's vote
+[07:35:01] <prometheanfire> I vote to approve
+[07:35:14] <alicef> approve
+[07:35:20] <alicef> yes
+[07:35:23] <klondike> Approve
+[07:35:34] <kensington> yes
+[07:35:40] <prometheanfire> ok, he's approved
+[07:36:01] <prometheanfire> I think dabbott useually handled that, so I'll let dabbott know to do so
+[07:36:17] <prometheanfire> next
+[07:36:22] <alicef> i will add to the motions
+[07:36:28] <prometheanfire> thanks
+[07:36:41] <prometheanfire> Who will post the log? Minutes?
+[07:37:11] <alicef> I can, I suppose
+[07:37:34] <prometheanfire> still dabbott I think, because it's his server I think
+[07:37:46] <alicef> i will post to dabbot
+[07:37:50] <prometheanfire> k
+[07:37:54] <prometheanfire> Who will update the motions page?
+[07:37:57] <prometheanfire> alicef: that one you?
+[07:38:01] <alicef> yes my job
+[07:38:05] <prometheanfire> Who will send emails?
+[07:38:14] <alicef> which email ?
+[07:38:19] <prometheanfire> dabbot again (mainly for drobbins)
+[07:38:26] <alicef> ah dabbot
+[07:38:27] <prometheanfire> welcome email
+[07:38:35] <prometheanfire> Who will update agenda?
+[07:38:36] <prometheanfire> I will
+[07:38:40] <alicef> thanks
+[07:38:45] <prometheanfire> Who will update channel topics?
+[07:38:46] <prometheanfire> I will
+[07:39:21] <prometheanfire> .subject open floor
+[07:39:21] <trustee-meetbot> Current subject: open floor
+[07:39:31] <prometheanfire> 5 min til end
+[07:40:19] <alicef> maybe we can also make the bot deal with the time
+[07:40:34] <alicef> like setting a timer for open floor
+[07:40:35] <prometheanfire> time?
+[07:40:37] <K_F> I'd really want to see someone taking responsibility for writing up a RFP for the IRS/accounting in general for gent Gentoo Foundation
+[07:40:40] <prometheanfire> ah
+[07:41:01] <prometheanfire> antarus: can you if robbat2 can't?
+[07:41:23] <K_F> by all means, I'd be available to contribute to helping writing it up, but a trustee should be responsible for it per se
+[07:41:31] <alicef> K_F: i agree
+[07:41:46] <K_F> as it is the only way I can see it going forwards to getting a proper closure
+[07:42:21] <klondike> K_F: Ill be moving on April
+[07:42:27] <klondike> You want to come visit?
+[07:43:02] <klondike> I.e. Ill take the responsability iif you come here and we set a day to write it together.
+[07:43:33] <K_F> klondike: I can put of a weekend to come to goethenburg, to help writing it up, for sure
+[07:43:43] <klondike> Then I can take it :)
+[07:43:52] <prometheanfire> klondike: K_F thanks
+[07:44:29] <klondike> Sorry for being so awayish, Im managin a big lan party network as we speak :P
+[07:44:38] <prometheanfire> np
+[07:45:11] <prometheanfire> anyone else have anything?
+[07:45:37] <alicef> updated motion list
+[07:45:56] -*- alicef go back to sleep
+[07:45:58] <prometheanfire> .endmeeting
+[07:45:59] <trustee-meetbot> Meeting ended! total meeting length 2750 seconds