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+[22:00:15] Meeting started by prometheanfire
+[22:00:31] Meeting chairs are: prometheanfire, alicef, dabbott, kensington, klondike,
+[22:00:36] Current subject: roll call, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:00:39] <prometheanfire> o/
+[22:00:44] <dabbott> here
+[22:00:45] <alicef> o/
+[22:01:03] <prometheanfire> quorum met
+[22:01:09] <prometheanfire> kensington: klondike ?
+[22:01:17] <prometheanfire> iirc kensington said he may not be able to make it
+[22:02:18] <prometheanfire> will wait one more min before moving on
+[22:03:38] <prometheanfire> ok, moving on
+[22:03:51] Current subject: activity tracker, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:04:29] <prometheanfire> next item is to initiate the election, you ready to do that dabbott ?
+[22:04:42] <prometheanfire> it's for june, but it'd be good to have to community be aware that it's coming up
+[22:05:22] <dabbott> yes, we need to get a rough draft of the dates
+[22:05:40] <dabbott> first we prune the member list
+[22:05:52] <prometheanfire> procedure is doc'd here
+[22:06:01] <dabbott> we can vote on that later in this meeting
+[22:06:08] <prometheanfire> ok
+[22:06:16] <prometheanfire> next then
+[22:06:22] Current subject: alicef's items, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:06:38] LINK: [Foundation:Meetings/2018/05 - Gentoo Wiki]
+[22:06:39] <robbat2> (here, will comment re election process stuff later)
+[22:06:43] <alicef> same no changes
+[22:06:51] <prometheanfire> ok
+[22:07:03] <prometheanfire> robbat2: I'll be asking about gdpr progress soon :D
+[22:07:10] <prometheanfire> klondike: here?
+[22:07:37] Current subject: prometheanfire's items, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:07:59] <prometheanfire> no progress on the openssl stuff, that's more on the technical side of gentoo to solve (make stable 1.1)
+[22:08:59] <prometheanfire> gdpr is next, I didn't have time for this due to being gone for two weeks since the last meeting
+[22:09:05] <prometheanfire> but maybe infra did more?
+[22:09:07] <prometheanfire> jmbsvicetto: ping?
+[22:09:30] <prometheanfire> jmbsvicetto: robbat2, do we know what info we have, so we can move forward with control of it?
+[22:09:58] <robbat2> of devs, it's easy, LDAP has a lot, and they can get their own data back out of it
+[22:10:10] <robbat2> the other services are a different matter
+[22:10:23] <prometheanfire> do we have a list of those services?
+[22:10:30] <robbat2> that's the service catalog
+[22:10:55] <robbat2> what needs to happen with it is identify which services collect more than just IP
+[22:11:18] <prometheanfire> ip is considered personal if it can be tied back to the individual iirc
+[22:11:20] <robbat2> it needs somebody with a lot of time, which I don't have
+[22:11:30] <prometheanfire> don't think anyone has that time :|
+[22:13:02] <prometheanfire> ok, well, I guess we (foundation) need to ask infra formally for that info, since we do need to be in compliance
+[22:13:08] <robbat2> on the plus side, very few of our services go out of their way to deliberately collect stuff
+[22:13:17] <robbat2> forums collects the most
+[22:13:31] <robbat2> wiki & bugs collect just a little like name
+[22:13:43] <veremitz> I don't think it matters the how or why or how frequently .. :P
+[22:14:18] <prometheanfire> it's important that we move forward on this though
+[22:14:29] <veremitz> 25th May is teh deadline
+[22:14:32] <robbat2> there will be zero progress until somebody has time
+[22:14:36] <robbat2> deadline or not
+[22:14:48] <prometheanfire> yep
+[22:15:12] <veremitz> wait til the foundation gets sued again I guess ..
+[22:15:12] <veremitz> that'll sharpen a few wits
+[22:15:33] <veremitz> </stfu>
+[22:15:39] <robbat2> veremitz: we cannot be personally sued for it, we can have a fine levied by the EU body
+[22:15:52] <robbat2> personally = the foundation
+[22:15:55] <robbat2> but that's not sueing
+[22:16:04] <prometheanfire> fine can be quite high
+[22:16:11] <prometheanfire> it's in the millions
+[22:16:15] <robbat2> yes, i'm ware of the fine cap
+[22:16:22] <prometheanfire> 10% or millions, whichever is greater
+[22:16:24] <robbat2> greater of 20% revenue or 20M EUR or some
+[22:16:34] <prometheanfire> ah, 20
+[22:16:34] <robbat2> that's the maximum amount
+[22:16:44] <robbat2> that the fine is allowed to be
+[22:16:51] <robbat2> which does NOT mean every fine will be that
+[22:16:57] <prometheanfire> true
+[22:17:38] <robbat2> i'll tell people to poke at the service catalog, but that's the best I can do, due to nobody having time for this project
+[22:17:42] <robbat2> continue for the moment
+[22:17:44] <prometheanfire> sure
+[22:18:05] Current subject: community items, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:18:13] LINK: [Foundation:Meetings/2018/05 - Gentoo Wiki]
+[22:18:35] <dabbott> lets vote on the community items so they don't keep comming up each month
+[22:18:51] <dabbott> I vote 1 => 6 no 7 yes
+[22:19:14] <prometheanfire> ok, ya, I meant to clean those up
+[22:19:16] <robbat2> didn't we vote on a bunch last month
+[22:19:22] <dabbott> I can email eben if needed
+[22:20:29] <prometheanfire> dabbott: that'd be appreciated, I'd like the trustees to review before it's sent though
+[22:20:42] <dabbott> OK
+[22:21:03] <robbat2> i'm not a trustee anymore, but I believe #6 (reopen_nominations) is reasonable
+[22:21:24] <dabbott> robbat2: we had a conference call with him or was that someone else
+[22:21:32] <prometheanfire> I agree, I think it can be done next session though
+[22:21:35] <alicef> prometheanfire: ok
+[22:21:38] <dabbott> was that bradley
+[22:21:38] <prometheanfire> this election is too close
+[22:22:00] <robbat2> and for #3, infra is under the foundation already, just say fine
+[22:22:12] <robbat2> i don't think it's too close, and we don't need to amend bylaws to do it
+[22:22:53] <prometheanfire> ok, on 1, I don't think it's a good idea to be tied down
+[22:22:59] <prometheanfire> therefore, no for me on 1
+[22:23:26] <prometheanfire> formalizing the org structure (2) is also a no for now, given the other things we have in the air
+[22:23:55] <prometheanfire> control over infra is already done, so going to remove it, (no need for vote)
+[22:23:59] <prometheanfire> that's (3)
+[22:24:21] <prometheanfire> (4) trustees enforce CoC on council
+[22:25:10] <prometheanfire> I vote no, that's not our job, if something legal comes up we handle it because of that, not the CoC (which is not a legal doc)
+[22:25:25] <prometheanfire> (5) Trustees place user representitive on the council
+[22:25:39] <prometheanfire> no, that's not our job, it'd also mess up glep 39 a ton
+[22:25:46] <robbat2> comment re #4: everybody, incl. council & trustees should be respecting the CoC
+[22:26:07] <prometheanfire> robbat2: should be, but we are not the enforcement mechanism
+[22:26:08] <robbat2> you don't get a pass just because you're on some management body
+[22:26:20] <robbat2> the enforcement mechanism is comrel
+[22:26:31] <prometheanfire> yep
+[22:26:36] <prometheanfire> (6) Add reopen nominations option to ballot
+[22:26:55] <robbat2> there was a timeline posted for reopen_nominations that fit with the original timeline
+[22:27:13] <prometheanfire> if we can make the change now the I vote yes
+[22:27:29] <robbat2> condense the original process from 2 months to 6 weeks, and use the extra 2 weeks for a 2nd round if needed
+[22:27:33] <prometheanfire> even if not I vote yes, it'll simply be implimented as soon as possible
+[22:28:07] <prometheanfire> (7) contact sflc, yes (dabbott is doing it)
+[22:28:10] <robbat2> can we approve it and say exact timeline to be announced, but will keep to the approximate original schedule
+[22:28:14] <dabbott> please send an email to trustees with the election time line for this election
+[22:28:26] <dabbott> so I can get started
+[22:28:39] <robbat2> mgorny: can you talk to me for the timeline to reopen_noms later?
+[22:28:54] <robbat2> comment re scrubbing membership lists: i have my tooling almost done for the csv->yaml change
+[22:29:01] <dabbott> needs to be done for the AGM
+[22:29:05] <robbat2> it does show clearly we don't have many changes in teh list
+[22:29:32] <prometheanfire> we good to move on? robbat2 dabbott and mgorny will work on the move to the new election scheme
+[22:29:44] Current subject: infra update, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:29:55] <prometheanfire> robbat2: can you give that ( jmbsvicetto seems absent )
+[22:30:25] <robbat2> there was some hardware death due to old-age this past month
+[22:30:42] <robbat2> some of stuff we own, others of sponsor-owned
+[22:30:59] <robbat2> the original dipper died, we moved the content to blackcap (and renamed)
+[22:31:05] <robbat2> but the replacement was the same age
+[22:31:16] <robbat2> dipper runs the core rsync/distfiles generation
+[22:31:31] <robbat2> sometime in the future it will need to move
+[22:31:42] <robbat2> possibly to newly purchased hardware
+[22:31:54] <robbat2> it's not suited for the present VM hosting at OSL
+[22:32:10] <robbat2> because it's IO&CPU-heavy, and we don't want it co-located with untrusted VMs
+[22:32:34] <robbat2> might write a proposal to buy a pair of hypervisors for trusted VMs, to be at OSL
+[22:32:52] <dabbott> Now is the time to upgrade while we have the funds
+[22:32:53] <robbat2> would incl. a 10Gbit switch
+[22:33:11] <prometheanfire> ok
+[22:34:07] Current subject: open bugs, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:34:54] <prometheanfire> I don't see much
+[22:35:19] <robbat2> to reduce the bus factor, is anybody among present trustees interested in learning at least some of the accounting/treasurer stuff?
+[22:35:44] <robbat2> i'd be teaching you as I taught zlg
+[22:35:50] <prometheanfire> if I wasn't planning wedding stuff I would
+[22:35:51] <robbat2> in return for help keeping it up to date
+[22:35:58] <prometheanfire> I'd say to ask me in a year :|
+[22:36:12] <robbat2> this offer also open to non-trustees who might be considering running next term
+[22:36:13] <dabbott> I could do it if alicef wants to take secretary duties
+[22:36:26] <alicef> dabbott: yes
+[22:37:09] <robbat2> (i'll take more than one person if that presents itself)
+[22:38:00] <dabbott> robbat2: I don't have a background in accounting but could be used to keep stuff up to date untill we get someone more qualified
+[22:38:05] <robbat2> comments re financials, so it goes into minutes
+[22:38:45] <robbat2> i haven't had time to spend on it since last month, but the exchange stuff is mostly done, what remains is depreciation & value of donated services
+[22:38:51] <robbat2> plus data entry for this most recent year
+[22:39:23] <prometheanfire> ok
+[22:39:37] Current subject: new business, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:39:39] <dabbott> tbh I just don't have much time, I work alot
+[22:39:55] <dabbott> I would be afraid i would fall behind
+[22:40:05] <prometheanfire> foundation removal of members
+[22:40:14] LINK: [653904 – Foundation member removal candidates (based on 2016+2017 elections)]
+[22:40:15] <robbat2> (i have new business)
+[22:40:32] <dabbott> mgornys list looks good, what ablut zlg
+[22:40:40] <robbat2> that list isn't accurate
+[22:40:50] <robbat2> the yaml will show more detail later
+[22:41:13] <prometheanfire> ya, I assume you are going to be helping with that then?
+[22:41:17] <robbat2> yes
+[22:41:25] <dabbott> robbat2: thanks
+[22:42:30] Current subject: council requests our vote on, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:43:22] <prometheanfire> I don't think we need to vote, but I think it's an ok change
+[22:43:50] <robbat2> unofficial +1 for it from me
+[22:44:01] <dabbott> fine by me
+[22:44:52] <prometheanfire> dilfridge: there's your ack
+[22:45:06] Current subject: copyright assignment, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:45:11] LINK: [Re: [gentoo-nfp] Trustee meeting Meetings&#x2F;2018&#x2F;05 agenda - gentoo-nfp - Gentoo Mailing List Archives]
+[22:46:20] <dabbott> alicef: you a member of the copyright team
+[22:46:35] <dabbott> I defer to the copyright team
+[22:47:48] <prometheanfire> I think question 'a' would need to counsult with a lawyer
+[22:47:52] <alicef> i don't remeber to have signed anything in 2003/2004 ...
+[22:48:16] <robbat2> unofficial answer as part of the people working on that glep:
+[22:48:22] <prometheanfire> successor to the GTI is hard
+[22:48:33] <robbat2> 1. we ARE the assignee of GTI
+[22:48:52] <robbat2> 1.1. but the dates of the documents mean some future obligations may still exist
+[22:49:14] <robbat2> 1.2. the release was specifically future obligations, needs review for current/past obligations
+[22:49:48] <robbat2> 2. I had proposed a futhur general release from the Foundation
+[22:49:51] <alicef> it also say that as been nullified
+[22:50:03] <robbat2> 2.1. mostly as CYA for parts that wern't missed
+[22:50:15] <robbat2> 2.2. but to be rolled towards the new optional FLA work
+[22:50:46] <prometheanfire> robbat2: yep, that's my understanding, I guess we'll work with the copyright team (ulm, alicef) on this
+[22:51:40] <alicef> ok
+[22:52:19] <prometheanfire> so I suppose the answer there is that work is ongoing
+[22:52:46] <robbat2> i'd ask that somebody draft the further release, and post to the lists for review
+[22:53:03] <robbat2> to collect that input, and take it to an IP lawyer for review
+[22:53:08] <robbat2> after community review
+[22:53:15] <prometheanfire> sure
+[22:53:34] <prometheanfire> it does sound like that's the right way forward given the timeline
+[22:54:04] <prometheanfire> ok, taking that
+[22:54:26] Current subject: date of next meeting, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:54:29] <prometheanfire> Saturday, June 16 2018 22:00 UTC ?
+[22:54:38] <robbat2> i have my new business stuff still
+[22:54:42] <robbat2> when you're ready for it
+[22:54:42] <prometheanfire> oh, right
+[22:54:50] <prometheanfire> open floor for that
+[22:54:51] <robbat2> i will be on a plane during that next meeting
+[22:54:52] <prometheanfire> which is next
+[22:55:17] <dabbott> June 16 is ok here
+[22:55:22] <prometheanfire> I'm fine moving it a week later or earlier
+[22:55:38] <robbat2> no
+[22:55:43] <robbat2> later is better
+[22:55:45] <robbat2> not earlier
+[22:55:51] <robbat2> but I realise it impacts recording date
+[22:55:55] <robbat2> because that's next meeting
+[22:56:26] <dabbott> June 23 is ok here
+[22:56:52] <prometheanfire> alicef: june 23 good for you?
+[22:56:57] <alicef> yes
+[22:57:00] <prometheanfire> ok
+[22:57:05] <prometheanfire> june 23 it is
+[22:57:11] Current subject: open floor, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:57:14] <prometheanfire> robbat2: you're up
+[22:57:48] <robbat2> forums mods were approached, informally by email, by law enforcement
+[22:57:53] <robbat2> with a request for user information
+[22:58:06] <robbat2> this request was passed on to infra/trustees
+[22:58:26] <robbat2> i believe this is the first such request that we've had
+[22:59:14] <robbat2> we need to draft a response that a formal request (subpeona, warrant) is required for user info
+[22:59:27] <robbat2> and be ready to recieve that formal request
+[22:59:33] <robbat2> it may come with a data preservation order
+[23:00:13] <robbat2> a number of large tech firms have good guides for law enforcement on that
+[23:00:19] <robbat2> and I think we should crib heavily
+[23:00:36] <robbat2> unless we can find an even more closely fitting documetn for open source orgs
+[23:00:48] <prometheanfire> sounds good
+[23:00:57] <robbat2> this should be foundation writing the policy doc here
+[23:00:58] <robbat2> not infra
+[23:01:24] <prometheanfire> agreed
+[23:01:48] <veremitz> EBUSFACTOR :/
+[23:01:58] <prometheanfire> I'll submit a doc by next meeting
+[23:02:15] <dabbott> prometheanfire: thanks
+[23:02:19] <robbat2> the LE agent should have a response not later than end of next week
+[23:02:34] <prometheanfire> neat
+[23:02:42] <robbat2> i shared some potential wording out of band for whomever is going to write that
+[23:02:49] <robbat2> i'll happily review that, but don't have time to write it
+[23:02:59] <prometheanfire> neither do I really
+[23:03:07] <prometheanfire> but what choice do I have :|
+[23:04:28] <prometheanfire> ok, anyone have anything else?
+[23:04:38] <dabbott> robbat2: that was homeland security asking
+[23:05:21] <robbat2> i was not specifying which agency
+[23:05:40] <robbat2> it's a almalgamated mess
+[23:05:51] <robbat2> (the US federal LE orgs)
+[23:06:33] <prometheanfire> yep
+[23:06:53] Current subject: ending, (set by prometheanfire)
+[23:07:01] <prometheanfire> dabbott: you are posting the logs/minutes
+[23:07:09] <dabbott> got it
+[23:07:12] <prometheanfire> alicef: you'll update the motions
+[23:07:20] <robbat2> request re logs
+[23:07:23] <prometheanfire> dabbott: no emails to send, this time
+[23:07:24] <alicef> yes
+[23:07:35] <robbat2> the old logs had terrible file naming
+[23:07:36] <prometheanfire> I'll update the agenda (done) and topic
+[23:07:47] <robbat2> can you please start using ISO date naming for files?
+[23:07:52] <robbat2> and go back to fix old logs?
+[23:07:59] <prometheanfire> I'd like that too
+[23:08:05] <robbat2> i'll help dig up missing old logs as well if you find the dates of meetings for me
+[23:08:08] <dilfridge> how un-american
+[23:08:24] <robbat2> i have an almost complete history of this channel since 2008/01/11
+[23:08:31] Meeting ended by prometheanfire, total meeting length 4096 seconds