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+[06:59:06] <trustee-meetbot> Meeting started! use .action, .agreed, .info, .chairs, .subject and .comments to control the meeting. to end the meeting, type .endmeeting
+[06:59:08] <trustee-meetbot> Users without speaking permission can use .comment #gentoo-trustees followed by their comment in a PM with me to vocalize themselves.
+[06:59:39] <prometheanfire> .chairs alicef dabbott kensington klondike prometheanfire antarus robbat2 b-man
+[06:59:39] <trustee-meetbot> Meeting chairs are: alicef, dabbott, kensington, klondike, prometheanfire, antarus, robbat2, b-man,
+[06:59:45] <alicef> o/
+[06:59:51] <prometheanfire> .subject rollcall
+[06:59:51] <trustee-meetbot> Current subject: rollcall
+[06:59:53] <prometheanfire> o/
+[06:59:58] <dabbott> here
+[06:59:59] <alicef> o/
+[07:00:05] <robbat2> present
+[07:00:06] <antarus> present
+[07:00:32] *** Mode #gentoo-trustees +v b-man by dabbott
+[07:02:22] <robbat2> kensington, klondike, b-man: reping
+[07:03:00] <robbat2> give them until :05 and then continue?
+[07:03:09] <dabbott> yes
+[07:04:02] <prometheanfire> sure
+[07:05:29] <prometheanfire> .subject Activity Tracker
+[07:05:29] <trustee-meetbot> Current subject: Activity Tracker
+[07:05:37] <prometheanfire> .link
+[07:05:38] <trustee-meetbot> LINK:
+[07:05:48] <prometheanfire> It's the AGM, which means elections are over, presidents and treasurers reports are due and as a side note domains need to be checked for renewal
+[07:06:07] <robbat2> domains are going to auto-renew in 5 days per amazon
+[07:06:25] <prometheanfire> k
+[07:07:07] <prometheanfire> Presidents report is here
+[07:07:09] <prometheanfire> .link
+[07:07:10] <trustee-meetbot> LINK:
+[07:07:24] <prometheanfire> robbat2: do you have a link to the treasueres report?
+[07:07:37] <robbat2> I don't have a formal treasurer writeup, but the financial statements FY2018 are here:
+[07:07:46] <robbat2> was going to comment the rest in channel
+[07:07:50] <prometheanfire> ok
+[07:08:03] <robbat2> so, on with that, not waiting for the others anymore
+[07:08:04] <prometheanfire> feel free, this time should be good for the reports
+[07:08:36] <robbat2> this past year saw my period as treasurer return after zlg stepped down from that role
+[07:09:03] <robbat2> and further work with the financial reports. we had a paid accountant for the first half of the fiscal year
+[07:09:29] <robbat2> unfortunetly, the accountant had personal issues and had to drop many clients
+[07:10:08] <robbat2> the RFP to search for accounting services was put together, and is not quite finalized, but as a sitting trustee again, I hope to have it issued in the coming weeks
+[07:10:49] <robbat2> on the financial statements, the remaining capture is of donations of services & use of property
+[07:11:40] <robbat2> we diversified our bank accounts, with intent to closing the old problematic ING account (recorded as CapOneMoneyMarket)
+[07:12:26] <robbat2> we have physical mail & a voicemail phone number that represent the foundation now, so we can reliably interact with organizations via mail/phone
+[07:13:11] <robbat2> depreciation is fully captured in the financial statements, which causes them to look a lot smaller in the assets category
+[07:13:44] <robbat2> i think that's everything on the treasurer front
+[07:14:31] <robbat2> prometheanfire: question for the president's report: where is the GDPR inventory?
+[07:15:03] -*- antarus had a similar question
+[07:15:05] <prometheanfire> robbat2: jmbsvicetto or antarus should know, iirc they are the ones that confirmed that
+[07:15:11] <prometheanfire> guess jmbsvicetto
+[07:15:35] <antarus> I mean I assert we have an inventory; I wouldn't qualify it as 'nearly completed'
+[07:15:46] <antarus> (sorry 'nearly done' in the report)
+[07:15:48] <robbat2> ok, i will followup it up outside of the meeting
+[07:16:34] <robbat2> any questions for the treasurer report?
+[07:16:36] <antarus> I'd like to see some deadlines and division of work there, but i think its something we can follow up on infra-side with
+[07:16:41] <antarus> (there = gdpr)
+[07:16:47] <prometheanfire> antarus: ack
+[07:16:50] <prometheanfire> robbat2: nope
+[07:17:02] <prometheanfire> anyone have any other questions about the president's report?
+[07:17:19] <antarus> no
+[07:17:24] <dabbott> no
+[07:17:48] <prometheanfire> ok, alicef said I could skip her items so next is dabbott and the elections
+[07:17:57] <prometheanfire> .subject elections with dabbott
+[07:17:57] <trustee-meetbot> Current subject: elections with dabbott
+[07:19:01] <dabbott> Welcome to the new board: Aaron Bauman (bman)
+[07:19:01] <dabbott> Alec Warner (antarus)
+[07:19:01] <dabbott> Alice Ferrazzi (alicef)
+[07:19:01] <dabbott> Matthew Thode (prometheanfire)
+[07:19:01] <dabbott> Robin H. Johnson (robbat2)
+[07:19:19] <dabbott> alicef: is returning
+[07:19:27] <dabbott> thank you all
+[07:19:58] <dabbott> oh and prometheanfire too is returning
+[07:20:00] <prometheanfire> I think this is the time where we need to decide on roles?
+[07:20:02] <prometheanfire> dabbott: :P
+[07:20:52] <prometheanfire> robbat2 is taking on the role of treasurer
+[07:21:00] <prometheanfire> vote (I think it's needed)
+[07:21:23] <robbat2> motion: robbat2 for treasurer
+[07:21:29] <prometheanfire> aye
+[07:21:30] <robbat2> .motion robbat2 for treasurer
+[07:21:36] <prometheanfire> don't think the bot does that
+[07:21:43] <dabbott> .action robbat2 for treasurer
+[07:21:43] <trustee-meetbot> ACTION: robbat2 for treasurer
+[07:21:49] <dabbott> yes
+[07:22:00] <prometheanfire> yes
+[07:22:21] <alicef> yes
+[07:22:28] <antarus> I assume robin wants to remain treasurer?
+[07:22:28] <robbat2> yes (or abstain since it's kind of self-serving)
+[07:23:02] <prometheanfire> three yeses is the min, so motion passes
+[07:23:07] <dabbott> .info robbat2 will remain as treasurer
+[07:23:07] <trustee-meetbot> INFO: robbat2 will remain as treasurer
+[07:23:24] <prometheanfire> president or secretary next?
+[07:24:27] <antarus> I will be president if you will have me
+[07:25:14] <robbat2> prometheanfire: do you wish to contest that?
+[07:25:31] <prometheanfire> antarus: fine with me, I'd nominate b-man as well, but he's not here right now
+[07:26:03] <prometheanfire> antarus: you also going to be chairman of the board? (run meetings?
+[07:26:06] <robbat2> .action antarus for president
+[07:26:07] <trustee-meetbot> ACTION: antarus for president
+[07:26:09] <robbat2> aye
+[07:26:15] <dabbott> yes
+[07:26:15] <prometheanfire> I'm fine remaining on for that if you want
+[07:26:26] <prometheanfire> robbat2: more clarification requested
+[07:27:02] <antarus> do you want to be chairman?
+[07:27:15] <robbat2> prometheanfire: bylaws have president as default chairman if we don't seperately have one
+[07:27:19] <prometheanfire> I could go either way
+[07:27:27] <prometheanfire> robbat2: I know, just want it called out
+[07:27:44] <prometheanfire> antarus: by default it's you
+[07:27:52] <dabbott> I think its better they are the same
+[07:28:18] <antarus> prometheanfire: so either we don't vote for chairman, or we do and elect someone else
+[07:28:25] <antarus> I don't see how its directly related to president
+[07:28:26] <dabbott> prisident is chairman and runs the meetings if availible
+[07:28:29] <antarus> (unless we don't vote)
+[07:28:35] <antarus> (for CoB)
+[07:28:49] <prometheanfire> ok, you do both
+[07:28:52] <alicef> is this a election for the president ? it usually don't take more time and waiting time for partecipant ?
+[07:29:15] <alicef> and the votation message of the candidate ?
+[07:29:41] <prometheanfire> alicef: it doesn't have to
+[07:29:44] <antarus> I can do both duties
+[07:29:56] <prometheanfire> aye
+[07:30:00] <prometheanfire> (my vote)
+[07:30:03] <antarus> prometheanfire: I'd appreciate a brief 10 minute lesson on how to use the bot ;)
+[07:30:06] <antarus> but later
+[07:30:27] <prometheanfire> antarus:
+[07:30:38] <robbat2> alicef: bylaw 6.1, "The officers of the foundation shall consist of a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, each of whom shall be elected by the Board of Trustees."; there are no further requirements per bylaws
+[07:30:40] <dabbott> alicef: the board needs to elect the president at the AGM thats today
+[07:31:06] <robbat2> *no requirements about how that election is run
+[07:31:12] <prometheanfire> unless the previous president rolls over iirc, but yes
+[07:31:55] <robbat2> alicef, antarus: your votes for antarus as president of the foundation?
+[07:32:03] <prometheanfire> dabbott: iirc you don't get a vote anymore, sorry
+[07:32:31] <antarus> I vote for myself, for as much as that counts? :)
+[07:32:37] <prometheanfire> it does count :P
+[07:33:21] <robbat2> if alicef were to oppose & b-man showed up, then voting for yourself would be contentious ;-)
+[07:33:31] <antarus> I tend to agree
+[07:34:02] <prometheanfire> it would, but it'd still be valid (just 'not nice')
+[07:34:22] <robbat2> alicef: yay or nay?
+[07:34:40] <robbat2> (we still need to get on to electing a new secretary)
+[07:36:26] <alicef> I would have liked that we waited for other contendant
+[07:37:00] <antarus> do you have anyone in mind?
+[07:37:03] <prometheanfire> would have been nice, I expected b-man to nominate himself
+[07:37:38] <alicef> last time we did there was a open mail if anyone wanted to come up
+[07:37:58] <b-man> Sorry, I am late.
+[07:38:37] <robbat2> b-man: we're presently having a vote for president, antarus is the unopposed candidate
+[07:38:38] <prometheanfire> b-man: currently voting for president
+[07:39:04] <dabbott> b-man: robbat2 will remain as tresurer we are now working on president and chairman of the board
+[07:39:12] <b-man> Ok
+[07:39:14] <robbat2> do you intend to nominate yourself? (there is still the secretary position to fill, which needs to be a US citizen)
+[07:39:44] <b-man> No nominations yet?
+[07:39:58] <prometheanfire> b-man: antarus is unapposed for president
+[07:40:22] <b-man> Sure, I nominate myself as well.
+[07:40:58] <robbat2> ok, so to restart this vote then
+[07:41:04] <prometheanfire> k
+[07:41:25] <robbat2> voting in the open, by virtual-show-of-hands? (please don't make me set up secret ballots)
+[07:41:51] <prometheanfire> fine by me
+[07:41:55] <alicef> ok
+[07:41:57] <robbat2> antarus, b-man: do you agree to open voting?
+[07:42:04] <b-man> Yes, that is fine by me.
+[07:42:07] <antarus> yep
+[07:42:52] <robbat2> .action vote for president, candidates antarus, b-man; vote by stating your preference
+[07:42:53] <trustee-meetbot> ACTION: vote for president, candidates antarus, b-man; vote by stating your preference
+[07:43:12] <robbat2> antarus
+[07:43:22] <alicef> antarus
+[07:43:27] <antarus> antarus
+[07:43:38] <b-man> b-man
+[07:43:47] <prometheanfire> abstain, my prefrence is equal
+[07:44:08] <robbat2> .info antarus is the new president, and defacto chairman unless a seperate chairman is elected
+[07:44:08] <trustee-meetbot> INFO: antarus is the new president, and defacto chairman unless a seperate chairman is elected
+[07:44:16] <robbat2> ok, secretary role
+[07:44:44] <robbat2> this needs to be a US citizen, not because of bylaws, but because of knock-on implications in signing paperwork for with New Mexico & the IRS
+[07:44:55] <alicef> out
+[07:45:00] <robbat2> i would like to nominate b-man because he's been eager to do paperwork so far
+[07:45:17] <prometheanfire> that's a good point, I could stand if he doesn't
+[07:45:45] <robbat2> dabbott has stated he's not interested in the officer roll, but I was hoping he could help on cross-training still
+[07:45:55] <dabbott> sure
+[07:46:37] <robbat2> other nominations?
+[07:46:43] <robbat2> b-man: do you accept it?
+[07:46:52] <b-man> Yes, I do.
+[07:47:46] <prometheanfire> .action vote for secretary, candidate b-man; vote by stating your preference
+[07:47:46] <trustee-meetbot> ACTION: vote for secretary, candidate b-man; vote by stating your preference
+[07:47:52] <prometheanfire> yes, b-man
+[07:47:56] <robbat2> yes, b-man
+[07:48:09] <alicef> yes
+[07:48:15] <antarus> yes, b-man:
+[07:48:30] <robbat2> .info b-man is the new secretary of the foundation
+[07:48:30] <trustee-meetbot> INFO: b-man is the new secretary of the foundation
+[07:48:48] <robbat2> dabbott: thank you for your years of service as the secretary of the Foundation
+[07:48:59] <b-man> dabbott: Yes, thank you.
+[07:48:59] <antarus> indeed, thanks so much dabbott
+[07:49:08] <prometheanfire> ok, klondikes items
+[07:49:15] <prometheanfire> .subject rfp status
+[07:49:15] <trustee-meetbot> Current subject: rfp status
+[07:49:20] <prometheanfire> robbat2: you had an update there?
+[07:49:24] <dabbott> your welcome, if you want to continue using the bot its easy to set up
+[07:50:03] <dabbott> it runs off sopel
+[07:50:49] <robbat2> RFP: klondike got stalled by real life; a minor rewrite is required, but I hope to have it approved by the trustees and issued before the next meeting
+[07:51:02] <robbat2> specifically: we are now looking to fill all of the following roles
+[07:51:15] <robbat2> - bookkeeping services
+[07:51:32] <robbat2> - CPA to audit book-keeping and advise on IRS tax forms
+[07:52:03] <robbat2> - Tax/non-profit lawyer for review and advice on the non-profit registration
+[07:52:27] <robbat2> b-man has started on the non-profit forms, at least to the point that the 501c3 vs 501c6 forms are very similar
+[07:52:54] <robbat2> we might end up with a single firm bidding on all 3 roles, but we are not tied to it
+[07:53:16] <robbat2> that covers the RFP
+[07:53:21] <prometheanfire> thanks for the update
+[07:53:26] <prometheanfire> next
+[07:53:41] <prometheanfire> .subject contact SFLC/Eben Moglen for finance and legal advice
+[07:53:41] <trustee-meetbot> Current subject: contact SFLC/Eben Moglen for finance and legal advice
+[07:53:43] <antarus> robbat2: issued == sent out for responses, yes?
+[07:53:46] <prometheanfire> would the RFP cover that?
+[07:54:23] <robbat2> it overlaps yes
+[07:54:48] <prometheanfire> ok, so we'll wait on that then, if that's alright with others
+[07:54:53] <robbat2> antarus: correct, issued/published whatever term you want for saying it's not a draft anymore and we want responses
+[07:54:59] <antarus> ack, thanks
+[07:55:10] <prometheanfire> .subject Infra update
+[07:55:10] <trustee-meetbot> Current subject: Infra update
+[07:55:13] <prometheanfire> jmbsvicetto: around?
+[07:55:23] <robbat2> klondike was hoping SFLC/Eben might have suggestions of firms to send the RFP to
+[07:55:36] <antarus> robbat2: yeah that seems reasonable
+[07:55:42] <robbat2> but I think we email it to him and ask it be sent on, should be enough
+[07:55:45] <antarus> I have to call my lawyer back about NM firms still
+[07:56:34] <prometheanfire> your = google?
+[07:56:41] <antarus> no, mine
+[07:57:06] <prometheanfire> k
+[07:57:08] <antarus> hrm, maybe google would provide a reference, but I doubt it
+[07:57:20] <antarus> I'll take an AI to ask dannybee
+[07:57:28] <antarus> he might be able to respond in a personal capacity
+[07:57:50] <robbat2> i will be at the open-source summit this coming week, and hope to keep my ears open for useful contacts in that regard
+[07:58:31] <prometheanfire> cool, next item then?
+[07:58:37] <prometheanfire> .subject open bugs
+[07:58:38] <trustee-meetbot> Current subject: open bugs
+[07:58:46] <prometheanfire> .link
+[07:58:49] <trustee-meetbot> LINK:
+[07:59:37] <prometheanfire> .link I'll email them if you want (with a draft being sent for review to trustees first)
+[07:59:38] <trustee-meetbot> LINK: I'll email them if you want (with a draft being sent for review to trustees first)
+[08:00:05] <robbat2> sgtm
+[08:00:16] <antarus> sgtm
+[08:00:43] <prometheanfire> anything else (looks like re-imbursments only in the last month)?
+[08:01:05] <alicef> is my officier vice-secretary position official ?
+[08:01:07] <robbat2> I move we close this because there's no action from the sender's front (he can't get export permits from HK)
+[08:01:54] <prometheanfire> fine with me
+[08:02:03] <robbat2> alicef: we didn't revoke it, but I had entirely forgotten about it
+[08:02:38] <antarus> re:, closing is fine
+[08:02:50] <b-man> Close it
+[08:02:52] <robbat2> i'll followup on 630440 then, thanks
+[08:02:55] <prometheanfire> k
+[08:02:59] <prometheanfire> any other bugs?
+[08:03:47] <robbat2> antarus: as new president, can you followup some of the change of address bugs please?
+[08:03:52] <alicef> close
+[08:04:24] <antarus> robbat2: sure
+[08:04:35] <robbat2> USPTO for trademarks & copyright registration, RIPE/ARIN
+[08:04:47] <alicef> robbat2: we didn't revoke it, so is a active and official position ?
+[08:05:06] <robbat2> alicef: correct; you work with b-man on that side now :-)
+[08:05:25] <-- rich0 (~quassel@gentoo/developer/rich0) has quit (Quit: rich0)
+[08:05:31] <dabbott> alicef: you are the assistant secretary still
+[08:06:00] <antarus> .action Antarus to follow up on Change of address bugs (USPTO for trademarks & copyright registration, RIPE/ARIN)
+[08:06:00] <trustee-meetbot> ACTION: Antarus to follow up on Change of address bugs (USPTO for trademarks & copyright registration, RIPE/ARIN)
+[08:06:31] <prometheanfire> .action prometheanfire follow up on usage
+[08:06:31] <trustee-meetbot> ACTION: prometheanfire follow up on usage
+[08:06:51] <robbat2> .action robbat2 to followup & close bug 630440 w/ reporter
+[08:06:52] <trustee-meetbot> ACTION: robbat2 to followup & close bug 630440 w/ reporter
+[08:06:54] <willikins> robbat2: "Request for reimbursement of shipping costs of systems offered to Gentoo users."; Gentoo Foundation, Reimbursements; UNCO; R030t1:trustees
+[08:06:54] <willikins> trustee-meetbot: "Request for reimbursement of shipping costs of systems offered to Gentoo users."; Gentoo Foundation, Reimbursements; UNCO; R030t1:trustees
+[08:07:11] <prometheanfire> .action prometheanfire update -trustee channel permissions for new election
+[08:07:11] <trustee-meetbot> ACTION: prometheanfire update -trustee channel permissions for new election
+[08:07:17] <alicef> still need to be added on the foundation corporation
+[08:07:40] <robbat2> .action b-man to update NM PRC filings for new trustees
+[08:07:40] <trustee-meetbot> ACTION: b-man to update NM PRC filings for new trustees
+[08:07:45] --> rich0 (~quassel@gentoo/developer/rich0) has joined #gentoo-trustees
+[08:07:45] *** Mode #gentoo-trustees +v rich0 by ChanServ
+[08:08:09] <b-man> Thanks.
+[08:08:37] <prometheanfire> need to update the wiki iirc
+[08:09:31] <antarus> maffblaster: can you update the wiki with new board members?
+[08:09:32] <prometheanfire> .subject Cleanup / Responsibilities
+[08:09:32] <trustee-meetbot> Current subject: Cleanup / Responsibilities
+[08:09:40] <prometheanfire> Date of Next Meeting - Saturday, September 15 2018 22:00 UTC
+[08:09:53] <robbat2> (i have new business items at the end)
+[08:10:23] <prometheanfire> good for others? I should be back from my trip then
+[08:10:37] <b-man> wfm
+[08:10:45] <prometheanfire> robbat2: ack
+[08:11:03] <prometheanfire> Who will post the log? Minutes? dabbott b-man alicef ?
+[08:11:03] <antarus> next meeting: looks good
+[08:11:11] <alicef> can someone update gentoo foundation inc with my role ?
+[08:11:19] <robbat2> that meeting day doesn't work well for me, but i'll make a plan
+[08:11:19] <prometheanfire> Who will update the motions page? alicef ?
+[08:11:24] <alicef> ok
+[08:11:27] <alicef> doing now
+[08:11:45] <alicef> i can do both
+[08:11:49] <prometheanfire> alicef: that'd be antarus / b-man updating the NM info
+[08:11:59] <prometheanfire> alicef: thanks
+[08:12:04] <dabbott> alicef: please do, thanks
+[08:12:06] <prometheanfire> Who will send emails? (none needed)
+[08:12:06] <alicef> yes antarus/b-man thanks
+[08:12:25] <prometheanfire> Who will update agenda? antarus this is you now iirc
+[08:12:43] <prometheanfire> Who will update channel topic? antarus also you iirc
+[08:13:12] <b-man> alicef: yes, I will update your role.
+[08:13:23] <antarus> prometheanfire: I can update agenda and channel topic, yep
+[08:13:36] <prometheanfire> ok, that's everything
+[08:13:41] <prometheanfire> .subject robbat2's stuff
+[08:13:41] <trustee-meetbot> Current subject: robbat2's stuff
+[08:14:02] -*- antarus also has stuff, but I can go after robin
+[08:14:07] <robbat2> 1. after the meeting, can we please hold a new poll about the time-of-day for the meeting?
+[08:14:12] <alicef> 630440 is not approved ?
+[08:14:22] <prometheanfire> robbat2: fine by me, we have new membership
+[08:14:39] <robbat2> i'll send out the scheduling tool stuff for it
+[08:14:43] <alicef> robbat2: yes would be nice
+[08:14:56] <antarus> alicef: my understanding is that 630440 we failed to ship anything
+[08:15:07] <antarus> alicef: (due to export controls)
+[08:15:28] <alicef> ok so mmm there is not really a vote on that
+[08:15:40] <alicef> not sure if have to be added in the motions page
+[08:15:48] <antarus> right, I would say not
+[08:15:49] <alicef> i think no
+[08:15:52] <robbat2> 2. does anybody have objections in principal, to me looking into formal & informal fundraising at the open source summit?
+[08:16:24] <prometheanfire> robbat2: I don't
+[08:16:28] <antarus> robbat2: my only formal objective is really business objectives
+[08:16:31] <antarus> objection*
+[08:16:47] <antarus> business is the wrong term probably
+[08:16:58] <b-man> I don't have an issue with it, but so we really need more income?
+[08:17:02] <antarus> but raising money without clear things to spend it on seems like not a great idea
+[08:17:19] <b-man> Yes, that. We hardly spend it.
+[08:17:34] <b-man> In my opinion
+[08:17:40] <antarus> i understandithat fundraising helps further tax-exemption
+[08:17:48] <b-man> It does.
+[08:18:07] <robbat2> i mean more towards looking at the partnerships, not taking funds yet
+[08:18:31] <prometheanfire> exploring options is fine by me
+[08:18:36] <alicef> robbat2: which open source summit ?
+[08:18:37] <b-man> robbat2: absolutely. I am all for it, but let's define what we intend to spend it on eventually.
+[08:18:44] <antarus> I mean I basically have the same question there
+[08:18:47] <antarus> for what purpose?
+[08:19:10] <antarus> (I don't really object to general relationship building in any case)
+[08:19:39] <b-man> robbat2: explore it. Get contacts. Then we can all work to better define what we intend to spend future monies on
+[08:19:50] <robbat2> i'll get to that part, but it's a good chance to build relationships, since the summit is here in vancouver
+[08:20:03] <b-man> Agreed
+[08:20:03] <robbat2> alicef:
+[08:20:06] <alicef> robbat2: i'm usually a speaker for the japanese one and this time also at the european on
+[08:20:13] <alicef> one
+[08:20:28] <robbat2> i was sent a free full attendee pass by the Linux Foundation
+[08:20:40] <b-man> Nice!
+[08:21:02] <robbat2> one last item
+[08:21:30] <alicef> so if there is need I can also ask around
+[08:22:04] <robbat2> as it's an open secret, the trustees do maintain a private IRC channel to quickly handle stuff that's otherwise kept in email because we can't mention it in the public channel yet
+[08:22:19] <robbat2> somewhere in policies, can we please mandate the new trustees join it ;-)
+[08:22:32] <b-man> Sure
+[08:22:37] <b-man> Didn't know it existed :)
+[08:22:51] <prometheanfire> b-man: I imagine you ignore invites then?
+[08:22:56] <alicef> robbat2: i thought we closed it
+[08:23:27] <alicef> last conversation was if i remeber correctly "we can close this channel"
+[08:23:31] <robbat2> alicef: that's the combined trustee & council channel that was used for the combined meeting
+[08:23:40] <b-man> I wouldnt intentionally ignore invites. I am normally mobile though
+[08:24:03] <b-man> I am there now
+[08:24:14] <b-man> Thanks, prometheanfire for the invite
+[08:24:15] <prometheanfire> antarus: you had items?
+[08:24:33] <antarus> So I have a 2 year plan (that i ran on)
+[08:24:40] <antarus> mostly regarding dissolution
+[08:24:56] <antarus> I suspect most of that will not happen this year (2018-2019)
+[08:25:18] <antarus> that being said, I plan on writing a report about previous ..lets call them discussions with various umbrellas
+[08:25:27] <antarus> that I hope to publish EoY
+[08:25:36] <antarus> mostly as context for what worked, what did not, and which orgs are available
+[08:25:43] <antarus> so expect updates on that from time to time
+[08:25:47] <prometheanfire> ok
+[08:25:58] <antarus> thats all
+[08:26:12] <prometheanfire> .subject open floor
+[08:26:12] <trustee-meetbot> Current subject: open floor
+[08:26:17] <robbat2> i ran on the intersection of what needs to be done for dissolution is also much of what is needed to fix the foundation
+[08:26:29] <antarus> robbat2: I eagerly await RFP, let me know what I can do to help if anything
+[08:26:35] -*- prometheanfire is keeping an open mind
+[08:27:03] <antarus> I'd be happy if finances were fixed in the next 12 months; and then we can have vigorous discussion on next steps, IMHO :0
+[08:27:42] <prometheanfire> 'vigorous'
+[08:27:45] <b-man> Yes, fix it all, then have the discussion
+[08:27:53] <prometheanfire> closing in a minute
+[08:28:14] <robbat2> b-man: can you please send your questions re 501c3/c6 soon?
+[08:28:24] <b-man> robbat2: yes, I will.
+[08:28:38] <robbat2> and for the record, I'm not entirely for the 501c3 variant, but much of the paperwork is identical to 501c6
+[08:28:53] <robbat2> and we need it reviewed by counsel before submitting
+[08:29:14] <b-man> Yes, I will detail it all
+[08:29:35] <robbat2> 501c3 also can't fly right now without improving the fundraising, due to catches in the public support test 2% limit
+[08:30:03] <robbat2> and how that factors into you asking for backdated recognition
+[08:30:14] <b-man> I will detail it all
+[08:30:24] <b-man> Then you all can vote.
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+[08:33:10] <prometheanfire> ok, sounds like we are done then
+[08:33:12] <prometheanfire> .endmeeting
+[08:33:12] <trustee-meetbot> Meeting ended! total meeting length 5646 seconds