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+Sample email text;
+Dear Member,
+You are receiving this email as you are a member of the Gentoo
+Foundation Inc. The Foundation is legally obliged to notify its
+members of some events. This email contains notifications of
+1. The 2016 Trustee Elections
+2. The Annual General Meeting
+Your membership of the Foundation will continue until you fail to cast
+a ballot in two successive Trustee elections or you resign from the
+Foundation by sending a gpg signed email to trustees@g.o
+The 2016 Trustee Election will be held over June, July and the early
+part of August. Nominations will be open for a period of three weeks
+starting on June 20th.
+Voting will take place approximately four weeks later starting in mid
+July. Exact dates will be notified by the Elections project.
+Nominations must be made by posting to gentoo-nfp@l.g.o
+Only Foundation members may be nominated.
+Only Foundation members may vote. The list of members is
+If you are not listed, please contact the trustees.
+The new trustees will take their seats at the AGM on Aug 21.
+Trustees serve a two year term and retire by rotation every year.
+This year, David Abbott (dabbott) and Roy Bamford (NeddySeagoon) retire
+by rotation.
+There are thus two seats on the board of trustees to be contested.
+The Annual General Meeting of the Gentoo Foundation Inc. will be held
+on 21st August 2016 in #gentoo-trustees on at 1900 UTC.
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+2016 06 20