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+18:42 * NeddySeagoon bangs the gavel to open the last trustee meeting before the 2011 elections
+18:42 -!- quantumsummers|a is now known as quantumsummers
+18:42 <@NeddySeagoon> Roll call - I'm logging
+18:42 <@quantumsummers> present
+18:42 < tsunam> I'm ere
+18:42 < tsunam> here even
+18:42 <@robbat2> present
+18:42 <@dabbott> here
+18:42 <@NeddySeagoon> Agenda Item 2 Old Business
+18:43 <@NeddySeagoon> 2011 Trustee Election Status Report
+18:44 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, and robbat2 retire by rotation. Nominations will be help in Feb, exact dates to be determined by the elections project, voting will be in March
+18:44 <@NeddySeagoon> Today is the recording date
+18:45 <@NeddySeagoon> tsunam, you want to say a few words ?
+18:45 < tsunam> sure thing I'll do that now
+18:46 < tsunam> As most are aware a few months ago I had some issues with my health. This caused me to step away from my duties for a not insignificant time period
+18:46 < tsunam> Due to this and luckily by design of how we setup everything the business was able to continue uninterupted.
+18:47 <@NeddySeagoon> good planning that
+18:47 < tsunam> However, it also made me consider things in my life including my work for the foundation. What I found is that although I love the work that I've done for the foundation and the members of the foundation I've had the pleasure to work with
+18:48 < tsunam> that I believe it is time for me to step down during the next election cycle from my position as a trustee and a treasurer, and allow someone who has more motivation and capabilities then I can bring to the positions that people have entrusted to me
+18:49 <@NeddySeagoon> I would like to propose a vote of thanks to tsunam for his work over the last three years
+18:49 <@quantumsummers> seconded
+18:50 <@NeddySeagoon> Vote
+18:50 <@NeddySeagoon> aye
+18:50 <@robbat2> aye
+18:50 <@dabbott> aye
+18:50 <@quantumsummers> aye. Many Thanks Joshua, many thanks
+18:50 -!- willikins [~rbot@gentoo/bot/Willikins] has joined #gentoo-trustees
+18:50 < tsunam> thank you all :) as its about me I need to abstain ;)
+18:50 <@NeddySeagoon> Thanks for all the hard work tsunam. Make sure we don't owe you money before you leave.
+18:51 < tsunam> NeddySeagoon: will do
+18:51 <@NeddySeagoon> Another motion ...
+18:51 <@NeddySeagoon> I propose that the board endorses the reelection of robbat2 and quantumsummers (if they want to stand)
+18:52 <@dabbott> seconded
+18:52 <@NeddySeagoon> Vote
+18:52 <@NeddySeagoon> aye
+18:52 < tsunam> aye
+18:52 <@dabbott> yes
+18:52 <@quantumsummers> yes
+18:52 <@robbat2> aye
+18:53 <@quantumsummers> I do plan to stand again, for the record, and really appreciate the endorsement of the board
+18:53 <@NeddySeagoon> Carried ... I'll ensure that gets into the notices.
+18:53 <@robbat2> likewise, I intend to run again, many thanks for the endorsement
+18:53 <@NeddySeagoon> I'll poke elections too
+18:54 <@dabbott> thanks to both ++
+18:54 <@NeddySeagoon> Any more for elections ?
+18:54 <@quantumsummers> I am prepared to make the voters list
+18:54 <@quantumsummers> that is all from me
+18:54 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, SFLC Questions (Software Freedom Law Center)
+18:56 <@quantumsummers> ok, so just about everything going on right now is waiting on SFLC. Had a long conversation week before last, following up, doing some new stuff, etc,etc
+18:56 <@NeddySeagoon> dabbott, we shou;ld list the questions on the agenda maybe
+18:56 <@dabbott> yep
+18:56 <@NeddySeagoon> Is the SFLC being responsive ?
+18:56 <@quantumsummers> so, the list: cla, the one I proposed was too permissive in license (bsd-ish), recommends fsf version
+18:57 <@quantumsummers> ah, NeddySeagoon, well it takes a long time to get things done with them
+18:57 <@quantumsummers> they are responsive, just I have to keep poking them for things or they appear to forget
+18:57 <@quantumsummers> or are just really busy
+18:58 <@NeddySeagoon> We seem to have a fair bit with them ... do we need to set priorities to get things turned around in the order we need or is it just 'lawyers at work' ?
+18:58 <@quantumsummers> there are priorities they are aware of
+18:59 <@quantumsummers> anyway, back to the list: tax status: long bit here, summed up in the following. SFLC is appointing some junior attorney to handle working with me directly on this. I think this will make things go faster.
+18:59 <@NeddySeagoon> Sounds good
+18:59 <@quantumsummers> further, it appears there has been a change in attitude at the IRS, they are slowing down processing of floss applications
+19:00 <@NeddySeagoon> Care to estimage when our 503(c) application will go in ?
+19:00 <@quantumsummers> this might make our petition to them greatly extended
+19:00 <@quantumsummers> its all in sflc court now, their guy is getting with me to collect all my docs, then they have a fair bit of writing ahead of them
+19:00 <@NeddySeagoon> We can't influence the IRS bit
+19:00 <@quantumsummers> not likely
+19:01 <@NeddySeagoon> It sounds positive, just slow
+19:01 <@quantumsummers> if its denied, we will have to appeal in federal court (sflc would handle this of course) our attorney is experiencing this with another group now
+19:01 <@quantumsummers> but yes, I am positive. its just likely going to take awhile
+19:01 <@NeddySeagoon> heh - good practice
+19:02 < tsunam> heh
+19:02 < tsunam> progress is progress...and one should never expect speed when it comes to the government..unless you owe them money :)
+19:02 <@quantumsummers> now, this is mentioned below, but the libtxc_dxtn bit is also awaiting response
+19:02 <@NeddySeagoon> tsunam, that must be the same all over the world :)
+19:03 <@quantumsummers> so, also discussed the transition of tsunam away from the foundation and the record keeping, etc required
+19:04 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, it sounds like you are on top of things with the SFLC ... is there any more you need to share with us in public ?
+19:04 < tsunam> I've provided a list of some items previously when I brought it up, but added at least one thing to the list.
+19:04 <@quantumsummers> I am keeping a repo with a journal and any/all files dealt with in the process
+19:04 <@quantumsummers> yes, thanks tsunam for the list
+19:04 <@quantumsummers> very helpful. ducks will line up
+19:05 <@quantumsummers> is there anything else I need to report on?
+19:05 <@NeddySeagoon> Sounds good. quantumsummers who else has access? I'm aware you are a single point of failure during the transition
+19:06 <@quantumsummers> yes, this is a personal repo at the moment. I would push to git.o.g.o if others want access
+19:06 <@quantumsummers> it would have to be a private repo, of course
+19:06 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, long term, you cannot be both sec and treasurer
+19:06 <@robbat2> there should be proper private repos on git.g.o sometime in the next few weeks
+19:06 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: noted, thanks.
+19:06 <@NeddySeagoon> its too much work for one
+19:06 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: I know, we need a new treas
+19:07 <@NeddySeagoon> yep
+19:07 <@quantumsummers> I think its small enough now that I can easily manage for now
+19:07 < tsunam> we do have some people who offered to help that were financial types that quantumsummers and I were interacting with that would be perfect for the position of treasurer
+19:07 <@NeddySeagoon> That has to be on the agenda for April, when we have the AGM
+19:07 <@quantumsummers> yes, I have one particular candidate that has offered to do bookkeeping
+19:08 <@NeddySeagoon> tsunam, that works for me.
+19:08 <@quantumsummers> I am waiting on sflc to get me the proper docs for this person to sign regarding non-disclosure, privacy, etc
+19:08 <@NeddySeagoon> treasurer is an officer so it need not be a board member
+19:09 <@quantumsummers> once we have the legal in place I would like to "test drive" this candidate (and others if needed)
+19:09 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, is this individual interested in becoming a gentoo staffer ?
+19:09 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: correct. It would be nice to have some one we know/trust as there will be signatures involved, etc
+19:10 <@NeddySeagoon> these individuals*
+19:10 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: I would think so, though I have not discussed this specifically
+19:10 <@NeddySeagoon> they need to do the staff quiz
+19:10 <@quantumsummers> I guess it would be a requirement
+19:10 <@NeddySeagoon> Not specifically - but it shows a little comittment
+19:11 <@NeddySeagoon> any more SFLC stuff?
+19:11 <@quantumsummers> nope.
+19:11 <@NeddySeagoon> Agenda Item 4 Bugs
+19:11 <@quantumsummers> one unrelated bit, I have sent reimbursement checks to the GSOC mentors
+19:12 <@NeddySeagoon> fine
+19:12 <@robbat2> NeddySeagoon, err, you missed me
+19:12 <@robbat2> re UltraDNS followup
+19:12 <@NeddySeagoon> hehe - sorry robbat2 UltraDNS Wrapup
+19:12 <@NeddySeagoon> It seems to all be still working ...
+19:13 <@robbat2> ok, we successfully did the final BIND migration on Dec 27th
+19:13 <@robbat2> there's one more technical backend bit waiting for the private git repos, but we're operational already
+19:13 <@robbat2> in terms of paperwork
+19:13 <@robbat2> we were concerned about being billed for the last month due to when we gave notice
+19:14 <@robbat2> there wasn't any problems there at all. Our "official cancel date" for to make the Neustar paperwork easier on their end is 2011/01/31.
+19:14 <@NeddySeagoon> That sounds good
+19:14 <@robbat2> my contact at Neustar wishes us all the best in future
+19:15 <@robbat2> that's everything :-)
+19:16 * NeddySeagoon proposes a vote of thanks to gentoo-infra for the seamless migration of our DNS
+19:16 <@quantumsummers> seconded
+19:16 <@NeddySeagoon> Vote
+19:16 < tsunam> aye
+19:16 <@NeddySeagoon> aye
+19:16 <@quantumsummers> aye
+19:16 <@dabbott> yes hire them
+19:16 <@robbat2> abstain since it's about infra/me
+19:16 <@NeddySeagoon> Carried.
+19:17 <@NeddySeagoon> I'll write to infra@
+19:17 <@NeddySeagoon> Agenda Item 4 Bugs Corrections to corporation filing Bug 296766
+19:17 < willikins> NeddySeagoon: "Corrections to corporation filing needed as of 2009/12/13"; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; ASSI; robbat2@g.o:trustees@g.o
+19:18 <@NeddySeagoon> If this isn't already in the post, we may as well wait until the election results are known
+19:18 < tsunam> I've not sent an update
+19:18 <@quantumsummers> some of this this went in with our annual report
+19:19 <@dabbott> we should just wait
+19:19 <@quantumsummers> I can handle this once the election is done
+19:19 <@quantumsummers> its a simple form
+19:19 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, ok - thanks
+19:19 <@dabbott> also can we help with bug 351045
+19:19 < willikins> dabbott: "www site needs a privacy policy"; Website, Social Contract; NEW; robbat2@g.o:infra-bugs@g.o
+19:19 <@quantumsummers> that is alsoi in the hands of sflc
+19:20 <@dabbott> ok good enough
+19:20 <@quantumsummers> I wrote them about this and mentioned the fedora example
+19:20 <@robbat2> should we get a draft together for them first?
+19:20 <@quantumsummers> I have a few issues with the fedora version
+19:20 <@quantumsummers> actually, sure. I started working on a draft last week :)
+19:20 <@robbat2> quantumsummers, can you list those issues in the bug?
+19:20 <@quantumsummers> yes I cah
+19:20 <@quantumsummers> can
+19:21 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: it would be helpful to know what we do store for example in ldap, versus forums, etc
+19:21 <@quantumsummers> we can switch out our stuff for the fedora stuff
+19:22 <@robbat2> ok I can answer that on the bug for better tracking
+19:22 <@quantumsummers> then I think it comes down to tightening the third party data sharing language
+19:22 <@quantumsummers> ok, great
+19:23 <@NeddySeagoon> Any more bugs ?
+19:23 <@quantumsummers> there are a few
+19:23 <@quantumsummers> bug 285549
+19:23 < willikins> quantumsummers: "Add #gentoo-ir (Iran) to IRC channels list"; Website, Other; ASSI;
+19:23 <@NeddySeagoon> do we need to discuss them here
+19:23 <@quantumsummers> also with SFLC
+19:23 <@quantumsummers> oh, up to you chairman
+19:24 <@quantumsummers> Perhaps I just have way too many things on hte sflc plate at the moment, there are like 15 items
+19:24 <@NeddySeagoon> No point in going through bugs that have not changed
+19:24 <@quantumsummers> heh, we can move on & use bugz for this stuff
+19:25 <@NeddySeagoon> Agenda Item 5 New Business
+19:25 <@NeddySeagoon> Adding patent-unsafe package (libtxc_dxtn)
+19:25 <@quantumsummers> also with sflc now
+19:25 <@NeddySeagoon> ok
+19:25 <@quantumsummers> err, as oif a wekk or so ago
+19:25 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: is there any precedent for this in the portage tree?
+19:26 <@quantumsummers> seems truetype-ish
+19:26 <@robbat2> hmm
+19:26 <@NeddySeagoon> Agenda Item 6 Membership Applications
+19:27 <@NeddySeagoon> leave it with sflc
+19:27 <@NeddySeagoon> Gentoo Developers Andreas H?ttel and Bernard Cafarelli
+19:27 <@NeddySeagoon> I vote aye for both
+19:27 <@dabbott> yes to both
+19:27 < tsunam> yes on both
+19:27 <@quantumsummers> aye for both
+19:28 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, ?
+19:28 <@robbat2> aye
+19:28 <@NeddySeagoon> Carried
+19:28 <@NeddySeagoon> Community Members Mike Gilbert
+19:28 <@NeddySeagoon> I vote aye
+19:28 <@robbat2> aye
+19:29 <@quantumsummers> aye
+19:29 <@dabbott> yes
+19:29 < tsunam> abstain as i didn't review
+19:29 < tsunam> what he has done etc
+19:29 <@NeddySeagoon> Carried
+19:29 <@quantumsummers> herd tester
+19:29 < tsunam> ah
+19:29 <@quantumsummers> for chromium I believe
+19:29 <@dabbott> he also bug wrangles
+19:29 < tsunam> *nods*
+19:29 <@NeddySeagoon> Agenda Item 7 Advertising Requests - none
+19:29 < tsunam> good to know
+19:30 <@NeddySeagoon> Agenda Item 8 Date of Next Meeting - 20th Feb 2011 19:00 UTC
+19:30 <@quantumsummers> +1
+19:30 <@dabbott> good here
+19:30 <@NeddySeagoon> +1
+19:30 <@robbat2> +1
+19:30 <@NeddySeagoon> tsunam ?
+19:30 <@dabbott> NeddySeagoon: put the log here please foundation/en/minutes/2011
+19:31 < tsunam> that's fine
+19:31 <@NeddySeagoon> dabbott, ok.
+19:31 <@NeddySeagoon> Agenda Item 9 Any other business ...
+19:31 <@NeddySeagoon> I have some ...
+19:31 <@robbat2> none from me at this time
+19:32 <@dabbott> I will do the motions and quantumsummers when you get the repo set up I can help keep track of the items for sflc if you want
+19:32 <@NeddySeagoon> jmbsvicetto, volunteered me to speak a FOSDEM on a joint Foundation/Council/Devrel platform, about the future organisation of gentoo
+19:32 <@quantumsummers> dabbott: ok thank
+19:33 <@NeddySeagoon> I' mailed trustees@ for feedback and I had two replies.
+19:33 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: I gave some feedback in this channel, shall I email it for the record?
+19:33 <@NeddySeagoon> Do I have to speak as an individual, or can I speak on behalf of the Foundation
+19:33 < tsunam> I'm fine with you speaking on behalf of the foundation
+19:34 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, no need, I have the log
+19:34 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: on behalf of the foundation would be nice, I think we should all participate in the draft though
+19:34 <@robbat2> i trust Neddy, i'd like to read what he says, but I don't need to see a draft
+19:34 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, I will try to get the draft slides out before the end of next weekend
+19:35 <@quantumsummers> sounds excellent
+19:35 <@NeddySeagoon> I'll try to record it - voice only. I've got a new toy to take to fosdem :)
+19:35 <@dabbott> NeddySeagoon: sounds interesting, I am not knowledgable enough on the subject to offer much feedback
+19:35 <@quantumsummers> nice :)
+19:36 <@NeddySeagoon> Ok, we can clear up the odds and ends on the alias.
+19:37 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, if you update the members list with the new members today, I'll check it over.
+19:37 <@quantumsummers> I can email that out asap
+19:37 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, I have to update the +V list here too
+19:38 <@quantumsummers> gotcha
+19:38 <@NeddySeagoon> Any more 'other business' ?
+19:38 <@quantumsummers> well ...
+19:38 <@quantumsummers> j/k none from me
+19:38 <@NeddySeagoon> heh
+19:38 * NeddySeagoon will will post the log
+19:39 <@NeddySeagoon> Who will update the motions page?
+19:39 * dabbott motions
+19:39 <@quantumsummers> thanks dabbott
+19:39 <@NeddySeagoon> It looks like I volunteered for the emails already
+19:39 <@NeddySeagoon> Agenda Item 11 Open Floor
+19:40 <@dabbott> np looks like 4 i will recheck the log
+19:41 * NeddySeagoon bands the gavel to close the meeting