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+18:16 * NeddySeagoon bangs his gavel to open the February 2011 Gentoo Foundation Inc. trustees meeting
+18:16 <@NeddySeagoon> Roll call
+18:17 <@dabbott> here
+18:17 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, dabbott quantumsummers tanderson
+18:17 * quantumsummers is present
+18:17 <@robbat2> yo
+18:18 <@NeddySeagoon> We have a quorum lets start tsunam_ ?
+18:18 <@NeddySeagoon> I'm logging
+18:18 <@NeddySeagoon> Agenda item 3 Old Business
+18:18 <@NeddySeagoon> 2011 Trustee Election
+18:19 <@NeddySeagoon> Nominations are open and we have three nominations for three seats - two nominees have accepted.
+18:20 <@NeddySeagoon> Elections project are seeing fair play
+18:20 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers SFLC Monthly Update ... has anything changed ?
+18:21 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: i have submitted more things for them, but have the no change from last meeting
+18:22 <@NeddySeagoon> IS there anything we can do to help speed the process - should we look for more pro bono law support ?
+18:22 <@quantumsummers> I need to have a frank conversation with them, as the time it has taken is not cool
+18:23 <@NeddySeagoon> As long as they can give us a turn round time we cn live with and they meet it, thats fine. We would then know if we need more legal support
+18:23 <@NeddySeagoon> Canwe/Do we need to do anything ?
+18:24 <@quantumsummers> let me talk to them, and see what is up
+18:24 <@NeddySeagoon> ok
+18:24 <@quantumsummers> I'll do this onMonday, then
+18:25 <@quantumsummers> we can make choices via mail
+18:25 <@NeddySeagoon> You have a short Monday list this week then :)
+18:25 <@NeddySeagoon> yes
+18:25 <@quantumsummers> its a holiday here
+18:26 <@quantumsummers> as a side note, I think they may be experiencing funding crunch
+18:26 <@NeddySeagoon> Oh yeah - Presidents Day according to my Scientific American calendar
+18:26 <@quantumsummers> perhaps we should consider some donation to subsidize their costs a bit
+18:26 <@NeddySeagoon> Should we make a donation to the SFLC ?
+18:26 <@quantumsummers> they are trying to get someone with more time that our main contact will oversee
+18:27 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: after monday, lets talk via mail
+18:27 <@NeddySeagoon> ok. I am good with the idea of a donation
+18:27 <@quantumsummers> it would be a nice gesture
+18:27 <@NeddySeagoon> ok. I am good with the idea of a donation
+18:29 <@quantumsummers> I'll email around my list of outstanding items as well
+18:29 <@NeddySeagoon> Agenda Item 4 Bugs New FreeCAD & friends license Bug 35235
+18:29 < willikins> NeddySeagoon: "Gotmail broken because hotmail site changed"; Gentoo Linux, Applications; RESO, FIXE; g2boojum@g.o:net-mail@g.o
+18:29 <@quantumsummers> err
+18:29 <@robbat2> missing a digit
+18:29 <@NeddySeagoon> Thats whats in the agenda
+18:29 <@quantumsummers> bug 325435
+18:29 < willikins> quantumsummers: "app-misc/tracker does not index the content of OpenOffice documents"; Gentoo Linux, Applications; RESO, FIXE;
+18:29 <@quantumsummers> opps
+18:29 <@NeddySeagoon> Thanks
+18:30 <@quantumsummers>
+18:30 <@quantumsummers> fat fingrd
+18:30 <@robbat2> bug 352435
+18:30 < willikins> robbat2: "OpenCascade, FreeCAD and the surrounding license mess / Can we have this in tree?"; Gentoo Linux, Applications; NEW; dilfridge@g.o:trustees@g.o
+18:30 <@quantumsummers> 3rd times the charm
+18:31 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, do you have an opinion. From reading the bug, lots of people better then me have tried to unravel this and given up
+18:31 <@robbat2> in light of gentoo, I say we restrict the binpkgs and let people use it
+18:32 <@quantumsummers> do we even need to restrict mirroring?
+18:32 <@NeddySeagoon> Do we need to refer to SFLC ?
+18:32 <@quantumsummers> have already
+18:32 <@robbat2> yeah, RESTRICT="bindist mirror"
+18:33 <@quantumsummers> sounds fine to me
+18:33 <@quantumsummers> what are sci herd using for LICENSE?
+18:33 <@robbat2> "mirror" because otherwise we are party to clause #2
+18:33 <@NeddySeagoon> That looks safe anyway - until SFLC report back
+18:34 <@quantumsummers> I consider it safe, we are not distributing pkgs
+18:34 <@quantumsummers> binary packages, that is
+18:34 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, agreed.
+18:34 <@NeddySeagoon> nore the sources
+18:35 <@robbat2> at the point of RESTRICT="bindist mirror", we're only ever shipping ebuilds, and any linkage violation is on the end users system, where plenty of it exists already (eg nvidia binary drivers)
+18:35 <@NeddySeagoon> -e
+18:35 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: lets go with it
+18:35 <@NeddySeagoon> heh
+18:35 <@NeddySeagoon> lets go with that
+18:35 <@NeddySeagoon> Do we need a vote ?
+18:36 <@quantumsummers> nah, we all agree
+18:36 <@NeddySeagoon> Do we need a SFLC opinion ?
+18:36 <@quantumsummers> I hope to tender one
+18:36 <@NeddySeagoon> ok
+18:36 <@quantumsummers> but I do not believe so
+18:36 <@quantumsummers> that we need one
+18:36 <@NeddySeagoon> Should we remove it from their todo list ?
+18:37 <@quantumsummers> and post to the bug, yes
+18:37 <@NeddySeagoon> ok
+18:37 <@NeddySeagoon> Agenda Item 5 New Business ... there is none
+18:38 <@NeddySeagoon> Agenda Item 6 Membership Applications
+18:38 <@quantumsummers> there are several old bugs
+18:38 <@NeddySeagoon> Robert Piasek and Tom Knight
+18:38 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, do you want to go through them ?
+18:38 <@quantumsummers> just one really
+18:38 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, go ahead
+18:39 <@quantumsummers> bug 353004
+18:39 < willikins> quantumsummers: "RAM for debugging Atom node data corruption issue"; Gentoo Infrastructure, Other; ASSI; robbat2@g.o:infra-bugs@g.o
+18:39 <@quantumsummers> I have it, will fedex tomorrow. Also, will post receipts for both and request reimbursement
+18:39 <@dabbott> quantumsummers: thanks
+18:40 <@quantumsummers> hi dabbott
+18:40 <@robbat2> quantumsummers, if you're keeping a budget column, please debit against infra's annual $1000 budget
+18:40 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, just reimburse yourself
+18:40 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: I am
+18:40 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: will do that too, no rush. I only want to write 1 check (cheque)
+18:40 <@robbat2> sure
+18:41 <@robbat2> memberships for Robert Piasek & Tom Knight: I'm in favour, any objections
+18:41 <@quantumsummers> none from me
+18:41 <@dabbott> none here
+18:41 <@NeddySeagoon> Aye from me
+18:41 <@NeddySeagoon> Carried
+18:41 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: will you email?
+18:41 <@NeddySeagoon> I'll do the emails
+18:41 <@quantumsummers> thank ye :)
+18:42 <@NeddySeagoon> Next item
+18:42 <@NeddySeagoon> Date of Next Meeting - 20th Mar 2011 19:00 UTC
+18:42 <@quantumsummers> +1
+18:42 <@dabbott> fine here
+18:43 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, ?
+18:43 <@NeddySeagoon> We need to plan our AGM at the next meeting
+18:43 <@quantumsummers> ok
+18:43 <@NeddySeagoon> Moveing on until robbat2 returns
+18:44 <@NeddySeagoon> I'll post the log and do the emails
+18:44 <@robbat2> checking my calender still
+18:44 <@NeddySeagoon> I don't think there were any motions
+18:44 <@robbat2> should work for me, but not 100% certain yet
+18:45 <@robbat2> might be another meeting via my IRSSI instance from my phone
+18:45 <@NeddySeagoon> OK, lets leave it at 20th for now - we can move it on the list
+18:45 <@dabbott> new membership motion
+18:46 <@NeddySeagoon> dabbott, of course - sorry. Will you do the motions page ?
+18:46 <@dabbott> I will :)
+18:46 <@NeddySeagoon> thanks
+18:46 <@quantumsummers> thanks dabbott
+18:46 <@dabbott> np my little part :D
+18:46 <@NeddySeagoon> Open floor ...
+18:46 <@dabbott> who didn't accept yet ?
+18:47 <@robbat2> me
+18:47 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: do you accept?
+18:47 <@robbat2> i've some contract work starting march 1st, and I want to see how busy that is going to make me
+18:47 * NeddySeagoon bangs the gavel to close the meeting
+18:48 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, we would be sorry to lose you. Having an -infra person on the team has worked really well
+18:49 <@robbat2> i'd like to stay, but I need to see about time commitments
+18:49 <@NeddySeagoon> I understand
+18:50 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, if you decide not to stand ... you might like to nominate another -infra person
+18:50 <@robbat2> potentially yes
+18:51 <@NeddySeagoon> Can we close the meeting there ?
+18:51 <@robbat2> we closed it already with your gavel
+18:51 <@robbat2> thanks all, nice quick meeting :-)
+18:51 <@NeddySeagoon> I will onclude th post gavel chatter in the log
+18:51 <@quantumsummers> cheers.
+18:51 <@NeddySeagoon> include*
+18:51 <@NeddySeagoon> Thanks everyone