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+17:56 * NeddySeagoon bangs his gavel to open the 20 March 2011 Trustee Meeting ... and notes its the last meeting before the new Trustees take their seats.
+17:56 <@NeddySeagoon> Roll call
+17:56 <@dabbott> here
+17:57 <@quantumsummers> present
+17:57 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, ??
+17:57 <@NeddySeagoon> tsunam, ... your last meeting
+17:58 <@NeddySeagoon> OK ... we have a quorum, so we may as well start
+17:58 <@NeddySeagoon> I'm logging
+17:58 <@NeddySeagoon> That gets un yo Agenda Item 3 Old Business
+17:58 <@NeddySeagoon> 2011 Trustee Election - Status Report
+17:59 <@dabbott> Voting is going on now afaik
+17:59 <@NeddySeagoon> Voting is open. I posted jmbsvicettos notice to -foundation-annouce, so all members should have seen it.
+18:00 <@NeddySeagoon> Did anyone moderate it ?
+18:00 <@quantumsummers> I think robbat2 did
+18:00 <@quantumsummers> it did go out
+18:00 <@NeddySeagoon> I got it as I sent it ... thanks quantumsummers
+18:01 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers SFLC Monthly Update you have the floor
+18:02 <@quantumsummers> ok thanks
+18:02 <@quantumsummers> at this point we have not received sufficient support from the sflc regarding a number of items
+18:03 <@NeddySeagoon> How can we help SFLC to help us ?
+18:03 <@quantumsummers> of that I am not certain
+18:03 <@NeddySeagoon> Is it worth asking ?
+18:04 <@quantumsummers> of course.
+18:04 <@NeddySeagoon> I assume you mean that there is no movement since last month ?
+18:04 <@quantumsummers> communication has been infrequent
+18:05 <@quantumsummers> little response to my emails
+18:05 <@NeddySeagoon> Can we ask them for forecast dates ... so we know what to expect ?
+18:06 <@dabbott> We need a backup system, maybe some users could be of legal assistance
+18:06 <@NeddySeagoon> We did discuss a donation too
+18:06 <@quantumsummers> yes, we can and I have requested that. I will email again with cc:trustees@ to that effect
+18:06 <@quantumsummers> we should vote on our proposal
+18:06 <@NeddySeagoon> dabbott, Thats worth a follow up ... or even a front page advert
+18:07 <@quantumsummers> to the sflc regarding a donation
+18:07 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, do you have a sum in mind ?
+18:07 <@quantumsummers> not formally
+18:07 <@dabbott> quantumsummers: yes that may help our cause they may be hurting
+18:08 <@NeddySeagoon> nothing to propose for a montion now ?
+18:08 <@NeddySeagoon> dabbott, its unlikely we can bankroll a lawyer to do the things we have outstanding
+18:09 <@quantumsummers> the fact is we need some form of longer term contract that states explicit work requests agreed on by the board in consulation
+18:09 <@NeddySeagoon> how does that help ?
+18:10 <@quantumsummers> this is to say, we need more than only an attorney
+18:10 <@NeddySeagoon> You imply that this would be funded work
+18:11 <@quantumsummers> is not a doantion to sflc the funding of work?
+18:11 <@quantumsummers> in some sense
+18:12 <@quantumsummers> if we have an idea of how much time (for attorney, book keeping, etc) we are looking at to complete the irs process
+18:12 <@quantumsummers> it would be easier to make a bid
+18:13 <@NeddySeagoon> No. The two are (legally) connected. It may make it easier for them to operate but the donation would not be explicity tied to expiditing Gentoo work. It would be a donation - no strings
+18:13 <@NeddySeagoon> The two are not (legally) connected*
+18:14 <@NeddySeagoon> They could use our donation any waay they want to
+18:15 <@quantumsummers> right, as they are pro bono for gentoo
+18:15 <@dabbott> quantumsummers: do they tell you they don't have the time / people or they just don't respond
+18:15 <@quantumsummers> dabbott, the latter
+18:15 <@NeddySeagoon> thats why I was saying would could not afford to bankroll a lawyer ...
+18:16 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, do they answer the phone ?
+18:16 <@quantumsummers> communication with them has been difficult, and I agree with NeddySeagoon that we should not need to bankroll a lawyer
+18:16 <@robbat2> crap, timezone change bit me
+18:17 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: I usually get voicemail, but I do not attempt calls at high frequency
+18:17 <@quantumsummers> last phone conversation was early Jan
+18:17 <@quantumsummers> hello robbat2
+18:17 <@dabbott> hi robbat2
+18:17 <@NeddySeagoon> SFLC depends on donations, just as we do. I don't have a problem making a donation ... wed do use their services. I don't see us making a big enough donation to make a huge difference in response time.
+18:18 <@NeddySeagoon> welcome robbat2
+18:18 <@dabbott> I say give them a donation as a show of good faith
+18:19 <@NeddySeagoon> dabbott, I'm inclined to agree.
+18:19 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: I am torn about this a bit. at a certain point, we just need to get this work completed
+18:19 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, how about your propose a montion dor a donation at the AGM in April ?
+18:20 <@quantumsummers> I accept that.
+18:20 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, Can we do the work without the SFLC ?
+18:20 <@quantumsummers> of course.
+18:21 <+antarus> Do we know how much the work costs; can't we just get a consultation?
+18:21 <@NeddySeagoon> You say 'of course' but I was under the impression that we were asking for legal opionions on some things and help with the 501c3 applicatiion ?
+18:21 <@quantumsummers> I will make a proposal to this effect. I will seek to continue the relationship with sflc
+18:22 <@quantumsummers> the bulk of this work should be done by a cpa
+18:22 <@NeddySeagoon> Yes - we cannot afford to pay for legal all the time.
+18:22 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, what about the volunteers we had ?
+18:22 <+antarus> How much do you expect to spend on 501c3?
+18:23 <@dabbott> It would be nice to find a cpa that is also a gentoo user that we can get a sliding scale / discount
+18:24 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, is it worth approaching your CPA for a quote for the work ?
+18:24 <@quantumsummers> antarus: total cost is conservatively $5k for this with some variation on location
+18:25 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, for 5k I feel I would like to get it done and over with ... we are already overdue
+18:25 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: I think we need a professional service, with contracts that say you will do these things by these dates.
+18:26 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, we will never get that pro-bono
+18:26 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: I fully concur
+18:26 <@quantumsummers> sflc is great, but we need more support than they can offer
+18:26 <@dabbott> quantumsummers: can we get 3 bids to do the work ?
+18:27 <@quantumsummers> its likely that we could get numerous bids, yes
+18:27 <@dabbott> is that something you could put together
+18:27 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, then lets take some of the work away from them and fund a CPA to do it with an agreed deadline
+18:27 <@NeddySeagoon> ie. a contract
+18:27 <@robbat2> aye from me too
+18:28 <@quantumsummers> antarus: we should have some introduction to some west coast talent?
+18:28 <+antarus> quantumsummers: not following you
+18:28 <+antarus> you want me to recommend a cpa?
+18:28 <@NeddySeagoon> Is west coast talent special ?
+18:28 <@quantumsummers> robbat2 anyone come to mind?
+18:29 <@NeddySeagoon> antarus, sure
+18:29 <@quantumsummers> antarus: do you know anyone familiar with gentoo?
+18:29 <@dabbott> antarus: yes please
+18:29 <@robbat2> quantumsummers, i'm up in Canada, no suitable suggestions
+18:29 <+antarus> the only CPA I know is in texas
+18:29 <+antarus> and I wouldn't recommend him ;p
+18:29 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: who does osuosl work with?
+18:29 <@NeddySeagoon> hehe
+18:29 <@quantumsummers> :)
+18:29 <+antarus> I imagine the osuosl has university lawyers and cpas
+18:30 <+antarus> That is how this org I know at Michigan State U. worked
+18:31 <@NeddySeagoon> Let me sum up so far ...
+18:32 <@NeddySeagoon> We will take some of our work away from SFLC and contract with one or more CPAs to complete these work items for an agreed fixed price and an agreed date
+18:32 <@NeddySeagoon> We could even use it as a way to audition CPAs
+18:33 <@quantumsummers> perhaps we should publish a formal request for quote
+18:33 <@NeddySeagoon> I would like to suggest that SFLC be given the opportunity to bid for the work too
+18:34 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, yes - every CPA needs to get the same form of words. If we put all the work items in one document, we need to make it clear we may 'cherry pick' from responses
+18:34 <@dabbott> quantumsummers: what is the first thing you would like see completed
+18:34 <+antarus> is there a list of work documented somewhere?
+18:36 <@NeddySeagoon> antarus, we know what we have fed into SFLC
+18:36 <@quantumsummers> initial discovery, financial discovery, form assembly and narrative writing (we have a lot of writing already), full internal documentation and budget.
+18:37 <@quantumsummers> then, 1023 document submission
+18:37 <@quantumsummers> then we wait 2-6 months
+18:37 <@NeddySeagoon> That sounds like it can't be broken up
+18:38 <@quantumsummers> we then either: receive temp letter OR receive rejection. if rejected we can appeal in court
+18:38 <@quantumsummers> if we are granted temp status we will have to provide whatever they want within 30 day so request
+18:38 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, isn't SFLC handling an appeal just now ?
+18:38 <@quantumsummers> at that point its cool breeze
+18:38 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: yes, that is correct
+18:39 <@NeddySeagoon> that may want a lot of their resource
+18:39 <@quantumsummers> I think we will want at least an 18 month contract with the firm that wins the bid
+18:40 <@NeddySeagoon> Lets take the 501c3 away from SFLC
+18:41 <@dabbott> Put it out for bids so we can find someone more accountable
+18:41 <@NeddySeagoon> My problem with a term contract is we don't know what we want during the term ... there is a base load, which we can predict, and all the pop ups. Or will the pop ups go away soon?
+18:42 <@robbat2> for a CPA, how much pop up is there actually?
+18:42 <@robbat2> legal has pop-up work yes, but not CPA stuff from what I can see
+18:43 <@quantumsummers> hard to predict pop ups
+18:43 <@robbat2> there's the 501c3, our tax return presumably, and quarterly financial reports (which we're nearly a year behind on)
+18:43 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, maybe not a lot ... but I don't understand the split as it all goes to SFLC at the moment
+18:44 <+antarus> is there a difference in pop-up work for a 501c3 vs what we have now?
+18:44 <+antarus> I assume we have some idea of our previous pop-up load
+18:44 <@robbat2> i can't think of any CPA-specific pop-up load previously
+18:44 <@quantumsummers> yes, it was mostly licensing or legal policy documents that popped up
+18:45 <@NeddySeagoon> Lets let it ride until we have a new Treasurer in place ... I'm aware that quantumsummers is holding two offices and its too much. Hopefully we can appoint a new Treasuer in April
+18:46 <@NeddySeagoon> otherwise quantumsummers will be the point of contact and it will be harder to get the new guy to take over the work
+18:46 <@dabbott> I agree quantumsummers needs to be able to devote his time to this issue and not be spread out
+18:47 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, ?
+18:48 <@quantumsummers> I appreciate this, and will put together the necessary bits to get this settled finally.
+18:48 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, you need a Treasuer exit plan too. Thats easier when you are not in the middle of something
+18:49 <@NeddySeagoon> Summary ...
+18:49 <@NeddySeagoon> Donation to SFLC
+18:50 <@NeddySeagoon> Funding a CPA to complete our 501c3 application and routine CPA work for some period afterward
+18:50 <@NeddySeagoon> Is that where we have got to ?
+18:50 <@quantumsummers> yes
+18:51 <@quantumsummers> where funding this endeavor requires a rfq to be written
+18:52 <@quantumsummers> proposal to be presented at the april meeting
+18:52 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, I appreciate you can take this forward yourself but you might find you become Treasurer and we get a new Secretary because its easier to get out of that role. Think about how involved you get short term
+18:53 <@quantumsummers> we need a committee for this
+18:53 <@quantumsummers> or better, a team
+18:53 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, agreed - there is no harm in doing the proposal ... just don't get bolted into the role unless you want to keep it
+18:54 <@NeddySeagoon> until the 501c3 is done and dusted anyway
+18:54 <@robbat2> i thought that was what the financials/treasurer request for help was supposed to be previously, has any success come from that?
+18:55 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, we have 5 responses but we have been slow following up
+18:56 <@NeddySeagoon> Any more on SFLC ?
+18:57 <@quantumsummers> not at this time
+18:58 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, We should stop SFLC working on our 501c3 application ... it will be wasted work ... of course, we can pay them to complete it
+18:59 <@quantumsummers> I do not think they are working on it presently to be plain
+18:59 <@NeddySeagoon> Unless there are any Urgent bugs can we skip Agenda Item 4 Bugs. We are an hour in already
+18:59 <@dabbott> fine by me
+18:59 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, I agree - but its only polite to stop them wasting resource
+19:00 <@quantumsummers> ok. I will send them a note.
+19:00 <@NeddySeagoon> Agenda Item 5 New Business
+19:00 <@dabbott> thanks quantumsummers
+19:00 <@NeddySeagoon> Zyxware Technologies Request to be added as an official CD/DVD vendor
+19:00 <@NeddySeagoon> Those in favour please say Aye
+19:00 * NeddySeagoon Aye
+19:01 <@NeddySeagoon> its an 'at cost' service
+19:01 <@dabbott> OK
+19:01 <@quantumsummers> looks fine to me, yes
+19:01 <@NeddySeagoon> I'm not sure they will get many takers for CDs but the liveDVD may do well.
+19:02 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, ?
+19:03 <@NeddySeagoon> Thats 3 in favour - carried
+19:03 <@dabbott> I will update vendor page
+19:03 <@quantumsummers> dabbott thanks
+19:03 <@dabbott> I can send them an email also same time
+19:03 <@NeddySeagoon> Link exchange ( ... we voted on the list to refuse this
+19:03 <@robbat2> aye
+19:03 <@NeddySeagoon> dabbott, thanks
+19:04 <@NeddySeagoon> This is just the public record ove the vote
+19:04 <@quantumsummers> right
+19:04 <@dabbott> Link exchange no
+19:04 <@NeddySeagoon> Documentation licensing violation - I've been slacking. I need to follow this up with an email, as I offerd
+19:05 <@NeddySeagoon> Agenda Item 6 Membership Applications
+19:05 <@NeddySeagoon> Gentoo Developers . Kevin McCarthy ... All in favour
+19:05 <@dabbott> yes Kevin McCarthy signals
+19:06 <@quantumsummers> yes
+19:06 * NeddySeagoon Aye
+19:06 <@robbat2> aye
+19:06 <@NeddySeagoon> Carried
+19:06 <@NeddySeagoon> Community Members Fernando V Orocu (likewhoa)
+19:06 <@robbat2> aye
+19:06 * NeddySeagoon Aye
+19:06 <@dabbott> yes
+19:06 <@quantumsummers> no .. I mean hell yeah! :D
+19:06 <@NeddySeagoon> heh
+19:06 <@NeddySeagoon> Carried
+19:06 <@quantumsummers> likewhoa has done a trmendous job
+19:07 <@quantumsummers> kudos to he and his team
+19:07 <@NeddySeagoon> likewhoa++
+19:07 <@dabbott> my hero
+19:07 <@NeddySeagoon> Date of Next Meeting - 17th Apr 2011 19:00 UTC
+19:07 <@dabbott> OK here
+19:07 <@NeddySeagoon> Thats our AGM. We need officers reports. President, Treasuer and Secretary
+19:08 <@robbat2> aye from me
+19:08 <@robbat2> (on meeting date)
+19:08 <@dabbott> anything I can help with quantumsummers ^^^
+19:08 <@NeddySeagoon> I'll do the next 12 months Meeting calaner too
+19:08 <@quantumsummers> dabbott Yes! :)
+19:08 <@quantumsummers> 4/17 is fine by me
+19:08 <@dabbott> delegate :)
+19:09 <@quantumsummers> tax day is 4/15, I may be drunk ;)
+19:09 <@NeddySeagoon> Any other business ...
+19:09 <@robbat2> i've got one bit that's best handled by email, just routine to get nightmorph a refund for the DVD spindle he bought for SCALE9x that we used to burn LiveDVDs
+19:09 <@robbat2> i'll file it as a bug w/ the recipeit
+19:09 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: cool
+19:09 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, fine
+19:10 <@dabbott> ok
+19:10 <@quantumsummers> hey robbat2, do you think we could discuss running a small django app on infra?
+19:10 <@robbat2> quantumsummers, yup, post-meeting
+19:11 <@robbat2> no other AOB from me
+19:11 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: thanks
+19:11 <@NeddySeagoon> I want to mention calculate linux. I had a /query with one of their devs and pointed out the issues with nvidia-drivers and flash. We may get an email from them
+19:12 <@NeddySeagoon> They are a Russian Gentoo Offshoot
+19:12 <@NeddySeagoon> Responsibilities ...
+19:12 <@dabbott> I will update the motions page and prepare next months agenda
+19:13 <@NeddySeagoon> I'll post the log, write the welcome emails and write to the site hosting our Gentoo IPv6 Router Guide
+19:13 <@dabbott> only one item on the agenda correct?
+19:13 <@NeddySeagoon> dabbott, election of a Treasurer ... Meetings calendar
+19:14 <@quantumsummers> agm?
+19:14 <@dabbott> plus our AGM. We need officers reports. President, Treasuer and Secretary
+19:14 <@NeddySeagoon> Everyone ok with 3rd Sunday at 19:00 UTC still ?
+19:14 <@robbat2> yup
+19:14 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: sure
+19:15 <@NeddySeagoon> Annual General Meeting - its the only meeting we are legally required to hold
+19:15 <@NeddySeagoon> Open Floor ...
+19:16 <@robbat2> two notifications re infra for open floor, i want on the log due to budget implications
+19:17 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, contine ...
+19:17 <@robbat2> 1. the test RAM replacement in the Atom went great, the stability massively improved. we're seeing how many of the other atom servers now need the HCL-listed RAM for better stability
+19:17 <@quantumsummers> that is easily within th einfra budget
+19:17 <@robbat2> 2. in 3-6 months, infra intends to resume discussions on new large hardware for OSL. we discussed this last year, but it petered out
+19:18 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, why the wait ?
+19:18 <@robbat2> cleaning up power usage and rack space prior to then
+19:18 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: what wattage will be available
+19:18 <@quantumsummers> ?
+19:18 <@robbat2> somewhere between 1.5 and 5A
+19:19 <@quantumsummers> good current
+19:19 <@quantumsummers> :)
+19:19 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, this ties in with the email to arch leads about their wish lists ?
+19:19 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, @ 110v or 220?
+19:19 <@quantumsummers> 110
+19:19 <@robbat2> this would be replacements for dev.g.o (woodpecker) and masterdistfiles.g.o (osprey)
+19:19 <@NeddySeagoon> :(
+19:20 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: have you looked at the supermicro quadnode 2U?
+19:20 <@robbat2> i'm trying to pursue some hardware sponsors/discounts before we go further anyway
+19:20 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, sounds good
+19:21 <@robbat2> quantumsummers, these need to be singular beefy boxes mainly
+19:21 <@quantumsummers> oh, many disks
+19:22 <@robbat2> that's all
+19:22 <@NeddySeagoon> Any more for open floor ?
+19:22 * NeddySeagoon bangs the closing gavel