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+Jun 19 15:00:02 * NeddySeagoon bangs the gavel to open the June 2011 Gentoo Foundation Inc. Trustees meeting
+Jun 19 15:00:34 <NeddySeagoon> Roll call, I'm logging. Timestamps are all over the place - its a Xen DomU
+Jun 19 15:00:49 <rich0> here, and stationary... :)
+Jun 19 15:00:55 <dabbott> here
+Jun 19 15:00:58 <NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers_, apologies - may be along later
+Jun 19 15:01:05 <robbat2> here, logging as well
+Jun 19 15:01:21 <NeddySeagoon> We have a quorum - lets start
+Jun 19 15:01:31 <NeddySeagoon> Larry Logo | Font News Item?
+Jun 19 15:01:55 <NeddySeagoon> Lets fix our site with the agreed attributions first
+Jun 19 15:02:04 <NeddySeagoon> thoughts ?
+Jun 19 15:02:14 <robbat2> +1, what bits are left to fix?
+Jun 19 15:02:39 <rich0> Plans all seem fine to me - just need to do it I think.
+Jun 19 15:02:47 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2, put the wording on the 403, 404 and artwork page
+Jun 19 15:03:12 <NeddySeagoon> we agreed wording and placement
+Jun 19 15:03:21 <robbat2> got the msg-id for the final version of the wording quickly?
+Jun 19 15:04:07 <NeddySeagoon> <1307557321.2923.1@NeddySeagoon>
+Jun 19 15:04:18 <robbat2> thx
+Jun 19 15:04:28 <robbat2> i'll make it live while we're busy w/ the rest of the meeting
+Jun 19 15:04:31 <NeddySeagoon> Ethan just said 'yes'
+Jun 19 15:04:39 <NeddySeagoon> ok
+Jun 19 15:05:09 <NeddySeagoon> Larry the Cow T Shirt Funding
+Jun 19 15:05:40 <NeddySeagoon> +1 from me, now we have the licence sorted out
+Jun 19 15:05:40 <dabbott> This should be completed in the next month, will need quantumsummers_ to pay for the shirts
+Jun 19 15:06:13 <dabbott> unless there is enough in the account
+Jun 19 15:06:34 <robbat2> i think there was a cafepress payout recently, so unsure
+Jun 19 15:06:42 <NeddySeagoon> I suppose we should poke known Larry users too ...
+Jun 19 15:07:16 <dabbott> maybe we can do the news item all together
+Jun 19 15:07:23 <NeddySeagoon> e.g. likewoah for the liveCD and other artists
+Jun 19 15:08:00 <dabbott> announce the t shirts along with the announcement
+Jun 19 15:08:13 <NeddySeagoon> dabbott, I like that
+Jun 19 15:08:16 <rich0> Is there someplace we track our financial status? We get a lot of requests to fund this and that, and the amounts are generally small, but it is hard to tell exactly how much we have to spend/etc.
+Jun 19 15:08:38 <robbat2> quantumsummers_ has a listing i believe, but it would be nice if it was more open
+Jun 19 15:08:54 <rich0> Agree that pairing the t-shirt announcement with the larry news is a great idea!
+Jun 19 15:08:56 <robbat2> i had an idea of doing something for that w/ him, but never followed up due to lack of free time
+Jun 19 15:09:12 <dabbott> I could keep it updated if we were sent the info
+Jun 19 15:09:19 <NeddySeagoon> rich0, its on the web somewhere but its about 6 months out of date. Its our FY end on 30 June, so quantumsummers_ will be updating then
+Jun 19 15:09:31 <rich0> I can understand if we need to keep it somewhat closed. A detailed register should be closed, but summary info probably should be made reasonably public at some point (maybe when our IRS situation is in order).
+Jun 19 15:10:17 <NeddySeagoon> rich0, we have to file quarterly, that filing is public and its what normally goes on the web
+Jun 19 15:10:27 <rich0> Ok, that was a bit offtopic - just the concept of spending money called to my attention that we should probably keep an eye on this stuff. Again, the amounts are low so probably not a big deal.
+Jun 19 15:12:19 <NeddySeagoon> we can come back to quantumsummers bit, if/when he shows
+Jun 19 15:12:54 <dabbott> It needs to be updated
+Jun 19 15:12:59 <NeddySeagoon> That gets us to Bugs. I've been away for 8 days, so I've not done my homework
+Jun 19 15:13:29 <NeddySeagoon> dabbott, yep, quantumsummers_ wanted to wait until FY end
+Jun 19 15:14:38 <NeddySeagoon> !bug 351045
+Jun 19 15:14:40 <willikins> NeddySeagoon: "www site needs a privacy policy"; Website, Social Contract; CONF; robbat2:infra-bugs
+Jun 19 15:15:02 <robbat2> NeddySeagoon, you missed my lineitem for SSL. on which there is no news
+Jun 19 15:15:32 <robbat2> relatedly to the privacy policy, there is a bug filed this week
+Jun 19 15:15:37 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2, sorry about that.
+Jun 19 15:16:21 <robbat2> !bug 372101
+Jun 19 15:16:23 <willikins> robbat2: "Bugzilla does not obey DIRECTIVE 95/46/EC"; Bugzilla, General Bugs; UNCO; dark:infra-bugs
+Jun 19 15:16:35 <robbat2> that's privacy policy
+Jun 19 15:16:56 <robbat2> in there I proposed one course of action that the rest of infra seems in favour of
+Jun 19 15:17:26 <robbat2> specifically having a privacy page that includes the SSH login banner that you see when you login to any of our boxes
+Jun 19 15:17:35 <robbat2> as well as the privacy policy segment from lists.g.o
+Jun 19 15:17:53 <NeddySeagoon> I suspect we can't have a privacy policy that works all over the world.
+Jun 19 15:17:54 <robbat2> <-- bottom of the page
+Jun 19 15:18:28 <robbat2> ah, Debian has updated theirs to include more disclaimer
+Jun 19 15:19:18 <robbat2> complying w/ 95/46/EC fully would neuter Bugzilla entirely, so we need to find a reasonable compromise
+Jun 19 15:19:30 <NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers_, has asked the SFLC for an opinion. Lets wait until we get a response
+Jun 19 15:19:43 <robbat2> i'll put my draft stuff together prior to that
+Jun 19 15:19:52 <NeddySeagoon> ok
+Jun 19 15:21:00 <NeddySeagoon> !bug 293309
+Jun 19 15:21:05 <willikins> NeddySeagoon: "x11-themes/gnome-icon-theme Gentoo branding (see comment #19)"; Gentoo Linux, GNOME; CONF; fastijum:licenses
+Jun 19 15:21:49 <robbat2> comment 24 on there had the question for us
+Jun 19 15:21:49 <NeddySeagoon> We should probably fix the usage guidelines as you suggest robbat2
+Jun 19 15:22:34 <NeddySeagoon> I don't see it being used outside of Gentoo
+Jun 19 15:23:41 <rich0> I think the key is to have one updated logo usage page and then reference that everywhere else.
+Jun 19 15:23:44 <NeddySeagoon> No strong feelings either way - we could just handle requests as they arise
+Jun 19 15:24:58 <NeddySeagoon> rich0, yep, if we have the same info in two places both will be a) wrong and b) contradictory.
+Jun 19 15:25:10 <robbat2> proj/en/desktop/artwork/artwork.xml <-- seems to be updated for the fonthead bits already, and i'm just committing the 404/410 pages now
+Jun 19 15:25:20 <rich0> I think the key should be to define the situations when others can use the logo, and beyond that it is purely by-request.
+Jun 19 15:25:36 <NeddySeagoon> rich0, yep
+Jun 19 15:25:47 <NeddySeagoon> !bug 369181
+Jun 19 15:25:49 <willikins> NeddySeagoon: "[PATCH] Copyright footer <license/> needs improvement"; Website, Other; CONF; sping:trustees
+Jun 19 15:28:30 <NeddySeagoon> The contents of this document are licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution / Share Alike license. is clearly wrong on that page. Its discussing our logo and trademarks
+Jun 19 15:28:31 <rich0> I like sping's wording here.
+Jun 19 15:29:16 <NeddySeagoon> rich0, we cannot licence our logo under the CC-SA licence
+Jun 19 15:30:05 <NeddySeagoon> we should just remove the The contents of this document are licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution / Share Alike license. line in the footer and maybe clarify the reat
+Jun 19 15:30:14 <rich0> I was thinking about that
+Jun 19 15:30:43 <NeddySeagoon> After all, most of the other text says what is permitted/denied
+Jun 19 15:30:43 <robbat2> one request re his wording there
+Jun 19 15:30:50 <rich0> Why not just state on ALL pages "Copyright 2011 Gentoo Foundation, Inc" and have a license page somewhere with the details.
+Jun 19 15:31:07 <rich0> Then we don't have to fit everything in a one-liner on every single page.
+Jun 19 15:31:11 <robbat2> rich0, no, CC wants it per-page recalling somewhere in the detailed discussion
+Jun 19 15:31:28 <NeddySeagoon> rich0, thats a relicencing mess - we don't want to get into that
+Jun 19 15:31:33 <rich0> That license page could have the gory details and suitable disclaimers, references to logo usage, etc.
+Jun 19 15:31:43 <robbat2> but I'd like to trim: "Creative Commons - Attribution Share Alive 2.5" to CC-BY-SA-2.5
+Jun 19 15:31:53 <rich0> I'm not suggesting that we change the license, only that we link to it instead of writing it on every page. Just a thought.
+Jun 19 15:32:15 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2, how can we use CC-BY-SA-2.5 on that page at all ?
+Jun 19 15:32:25 <robbat2> it's the footer
+Jun 19 15:32:41 <robbat2> doc/en/inserts.xml is the source file
+Jun 19 15:32:52 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2, yes - but it does not apply to the page content
+Jun 19 15:34:17 <robbat2> actually, it's a little more complicated than that
+Jun 19 15:34:27 <robbat2> if you include an empty <license/> tag
+Jun 19 15:34:34 <robbat2> then the default license text gets used
+Jun 19 15:34:43 <dabbott> yep
+Jun 19 15:34:55 <robbat2> that is 99.9% of our pages right now
+Jun 19 15:34:59 <NeddySeagoon> rich0, we can't claim copyright over the entire content of the site. In Germany for instance, its not possible to assign copyright
+Jun 19 15:35:40 <robbat2> we claim it already, i'm not changing that at all. just how it's displayed
+Jun 19 15:35:56 <rich0> The front page already has at the bottom "Copyright 2001-2011 Gentoo Foundation, Inc. Questions, Comments? Contact us."
+Jun 19 15:36:36 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2, its probably true for 99.9% of pages but that particular page is about how our marks/logos can be used and CC-BY-SA-2.5 isn't one of the ways
+Jun 19 15:36:45 <robbat2> err, you're mixing pages now
+Jun 19 15:36:56 <robbat2> we're not talking about marks naymore
+Jun 19 15:37:05 <NeddySeagoon> rich0, don't tell sping and friends :)
+Jun 19 15:37:05 <robbat2> we're talking strictly about bug 369181
+Jun 19 15:37:07 <willikins> robbat2: "[PATCH] Copyright footer <license/> needs improvement"; Website, Other; CONF; sping:trustees
+Jun 19 15:37:58 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2, the bug references
+Jun 19 15:38:41 <robbat2> "The Gentoo Name and Logo Usage Guidelines [2] apply."
+Jun 19 15:38:51 <robbat2> that covers the logo, the CC-BY-SA is for the text on the site
+Jun 19 15:38:51 <NeddySeagoon> OK.
+Jun 19 15:39:03 <NeddySeagoon> agreed
+Jun 19 15:39:09 <robbat2> the "unless otherwise expressly stated" phrase is really important here
+Jun 19 15:39:18 <rich0> I think that does cover us.
+Jun 19 15:39:19 <NeddySeagoon> I did warn you that I had not done my homework
+Jun 19 15:39:32 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2, yep
+Jun 19 15:39:56 <rich0> Seems like copyright is another long-term issue to deal with - not that we need to resolve it today.
+Jun 19 15:40:27 <rich0> In any case, I think the goal is to keep per-page info short and snappy, and then just reference someplace with the gory details.
+Jun 19 15:40:33 <robbat2> are we happy w/ the base proposal of bug 369181?
+Jun 19 15:40:33 <NeddySeagoon> rich0, yeah. Its a PITA.
+Jun 19 15:40:34 <willikins> robbat2: "[PATCH] Copyright footer <license/> needs improvement"; Website, Other; CONF; sping:trustees
+Jun 19 15:40:38 <dabbott> I am all for a condensed <license/> CC-BY-SA-2.5
+Jun 19 15:40:44 <robbat2> w/ the shrunk bit
+Jun 19 15:40:54 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2, yes - I'm OK with bug 369181
+Jun 19 15:40:54 <willikins> NeddySeagoon: "[PATCH] Copyright footer <license/> needs improvement"; Website, Other; CONF; sping:trustees
+Jun 19 15:40:55 <dabbott> yes
+Jun 19 15:41:09 <rich0> I'm fine with the condensed bit, if it links to the full license.
+Jun 19 15:41:32 <rich0> Fine with the bug either way.
+Jun 19 15:41:33 <NeddySeagoon> CC-BY-SA-2.5 as a link is +1 from me
+Jun 19 15:41:50 <robbat2> ok, i've committed it w/ that :-)
+Jun 19 15:41:55 <NeddySeagoon> heh
+Jun 19 15:42:01 <NeddySeagoon> !bug 369185
+Jun 19 15:42:03 <willikins> NeddySeagoon: "Official "g" logo should be declared as licensed under "CC-BY-SA/2.5 or CCPL-Sampling-Plus-1.0" explicitly"; Website, Graphics; CONF; sping:trustees
+Jun 19 15:42:17 <NeddySeagoon> I will have to go in 5 min - I can hear dinner being served
+Jun 19 15:42:48 <NeddySeagoon> CCPL-Sampling-Plus-1.0" explicitly sounds about right
+Jun 19 15:43:08 <robbat2> ok
+Jun 19 15:43:11 <dabbott> fine by me
+Jun 19 15:43:21 <robbat2> yeah we approved it already last year
+Jun 19 15:43:23 <robbat2> just need to update the page
+Jun 19 15:43:24 <NeddySeagoon> CC-BY-SA/2.5 is clearly wrong
+Jun 19 15:43:28 <robbat2> as CCPL
+Jun 19 15:43:34 <NeddySeagoon> yep
+Jun 19 15:44:04 <NeddySeagoon> !bug 369725
+Jun 19 15:44:05 <willikins> NeddySeagoon: "Satisfy attribution on xml/htdocs/errors/en/*.xml"; Website, Graphics; CONF; sping:trustees
+Jun 19 15:44:17 <dabbott> or add another <license/> tag to cover it
+Jun 19 15:44:39 <robbat2> i committed that minutes ago already
+Jun 19 15:44:43 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2, youu have just fixed them
+Jun 19 15:45:02 <NeddySeagoon> !bug 371429
+Jun 19 15:45:04 <willikins> NeddySeagoon: "Check legal aspects of "Larry on Redmond Hills""; Website, Graphics; CONF; sping:trustees
+Jun 19 15:45:22 <dabbott> a new tag to cover CCPL-Sampling-Plus-1.0
+Jun 19 15:46:01 <robbat2> dabbott, i'll deal w/ the CCPL side.
+Jun 19 15:46:17 <robbat2> re the redmond hills, do we need to worry about it being based on the XP wallpaper?
+Jun 19 15:46:23 <NeddySeagoon> I don't like the sound of that "Larry on Redmond Hills" at all.
+Jun 19 15:46:25 <rich0> That is my main concern.
+Jun 19 15:46:36 <rich0> Is it a derivative work?
+Jun 19 15:46:48 <robbat2> IANAL, but I think so
+Jun 19 15:46:48 <NeddySeagoon> Someone will own the copyright in the image
+Jun 19 15:47:15 <NeddySeagoon> If its MS, they will say no
+Jun 19 15:48:04 <dabbott> Its more trouble than it is worth dealing with
+Jun 19 15:48:07 <rich0> Just compared to the originals at:
+Jun 19 15:48:11 <robbat2>
+Jun 19 15:48:24 <rich0> Seems almost certainly to be covered by copyright - we can't use it without a license.
+Jun 19 15:48:27 <dabbott> he said he traced it from an xp wallpaper
+Jun 19 15:48:49 <rich0> If it were just a bunch of hills, grass, and clouds (but not THIS hill, grass, and cloud arrangement) we might be ok.
+Jun 19 15:49:07 <robbat2> ok, so it's definitely a derivative then, unless we send somebody out there to take a new photo of said hill
+Jun 19 15:49:39 <rich0> Believe it or not even that can get touchy - not that it will happen.
+Jun 19 15:49:40 <NeddySeagoon> Its more trouble than its worth
+Jun 19 15:50:55 <rich0> Ok, so no hosting on Gentoo, or official links/etc seems best.
+Jun 19 15:51:16 <NeddySeagoon> !Bug 371543
+Jun 19 15:51:16 <willikins> NeddySeagoon: incorrect usage, ask for help using 'willikins: help bug'
+Jun 19 15:51:23 <robbat2> hmm, that's a bug I should fix
+Jun 19 15:51:23 <NeddySeagoon> !bug 371543
+Jun 19 15:51:25 <willikins> NeddySeagoon: "Offer vector graphic of newage/modern "gentoo" text"; Website, Graphics; CONF; sping:trustees
+Jun 19 15:52:48 <NeddySeagoon> Not a problem. Our mark is the word Gentoo - regardless of font
+Jun 19 15:53:33 <rich0> Should make sure copyright is assigned or understood if we're going to offer it officially.
+Jun 19 15:53:46 <rich0> Agree the mark applies regardless.
+Jun 19 15:54:05 <NeddySeagoon> rich0, if its from sping, he can't do that
+Jun 19 15:54:19 <rich0> "or understood" :)
+Jun 19 15:54:22 <robbat2> he can get a vector image together for us to review
+Jun 19 15:55:02 <NeddySeagoon> the best we could get would be a "free to use" agreement
+Jun 19 15:55:40 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2, are you updating the bug to request that ?
+Jun 19 15:56:18 <robbat2> ok, i will
+Jun 19 15:56:23 <NeddySeagoon> !bug 371825
+Jun 19 15:56:25 <willikins> NeddySeagoon: "Please order replacement drive for"; Gentoo Infrastructure, Other; CONF; darkside:trustees
+Jun 19 15:56:51 <rich0> NeddySeagoon, probably wouldn't hurt for him to clearly license it appropriately CC-BY-SA or whatever.
+Jun 19 15:56:58 <NeddySeagoon> -infra have a $1000 spares and repairs budget - so this need not come to us
+Jun 19 15:57:01 <dabbott> should be covered with the infra budget
+Jun 19 15:57:20 <rich0> NeddySeagoon, good to hear - makes sense to actually budget for this stuff and then not micromanage.
+Jun 19 15:57:23 <dabbott> if not we need to up the budget :)
+Jun 19 15:57:45 <robbat2> that's an infra item, not sure why darkside assigned to trustees
+Jun 19 15:57:48 <NeddySeagoon> rich0, I have a problem with our marks and CC-BY-SA ... its almost like allowing them to be public domain
+Jun 19 15:58:08 <NeddySeagoon> dabbott, its renewed on 1st July
+Jun 19 15:58:32 <rich0> NeddySeagoon, I'm not suggesting we should allow the use of the marks - only that he as the author should license it for copyright. Maybe we should just get him to agree that it can be used in accordance with the logo guidelines.
+Jun 19 15:58:32 <NeddySeagoon> !bug 33740
+Jun 19 15:58:33 <willikins> NeddySeagoon: "Reply address and fax-phone number missing"; Gentoo Infrastructure, Forums; IN_P; bugs-gentoo:trustees
+Jun 19 15:58:52 <NeddySeagoon> rich0, that works
+Jun 19 15:59:12 <NeddySeagoon> I thought we were going to close that as wontfix
+Jun 19 15:59:46 <robbat2> ok, will close/re-assign to forums
+Jun 19 16:00:14 <NeddySeagoon> robbat2, nothing will happen until we get PHP-BB 3 anyway
+Jun 19 16:00:32 <NeddySeagoon> !bug 285549
+Jun 19 16:00:33 <willikins> NeddySeagoon: "Add #gentoo-ir (Iran) to IRC channels list"; Website, Other; IN_P; belendax:trustees
+Jun 19 16:00:43 <NeddySeagoon> awaiting advice from SFLC
+Jun 19 16:01:03 <NeddySeagoon> !bug 296766
+Jun 19 16:01:05 <willikins> NeddySeagoon: "Corrections to corporation filing needed as of 2009/12/13"; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; IN_P; robbat2:trustees
+Jun 19 16:01:20 <NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers_, should have fixed that
+Jun 19 16:02:19 <NeddySeagoon> !bug 304853
+Jun 19 16:02:21 <willikins> NeddySeagoon: "Not possible to purchase Larry the cow clothing"; User Relations, User/Developer Issues; IN_P; mihel:trustees
+Jun 19 16:02:28 <NeddySeagoon> Thats about to be fixed
+Jun 19 16:02:47 <NeddySeagoon> !bug 343975
+Jun 19 16:02:48 <willikins> NeddySeagoon: "Funding Request: SATA HDD for ARMv7 Development"; Gentoo Linux, Unspecified; RESO, FIXE; darkside:trustees
+Jun 19 16:03:21 <robbat2> that's resolved already
+Jun 19 16:03:31 <NeddySeagoon> Hmm - it says IN_P... but its fixed
+Jun 19 16:03:40 <rich0> Hit refresh
+Jun 19 16:03:55 <dabbott> On the new mexico website don't you just put Gentoo in search to get to the info ?
+Jun 19 16:04:25 <robbat2> NeddySeagoon, you hadn't updated your search page ;-)
+Jun 19 16:04:33 <robbat2> dabbott, in one of the boxes yes
+Jun 19 16:04:38 <NeddySeagoon> dabbott, I'm in firefox as galeon broke on me, so I've lost the link I had :(
+Jun 19 16:05:23 <dabbott> No Records Found
+Jun 19 16:05:43 <NeddySeagoon> I need to go. I'll be back as soon as I can. robbat2 would you take over the chair please
+Jun 19 16:05:47 <robbat2> NeddySeagoon, go
+Jun 19 16:05:48 <rich0> Odd
+Jun 19 16:05:53 <NeddySeagoon> thanks
+Jun 19 16:06:00 <dabbott> later NeddySeagoon
+Jun 19 16:06:01 <robbat2> !bug 363871
+Jun 19 16:06:02 <willikins> "Consider StartSSL certificate offer"; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; IN_P; robbat2:infra-bugs
+Jun 19 16:06:06 <robbat2> that's in progress with me still
+Jun 19 16:06:22 <robbat2> and I think that covers all of the bugs
+Jun 19 16:06:55 <robbat2> rich0, dabbott: did I miss any bugs before we move to new business?
+Jun 19 16:07:48 <dabbott> no thats it
+Jun 19 16:07:52 <rich0> don't think so
+Jun 19 16:08:00 <robbat2> ok, new business.
+Jun 19 16:08:21 <robbat2> 5.1. upcoming purchase request for hardware
+Jun 19 16:08:46 <robbat2> i think infra should just put the purchase req together and submit it, I don't have any concerns about it.
+Jun 19 16:09:07 <dabbott> +1 whatever is needed
+Jun 19 16:09:19 <rich0> Don't think I've heard about that one.
+Jun 19 16:09:54 <robbat2> it dates back to last year, when GNi was closing down, we wanted to purchase two new machines as replacements for some of the stuff that was at GNi
+Jun 19 16:10:01 <robbat2> but we found some sponsor hardware instead
+Jun 19 16:10:23 <robbat2> but for masterdistfiles, we really need a high-storage box physically located at OSL
+Jun 19 16:10:43 <robbat2> since that's where we have to feed the mirror infrastructure from
+Jun 19 16:11:43 <rich0> Ok, seems reasonable. Has the proposal already been circulated?
+Jun 19 16:11:52 <rich0> Or are we asking them to write one up for a final OK?
+Jun 19 16:12:07 <robbat2> there was a rough version last year, that needs a write up
+Jun 19 16:12:23 <rich0> I'm also fine with giving a general budget to operate in and leaving it up to infra to work out the details.
+Jun 19 16:12:24 <robbat2> moving on then
+Jun 19 16:12:28 <rich0> ok
+Jun 19 16:12:36 <robbat2> 5.2. FISL conference funding
+Jun 19 16:12:39 <robbat2> rafaelmartins are you here?
+Jun 19 16:12:49 <rafaelmartins> here
+Jun 19 16:13:13 <robbat2> your last response said you were going to get back to us
+Jun 19 16:13:36 <robbat2> since it's next week, i hope you've found somewhere local to make them for you, or you're burning already
+Jun 19 16:13:48 <rafaelmartins> ok... it's almost impossible to find a company there that gets an iso and artwork, and get paid using paypal
+Jun 19 16:14:34 <rafaelmartins> then I'll pay it myself and ask for reimburse, if you guys approve the funding
+Jun 19 16:14:46 <robbat2> do you have a ballpark figure?
+Jun 19 16:15:45 <rafaelmartins> I'll do 200 copies... a copy should cost ~1 USD there... I'll have a final value tomorrow
+Jun 19 16:16:29 <dabbott> ok
+Jun 19 16:16:51 <robbat2> rich0, dabbott, proposal of up to $250USD to reimburse rafaelmartins for his DVDs?
+Jun 19 16:17:01 <dabbott> seconded
+Jun 19 16:17:06 <rich0> aye
+Jun 19 16:17:11 <dabbott> yes
+Jun 19 16:17:12 <robbat2> carried
+Jun 19 16:17:16 <robbat2> aye
+Jun 19 16:17:31 <rich0> Again, wouldn't hurt long-term to equip somebody in the EU for these sorts of things long-term to save costs.
+Jun 19 16:17:38 <robbat2> rich0, he's in brazil
+Jun 19 16:17:40 <rich0> No bearing on present situation.
+Jun 19 16:17:41 <robbat2> not EU
+Jun 19 16:17:42 <rich0> yup
+Jun 19 16:17:51 <rafaelmartins> yeah :(
+Jun 19 16:18:02 <rich0> EU just a special case with VAT and open borders/etc.
+Jun 19 16:18:18 <dabbott> rafaelmartins, take a picture of the receipt and send it to us for our records
+Jun 19 16:18:26 <robbat2> rafaelmartins, you're good to go. please open a bug with a scan of your invoice (redact your CC # please) for reimbursement
+Jun 19 16:18:27 <rafaelmartins> dabbott, of course
+Jun 19 16:18:39 <rafaelmartins> thank you guys :)
+Jun 19 16:18:43 <rafaelmartins> robbat2, ok
+Jun 19 16:18:55 <rich0> rafaelmartins, Thanks for representing Gentoo! :)
+Jun 19 16:18:56 <dabbott> np, thanks for doing it
+Jun 19 16:19:16 <robbat2> 5.3. domain
+Jun 19 16:19:53 <robbat2> background: the .xxx TLD is opening up, and unlike other TLDs, there is a period upfront that can be used to blacklist the domain forever
+Jun 19 16:20:20 <robbat2> however it costs $200USD+vat
+Jun 19 16:20:45 <dabbott> no one is going to think of Gentoo Linux when the vist I say don't wotrry about it
+Jun 19 16:20:51 <rich0> ++
+Jun 19 16:21:04 <rich0> Christian made a good argument.
+Jun 19 16:21:16 <rich0> Unless we're going to buy every TLD, what's the point?
+Jun 19 16:21:22 <robbat2> agreed
+Jun 19 16:21:32 <robbat2> ok, so we resolve to ignore the .xxx TLD
+Jun 19 16:21:37 <rich0> If they use the logo/etc then we have a case against them.
+Jun 19 16:21:49 <robbat2> on entirely seperate and more solid grounds
+Jun 19 16:22:23 <robbat2> ok, that's all of the new business on the agenda
+Jun 19 16:22:34 <robbat2> any other new business items that weren't agenda'd ahead of time?
+Jun 19 16:23:02 <rich0> None here.
+Jun 19 16:23:21 <dabbott> I can't think of anything
+Jun 19 16:23:55 <robbat2> 6. membership applications
+Jun 19 16:24:02 <robbat2> none this month that I see
+Jun 19 16:24:10 <robbat2> 7. advertising requests
+Jun 19 16:24:11 <robbat2> also none
+Jun 19 16:24:24 <robbat2> lastly cleanup stuff
+Jun 19 16:24:27 <dabbott> when were we going to do another meeting for an additional Treasure Report
+Jun 19 16:24:41 <robbat2> i don't know. that needs quantumsummers_
+Jun 19 16:25:18 <robbat2> Date of Next Meeting - 17th Jul 2011 19:00 UTC
+Jun 19 16:25:35 <dabbott> fine here afaik
+Jun 19 16:26:13 <robbat2> rich0, good for you?
+Jun 19 16:26:22 <robbat2> it works for me
+Jun 19 16:26:24 <rich0> Fine here - gotta fix the Google Calendar...
+Jun 19 16:26:45 <robbat2> ok, that's set then
+Jun 19 16:26:50 <robbat2> any other business?
+Jun 19 16:27:05 <rich0> Somebody had it at 19:00 EST, now I set it to 19:00 GMT+0, which somehow is treated as BST.
+Jun 19 16:27:17 <robbat2> ah
+Jun 19 16:27:42 <robbat2> any other business, going once
+Jun 19 16:28:01 <robbat2> twice
+Jun 19 16:28:20 <robbat2> ok, moving on
+Jun 19 16:28:37 <robbat2> i'll post the log + minutes
+Jun 19 16:28:39 <dabbott> I can do both I think I have a log here
+Jun 19 16:28:53 <robbat2> ok, i'll defer to you, i've got a bunch of infra stuff for this afternoon
+Jun 19 16:29:08 <robbat2> i'll do the motions listing from your minutes
+Jun 19 16:29:19 <robbat2> i don't think we have any emails to send
+Jun 19 16:29:31 <robbat2> so that just leaves open floor
+Jun 19 16:30:13 <dabbott> just the one motion $250USD to reimburse rafaelmartins for his DVDs
+Jun 19 16:30:31 <antarus> Wait, we can reimburse porn purchases?
+Jun 19 16:31:01 <robbat2> antarus, you'll have to work it off in trade, "devs of a gentoo" calendar
+Jun 19 16:31:07 <robbat2> *"Devs of Gentoo"
+Jun 19 16:31:52 <robbat2> nothing else for open floor, so I declare this meeting closed
+Jun 19 16:31:59 * robbat2 bangs his imaginary gavel