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+20:01 * bluebottle bangs the gavel to call the September meeting to order
+20:01 <@bluebottle> roll call
+20:01 <@dabbott> here
+20:02 <@bluebottle> I'm on my netbook as my main box just locked up
+20:02 <@quantumsummers> present
+20:02 <@bluebottle> quantumsummers, robbat2
+20:02 <@rich0> here
+20:03 <@bluebottle> robbat2,
+20:03 <@bluebottle> OK lets start ... would someone else like to chair?
+20:03 <@robbat2> hi
+20:03 <@bluebottle> 1024x800 is a bit cramped
+20:03 <@robbat2> just in time :-)
+20:04 <@quantumsummers> bluebottle: I can chair, if you like.
+20:05 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, thanks. My main box just decided to speak to me
+20:05 <@quantumsummers> it happens ;)
+20:05 <@NeddySeagoon> Whos logging ? I am
+20:05 <@robbat2> my logs are always on
+20:05 <@quantumsummers> thanks NeddySeagoon, for logging.
+20:05 <@quantumsummers> 3) Old business.
+20:05 <@NeddySeagoon> carry on quantumsummers you have the chair
+20:06 <@quantumsummers> Looks like its me. :)
+20:06 * NeddySeagoon passes the gavel
+20:06 <@quantumsummers> thanks
+20:06 <@quantumsummers> ok, 1.) Financials
+20:06 <@quantumsummers> 1.1 robbat2 still need send you the files for archival
+20:07 <@quantumsummers> 1.2 working on xml-ing the report
+20:07 <@robbat2> yeah, also I wanted to see about Ledger format for them (for anonymized publication)
+20:07 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: right, that is fine. We do need to redact the hell out of the paypalfiles
+20:08 <@quantumsummers> that is trivial, mostly
+20:08 < darkside_> ls
+20:08 <@quantumsummers> darkside_: hmm?
+20:09 < darkside_> sorry
+20:09 <@quantumsummers> ok
+20:09 <@quantumsummers> \np
+20:09 <@quantumsummers> 2. SFLC
+20:09 <@robbat2> re that really quickly, the best form I came up with is replacing it with [paypal-user-$TIMESTAMP], so correlations (publishing patterns of the same person) can be avoided
+20:09 <@quantumsummers> replacing what exactly?
+20:10 -!- Arfrever [~Arfrever@gentoo/developer/Arfrever] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
+20:10 <@robbat2> quantumsummers, their name in the Ledger source
+20:10 <@robbat2> anyway, reso later
+20:10 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: I see. Why not strip it before converting to Ledger?
+20:10 <@robbat2> i'll show you later
+20:10 <@quantumsummers> ok
+20:10 <@quantumsummers> 2. SFLC nothing to report.
+20:10 <@NeddySeagoon> Do we need to make each and every paypal transaction public? We need to keep traceability internally. Is a periodic total adequate ?
+20:11 <@robbat2> NeddySeagoon, i was going to publish the anonymized Ledger files to show complete accounting history for us, just makes it easier to trace bugs
+20:11 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, OK. I was looking to minimise the workload
+20:12 <@quantumsummers> we are not technically required to post any data beyond the reports, at least by any law in the US
+20:12 <@robbat2> i have build scripts for ledgers ;-)
+20:12 <@quantumsummers> cool
+20:12 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, that sounds pretty minimal then
+20:13 <@robbat2> quantumsummers, next item, CPA
+20:13 <@quantumsummers> 3. CPA: they should be finished preparing this years filings in the next week or so for our review.
+20:13 <@NeddySeagoon> will they be billing us ?
+20:13 <@quantumsummers> so, I'll pass that around before I sign it
+20:13 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: yes, after everything is filed we will be invoiced
+20:14 <@NeddySeagoon> Good - like a proper business
+20:14 <@quantumsummers> I expect the bill in mid October
+20:14 <@rich0> Will that completely catch us up?
+20:14 <@quantumsummers> we can take awhile to pay with a 1% finance fee if we need (not necessary from my POV)
+20:15 <@quantumsummers> rich0: we shall see. I am optimistic that everything is in order.
+20:15 <@NeddySeagoon> We should pay our bills on time - no need to incurr interest on the invoice
+20:15 <@rich0> wonderful!
+20:15 <@quantumsummers> Since we were able to get quite a few years of data to them, there were no real issues
+20:15 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: I agree
+20:15 <@rich0> Agreed - no sense financing with our present situation unless you tell me the bills is $40k or something crazy.
+20:15 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, thats all the history we need for 501c3 too ?
+20:16 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: that is what I have been told
+20:16 <@quantumsummers> we have paypal back to the beginning
+20:16 <@NeddySeagoon> Thats a huge milestone. Well done
+20:16 <@quantumsummers> Thanks. It was a huge pain to download all that stuff.
+20:16 <@rich0> Yes - a very nice turn of events.
+20:17 <@quantumsummers> CPA was happy with the data
+20:17 <@quantumsummers> they are working with it, minimal questions so far
+20:17 <@quantumsummers> ok, so that is CPA
+20:17 <@quantumsummers> 4) 1023
+20:18 <@NeddySeagoon> The CPA needs to get this out of the way before progressing 501c3 ?
+20:18 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: no
+20:18 <@quantumsummers> but it will all be done about the same time
+20:18 <@NeddySeagoon> Ah , ok
+20:19 <@quantumsummers> I have lucked out and gotten a couple of attorneys that I am working with to bolster our bylaws
+20:19 <@quantumsummers> they are working pro bono for the soncult
+20:19 <@quantumsummers> *consult
+20:19 <@NeddySeagoon> Sounds good
+20:19 <@quantumsummers> we need a bunch of additional legalese
+20:19 <@quantumsummers> apparently
+20:19 <@quantumsummers> its mostly boiler plate
+20:20 <@quantumsummers> my wife and I are working on some of the descriptive narrative still
+20:20 <@quantumsummers> Haven't had as much time as I had hoped due to deadlines with work.
+20:21 <@quantumsummers> In any case, it will be ready soon enough
+20:21 <@NeddySeagoon> Do we need to have the membership vote on it or is its a case its 'must have' so there is nothing to vote on ?
+20:22 <@quantumsummers> Much of it is required. There is no technical reason to have the membership vote.
+20:22 <@NeddySeagoon> That keeps it simplle - I'm all for that
+20:22 <@rich0> I'd recommend posting the proposed new bylaws to -nfp for openness.
+20:22 <@quantumsummers> We will need to ratify the document, however. Then I will sign it
+20:22 <@quantumsummers> rich0: Ok. not a problem.
+20:23 <@quantumsummers> They will be published as part of the public record regardless
+20:23 <@rich0> In the likely event that there are no strong opinions then we'll just move forward.
+20:23 <@quantumsummers> Alright. Sounds fine.
+20:23 <@rich0> Just trying to keep the community spirit - avoid bureaucracy but not openness.
+20:23 <@NeddySeagoon> rich0, The bylaws require that we notify the members before changes come into force - so it will go the -foundation-announce list but no harm in brining it to the attention of prospective menbers too
+20:24 <@quantumsummers> rich0: I agree completely, I believe the spirit is secured
+20:24 <@quantumsummers> I think of the material being added like function decorators in python.
+20:24 <@NeddySeagoon> hehe
+20:25 <@rich0> Agreed
+20:25 <@quantumsummers> ok
+20:25 <@NeddySeagoon> I'll wait until I read it.
+20:25 <@quantumsummers> any further questions for me?
+20:25 <@NeddySeagoon> Not from me
+20:26 <@quantumsummers> 1..2..3..moving on
+20:26 <@quantumsummers> Mr. Robin robbat2 Johnson
+20:26 <@robbat2> yes?
+20:26 <@quantumsummers> Please update us on the SSL, good sir.
+20:26 <@robbat2> ah, SSL
+20:27 <@robbat2> no response from any of the vendors to my questions re PII or wildcards
+20:27 <@robbat2> i think all of them are in a holding pattern re the current state of the CA world
+20:27 <@robbat2> it's a house of cards that's coming down
+20:27 <@quantumsummers> Its that bad?
+20:27 <@rich0> I was going to suggest that we could probably get a really good rate from DigiNotar.
+20:28 <@robbat2> i think it's going get even worse
+20:28 <@rich0> It would only be somewhat less useless than cacert. :)
+20:28 <@robbat2> several things need to happen to improve the state of affairs
+20:28 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, care to summarise the issues ?
+20:28 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: in that case, we may need to take some precautions of our own.
+20:28 <@robbat2> NeddySeagoon, basically, the guy that did DigiNotar in also claims to have hit several other CAs
+20:28 <@robbat2> whom have mostly denied it
+20:29 <@NeddySeagoon> Thanks
+20:29 <@robbat2> but so did DigiNotar at first
+20:29 <@robbat2> anyway, the potential improvements:
+20:30 <@robbat2> option a) CA centralization as we know it goes away, and gets replaced w/ something like Notaries/Perspectives (large-scale polling of the correctness of a cert)
+20:30 <@NeddySeagoon> like the key signing web of trust ?
+20:30 <@robbat2> option b) multiple things to patch up the current CA stuff: DNSSEC, HTTP cert pinning, DNS cert pinning
+20:30 <@robbat2> not really
+20:31 <@rich0> So, are we suggesting that we have any influence over any of this? Or, are we stuck going with the flow until it either collapses or somebody manages to get everybody to support certs in DNSSEC records?
+20:31 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, I'll read up on it. No point in using meeting time to educate me
+20:32 <@rich0> My sense is that despite all its warts the CA system is what currently exists, and so we have to go with it at least a little longer.
+20:32 <@robbat2> i'm going to pursue what is available under option B for now
+20:32 <@rich0> Now, I'm all for having the distro try to get new technologies adopted.
+20:32 <@NeddySeagoon> Is there any point in moving until the dust settles ?
+20:33 <@robbat2> but I suggest that everybody installs perspectives/notaries in their browsers
+20:33 <@robbat2> it looks likely that Chrome will have perspectives built in sometime in the very near future
+20:33 <@quantumsummers> interesting
+20:33 <@robbat2> there's just one design issue being worked out
+20:34 <@robbat2> option a) is entirely client-side for fixes, so I can't force it
+20:35 <@robbat2> NeddySeagoon, in terms of talking to CA's, i'll continue when they respond to me
+20:35 <@robbat2> attacking the problem from as many angles as possible
+20:35 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, ok
+20:35 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: would it be worthwhile to approach thawte?
+20:36 <@robbat2> not really
+20:37 <@robbat2> anyway, that's all on SSL from me
+20:37 <@robbat2> i need to vanish for a sec for my wife, brb ~5-10
+20:38 <@quantumsummers> alright.
+20:38 <@quantumsummers> lets move to rich0's Tracker
+20:38 <@rich0> Ok
+20:38 <@rich0> So, the main page is actually fairly good at this point. It reflects reality (I think), and the next due column should be considered a useful reference.
+20:39 -!- keytoaster [~tobias@gentoo/developer/keytoaster] has joined #gentoo-trustees
+20:39 <@rich0> Maybe I'll re-sort it by the next-due date for at-a-glance reference.
+20:39 <@rich0> The next real improvement would be adding in the individual activity pages so that they are useful as a reference - a 990 for dummies page, etc.
+20:40 <@quantumsummers> rich0: for certain action items, I would love to see who has taken the responsibility for the task included somewhere.
+20:40 <@rich0> Now, that doesn't have to mean how to do a 990 from scratch. 990 for dummies might be gather a,b,c and send to CPA.
+20:40 <@rich0> quantumsummers, yes, the Who column at the front is a big gap - missed that.
+20:40 <@rich0> Is that something we can quickly build consensus on here?
+20:40 <@quantumsummers> probably not without Robin
+20:41 <@quantumsummers> for the entirety
+20:41 <@rich0> Ok, then I can send something out in email to get it moving. Maybe I'll throw out a proposal and see what all say.
+20:41 <@quantumsummers> sounds great
+20:41 <@quantumsummers> thanks rich0
+20:41 <@rich0> I did actually get a compliment from drobbins on the whole thing.
+20:41 <@dabbott> thanks rich0
+20:41 <@NeddySeagoon> The who should be the office holder
+20:42 <@rich0> Agreed
+20:42 <@NeddySeagoon> office title*
+20:42 <@rich0> Actually, I'll probably just post the title
+20:42 <@rich0> yes
+20:42 <@rich0> Treasurer, secretary, president, etc
+20:42 <@quantumsummers> as far as documenting the standard operating procedures (i.e. what to do for 990), that is really a great idea
+20:42 <@rich0> yes - I can go ahead and create more skeleton pages like the two out there, but I'll need to rely on others to provide the details.
+20:43 <@NeddySeagoon> If we hire a CPA to make the submissions we don't need a HOWTO
+20:43 <@quantumsummers> rich0: I can provide the details on much of that stuff.
+20:43 <@rich0> Well, the howto could be just a list of docs we need to provide to the CPA, how much lead time they need, and so on.
+20:43 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: need a howto to get the correct info to the COA
+20:43 <@NeddySeagoon> Yes - good one
+20:43 <@quantumsummers> in case I am hit by th ebus
+20:43 <@rich0> Basically if a meteor strike takes out all trustees this will help the next generation.
+20:43 <@rich0> Assuming they have a working internet.
+20:44 <@quantumsummers> lets hope this does not come to pass, but prepare for it anyway
+20:44 <@rich0> Oh, and the other thing the howtos will state is what to publish where for openness.
+20:44 <@NeddySeagoon> yep
+20:44 <@NeddySeagoon> yep
+20:44 <@rich0> So basically it lets anybody audit us, and that means we're less likely to miss something.
+20:44 <@quantumsummers> *cough* excellent use of a wiki **
+20:44 <@rich0> There we go - gentoo-wiki. :)
+20:44 * rich0 ducks
+20:45 <@quantumsummers> rich0: anything further?
+20:45 <@NeddySeagoon> heh - it would be a start
+20:45 <@rich0> No, I think that sums it up. I'll see if I can focus next on the roles/responsibilities.
+20:45 <@quantumsummers> ok, thanks rich0.
+20:45 <@quantumsummers> Lets move on to bugs, shall we?
+20:45 <@rich0> sure
+20:45 <@dabbott> Nothing much new in the bugs department
+20:46 <@quantumsummers> dabbott ok. I have let those silde under my radar I think.
+20:47 <@quantumsummers> so, I should move on?
+20:47 <@dabbott> yes we can go over them next month if needed
+20:47 <@NeddySeagoon> please
+20:47 <@quantumsummers> ok
+20:47 <@quantumsummers> New Business
+20:47 <@quantumsummers> Infra Purchase Request
+20:47 <@dabbott> I think this next one is for darkside_
+20:49 <@robbat2> back
+20:49 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: the infra purchase requests
+20:49 -!- ABCD [~quassel@gentoo/developer/abcd] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
+20:49 <@quantumsummers> did darkside_jump out of a plane or something? where is he? :)
+20:49 <@robbat2> ok, there's been some independant development on those
+20:50 <@quantumsummers> do tell
+20:50 <@robbat2> this channel is open, so i'll suffice to say that $bigcorp has offered us $6k for hardware
+20:50 <@robbat2> the best fit for that right now, is looking like buying the VM machines with it, minus the disks, and having the foundation buy the disks
+20:50 <@robbat2> very similar to the VM proposal link, just without the disks
+20:51 <@robbat2> from Dell
+20:51 -!- ABCD [~quassel@gentoo/developer/abcd] has joined #gentoo-trustees
+20:51 <@dabbott> that will work
+20:51 <@robbat2> for disks, looking at buying Barracuda XT's ourselves via newegg
+20:51 <@NeddySeagoon> That works - is that a donation ?
+20:51 <@robbat2> as they are sub-$200 on Newegg, and Dell wants >$500/disk
+20:52 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: that is excellent
+20:52 <@robbat2> not cash, purchase on corporate card shipped straight to OSL
+20:52 <@quantumsummers> thanks to $bigcorp
+20:52 <@robbat2> we can't go over the $6k, so we need to get as close to it as possible to maximize our use of it
+20:52 <@NeddySeagoon> Sounds good. Thanks to $bigcorp
+20:52 <@quantumsummers> and thanks to $person_that_made_it_happen
+20:53 <@robbat2> i'll need to work out the details for the sponsor page during the next week
+20:53 <@robbat2> but that purchase will probably happen in the same timeframe
+20:53 <@robbat2> for the disks, i'll make a new purchase request
+20:53 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, so there will be a required for disks in the same timeframe ?
+20:54 <@NeddySeagoon> We can vote on that on the alias
+20:54 <+armin76> robbat2: what about the thing the disks go to? i can't remember the name...
+20:54 <@robbat2> yes
+20:54 <@robbat2> Ganeti?
+20:54 <@robbat2> drbd?
+20:54 <@quantumsummers> a case?
+20:54 <@quantumsummers> ;)
+20:54 <+armin76> yeah, the case
+20:55 <@robbat2> armin76, the r415's we're ordering are supposed to have the hotswap disk caddys in them
+20:55 <@robbat2> so we just pull em and install the disks
+20:55 <@quantumsummers> bing bang boom
+20:55 <+armin76> okay
+20:55 <@quantumsummers> alrighty
+20:56 <@dabbott> what about a new Masterdistfiles Machine ?
+20:56 <@robbat2> disk ideas are either 4x 3TB Barracuda XT, or (2x 3TB Barracuda, 2x 300GB 15K SAS)
+20:56 <@NeddySeagoon> Do osl have some space waiting or do we have to swap out other hardware to make room ?
+20:56 <@robbat2> either way, $1200-$2k on disks
+20:56 <@robbat2> dabbott, that's why I was hoping darkside_ was here
+20:57 <@quantumsummers> he was here earlier
+20:57 <@NeddySeagoon> Put together the purchase request. We can discuss this further if darkside_ shows up
+20:57 <@quantumsummers> ok
+20:57 <+armin76> i'd say there's space, power is another thing
+20:57 <@quantumsummers> Lets move on then
+20:57 <+armin76> but i don't think that has been discussed
+20:58 <@robbat2> armin76, it's discussed before, we're good
+20:58 < darkside_> pong
+20:58 <@NeddySeagoon> that was timely ...
+20:58 <@quantumsummers> hey darkside_ you appeared
+20:59 * quantumsummers is in an electrical storm at the moment. FYI
+20:59 <@robbat2> darkside_, hw proposals for new masterdistfiles box, any details? (since $bigcorp is doing the VM machines)
+20:59 < darkside_> i am getting frustrated at the endless bikeshedding when we talk about hw in #-infra
+21:00 < darkside_> to the point that i have just ignored it
+21:01 <@robbat2> after the VM, it's just masterdistfiles+pecker that are left for replacing, how can we trim the bikeshedding?
+21:01 <@dabbott> no bikeshedding here what do you need
+21:01 <@rich0> Yup, from a foundation perspective we really just need a proposal and the word of infra that it makes sense.
+21:02 < darkside_> we've spec'd out something and posted it to the infra alias, just need someone to order the hw. BDFL-style
+21:02 <@NeddySeagoon> darkside_, you are doing the work - you know what is needed - write it up, then its a done deal.
+21:02 <@robbat2> i apologize for not being around more to BFDL infra into not bikeshedding
+21:03 <@NeddySeagoon> darkside_, post it to trustees@ with quotes if you have them
+21:03 <@rich0> It isn't like we're trying to make it on the TOPS list or something - we need some servers that work... :)
+21:04 < darkside_> maybe i'll just work with robbat2 via email or so to get it done
+21:04 <@robbat2> yeah, maybe best
+21:04 < darkside_> eliminate the by-standing audience
+21:04 <@NeddySeagoon> darkside_, ok.
+21:05 <@rich0> Yup - lists are good for generating ideas. Bad for generating consensus.
+21:05 <@quantumsummers> main thrust, iirc, is that you were considering an acquisition in the range of $6K to $11K
+21:05 <@quantumsummers> darkside_: is the above still correct?
+21:06 < darkside_> will be less now that alec is handling the VM stuff
+21:06 <@quantumsummers> Ok.
+21:06 <@quantumsummers> seems reasonable.
+21:07 < darkside_> ok, that is all then. action for me: work with robbat2 personally
+21:07 <@NeddySeagoon> darkside_, When we have the shopping list, we can fund it. That will end the bikeshedding
+21:07 <@dabbott> robbat2, while we are at it what about a replacement for pecker
+21:07 <@quantumsummers> I propose a 'Motion: Authorize darkside_ and robbat2 (working with me as payee) to specify and order server(s) not to exceed $8000.
+21:07 <@dabbott> seconded
+21:07 <@quantumsummers> this would exclude disks
+21:08 <@robbat2> abstain
+21:08 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, Its a bit early to put a value on it
+21:08 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: *not to exceed*
+21:08 <@NeddySeagoon> Its still a bit early
+21:08 <@robbat2> we'll put together a ballpark and send it to the trustees alias
+21:08 <@quantumsummers> I rescind the motion
+21:09 <@quantumsummers> just needs to get done.
+21:09 <@NeddySeagoon> We don't need a meeting to vote
+21:09 <@rich0> robbat2, agree with your approach. I think it will get quick attention here.
+21:09 <@dabbott> unseconded :)
+21:09 <@rich0> Yup, we can approve on the alias.
+21:09 <@quantumsummers> Very well, moving along :)
+21:09 < darkside_> it makes things easier that alec stepped in
+21:09 < darkside_> should go better now
+21:09 <@quantumsummers> glad to hear it
+21:09 <@NeddySeagoon> We only need 3 Aye votes too
+21:10 <@quantumsummers> Next Up: KDE Akademy 2012 Support
+21:10 <@quantumsummers> tampakrap and differentreality are here to answer questions.
+21:10 < differentreality> yep :)
+21:10 <+tampakrap> hello :)
+21:11 <@NeddySeagoon> It seems the support is in two parts
+21:11 <@quantumsummers> I have read the document and related email material.
+21:11 <@NeddySeagoon> a) endoresment
+21:11 <@NeddySeagoon> b) funding
+21:11 <@quantumsummers> right
+21:11 <@dabbott> correct
+21:11 <+tampakrap> for now, only the first part is needed to discuss
+21:11 <+tampakrap> funding will be raised again if we get accepted
+21:11 <@robbat2> if we endorse it, and there are no other funders, are we on the hook for it?
+21:12 <@robbat2> have other akademy's been break-even or better?
+21:12 <@NeddySeagoon> I propose that the foundation endorse this attepmpt to host KDE Akademy 2012
+21:12 <@quantumsummers> seconded
+21:12 < differentreality> robbat2, Not at all, funding is a separate issue, we definitely do not expect just one sponsor to cover the event :)
+21:12 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, No. Much of the funding comes from KDE .e.v.
+21:13 <@robbat2> ok, then one last question: how much event-planning experience do either tampakrap / differentreality have?
+21:13 <@NeddySeagoon> I would expect to fund something later is the approach is successful
+21:14 <@rich0> I certainly have no objections to endorsing the proposal. No big issues with a modest sponsorship of some kind. Gentoo has always had a vibrant KDE community and I'd say we're one of the better KDE distros out there.
+21:15 <@rich0> Oh, and does upstream consider this the right way to go about things? It certainly isn't our intent to meddle either.
+21:15 <+tampakrap> robbat2: we both have participated and organized many small and big linux events, including fosscomm 2009 (biggest annual greek event) in my city, and fosscomm 2010 in differentreality's city
+21:15 <+tampakrap> i can send you a list
+21:15 <@NeddySeagoon> robbat2, tampakrap expanded on that in an email. KDE .e.V provide support too
+21:15 < differentreality> I have experience with many small / local events, mostly in my uni, as well as national event of FOSSCOMM 2010 which was held in Thessaloniki, Greece (this is where I'm from) and was a success (at least for greek foss community) with 500 people - I was main organizer/coordinator so I had to do a little bit of everything from arranging parallel presentations/workshops to dealing with the sponsorships and financial issues. I am also co-
+21:15 < differentreality> founder of the linux users group in my university as well as one of the two people that created IEEE student branch in my uni, which I currently actively coordinate too.
+21:15 <@robbat2> (i'm behind on my email due to electrical work at home yesterday)
+21:16 <@robbat2> ok, that's reasonable for the scale of Akademy
+21:16 <@robbat2> no further questions from me
+21:16 <@NeddySeagoon> Any more Questions on endorsement ?
+21:16 <@NeddySeagoon> Please vote
+21:16 <@NeddySeagoon> Aye
+21:16 <@robbat2> Aye
+21:16 <@quantumsummers> Aye
+21:17 <@dabbott> yes
+21:17 <@rich0> aye
+21:17 <@NeddySeagoon> rich0, ?
+21:17 <@quantumsummers> Motion carried.
+21:17 <+tampakrap> thank you guys, we really appreciate it
+21:17 < differentreality> thanks :)
+21:17 <@quantumsummers> Good luck on the application
+21:17 <@NeddySeagoon> tampakrap, differentreality You have our unamouns endorement - good luck.
+21:17 <@dabbott> good luck tampakrap differentreality
+21:17 <@robbat2> tampakrap, minor comment, if you do win, please make sure there are vegetarian options for all meals
+21:17 <@quantumsummers> +1
+21:18 <@NeddySeagoon> tampakrap do you need something from the Foundation to support your application ?
+21:18 <@robbat2> (coming from the perspective of some local friends that are KDE devs and go to Akademy, and have had food troubles a few times)
+21:18 <+tampakrap> robbat2: that is actually one of the requirements :)
+21:18 < differentreality> robbat2, we already have it in mind - it surely will happen
+21:18 <@NeddySeagoon> tampakrap do you need something from the Foundation to support your application ?
+21:18 -!- idl0r [~idl0r@gentoo/developer/idl0r] has joined #gentoo-trustees
+21:19 <+tampakrap> NeddySeagoon: sure, is a certificate possible?
+21:19 <+tampakrap> a letter or something
+21:19 <@NeddySeagoon> tampakrap, Lets discuss after the meeting
+21:19 <@NeddySeagoon> A letter, yes
+21:20 <+tampakrap> sure, i can discuss it with Matt afterwards
+21:20 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, sorry - I'm userping your chair
+21:20 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: no biggie, you can have it back anytime
+21:21 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, please continue
+21:21 <@quantumsummers> *Membership Applications*
+21:21 <@dabbott> Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera (klondike) late addition
+21:21 <@quantumsummers> Senior Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera is requesting membership to the foundation as a developer
+21:21 <@dabbott> yes
+21:22 <@NeddySeagoon> Aye
+21:22 <@rich0> aye
+21:22 <@quantumsummers> aye
+21:22 <@robbat2> aye
+21:22 <@quantumsummers> Congrats
+21:22 <@quantumsummers> to Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera (aka klondike)
+21:23 <@quantumsummers> Lets do the cleanup
+21:23 <@NeddySeagoon> 16th is good for me
+21:23 <@quantumsummers> fine by me
+21:23 <@dabbott> fine here also
+21:23 <@quantumsummers> err wait a sec
+21:23 <@quantumsummers> sorry
+21:24 <@quantumsummers> I should be able to attend
+21:24 <@robbat2> 16th is good for me, 23/30th are really bad
+21:24 <@quantumsummers> however I have lots of family in town, as we are having a baby shower on Saturday
+21:24 <@quantumsummers> I can make it though, at least for most
+21:25 <@quantumsummers> Date of Next Meeting is Set - 16th Oct 2011 19:00 UTC
+21:25 <@rich0> sounds good
+21:25 <@NeddySeagoon> That would involve lots of drink here - go careful with your hangover
+21:25 <@robbat2> +1
+21:25 <@robbat2> (on the meeting, not the hangover)
+21:25 <@NeddySeagoon> heh
+21:26 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: we shall see
+21:26 <@quantumsummers> Any Other Business??
+21:26 <@NeddySeagoon> I have 1 item
+21:26 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: you have the floor
+21:27 <@NeddySeagoon> The approch from the individual at Oracle .. There seems to be some enthusiasim to follow it up but it will need developer buy in. Should I post the message to -core
+21:28 <@NeddySeagoon> It we do get support from $bigcorp it will involve $work
+21:29 <@rich0> I think posting to -core makes sense, but it seems like the council already has a fair bit of support from it.
+21:30 <@NeddySeagoon> but they are not going to do all the work
+21:30 <@NeddySeagoon> I'll post to -core
+21:30 <@rich0> Maybe ask on -core who is willing to make some kind of general commitment if the proposal is accepted?
+21:30 <@rich0> Ie a few hours per week.
+21:30 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: I, for one, would be willing to do a good amount of this $work as it is a general part of my day anyway.
+21:31 <@rich0> Yup, I was surprised by the amount of enthusiasm, so I think we'd be able to hold up our end of things.
+21:31 <@quantumsummers> I think so.
+21:31 <@NeddySeagoon> yep. I don't want to end up leading just becase I'm point of contact just now
+21:31 <@rich0> Still a bit of a long shot just the same.
+21:31 <@NeddySeagoon> its worth following up
+21:31 <@rich0> Maybe solicit somebody to lead the effort then.
+21:31 <@rich0> Having a leader goes a long way.
+21:31 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, volunteered
+21:32 <@dabbott> a good leader I must say
+21:32 <@NeddySeagoon> I'll post to -core and write to the guy with an update
+21:33 <@quantumsummers> NeddySeagoon: CC or introduce me please.
+21:33 <@NeddySeagoon> quantumsummers, sure
+21:33 <@quantumsummers> Lets see what the real details are
+21:33 <@quantumsummers> I am happy to get this started and make sure its not a dud
+21:33 <@NeddySeagoon> That was my item
+21:33 <@quantumsummers> damn lightning is scaring my youngest cat, LOL
+21:34 <@quantumsummers> strike nearby...anyway
+21:34 <@quantumsummers> thanks NeddySeagoon
+21:34 <@quantumsummers> anyone else for AOB?
+21:34 <@robbat2> minor note i'll be offline for a chunk of the week
+21:34 <@quantumsummers> robbat2: everything alright?
+21:35 <@robbat2> furnace failed entirely, and the propety manager is having a guy replace it
+21:35 <@quantumsummers> oh that is good fun'
+21:35 <@robbat2> but to do so needs some actual construction work to comply w/ newer building codes
+21:35 <@robbat2> which happens to be in the ceiling RIGHT above my desk
+21:35 <@quantumsummers> even better.
+21:35 <@quantumsummers> take a vacation!
+21:35 <@quantumsummers> while you have a chance
+21:35 <@robbat2> lol, so i'm packing up my desktop etc
+21:36 <@quantumsummers> ok. well good luck sir
+21:36 <@quantumsummers> Anyone/thing else?
+21:37 <@NeddySeagoon> I'll post the log and write the email to Klondike etc. I'll work up a form of words with tampakrap too
+21:37 <@quantumsummers> thanks thanks
+21:37 <@dabbott> I can do the minutes and motions as it is all in the same place pretty much
+21:37 <@quantumsummers> dabbott will you update the motions?
+21:37 <@quantumsummers> ah, many thanks
+21:37 <@quantumsummers> Thank you NeddySeagoon and dabbott.
+21:37 <@quantumsummers> Thusly, it is Open Floor
+21:38 <@quantumsummers> Anyone wishing to speak should do so now or hold you peace until the next meeting (or send official business via email).
+21:39 * NeddySeagoon drops a pin
+21:39 <@quantumsummers> :) going once, twice, three
+21:39 <@quantumsummers> times
+21:39 <@quantumsummers> a lady
+21:39 * quantumsummers bangs the gavel. Meeting is closed.