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+[19:00:43] Meeting started by prometheanfire
+[19:01:10] Meeting chairs are: alicef, zlg, dabbott, prometheanfire, kensington,
+[19:01:17] <alicef> hello
+[19:01:21] Current subject: roll call, (set by prometheanfire)
+[19:01:23] <prometheanfire> o/
+[19:01:25] <zlg> o/
+[19:01:26] <alicef> hello
+[19:01:27] <dabbott> here
+[19:01:29] <alicef> o/
+[19:01:31] <kensington> Hi
+[19:01:33] <prometheanfire> kensington: ?
+[19:01:36] <robbat2> (officer) present
+[19:01:37] <prometheanfire> cool
+[19:02:05] <prometheanfire> dabbott: you logging I imagine?
+[19:02:13] <alicef> kensington: is here
+[19:02:18] <dabbott> yes
+[19:02:26] LINK: [Foundation:Meetings/2017/09 - Gentoo Wiki]
+[19:02:37] <alicef> thanks dabbott for logging
+[19:02:40] Current subject: Old Business - Has the NM filing been updated?, (set by prometheanfire)
+[19:03:18] <prometheanfire> hmm, I can't pull up the filing by the old link I used to use
+[19:03:31] LINK: [Corporations Division]
+[19:03:34] <alicef> filing by the old link ?
+[19:03:51] <prometheanfire> it's how I viewed the filing
+[19:04:05] <dabbott> not yet, does someone want to try to do it so I am not the only one its ID# 2463313 you will need to set up an account
+[19:04:11] <alicef> mmm i don't see anything
+[19:04:13] <robbat2> prometheanfire: that link doesn't work; you have to always search now
+[19:04:23] <prometheanfire> robbat2: smart...
+[19:04:39] <dabbott> robbat2: yep ID# 2463313
+[19:04:49] <robbat2> it's not updated yet
+[19:05:21] <prometheanfire> ya, I'll make an account
+[19:05:24] <zlg> I'm getting the same ID as dabbott
+[19:05:27] <alicef> which update does it need ?
+[19:05:50] <dabbott> the new trustees and the address
+[19:05:50] <prometheanfire> alicef: need to add you, zlg and kensington
+[19:05:54] <prometheanfire> yep
+[19:06:05] <robbat2> and put me as asst treasurer in officers
+[19:06:05] <prometheanfire> address is fine
+[19:06:14] <zlg> Yeah, the 'directors' (us, Trustees) need to be added is all
+[19:06:22] <dabbott> prometheanfire: give it a try and if you have any trouble I can help, do it
+[19:06:32] <alicef> address is change because of the new mailbox
+[19:06:35] <alicef> ?
+[19:06:42] ACTION: prometheanfire update NM business info for new trustees, moving robbat2 as an officer/treasurer
+[19:06:52] <robbat2> alicef: the mailing address was already changed on it
+[19:07:04] <prometheanfire> ya, the physical location stays the same
+[19:07:12] <prometheanfire> maffblaster: ping
+[19:07:14] <alicef> I can register from japan ?
+[19:07:35] Current subject: Old Business - Have wiki permissions been updated?, (set by prometheanfire)
+[19:07:46] <robbat2> alicef: if you look at the page, you will already see myself & swift of the prior trustees, with canadian & belgian addresses
+[19:07:49] <zlg> I'm fairly sure that's been taken care of.
+[19:07:51] <prometheanfire> alicef: probably
+[19:07:52] <zlg> checks.
+[19:07:54] <dabbott> robbat2: do we pay Chew yearly?
+[19:08:03] <prometheanfire> dabbott: hourly
+[19:08:08] <prometheanfire> anyway
+[19:08:15] <prometheanfire> staying on subject :P
+[19:08:20] <robbat2> hourly, no retainer, haven't had a bill from him in many years
+[19:08:22] <prometheanfire> yes, wiki perms were updated
+[19:09:30] <prometheanfire> next
+[19:09:53] Current subject: RS Status Report, (set by prometheanfire)
+[19:09:55] <prometheanfire> bah
+[19:09:58] Current subject: IRS Status Report, (set by prometheanfire)
+[19:10:10] <prometheanfire> robbat2: I know you sent the email, but you want to repeat it?
+[19:10:30] <robbat2> yeah, I can
+[19:10:57] <robbat2> we filed an information request to the IRS, asking if the prior trustees had ever filed forms 1023 or 1024, which are 501c* applications
+[19:11:13] <robbat2> the answer: no, the IRS never got such forms from them
+[19:11:24] <robbat2> since those forms were never filed, no 990 could have been filed
+[19:11:50] <robbat2> implications:
+[19:12:09] <robbat2> - (plus) we don't have a lapsed status, but rather have never filed
+[19:12:37] <robbat2> - (minus) any mentions of us being a 501c6 are wrong
+[19:12:53] <robbat2> further actions:
+[19:13:18] <robbat2> - different filing path w/ the accountant, but still needs lots of making prior financial statements accurate
+[19:14:01] <zlg> Given that information, how many years of prior information will our accountant need?
+[19:15:22] <robbat2> as you weren't in on the meetings prior to being a trustee, I've always been operating on the assumption that I was going to redo the financial statements & 990 forms from the start of our existence
+[19:15:41] <robbat2> the IRS might only want the last 3 fiscal years worth, but reserve the right to ask for all of them
+[19:15:55] <dwfreed> so better to have all of them anyway
+[19:16:01] <zlg> Ah. In that case yeah, better to have it all.
+[19:16:18] <prometheanfire> would it be wise to submit once we have three years and continue working on it while waiting on a response?
+[19:16:32] <zlg> I asked because I understood corporations need to have at least 10 years of information on file.
+[19:17:22] <robbat2> for-profit vs non-profit have different requirements
+[19:17:35] <robbat2> 3/7/10 years depending on a bunch of stuff
+[19:17:50] <dwfreed> technically at the moment it sounds like we're for-profit :)
+[19:18:29] <prometheanfire> irs probably thinks so
+[19:18:32] <alicef> dwfreed: why ?
+[19:18:37] <prometheanfire> it's the default
+[19:18:50] <zlg> alicef: Without proper filing, it's assumed we're pursuing profut
+[19:18:57] <zlg> profit*
+[19:19:17] <prometheanfire> so, next?
+[19:19:24] <alicef> but in this case dosen't affect also the people running the foundation ?
+[19:19:51] <robbat2> next from me, or agenda?
+[19:20:02] <alicef> it became like if we have a corporation and we have pay tax upon it ?
+[19:20:16] <prometheanfire> agenda
+[19:20:35] <robbat2> (put a spot in for me later, after the trustees, for treasurer stuff)
+[19:20:36] <prometheanfire> alicef: we should be fine
+[19:20:47] <prometheanfire> ok
+[19:21:07] <zlg> alicef: From what I understand it affects our status, and may change the way we file taxes. For now, people cannot get tax-deductible donations until we file as a non-profit.
+[19:21:21] <prometheanfire> dabbott: we already discussed the nm filing update, so moving on
+[19:21:29] <dabbott> ok
+[19:21:33] <alicef> ok
+[19:21:37] Current subject: alicef's items, (set by prometheanfire)
+[19:21:44] <prometheanfire> want to run through them?
+[19:22:05] <alicef> spi ?
+[19:22:31] <prometheanfire> sure, starting there
+[19:22:49] <alicef> Martin Michlmayr replayed to us
+[19:22:56] <alicef> but we didn't replay
+[19:23:21] <zlg> Aren't they suffering from manpower problems like we are?
+[19:23:37] <prometheanfire> zlg: that's my understanding
+[19:23:39] <alicef> looks like they are
+[19:25:22] <alicef> maybe they could manage some part but looks like they cannot manage everything of the Gentoo foundation
+[19:25:41] <prometheanfire> fair enough, how about the slack/discord thing?
+[19:26:20] <alicef> recently spi removed madwifi
+[19:26:30] <alicef> because is no longer active
+[19:26:42] <alicef> so probably it could reduce work for them
+[19:26:54] <dabbott> alicef: can we remove this as one of your agenda items for now?
+[19:27:13] <alicef> depend what we decide to do ?
+[19:27:17] <alicef> for spi
+[19:27:22] <zlg> alicef: What would you like to see SPI handle?
+[19:28:21] <alicef> as now Gentoo foundation looks like is starting to take control back
+[19:28:42] <prometheanfire> for now it looks like having them manage us would not gain us much, what we'd gain by their management we'd loose by having to maintain the relationship with them
+[19:28:54] <dabbott> yep
+[19:29:01] <zlg> prometheanfire: +1
+[19:29:15] <alicef> so yes we can remove it now
+[19:29:27] <zlg> I'd be interested in hearing more from them in the future, though. Just to see what they *could* do
+[19:29:43] <prometheanfire> indeed
+[19:30:09] <alicef> sure, I think if in the future we will need some help, looks like they are willing to help
+[19:30:17] <alicef> if is in theyr possibility
+[19:30:40] <prometheanfire> cool, next?
+[19:30:48] <alicef> slack and discord
+[19:31:14] <alicef> oh and reddit
+[19:31:53] <alicef> I think that because related to social media, would be proper to make it manage by the Gentoo public relations project
+[19:32:31] <alicef> and the question is who is managing such media ?
+[19:32:32] <prometheanfire> it all depends on if they state that they represent gentoo imo
+[19:32:39] <kensington> I don't agree with trying to assimilate it without cause
+[19:33:01] <prometheanfire> kensington: ya, only if they want to 'represent' gentoo
+[19:33:02] <dabbott> some stuff we just have no control of, and should stay out of it
+[19:33:08] <alicef> this is came out recently with a non Gentoo dev group opening another discourd server and publicizing it on Gentoo reddit
+[19:34:01] <alicef> so as now the slack group is owned by me and other gentoo devs
+[19:34:10] <alicef> discord is owned by cynede
+[19:34:20] <alicef> reddit I don't know
+[19:34:43] <alicef> but Gentoo dev and I think also prometheanfire
+[19:34:44] <prometheanfire> reddit looks to be owned by non-gentoo people but has gentoo devs as mods
+[19:34:56] <zlg> I think any media that wants to be regarded as "official" should follow our trademark and community guidelines. Otherwise, leave unofficial things alone imo
+[19:34:59] <prometheanfire> I'm not a mod on the gentoo subreddit
+[19:35:12] <prometheanfire> zlg: +1
+[19:35:42] <zlg> If we seek enforcement, we should contact the founders of each given community and give them a choice.
+[19:35:42] <alicef> the problem is that would be useful to be owned by gentoo dev
+[19:36:11] <prometheanfire> how useful it is doesn't mater imo
+[19:36:25] <alicef> is useful for keeping the channel
+[19:36:36] <prometheanfire> zlg: yep, I reached out to the other discord channel and pointed him to the guidelines
+[19:36:37] <zlg> Community takeover doesn't go over well with the incumbent culture. I think that's true of any community
+[19:36:40] <alicef> because if they decide to quit it dosen't became abandoned
+[19:36:42] <zlg> prometheanfire: cool
+[19:37:11] <kensington> If they're not violating our trademark I don't even see how this is our issue
+[19:37:18] <prometheanfire> haven't talked to him in a while though (basicly pointed him at the other discord)
+[19:37:34] <zlg> kensington: Yeah. If they're not trying to be official I don't see the problem.
+[19:37:34] <prometheanfire> kensington: indeed
+[19:37:41] <alicef> I also did prometheanfire, actually we was togheter in it
+[19:37:48] <prometheanfire> alicef: yarp
+[19:38:19] <prometheanfire> alicef: what action do you propose for reddit and (other)discord and for what reason?
+[19:38:20] <alicef> sure if they following the guideling is ok also for me
+[19:38:26] <prometheanfire> I think we need something actionable
+[19:38:36] <alicef> action ?
+[19:38:42] <zlg> Yeah, as in a decision
+[19:38:50] <prometheanfire> or change request
+[19:38:54] <alicef> actually was only a discussion for see what Gentoo foundation thinks
+[19:39:01] <zlg> ah
+[19:39:59] <zlg> I see the value in adding a few developers to the moderation team of an official community, to maintain continuity. *Which* developers is worthy of a ML discussion imo
+[19:40:05] <alicef> so if they follow the rules they can be gentoo official community also without any gnetoo dev in charge ?
+[19:40:08] <prometheanfire> k, well I think if they want to be official then follow our guidelines, otherwise we don't have to care
+[19:40:37] <prometheanfire> if the violate our name/logo useage guidelines then we need to talk to them, failing talks we'd talk to reddit/discord admins
+[19:40:53] <zlg> prometheanfire: +1
+[19:41:03] <dabbott> +1
+[19:41:11] <alicef> if you do such thing with slack, they ask to talk with the group admin
+[19:41:26] <alicef> and stating that they cannot do anything about it
+[19:41:34] <prometheanfire> they can...
+[19:41:40] <prometheanfire> in fact they have to (legally)
+[19:42:05] <prometheanfire> prety sure they follow US copyright law, which is what the name/log usage stuff is about
+[19:42:10] <prometheanfire> prety sure they follow US copyright law, which is what the name/logo usage stuff is about
+[19:42:37] <zlg> alicef: The chatrooms are on Slack infra. We have legal standing for the trademark, and they would be obstructing if they got in the way.
+[19:42:42] <prometheanfire> and/or trademark law
+[19:43:10] <alicef> zlg: slack infra /
+[19:43:12] <alicef> ?
+[19:43:28] <prometheanfire> slack infra would be whoever runs slack as a whole
+[19:43:48] <dabbott>
+[19:43:51] <alicef> yes it probably it works out that way
+[19:43:57] <alicef> ok for me
+[19:44:03] <prometheanfire> anway, I think it's time to move on
+[19:44:16] <prometheanfire> we still have a lot to go through and only 15 minutes scheduled to do it
+[19:44:31] <zlg> Sorry, wifi chipset on this netbook is crap
+[19:44:39] <alicef> next is adding reference to
+[19:44:54] <prometheanfire> +1
+[19:44:56] <zlg> alicef: I'm talking about if/when we bring a claim to Slack themselves (if a community is not cooperative)
+[19:44:57] <alicef> still not working a patch as i'm working on a academic paper
+[19:45:02] Current subject: adding reference to, (set by prometheanfire)
+[19:45:22] <kensington> I doubt www@ will object to this
+[19:45:27] <prometheanfire> .vote add to
+[19:45:31] <alicef> yes
+[19:45:35] <prometheanfire> yes
+[19:45:35] <zlg> Seems fair, sure.
+[19:45:39] <kensington> Yes
+[19:45:50] <dabbott> yes
+[19:45:50] <prometheanfire> antarus: ?
+[19:45:53] <prometheanfire> bah
+[19:45:56] <prometheanfire> thanks :D
+[19:46:04] <prometheanfire> alicef: ok, want to make that bug?
+[19:46:09] <alicef> next is join the call for Public Code
+[19:46:16] <alicef> I will make ok
+[19:46:17] Current subject: join the call for Public Code , (set by prometheanfire)
+[19:46:25] LINK: [Public Money, Public Code]
+[19:46:39] <zlg> sec, refreshing memory
+[19:46:39] <alicef> public code is supporting open software for public structure
+[19:46:44] <prometheanfire> what would it entail, it sounded like money
+[19:46:51] <alicef> and there are already some distribution supporting it
+[19:47:01] <alicef> actually is not stated how to support
+[19:47:06] <alicef> it just say to send a mail
+[19:47:11] <zlg> Right, I'm not sure we want to spend money willy-nilly unless we're getting something out of it.
+[19:47:15] <prometheanfire> well, we should send a mail
+[19:47:18] <prometheanfire> +1
+[19:47:29] <alicef> so the votation will be for sending the mail
+[19:47:31] <alicef> and see
+[19:47:34] <zlg> I mean, even if it's only mentorship programs, infra... *something*
+[19:47:37] <prometheanfire> alicef: yes
+[19:47:45] <alicef> next month will report what they said
+[19:47:48] <zlg> Sure, let's mail them to see what our options are.
+[19:47:49] <alicef> ok
+[19:47:51] <prometheanfire> .vote contact to support them
+[19:47:53] <prometheanfire> yes
+[19:47:55] <zlg> yes
+[19:47:57] <alicef> tes
+[19:47:59] <kensington> Yes
+[19:48:02] <alicef> yes
+[19:48:07] <dabbott> send a mail but stay out of any politics, yes
+[19:48:14] <alicef> typo powered
+[19:48:15] <zlg> +1 dabbott
+[19:48:18] <prometheanfire> :D
+[19:48:33] <robbat2> as asst. treasurer: mail yes, money HARD NO due to IRS implications
+[19:48:42] <alicef> +1 robbat2
+[19:48:44] <prometheanfire> robbat2: ok
+[19:48:48] <alicef> ok next (non-corporate) donors / "friends" page
+[19:49:06] <zlg> As treasurer in training I defer to robbat2's experience :p
+[19:49:09] <prometheanfire> yes, specificly for robbat2's friend :D
+[19:49:15] <dabbott> yes
+[19:49:18] Current subject: (non-corporate) donors / "friends" page, (set by prometheanfire)
+[19:49:30] <alicef> probably in the wiki
+[19:49:33] <alicef> or gentoo page
+[19:49:40] <alicef> or reference from gentoo page
+[19:49:46] <zlg> What is the purpose of the Friends page? To acknowledge donations over a certain amount?
+[19:49:48] <robbat2> we already have the sponsors page, they should go there, with better defined practices
+[19:49:53] <prometheanfire> .add page for non-corprate donars and/or 'friends' of gentoo
+[19:49:54] <robbat2> so to when they are added/removed
+[19:49:58] <alicef> ok let me some background
+[19:50:01] <prometheanfire> .vote add page for non-corprate donars and/or 'friends' of gentoo
+[19:50:06] <robbat2> which ties into a point I want to raise later
+[19:50:06] <alicef> yes
+[19:50:26] <alicef> vote?
+[19:50:30] <prometheanfire> robbat2: that sounds like a better place, yes
+[19:50:35] <dabbott> add a section, yes
+[19:50:46] <prometheanfire> add a section, yes
+[19:50:47] <robbat2> ok, deferred to treasurer pieces later
+[19:50:49] <dabbott> not a page for itself
+[19:51:00] <kensington> Yes but I think there needs to be some guidelines around how it's populated
+[19:51:02] <zlg> I don't have enough information to make a vote
+[19:51:05] <alicef> add a section
+[19:51:26] <alicef> yes only from people giving explicit consent
+[19:51:36] <dabbott> kensington: as determined by the trustees
+[19:51:37] <alicef> in the donation message
+[19:51:38] <zlg> If we could defer this until we have a concrete plan..
+[19:51:49] <robbat2> yes, please defer a little bit ;-)
+[19:52:04] <prometheanfire> sgtm
+[19:52:09] <prometheanfire> k, next
+[19:52:10] <alicef> ok
+[19:52:16] <prometheanfire> .subect prometheanfire's items
+[19:52:21] <prometheanfire> Combining Trustees and Council into 'The Board'
+[19:52:26] <prometheanfire> defer, no action has been taken
+[19:52:28] <dabbott> zlg: sounds good, send an email to trustees@ so we can discuss, please
+[19:52:32] <prometheanfire> Do we need date of birth in developer apps (how'd the email go)?
+[19:52:38] <zlg> dabbott: Will do.
+[19:52:42] <prometheanfire> I think we should wait til the FLA is fleshed out
+[19:52:44] <prometheanfire> defer
+[19:52:46] <dabbott> zlg: thanks
+[19:52:52] <alicef> ok
+[19:52:55] Current subject: stage4linux, user asking to create his own child distribution wants an ack on the name with regards to copyright, (set by prometheanfire)
+[19:53:25] <dabbott> fine by me
+[19:53:28] <alicef> I think maffblaster was working on a stage 4
+[19:53:32] <zlg> We don't own a trademark on 'stage4'. However, stage4s are a thing. It could be ambiguous for that project.
+[19:53:39] <kensington> We don't own any marks on stage4 do we?
+[19:53:41] <prometheanfire> ya, name and logo usage
+[19:53:45] <prometheanfire> we don't
+[19:53:52] <prometheanfire> which is why I think it's fine
+[19:53:56] <alicef> anyway ok for me
+[19:54:13] <prometheanfire> I'll contact
+[19:54:23] <zlg> But that fork/child would need to have a way to disambiguate lest they fall to things like Google Go or Mozilla's Rust
+[19:54:39] <zlg> It falls under "not our problem", but still, a little advice wouldn't hurt
+[19:54:45] <prometheanfire> yep
+[19:54:50] <prometheanfire> next
+[19:54:58] Current subject: infra update, (set by prometheanfire)
+[19:55:05] <prometheanfire> dabbott: this has you linked there
+[19:55:11] <robbat2> i don't know why it links dabbott
+[19:55:21] <prometheanfire> either do I
+[19:55:27] <prometheanfire> robbat2: you have anything?
+[19:55:28] <dabbott> I don't know why, is it the key fingerprints
+[19:55:36] <zlg> robbat2: is infra lead iirc
+[19:55:39] <prometheanfire> yep
+[19:55:46] <robbat2> and I don't think jmbsvicetto is here; the only infra-related item I have to add is that infra might file a funding request later this year for some SSDs
+[19:55:56] <prometheanfire> sgtm :D
+[19:56:00] <robbat2> zlg: jmbsvicetto is the infra officer reporting to the foundation now
+[19:56:10] <prometheanfire> k
+[19:56:11] <zlg> robbat2: Okay, I'll keep that in mind.
+[19:56:18] <robbat2> re fingerprints: all the dev ones are already in LDAP, just take those
+[19:56:24] Current subject: open bugs, (set by prometheanfire)
+[19:56:31] LINK: [Bug List: TrusteesOpenBugs]
+[19:56:36] <zlg> robbat2: Are the SSDs replacement for existing storage or meant to add additional functionality to infra?
+[19:56:49] <zlg> "add additional"... ugh, need more coffee.
+[19:56:52] <prometheanfire> zlg: let's go over that when we have an actual request
+[19:56:58] <zlg> k
+[19:56:59] <robbat2> the address change bugs: dabbott & promethanfire: can you check the 360 account to confirm the new address is on there?
+[19:56:59] <alicef> there is news about the pop up banner
+[19:57:23] <robbat2> when we have that bank statement w/ new address, many of the other address changes can move forward
+[19:57:30] <robbat2> alicef: you need to attach your invoices/reciepts
+[19:57:41] <alicef> sure
+[19:57:42] <kensington> Some of these bugs are ancient, if like to start reviewing / cleaning up at some point
+[19:57:46] <prometheanfire> we have a bank statement that was recently scanned
+[19:57:48] <alicef> I will
+[19:58:09] <prometheanfire> ok, we have a few accounting invoices since last meeting
+[19:58:17] <dabbott> robbat2: the mailing address has not been updated on the Spark account
+[19:58:32] <zlg> kensington: +1
+[19:58:42] <robbat2> prometheanfire: the scanned statement is the old moneymarket
+[19:58:43] <prometheanfire> dabbott: thanks
+[19:58:48] <prometheanfire> robbat2: k
+[19:58:59] <prometheanfire> bug 476718
+[19:59:02] <willikins> prometheanfire: "Request for bitcoin donation support"; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; CONF; rich0:trustees
+[19:59:06] LINK: [476718 – Request for bitcoin donation support]
+[19:59:15] <alicef> oh :O
+[19:59:19] <prometheanfire> I don't think we should do that yet
+[19:59:25] <alicef> vote ?
+[19:59:30] <prometheanfire> I'd rather get our taxes in order
+[19:59:38] <zlg> Bitcoin is undergoing a lot of uncertainty after recent China activity.
+[19:59:53] <prometheanfire> also true
+[19:59:57] <zlg> It's tanked over $1000US in the past week or two
+[20:00:14] <robbat2> (hat=accountant) if we do accept any virtual currency, please convert to USD asap; do not hold as investment
+[20:00:22] <kensington> ^^
+[20:00:27] <prometheanfire> I move to say no for now and revisit in perhaps a year
+[20:00:30] <zlg> We might be able to accept it one day, but who among us knows how to securely admin a wallet?
+[20:00:40] <zlg> robbat2: agreed
+[20:00:40] <prometheanfire> same goes for other cryptocurrencies
+[20:00:41] <alicef> robbat2: +1
+[20:01:01] <robbat2> i say that mostly because it makes the tax work much cleaner
+[20:01:18] <prometheanfire> robbat2: it's good advice
+[20:01:18] <zlg> It's also a more stable currency
+[20:01:21] <prometheanfire> so we voting?
+[20:01:29] <prometheanfire> I move to say no for now and revisit in perhaps a year (for all cryptocurrencies)
+[20:01:33] <zlg> I vote "no" for now, definite "maybe
+[20:01:36] <zlg> " later
+[20:01:38] <dabbott> no
+[20:01:46] <alicef> defer
+[20:01:55] <kensington> No
+[20:02:33] <prometheanfire> ok, I think that means we want to defer to later
+[20:02:45] <zlg> yes, sorry. defer
+[20:02:48] <prometheanfire> :D
+[20:02:50] <dabbott> ok
+[20:03:18] <zlg> I'd like to read more from those proposing it, though
+[20:03:23] <zlg> Just to keep an eye on things
+[20:03:24] <alicef> but I think is a good opportunity for get donation in different forms
+[20:04:01] <kensington> Apparently there are some providers that will auto convert but as there is no proper proposal...
+[20:04:19] <prometheanfire> zlg: I'll point them to the nfp list for discussion prior to a new bug
+[20:04:26] <zlg> kensington: We'd need to do exchange research to make an educated decision
+[20:04:32] <zlg> prometheanfire: sgtm
+[20:04:37] <alicef> +1 zlg
+[20:04:41] <kensington> zlg: yep
+[20:05:18] <zlg> so, next?
+[20:05:26] <prometheanfire> yep
+[20:05:38] LINK: [630440 – Request for reimbursement of shipping costs of systems offered to Gentoo users.]
+[20:05:48] <prometheanfire> it looks like that's still ongoing
+[20:05:49] <robbat2> (there are more bugs to do, but I have to go soon, can we skip to open floor piece [using it in lieu of a treasurer section on the agenda])
+[20:06:01] <prometheanfire> robbat2: sure, go ahead
+[20:06:15] <zlg> works for me
+[20:06:22] <zlg> sorry for holding you up
+[20:06:32] <robbat2> so this covers the personal sponsors stuff
+[20:06:40] <alicef> ok for me
+[20:06:41] <robbat2> the closest we have to present policy is:
+[20:07:09] <robbat2> it's been barely applicable, and we have turned down at least two sponsors in the past because of it
+[20:07:32] <robbat2> i would like to replace it with something borrowed from the ASF:
+[20:07:34] <robbat2>
+[20:07:36] <robbat2> with the amounts changed
+[20:07:52] <alicef> looks nice
+[20:08:10] <zlg> I am very wary of ads. As long as they are static images and do not track or use analytics, I'm fine with sponsors getting on an ad rotation or something.
+[20:08:20] <zlg> This should also be hosted in infra
+[20:08:33] <robbat2> we had ad rotation, it doesn't work well with the newer static site
+[20:08:41] <zlg> oh yeah
+[20:08:47] <zlg> Forgot about that
+[20:08:52] <alicef> yes sponsor page need a clean up
+[20:09:08] <prometheanfire> robbat2: that looks fine, I await a full proposal :D
+[20:09:12] <robbat2> no tracking, and nofollow are already covered by apache
+[20:09:23] <alicef> looks good
+[20:09:35] <robbat2> bronze: 1k, silver: $5k, gold: ??, platium: ??; alternative naming accepted as well
+[20:09:47] <robbat2> any concerns/questions before I write up a formal proposal?
+[20:09:48] <prometheanfire> I think the naming should remain
+[20:09:53] <prometheanfire> it's common
+[20:09:53] <alicef> is the standard name
+[20:10:00] <alicef> i think it should stay same
+[20:10:13] <prometheanfire> levels should be 500 1000 2500 5000 10000 I think
+[20:10:15] <zlg> Naming is fine, values should likely change a bit.
+[20:10:28] <zlg> I'd need to read more in depth to have a real opinion
+[20:10:29] <prometheanfire> but lets get a full proposal first :D
+[20:11:08] <prometheanfire> robbat2: anything else?
+[20:11:17] <robbat2> apache does have a few that are 'ads' if you see their bronze list
+[20:11:34] <robbat2> the key thing is that we'd be dropping the 'must use gentoo' requirement from the old policy
+[20:11:35] <dabbott> current sponsors page
+[20:11:39] <zlg> robbat2: Are there any catches with sponsorship? i.e. does a sponsor have the ability to withhold funds or jeopardize our independence?
+[20:12:11] <robbat2> it must be unconditional (other than the stuff on the sponsership page)
+[20:12:16] <alicef> zlg: is first pay
+[20:12:17] <zlg> sgtm
+[20:12:43] <robbat2> ok, i'll write up a proposal for this, and send to -nfp
+[20:13:02] <robbat2> also realized there a prior accounting email that the new trustees should have (with updates), so i'll resend that as well
+[20:13:05] <robbat2> that's all from me
+[20:13:19] <zlg> alright, thanks for the update.
+[20:13:20] <alicef> we have also infrastructure sponsor ?
+[20:13:20] <dabbott> robbat2: thanks
+[20:13:45] <alicef> becasue sponsorship level looks like only for money
+[20:13:47] <zlg> I have 3 days off coming up and the busy season is done for me, so I'll finally have time to devote to training more.
+[20:14:03] <dabbott> alicef: its all the same, money goes through us to infra
+[20:14:07] <robbat2> as for 630440, I think they need more detail to the plain (eg whomever is in kansas agreeing to the reship and including that cost quote), plus the question of them not being present devs (but maybe in future?)
+[20:14:28] <prometheanfire> indeed
+[20:14:29] <zlg> regarding 630440 I want to see some equity.
+[20:14:30] <robbat2> alicef: in-kind/infra sponsorship needs to be covered yes
+[20:14:34] <kensington> & who will own the hardware
+[20:14:45] <prometheanfire> so next
+[20:14:49] LINK: [598010 – Reimbursement for Gentoo banner and Gentoo booth table cover.]
+[20:14:51] <zlg> We shouldn't ship hardware without knowing how it'll be used, and some proof that they're doing it correctly.
+[20:14:55] <prometheanfire> bug 598010
+[20:14:57] <willikins> prometheanfire: "Reimbursement for Gentoo banner and Gentoo booth table cover."; Gentoo Foundation, Proposals; CONF; alicef:trustees
+[20:15:01] <alicef> ah defer
+[20:15:03] <robbat2> (gone now)
+[20:15:06] <alicef> defer
+[20:15:10] <prometheanfire> alicef: don't want us to vote on the design?
+[20:15:13] <zlg> robbat2: o/
+[20:15:18] <alicef> sure lol
+[20:15:18] <prometheanfire> robbat2: cya
+[20:15:31] <prometheanfire> alicef: sure you don't want us to vote on your design?
+[20:15:43] <alicef> Is been already printed
+[20:15:47] <zlg> haha
+[20:15:50] <alicef> the table is still missing
+[20:15:52] <prometheanfire> alicef: ah, good
+[20:15:56] <zlg> Is the design in the bug?
+[20:15:59] <dabbott> looks great alicef :)
+[20:16:09] <alicef> zlg: the desing and the printout is in the bug
+[20:16:19] <prometheanfire> alicef: ok, so we just need the invoice attached for reimbursment when everything is done
+[20:16:25] <alicef> ok
+[20:16:27] <zlg> alicef: Is it the attachment?
+[20:16:37] <alicef> zlg:
+[20:16:43] <zlg> oh, the last comment
+[20:16:49] <alicef> yep
+[20:16:50] <prometheanfire> we'll move on til we get that
+[20:17:02] <alicef> many time learning inkscape
+[20:17:18] <alicef> but defer let's move on
+[20:17:21] Current subject: date of next meeting, (set by prometheanfire)
+[20:17:23] <alicef> :)
+[20:17:25] <zlg> haha, Larry!
+[20:17:25] <prometheanfire> Date of Next Meeting - Sunday, October 21 2017 19:00 UTC
+[20:17:33] <dabbott> good here
+[20:17:34] <prometheanfire> that fine with everyone?
+[20:17:38] <zlg> I can make it work
+[20:17:39] <alicef> sure
+[20:17:40] <kensington> Yes
+[20:18:03] <prometheanfire> dabbott: ?
+[20:18:03] <zlg> alicef: If you need any help with inkscape I'm sure a few of us can help
+[20:18:10] <zlg> I've dabbled in it
+[20:18:17] <alicef> :O
+[20:18:29] <prometheanfire> ok, that'll be the date
+[20:18:32] <alicef> going to sleep
+[20:18:34] Current subject: open floor, (set by prometheanfire)
+[20:18:39] <prometheanfire> alicef: almost done :P
+[20:18:50] <alicef> eeeh =_=
+[20:18:51] <zlg> oh yeah, it must be late in Japan
+[20:18:57] <alicef> .time alicef
+[20:19:04] <zlg> .time Tokyo
+[20:19:11] <prometheanfire> !time alicef
+[20:19:12] <willikins> prometheanfire: Asia - Tokyo - Mon Sep 18 05:19 JST
+[20:19:19] <zlg> oh jeez
+[20:19:26] <prometheanfire> yep
+[20:19:35] <prometheanfire> since no one has spoken up
+[20:19:39] Meeting ended by prometheanfire, total meeting length 4735 seconds