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+[22:01:42] Meeting started by prometheanfire
+[22:01:59] <prometheanfire> .topic rollcall
+[22:02:00] <prometheanfire> o/
+[22:02:04] Current subject: rollcall, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:02:06] <prometheanfire> o/
+[22:02:06] <dabbott> here
+[22:02:09] <robbat2alt> present
+[22:02:18] <alicef> here.
+[22:02:34] <prometheanfire> names
+[22:02:38] <kensington> Here
+[22:02:40] <NeddySeagoon> is watching
+[22:02:48] <alicef> here
+[22:02:48] <prometheanfire> ok
+[22:02:50] <prometheanfire> all here
+[22:03:06] <prometheanfire> I move that we formally accept zlg's resignation
+[22:03:21] <kensington> Yes
+[22:03:33] <alicef> yes
+[22:03:39] <prometheanfire> yes
+[22:03:40] <robbat2alt> aye
+[22:03:44] <dabbott> yes
+[22:03:59] <prometheanfire> k, unanimous acceptance
+[22:04:17] <NeddySeagoon> prometheanfire: as trustee an officer?
+[22:04:34] <prometheanfire> robbat2alt: will you step back in as treasurer? from being the assistant treasurer?
+[22:04:44] <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: it's a full resignation, so both
+[22:04:58] Meeting chairs are: alicef, dabbott, kensington, prometheanfire,
+[22:05:03] INFO: Motion to accept zlg resignation accepted
+[22:05:10] <alicef> unfortunately yes
+[22:05:13] <alicef> ok
+[22:05:22] <robbat2alt> as per email, I will accept an appointment as full treasurer (officer), but will not run as a trustee at this time
+[22:05:35] <dabbott> robbat2alt: thanks
+[22:05:46] <robbat2alt> this is the de-facto default since I was the assistant treasurer (officer)
+[22:05:48] <alicef> thanks robbat2alt
+[22:06:00] Current subject: motion to appoint robbat2 as our treasurer, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:06:06] <prometheanfire> yes
+[22:06:10] <dabbott> yes
+[22:06:11] <kensington> Yes
+[22:06:14] <alicef> yes
+[22:06:36] <prometheanfire> ok, unanimous acceptance again
+[22:06:56] INFO: Motion to appoint robbat2 as treasurer accepted
+[22:07:22] <robbat2alt> thanks all
+[22:07:29] Current subject: we are down a trustee, (set by prometheanfire)
+[22:07:56] <prometheanfire> we can either vote another person in or call for nominations
+[22:08:09] <robbat2alt> I have a comment here
+[22:08:16] <prometheanfire> sure
+[22:08:31] <robbat2alt> previously when this happened, and we had recently had an election with somebody that was not elected
+[22:08:43] <robbat2alt> the trustees offered the position to the next person from that election
+[22:08:59] <robbat2alt> it would be klondike in this case, but he could turn it down still
+[22:09:09] <dabbott> sounds good
+[22:09:28] <prometheanfire> I just asked him to join, but not sure what his status is
+[22:09:33] <alicef> good also for me
+[22:09:39] <robbat2alt> should he not accept, we should decide about a backup or an election for the open position
+[22:09:58] <prometheanfire> that sounds like a good idea to me
+[22:10:21] <NeddySeagoon> Only the trustees need to vote to fill a vacancy.
+[22:10:42] <prometheanfire> now, would NeddySeagoon be willing to accept appointment til at least the next election? (7ish months)
+[22:10:47] <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: yep
+[22:11:50] <NeddySeagoon> prometheanfire: I've given it some thought but my gentoo time is seasonal. I'm OK until March, then it gets unpredicable.
+[22:12:08] <NeddySeagoon> I'll help out but I don't need a vote for that
+[22:12:16] <prometheanfire> right
+[22:12:17] <alicef> prometheanfire: I would like to officialize NeddySeagoon as advisor position
+[22:12:25] <prometheanfire> officer?
+[22:12:31] <NeddySeagoon> WFM
+[22:13:06] <alicef> mmm we need to search how it can go in the by-law
+[22:13:18] <prometheanfire> alicef: how what can?
+[22:13:23] <veremitz> NeddySeagoon: consider yourself officialized ;)
+[22:13:46] <robbat2alt> alicef: 6.1, "... and such other officers and assistant officers and agents as may be deemed necessary may be elected or appointed by the Board of Trustees from time to time. "
+[22:14:00] <prometheanfire> ya, we just vote him as an officer
+[22:14:05] <alicef> yes as assistant officer i think
+[22:14:41] <alicef> ok for me
+[22:14:50] <robbat2alt> that implies he has somebody specific to assist ;-)
+[22:15:04] <NeddySeagoon> It need not be here and now. take it to the ML
+[22:15:05] <prometheanfire> ok, let's reach out to klondike and if he doesn't accept we'll find someone else or ask for nominations at the next meeting
+[22:15:07] <alicef> the president
+[22:15:31] <veremitz> vice-president?
+[22:15:37] <veremitz> secre... nvm.
+[22:15:42] <prometheanfire> if we do vote NeddySeagoon in as an officer I think we should do it at the next full meeting
+[22:15:42] <alicef> assistant president ?
+[22:16:11] <dabbott> gentoo foundation adviser
+[22:16:12] <NeddySeagoon> It need not be here and now. take it to the ML. Announce at the next meeting
+[22:16:14] <prometheanfire> if we have a specific task that can be assigned that roll that'd help, naming means less than the roll
+[22:16:15] <robbat2alt> agreed put it to the next meeting, as vice-president or vice-chairman
+[22:16:20] <alicef> dabbott: +1
+[22:16:22] <veremitz> alicef: I think Advisor covers it adequately :)
+[22:16:24] <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: agreed
+[22:16:43] <prometheanfire> ok, anything else for now?
+[22:16:48] <alicef> thanks
+[22:17:24] <prometheanfire> I will hold updating the NM contact info til the next meeting, but the todo for now is to remove zlg, move robbat to full treasurer, and when we have the new trustee, add them
+[22:17:32] <prometheanfire> possibly also add NeddySeagoon as an officer
+[22:17:46] <alicef> zlg resignation mail to discuss?
+[22:17:46] <dabbott> ok
+[22:17:48] <NeddySeagoon> prometheanfire: if NM require that
+[22:18:11] <prometheanfire> NeddySeagoon: they need at least the trustees, there's a section for officers as well
+[22:18:13] <robbat2alt> not for now, but just a remark, as infra officer side, there'll be another budget request coming through to make flameeye's donated build server fully operational (more RAM, SSD)
+[22:18:30] <prometheanfire> robbat2alt: ack
+[22:18:47] <NeddySeagoon> Update the alias etc. Remove zlg
+[22:18:58] <dilfridge> since we're not doing dvds this year, no funding request from me
+[22:19:21] <NeddySeagoon> dilfridge: Flyers Tablecloth ?
+[22:19:27] <robbat2alt> stickers
+[22:19:30] <dilfridge> some other expenses will be paid by third party afaik
+[22:19:36] <dilfridge> yep, that
+[22:19:54] <NeddySeagoon> dilfridge: T-Shirts for those on the stand?
+[22:19:54] <dilfridge> but not sure, I'm barely involved atm (too much real-work over the last weeks)
+[22:20:08] <dilfridge> nobody did it yet afaik
+[22:20:17] <dilfridge> also it's belgian winter
+[22:20:19] <prometheanfire> I think we are going off on tangents
+[22:20:28] <dilfridge> you'd probably need pattern-knit sweaters :P
+[22:20:33] <prometheanfire> the funding items can be brought up at the next meeting
+[22:20:35] <NeddySeagoon> apologises
+[22:20:50] <prometheanfire> alicef: you wanted to bring up the email?
+[22:21:16] <robbat2alt> prometheanfire: are you going to do the annoucements to the lists re treasurer/zlg & asking klondike?
+[22:21:27] <alicef>
+[22:21:48] <alicef> Reimbursement for Gentoo banner
+[22:22:00] <prometheanfire> alicef: next meeting :P
+[22:22:07] <alicef> okok
+[22:22:14] <robbat2alt> it's just waiting for me to reimburse her, thanks for the reminder
+[22:22:21] <prometheanfire> this meeting is to discuss zlg's departure and what we need to do
+[22:22:56] <prometheanfire> if no one else has any other topic to raise I'm going to close this meeting
+[22:23:08] <prometheanfire> robbat2alt: I'll mail the list and ask klondike
+[22:23:10] <alicef> ok
+[22:23:22] <robbat2alt> logs, motions?
+[22:23:37] <alicef> motions o/
+[22:23:40] <veremitz> flushes ... >,<
+[22:23:51] <veremitz> sorry mr chairperson.
+[22:23:52] <dabbott> I got the log and will post the minutes
+[22:23:58] <dilfridge> the logomotion...
+[22:24:02] <dabbott> alicef: I think 2 motions
+[22:24:03] <prometheanfire> ok, and I'm emailing
+[22:24:11] <prometheanfire> ya, two motions
+[22:24:15] Meeting ended by prometheanfire, total meeting length 1353 seconds