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+Gentoo Foundation Conference Funding Request
+The purpose of this form is to allow the foundation to keep track of funding
+requests in an organized fashion, instead of having a collection of e-mails,
+IRC conversations, etc.
+This form has a specific format. All of the sections start at the left side of
+the form. They have a short name and a description. Insert your responses
+after the examples, one tab in.
+File a new bug in the Infrastructure product and assign it to Attach the request form, and make sure all lines are
+wrapped at 80 columns so it's easily viewable in a browser.
+Summary: One-line summary of your request
+Requesters: Names and nicks of people involved in this request. At least one
+of them must be a manager. If the foundation cannot directly purchase the
+request, the first requester will receive access to funding.
+Deadline (mandatory): Day Month Year. Request must be 6 weeks in advance.
+Priority: Urgent, High, Medium or Low (select one)
+Amount requested: Submitted in your local currency.
+Funding disbursement: Will the foundation directly purchase the items, or must
+the funds be given to a requester? If they must be given to a requester, state
+If the foundation is to purchase the items please email to
+the delivery address and contact phone number.
+This information will not be public, and make a note on the bug that this has
+been done.
+Describe the conference, names of developers expected to attend, and the booth
+registration number if applicable.
+Provide vendors name and itemised quotes.
+Itemized expense list:
+Justification: Provide any available information, conference purpose and
+Supporting information: Put any additional relevant things here. Put the URL
+of the conference.
+The foundation requests that you provide a blog post about your experiences
+and contact the PR team to include a news item for the front page.