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Add meeting logs and catalyst example files from the old project page.
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+# livecd-stage1 example specfile
+# used to build a livecd-stage1
+# The subarch can be any of the supported catalyst subarches (like athlon-xp).
+# Refer to the catalyst reference manual for suppurted subarches.
+# example:
+# subarch: athlon-xp
+# The version stamp is an identifier for the build. It can be anything you wish# it to be, but it is usually a date.
+# example:
+# version_stamp: 2005.0
+# The target specifies what target we want catalyst to do. For building a CD,
+# we start with livecd-stage1 as our target.
+# example:
+# target: livecd-stage1
+# The rel_type defines what kind of build we are doing. This is merely another
+# identifier, but it useful for allowing multiple concurrent builds. Usually,
+# default will suffice.
+# example:
+# rel_type: default
+# This is the system profile to be used by catalyst to build this target. It is# specified as a relative path from /usr/portage/profiles.
+# example:
+# profile: default-linux/x86/2005.0
+# This specifies which snapshot to use for building this target.
+# example:
+# snapshot: 20050324
+# This specifies where the seed stage comes from for this target, The path is
+# relative to $clst_sharedir/builds. The rel_type is also used as a path prefix# for the seed.
+# example:
+# default/stage3-x86-2004.3
+# These are the hosts used as distcc slaves when distcc is enabled in your
+# catalyst.conf. It follows the same syntax as distcc-config --set-hosts and
+# is entirely optional.
+# example:
+# distcc_hosts:
+# This is an optional directory containing portage configuration files. It
+# follows the same syntax as /etc/portage and should be consistent across all
+# targets to minimize problems.
+# example:
+# portage_confdir: /etc/portage
+# The livecd-stage1 target is where you will build packages for your CD. These
+# packages can be built with customized USE settings. The settings here are
+# additive to the default USE configured by the profile. For building release
+# media, the first thing we do is disable all default USE flags with -* and then
+# begin to set our own.
+# example:
+# livecd/use: -* ipv6 socks5 livecd fbcon ncurses readline ssl
+# This is the set of packages that we will merge into the CD's filesystem. They
+# will be built with the USE flags configured above. These packages must not
+# depend on a configured kernel. If the package requires a configured kernel,
+# then it will be defined elsewhere.
+# example:
+# livecd/packages: livecd-tools dhcpcd acpid apmd gentoo-sources kudzu-knoppix hotplug coldplug fxload irssi gpm syslog-ng parted links raidtools dosfstools nfs-utils jfsutils xfsprogs e2fsprogs reiserfsprogs ntfsprogs pwgen rp-pppoe screen mirrorselect penggy iputils hwdata-knoppix hwsetup lvm2 evms vim pptpclient mdadm ethtool wireless-tools prism54-firmware wpa_supplicant