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+Jul 15 19:02:04 <homer> [homer@tux]$ date -u
+Jul 15 19:02:04 <homer> Thu Jul 8 19:03:27 UTC 2004
+Jul 15 19:02:11 <homer> :PP
+Jul 15 19:03:25 <cshields> :)
+Jul 15 19:03:36 <cshields> let me track down samyron
+Jul 15 19:04:45 <cshields> who else is around?
+Jul 15 19:04:47 <cshields> esammer?
+Jul 15 19:04:51 <cshields> spyderous?
+Jul 15 19:06:19 ! samyron [] has joined #gentoo-installer
+Jul 15 19:06:20 <homer> don't worry, i can wait
+Jul 15 19:06:28 <samyron> sorry guys, was in the lab, lost track of time
+Jul 15 19:07:14 <esammer_> pong
+Jul 15 19:08:39 <cshields> esammer_, just a ping on the meeting
+Jul 15 19:08:41 <esammer_> i'm working like crazy at the moment, but i'm here
+Jul 15 19:08:51 <esammer_> cshields: yea, no problem.
+Jul 15 19:09:20 <codeman> i'm lurking at work as well
+Jul 15 19:12:04 <samyron> anyone other than the people who spoke already(homer, esammer_ and codeman), ya here?
+Jul 15 19:13:58 <cshields> so who is in charge of the meeting?
+Jul 15 19:14:20 <esammer_> i believe samyron was the one who called it, correct?
+Jul 15 19:14:22 <samyron> yeah
+Jul 15 19:14:24 <samyron> it was me
+Jul 15 19:14:30 <cshields> you're the man now, dog!
+Jul 15 19:14:41 <esammer_> on the other hand, i think if npm, spy, tseng, and klieber are not here, it might be worth waiting
+Jul 15 19:14:50 <cshields> true..
+Jul 15 19:14:59 <samyron> yeah
+Jul 15 19:15:13 <cshields> klieber is here, you just have to kick him a few times before he squeals
+Jul 15 19:15:18 <esammer_> heh
+Jul 15 19:16:28 <samyron> basically, i want to talk about: What we've done thus far, what needs to get done in the short term, and what long term projects are.
+Jul 15 19:16:45 <samyron> IIRC, there hasn't been a cvs commit in a while
+Jul 15 19:17:47 <esammer_> samyron: yes. where we are is rather simple and what is left to do is also easy to define (relatively speaking)
+Jul 15 19:18:54 <esammer_> we've completed a basic design, implemented profile objects, controller skeleton, utility functions and classes, and done research into some of the more difficult topics such as partitioning.
+Jul 15 19:18:59 <samyron> basically, from what I can see, we're stuck on the partitioning
+Jul 15 19:19:11 <samyron> here is an idea
+Jul 15 19:19:22 <codeman> we can try to work around it
+Jul 15 19:19:26 <samyron> because we're currently 'stuck' on partitioning.. lets back burner it for now. I know it's important
+Jul 15 19:19:27 <samyron> but
+Jul 15 19:19:35 <samyron> we can always partition by hand, then start the installer
+Jul 15 19:19:38 <samyron> not optimal
+Jul 15 19:19:42 <samyron> but it WOULD work for now
+Jul 15 19:19:50 <esammer_> samyron: this is true.
+Jul 15 19:19:51 <codeman> and it would allow us to test other things
+Jul 15 19:19:56 <samyron> codeman: exactly
+Jul 15 19:20:04 <samyron> so basically, let's figure out what else we NEED to do
+Jul 15 19:20:07 <samyron> to get SOMETHING working
+Jul 15 19:20:11 <samyron> w/o the partitioning
+Jul 15 19:20:47 <esammer_> we need to finish the controller with networking setup, routing setup, misc file generation (/etc/hosts, /etc/conf.d/*, etc...)
+Jul 15 19:21:22 <samyron> ok
+Jul 15 19:21:25 <samyron> that's a start
+Jul 15 19:21:37 <samyron> (now there is something to do)
+Jul 15 19:21:52 <samyron> Other things that I consider important: a way to download the profile from a given URI
+Jul 15 19:21:59 <samyron> that should be simple
+Jul 15 19:23:50 <samyron> some sort of profile generator would also be nice, we can probably use "dialog" for that
+Jul 15 19:24:17 <esammer_> right. cshields also was thinking of / working on a php web based profile generator which could be neat.
+Jul 15 19:24:19 <codeman> we can just make that by hand
+Jul 15 19:24:21 <esammer_> (sorry - phone rang)
+Jul 15 19:24:25 <samyron> no prob
+Jul 15 19:24:28 <esammer_> codeman: or that, yea. :)
+Jul 15 19:24:36 <samyron> codeman: yeah, that's not a problem
+Jul 15 19:24:42 <homer> i can, easily, do a profile generator via web, PHP
+Jul 15 19:24:49 <codeman> it would be nice if someone could throw up a complete sample profile to CVS
+Jul 15 19:24:56 <esammer_> samyron: in short, i agree with what you're saying.
+Jul 15 19:25:11 <esammer_> codeman: that may be good, yes. i can probably work that up.
+Jul 15 19:25:54 <samyron> codeman: alright
+Jul 15 19:26:00 <samyron> codeman: i have a good profile
+Jul 15 19:26:19 <esammer_> samyron: maybe check it in as sample_profile.xml or something
+Jul 15 19:26:29 ! Netsplit <-> quits: mathiaz
+Jul 15 19:26:29 <samyron> esammer_: alright, not a problem
+Jul 15 19:26:31 ! cshields [~cshields@cshields.developer.gentoo] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
+Jul 15 19:26:46 ! cshields [~cshields@cshields.developer.gentoo] has joined #gentoo-installer
+Jul 15 19:26:52 <cshields> ugh.. sorry
+Jul 15 19:26:57 <esammer_> ;)
+Jul 15 19:27:08 <esammer_> /kick cshields "Get a real connection, sucka"
+Jul 15 19:27:09 <cshields> esammer, yeah.. I can work up a php interface anytime.
+Jul 15 19:27:19 <codeman> there were a bunch of little mistakes/typos i found when going through the code, who should i send those to?
+Jul 15 19:27:35 <esammer_> codeman: file a bug at (the GLI module)
+Jul 15 19:27:52 <codeman> i've done that b4.
+Jul 15 19:28:36 <esammer_> :( i haven't been tending to those bugs as i should. ::raises right hand:: i swear to get on the ball abotu those bugs.
+Jul 15 19:28:46 <samyron> hehe
+Jul 15 19:28:53 <samyron> not a huge problem at the moment
+Jul 15 19:29:53 <samyron> at the moment, GLIInstallProfile is pretty much done
+Jul 15 19:29:57 <samyron> except for the partitioning
+Jul 15 19:30:02 <samyron> but we'll get to that when we do
+Jul 15 19:30:16 <samyron> There are a few things in there that might need to be in GLIClientConfiguration
+Jul 15 19:30:24 <samyron> such as set_dns_servers_post
+Jul 15 19:30:33 <samyron> (I might have already taken that out)
+Jul 15 19:31:34 <samyron> We also need something to "drive" the installer
+Jul 15 19:31:48 <samyron> something to open a profile, use it to create a template, etc
+Jul 15 19:31:58 <esammer_> samyron: that should be relatively simple (which was hte idea)
+Jul 15 19:32:13 <samyron> esammer_: yep, definately, but it's still something that needs to be done :-)
+Jul 15 19:32:14 ! cshields [~cshields@cshields.developer.gentoo] has quit [Connection reset by peer]
+Jul 15 19:32:17 <samyron> or at least started
+Jul 15 19:32:19 <esammer_> samyron: yes
+Jul 15 19:32:23 <samyron> so we can start to test various parts of the installer
+Jul 15 19:34:10 <codeman> i have really stupid test scripts i can send to someone to build off of
+Jul 15 19:34:43 ! cshields [~cshields@cshields.developer.gentoo] has joined #gentoo-installer
+Jul 15 19:34:44 <samyron> i'll have quite a bit of time this weekend(my girlfriend is going to be out of town)
+Jul 15 19:34:48 <samyron> so feel free to send me stuff
+Jul 15 19:34:50 <samyron>
+Jul 15 19:35:29 <codeman> k, will do when i get home tonight
+Jul 15 19:36:49 <samyron> *thinks*
+Jul 15 19:38:37 <samyron> anything anyone want to bring up?
+Jul 15 19:38:38 <samyron> issues?
+Jul 15 19:38:39 <samyron> ideas?
+Jul 15 19:38:42 <samyron> requests?
+Jul 15 19:38:50 <codeman> what else can i do to help?
+Jul 15 19:39:03 ! mathiaz [~mathiaz@] has joined #gentoo-installer
+Jul 15 19:39:12 <samyron> at this point, anything you want, if we need it done
+Jul 15 19:39:13 <homer> i want to work with the php profile generator
+Jul 15 19:39:20 <esammer_> unfortunately, i'm too wrapped up in work to really think about it, but i'm quite sure there's other stuff we should discuss... my feeling is more feedback and contributions would be helpful.
+Jul 15 19:39:55 <samyron> homer, codeman: feel free to email me at ANY time to bring up an idea or whatever
+Jul 15 19:39:56 <esammer_> homer: speak with cshields - he was working something out that i'm sure you can get in on
+Jul 15 19:41:31 ! cshields [~cshields@cshields.developer.gentoo] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
+Jul 15 19:41:52 <samyron> cshields is having some trouble with gnomemeeting
+Jul 15 19:44:12 <homer> i need to learn more english :S
+Jul 15 19:44:46 <samyron> it's not that hard :-)
+Jul 15 19:44:47 <samyron> lol
+Jul 15 19:45:04 <samyron> actually, english is a bitch, as i'm learning (and I'm from the USA... studying for the GRE's)
+Jul 15 19:45:26 <codeman> only the chinese do well on the english part of the GREs
+Jul 15 19:45:40 <samyron> yeah, because they memorize all of the words...
+Jul 15 19:45:43 <codeman> they study
+Jul 15 19:45:57 <homer> what is GRE??
+Jul 15 19:46:10 <samyron> graduate record exam... to get into graduate school
+Jul 15 19:49:28 ! mathiaz [~mathiaz@] has left #gentoo-installer ["Leaving"]
+Jul 15 19:50:18 ! mathiaz [~mathiaz@] has joined #gentoo-installer
+Jul 15 19:52:30 <samyron> well, this meeting was short, but i think it was a bit productive
+Jul 15 19:52:35 <samyron> know i know what areas need work
+Jul 15 19:52:43 <samyron> and what area we can avoid, for now
+Jul 15 19:53:13 <codeman> how much work does the kernel config need?
+Jul 15 19:53:37 <codeman> iirc, the kernel modules was being a pain
+Jul 15 19:53:47 <homer> yes
+Jul 15 19:54:10 <samyron> codeman: what do you mean?
+Jul 15 19:54:47 <codeman> well i couldn't test it, but it didn't look close to done
+Jul 15 19:57:39 <homer> i will speak with cshields, bye
+Jul 15 19:57:47 <homer> good luck
+Jul 15 19:57:47 ! homer [] has quit ["Leaving"]
+Jul 15 19:58:23 <samyron> codeman: test it in what?
+Jul 15 19:59:47 <codeman> my test scripts
+Jul 15 19:59:53 <samyron> ah
+Jul 15 20:05:13 <klieber> sorry I missed the meeting folks. I had a work meeting that pre-empted it
+Jul 15 20:05:27 <samyron> klieber: no prob
+Jul 15 20:05:35 <samyron> klieber: any ideas, suggestions, requests?
+Jul 15 20:05:39 <klieber> read the backlog -- we can provide hosting stuffs for testing/developing that php profile generator as needed
+Jul 15 20:06:17 <samyron> k
+Jul 15 20:06:17 <klieber> also, we kind of have GSX Server up and running to where we can provide VMWare environments to folks for testing purposes
+Jul 15 20:06:21 <samyron> cool cool
+Jul 15 20:06:36 * samyron was playing w/ the GSX server w/ jrinkovs
+Jul 15 20:06:38 <klieber> samyron: I stress the "kind of" because you need to beat on jrinkovs to get it fully working.
+Jul 15 20:06:55 <samyron> lol
+Jul 15 20:06:56 <samyron> ok \ No newline at end of file