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+Gentoo Security Project Meeting 2008-07-14
+1) Project status
+ * Short overview of the current status of the Gentoo Security Project
+2) Recruitment
+ * What can be done to improve the current situation?
+3) Delays in bug resolution/GLSA publication
+ * Where are the delays located and what can be done about them?
+4) GLSA related issues
+ 4.1) New date format in GLSAs
+ 4.2) Slot support
+5) Handling of CVE identifiers in bugs
+ * Define a way/ways to specify CVE ids in bugs (title/alias/...).
+ * Documentation is needed on how to search for CVE ids.
+ * CVE Compatibility
+6) Possible changes to the Vulnerability Policy
+ 6.1) Insecure creation of temporary files
+ 6.2) SQL Injection
+7) Security support for games
+ * Should games be fully security-supported or be handled in a different
+ way than other packages?
+8) Any other topic
+ad 1) Project status
+ - The auditing as well as the kernel security subproject are dead at the
+ moment. The kernel project should be revived when possible and auditing
+ could be revived when somebody steps up who is interested in it. Dead
+ projects should be removed from the project page and/or marked as
+ inactive. (Discussion of kernel security was postponed at this point.)
+ - The project is currently suffering a lack of new recruits/... .
+ad 2) Recruitment
+ - After the cleaning of the list of padawans [1] only one person was left
+ there and one was willing to come back. Many recruits became inactive only
+ a short while after they joined.
+ - It was proposed to give scouts the editbugs priv on bugzilla, so they can
+ also edit bugs which have not been filed by themselves. Since it is
+ currently not possible to restrict that privilege to a certain product, a
+ mentor should look after the edits of his assigned padawan. The privilege
+ should be given after about of 1 to 2 weeks of active work as a scout.
+ Infra will have to be contacted about the possibilities to give out
+ editbugs privilege.
+ - rbu and mjf will work on new documentation for padawans.
+ - vorlon will prepare a blog post or an article to invite more people to
+ help out in the project.
+ad 3) Delays in bug resolution/GLSA publication
+ - The statistics [2], although possibly not a 100% accurate, show that
+ currently not even 50% of bugs are closed within the target delays given
+ by the vulnerability policy [3]. The main delay currently appears to be in
+ the drafting and reviewing of GLSAs.
+ - More recruits would help in this area, but the access to the drafting tool
+ (GLSAMaker) can currently not be given out too early, since it also
+ contains drafts for embargoed issues. This leads to many recruits leaving
+ before they even gain access to GLSAMaker. To make earlier contribution of
+ drafts easier, a new tool is needed. After some discussion about such new
+ tools, the topic was postponed as no short-term solution is available at
+ the moment.
+ad 4) GLSA related issues
+ 4.1) New date format in GLSAs
+ - The date format currently used in GLSAs is incorrect and the revision
+ number should not be included in the date, but in an attribute.
+ - A patch for GLSAMaker as well as a script to convert all current GLSA
+ files in GLSAMaker and CVS are available.
+ - A patch for glsa-check has been attached in bugzilla. Possible impacts
+ of the change to portage need to be determined.
+ - The change should be announced before it goes live.
+ 4.2) Slot support
+ - As a first step towards slot support in GLSAs, portage team requires a
+ versioning of the DTD/GLSAs.
+ - The discussion of details of slot support was postponed. A decision is
+ needed on how to change the DTD to allow for slot support, which then
+ should be brought up with neysx/docs team to prepare a new DTD version.
+ Then then the implementation should be discussed with the portage team.
+ - It was decided that all changes to the DTD should require versioning and
+ that such versioning should not be included as a new attribute in the XML
+ but as a new name for the DTD (glsa.dtd, glsa-2.dtd, ...).
+ - The change of the date format and the introduction of slot support in the
+ DTD should occur at the same time.
+ad 5) Handling of CVE identifiers in bugs
+ - Currently the CVE id of an issue is added to the summary of a bug and
+ as an alias for the bug. Multiple CVE ids for a single bug are entered in
+ the summary as e.g. (CVE-2008-{1234,1235,1236,1237}) which makes it
+ possible to use "CVE-2008 1234" as a search term to find the relevant bug.
+ Multiple ids in the alias field are not possible and a single bug per CVE
+ did not appear to be feasible. The method of putting CVE ids in bugs
+ should be added to the documentation.
+ - To achieve CVE compatibility at one point, a link needs to be made between
+ bugs, GLSAs and CVE ids, which needs to be searchable.
+ - As it is currently not easily possible to find the bug to a certain CVE
+ id, hoffie will work on a web based tool to allow such a search based on
+ the data available in SVN [4].
+ad 6) Possible changes to the Vulnerability Policy
+ 6.1) Insecure creation of temporary files
+ 6.2) SQL Injection
+ - After a discussion of possible impacts and severity levels for those
+ vulnerabilities, it was decided not to add a fixed level for these, but to
+ add a note to the vulnerability policy to explain the possible levels and
+ the need to determine them case by case. rbu will work on such a note if
+ nobody else steps up to do so.
+ad 7) Security support for games
+ - As currently many games are package masked for security reasons [5] and don't
+ get fixed, a discussion was raised on how to handle vulnerabilities in
+ games in general.
+ - Since it was neither wanted to declare games as unsupported by the security
+ team nor to keep them all marked as ~arch, it would be best to treat games
+ as other packages, but not to push for removal after masking. This might
+ need a change in the policies.
+ - vorlon will look into needed additions or changes to the vulnerability
+ policy and/or the GLSA coordinators guide.
+ad 8) Any other topic
+ - It is wanted that vulnerable versions of packages be removed from the
+ tree when fixed versions are available and stable. Devs should be
+ informed about this by comments left in the bugs. Also py will try to come
+ up with a script to identify such packages in the tree.
+ - In general the dev manual and quizzes should be reviewed for security
+ related topics.
+ - It would be desirable to have a keyword for security related commits in
+ the Changelog files. The technical side of this should be discussed with
+ the portage team.
+ - Lead elections will be held at a later time, since several devs are
+ currently unavailable.
+ - Shorter meetings should be held more frequently and mail, especially the
+ gentoo-security@g.o mailing list, should be used more often. This would
+ also make the work more transparent and could get more people involved.
+ - It was noted again that nobody should open bugs marked as "CLASSIFIED" to
+ the public, as they might contain private emails for example and only bugs
+ marked "CONFIDENTIAL" should be opened after the agreed upon time.
+[1] <>
+[2] <>
+[3] <>
+[4] <>
+[5] <>