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mastersupport/security: add graaffSam James3 days
wwwtestdownloads: stop using bouncer, use distfiles CDN insteadRobin H. Johnson2 months
hugobin/parse-packages.rb: fix exitRobin H. Johnson6 months
review-2022Date fix (one day early), and minor text adaptionAndreas K. Hüttel8 months
review-2021Fix link with new dateAndreas K. Hüttel21 months
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2023-02-09Date fix (one day early), and minor text adaptionreview-2022Andreas K. Hüttel1-2/+2
2023-02-08Minor wordingAndreas K. Hüttel1-1/+1
2023-02-08Rename "Servers and services" to HardwareAndreas K. Hüttel1-1/+1
2023-02-08Integrate feedback, more textAndreas K. Hüttel1-15/+36
2023-02-08Add dollar bill imageAndreas K. Hüttel1-0/+0
2023-02-07First complete version, feedback from sam and mgornyAndreas K. Hüttel1-37/+39
2023-02-07Make gitlab logo smallerAndreas K. Hüttel2-48/+23
2023-02-06Update post dateAndreas K. Hüttel1-1/+1
2023-02-06First semi-complete versionAndreas K. Hüttel1-58/+54
2023-02-06Add gitlab logo (from Wikipedia)Andreas K. Hüttel2-0/+82