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Now that April 1 has passed, we shed a tear as we say goodbye CGA Web&trade; but also to our website.
Our previous website, that is, that has been with us for more than a decade.
Until all contents are migrated, you can find the previous version on [wwwold.gentoo.org](https://wwwold.gentoo.org/),
please note that the contents found there are not maintained any longer.
@@ -18,10 +21,6 @@ to seeing your reactions once again when we celebrate the launch of the new Gent
As for [Alex](mailto:a3li@gentoo.org), [Robin](mailto:robbat2@gentoo.org), and all co-conspirators, thank you again for your participation!
-<small>The original April 1 news item is still available on the single news display page.</small>
## Old April Fools' day announcement