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+title: Gentoo announces total website makeover (not an April Fool's)
+**Thank you for participating in Gentoo's 2015 April Fools' joke!**
+Now that April 1 has passed, we shed a tear as we say goodbye CGA Web&trade; but also to our website.
+Our previous website, that is, that has been with us for more than a decade.
+Until all contents are migrated, you can find the previous version on [wwwold.gentoo.org](https://wwwold.gentoo.org/),
+please note that the contents found there are not maintained any longer.
+As this is indeed a major change, we're still working out some rough edges
+and would appreciate your feedback via email to [www@gentoo.org](mailto:www@gentoo.org)
+or on IRC in [#gentoo-www](/get-involved/irc-channels/all-channels.html).
+We hope you appreciate the new look and had a great time finding out how terrible you are at Pong and are looking forward
+to seeing your reactions once again when we celebrate the launch of the new Gentoo Disk&trade; set.
+As for [Alex](mailto:a3li@gentoo.org), [Robin](mailto:robbat2@gentoo.org), and all co-conspirators, thank you again for your participation!
+<small>The original April 1 news item is still available on the single news display page.</small>
+## Old April Fools' day announcement
+Gentoo Linux today announced the launch of its new totally revamped and more
+inclusive website which was built to conform to the CGA Web&trade; graphics
+"Our previous website served the community superbly well for the past 10 years
+but was frankly not as inclusive as we would have liked as it could not be
+viewed by aspiring community members who did not have access to the latest
+hardware," said a Gentoo Linux Council Member who asked not to be named.
+"Dedicated community members worked all hours for many months to get the new
+site ready for its launch today. We are proud of their efforts and are
+convinced that the new site will be way more inclusive than ever and thereby
+deepen the sense of community felt by all," they said.
+"Gentoo Linux's seven-person council determined that the interests of the
+community were not being served by the previous site and decided that it had to
+be made more inclusive," said Web project lead Alex Legler (a3li). The new
+site <s>is</s> was also available via Gopher (gopher://gopher.gentoo.org/).
+"What's the use of putting millions of colours out there when so many in the
+world cannot appreciate them and who, indeed, may even feel disappointed by
+their less capable hardware platforms," he said.
+"We accept that members in more fortunate circumstances may feel that a site
+with a 16-colour palette and an optimal screen resolution of 640 x 200 pixels
+is not the best fit for their needs but we urge such members to keep the
+greater good in mind. The vast majority of potential new Gentoo Linux users are
+still using IBM XT computers, storing their information on 5.25-inch floppy
+disks and communicating via dial-up BBS," said Roy Bamford (neddyseagoon), a
+Foundation trustee.
+"These people will be touched and grateful that their needs are now being taken
+in account and that they will be able to view the Gentoo Linux site comfortably
+on whatever hardware they have available."
+"The explosion of gratitude will ensure other leading firms such as Microsoft
+and Apple begin to move into conformance with CGA Web&trade; and it is hoped it will
+help bring knowledge to more and more informationally-disadvantaged people
+every year," said Daniel Robbins (drobbins), former Gentoo founder.
+Several teams participated in the early development of the new website and
+would like to showcase their work:
+- Games Team (JavaScript Pong)
+- Multimedia Team (Ghostbusters Theme on 6 floppy drives)
+- Net-News Team (A list of Gentoo newsgroups)
+### Phase II
+The second phase of the project to get Gentoo Linux to a wider user base will
+involve the creation of floppy disk sets containing a compact version of the
+operating system and a selection of software essentials. It is estimated that
+sets could be created using less than 700 disks each and sponsorship is
+currently being sought. The launch of Gentoo Disk&trade; can be expected in
+about a year.
+Media release prepared by [A Jackson](mailto:ajackson@gentoo.org).
+Editorial inquiries: [PR team](mailto:pr@gentoo.org).
+Interviews, photography and screen shots available on request. \ No newline at end of file