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-title: 'Gentoo would like to congratulate the following GSoC participants'
+title: 'Gentoo congratulates our GSoC participants'
Gentoo would like to congratulate Gibix and JSteward for finishing and passing
Google Summer of Code 2018 mentored through Gentoo's participation.
-Gibix contributed to the project full Rust support, aiming at improving Rust support in Gentoo.
+Gibix contributed to the project's full Rust support, aiming at improving Rust support in Gentoo.
JSteward contributed to making a full Gentoo GNU/Linux distribution, managed
-by Portage, running on devices using the original Android-customized kernel.
+by Portage, run on devices which use the original Android-customized kernel.
-The final report of their project can be see respectively in the following links:
+The final reports of their projects can be see respectively at the following links:
[Journey into gentoo eclass](https://gibix.github.io/gsoc/2018/08/11/journey-into-gentoo-eclass.html)